Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy

Passengers can cancel their tickets due to numerous reasons. These reasons can be personal as well. Hence, to make the cancelation process simpler, airlines can have various rules in place to help with revocations of bookings when needed. In this regard, this carrier has established a Spirit Airlines cancellation policy. It considers the flyer’s circumstances and offers a variety of options to cancel their reservations. 

Terms & Conditions of Spirit Cancellation Policy

Spirit cancellations may be available to those visitors who comply with the policy’s requirements. It also specifies a series of conditions that must be adhered to during the reversal procedure. 

  • Individual or group reversals can be made.
  • But reversing a single ticket isn’t permitted on a group reservation.
  • When a traveler revokes his or her flight beyond 24 hours of booking, a revocation fee can be levied. 
  • This cancelation fee can be withdrawn from your actual amount and the leftover value can be returned as a refund to your account. 
  • When your new ticket’s cost is more than the previous one, you may have to pay a difference in the cost as well as any additional government taxes. 
  • Under the Spirit Airlines flight cancellation policy, when a flyer revokes his or her booking online, the carrier may give a voucher. 
  • If the cost to cancel exceeds the price of the flight, then this voucher can be utilized for future traveling of the visitor. 
  • You can claim your money back when your reservation has been canceled by the airline itself. 
  • The operator may provide complimentary rooms to travelers who reverse their booking on the same day. 
  • In such instances, canceling your flights on Spirit is impossible when booked via a third party.
  • When a flyer reverses for any of the following reasons, he/she may not be charged:
    • The courts or the military have issued orders
    • Directives from the government
    • Illness related to passport theft
    • Death of relatives
  • This policy assists the flyers in obtaining reimbursement. 

Spirit 24-Hour Ticket Cancellation Policy

The 24-hour policy for reversals is designed to make flight revocations easier within the defined hours post-booking. This feature is accessible on all ticket types. This policy can allow the passengers to revoke their booking within twenty-four hours of purchase to avoid the reversal fees. In addition, you may receive the full money back. 

To take advantage of the 24-hour Spirit cancellation policy, you may have to make the reversal of the flight process seven days before departure. 

Note: This airline may not provide refundable tickets. Hence, take the decision early to get the maximum value.

Spirit Airlines COVID-19 Cancellation Policy   

Note that the carrier has implemented the Spirit COVID-19 cancellation policy because of the pandemic. It comprehends that the health conditions posed by the virus can be taken seriously. Therefore, under this policy, a traveler can revoke his or her booking.

Canceling Free Reward Tickets on this Airline

It is possible to revoke reward tickets. You can make payment in points. Please ensure that before the time of departure, this action is taken. Also called award bookings, revoking them may not be done for free. 

Reasons to Know When Spirit is Canceling Flights 

Flight revocations can happen due to various emergencies. These can be personal, based on medical grounds, and due to some professional reasons too. Knowing about these reasons ahead of time may help you understand when you should cancel your Spirit flights. 

airfleetrating-Reasons to Know When Spirit is Canceling Flights
  • Drastic injury
  • Emergencies at work
  • Changes to the location
  • Unexpected family events
  • Modifications in the plane at the last minute
  • Meetings
  • Not following the norms of other policies like Spirit Airlines’ baggage policy

Methods for Spirit Airlines Flight Cancellations 

Visitors can use a variety of ways to revoke their tickets. These are inclusive of various online and offline modes. The airline’s response time may vary for each of these. 

airfleetrating-Spirit Airlines Cancellation Methods

(1) Method 1: Spirit Flight Ticket Cancellation Online

On Spirit Airlines, to cancel flights online, use the carrier’s official website. The travelers themselves reverse their tickets using this approach. One can use this way to cancel long-distance reservation tickets too. 

The following is the step-by-step process according to the flight reversal policy:

  • The first step is to locate the Official link of Spirit Airlines.
  • On the first page of the site, you can find the “My Trips” section. 
  • You will be asked for the information regarding your:
    • “Passenger Name” 
    • “Confirmation Code” 
  • Kindly hit on the “Continue” button.
  • Next, this may take you to the summary page for your reservation. 
  • Press the “Cancel Reservation” feature. 
  • On the last page, you may find a refund amount as well as any cost for revoking your flight. 
  • Now, wait for a confirmation message of your flight’s reversal. 

(2) Method 2: Cancel Flight through ChatBot Feature

The operator has provided several options for Spirit Airlines booking cancellations. A flyer can revoke his/her booking by contacting the ChatBot service. All you have to do now is go to the official website, look for the feature, and be ready with your details. 

  • Open the Spirit Airlines website.
  • Go to the “Contact Us” section. 
  • Access the “Let’s Chat” option. 
  • Wait for a box to get open on your system. 
  • In that section, you can type “I want to cancel my flight”.
  • Further, it may ask you for your information regarding the flight’s revocation. 
  • You may have to give your details such as the:
    • First name 
    • Last name 
    • Confirmation code 
  • Implement the on-screen information. 
  • Wait for the completion of the reversal process. 

Soon, your flight may get revoked and you may receive a confirmation message.

(3) Method 3: Spirit Airlines On-Call Cancellation 

Customer service is a widely used means on Spirit for canceling flights. Travelers may choose this process when there are some last-minute revocations. 

The following are the steps to revoke the flight under the policy:

  • You will have to navigate the official website of the carrier. 
  • Scroll down the homepage of the site.
  • There, find the “Contact Us” tab. Hit on that feature.
  • Tap the option of “How can I contact Spirit Airlines by phone”. 
  • A passenger will then be redirected to the next page.
  • Get the customer care toll-free number as per your location and use it.

Once you have picked up a number as per your country, you can call the airline. Post-connecting to the call, you may request the agent for your Spirit Airlines flight cancellations. 

  • You may also need to mention your reason for the reversal. 
  • Next, the agent will ask you for the details of the ticket to reach your flight. 
  • He or she will go further with this procedure. 
  • Later, the officials will inform you of the successful revocation of your ticket. 

Note: You may also try using 855-728-3555 for calling or to drop a WhatsApp text. 

Award flights are to be canceled using this method. A “Free Spirit” expert will assist you. The number given above will be useful for this.

(4) Method 4: On Mail

The complaint/compliment form of the company can be used for sharing requests as well. Using this, you can inform the airline that you want to discontinue your journey. 

Note: This method can work best for group reversals.

  • Run a browser.
  • To find this form, look for “Spirit Airlines Compliment or Complaint Form”.
  • Select the company’s official link.
  • It will open a page on which you have to press “Complete This Form”.
  • Supply the information requested by this document.
  • Make sure that your email ID is correctly added.
  • Review all the details added.
  • Add the captcha code.
  • Then hit “Submit”.

(5) Method 5: By Locating the Airport 

One of the simplest ways to reverse a flight is via the local airport following the cancellation policy. You can contact the carrier while using this process. 

  • To complete the procedure of the flight reversal, you will need to go to the ticket counter. 
  • Meet the customer service agent to cancel your Spirit flight. 
  • Request the agent for this procedure. 
  • Provide the information on your current flight. 
  • It may include your full name as well as your ticket number. 
  • Once you have given all the details, the agent will retrieve your reservation. 
  • Then he/she will begin with the revocation procedure. 
  • Later, you will get informed by the official about the finished reversal process. 

Revoking Bookings Not Made Directly with the Airline

You will have to contact the provider who has booked your ticket. This person or party will initiate the process on your behalf.

Request through Social Media

A flier can also request reversals on Spirit through its social media profiles.

Social Media PlatformsSocial Media Handles

Spirit Booking Cancellation Fees

The Spirit Airlines cancellation rate/charges/fees may be imposed when a passenger wishes to reverse a booking. Several factors can influence the price of this carrier’s service. It may be based on factors such as: 

  • The destination of your travel
  • Timing of revocation

A flyer may save the reversal fees by revoking a ticket within 24 hours of the original booking. Additionally, it can be canceled before seven days of the departure. When you cancel the reservation after this risk-free time limit, you may have to pay the charges. 

Here is a quick rundown of the fees in several scenarios as per the Spirit cancellation policy.

Number of Days from DepartureFees Charged ($)
More than 60 daysNo Charge
7 to 59 days49
0 to 6 days99

There can be various classes of this airline. The fees may differ for all passengers. Before opting for the reversal process, first, you can contact the carrier to know the exact fee to be charged. 

Spirit Airlines Canceled Flights Policy

There may be a variety of reasons why Spirit might have canceled flights of travelers earlier. One of these may be problems relating to take-off. In that instance, the operator cannot risk the lives of its flyers. Therefore, canceling the reservation may appear to be the best option. 

Such instances may happen at anytime. Then the probable reasons for canceled flights in certain situations may include:

  • During the flight, there may be a technical issue.
  • It can be possible for flights to be canceled owing to security checkpoint delays. 
  • Environmental circumstances might potentially cause this. 
  • Adverse weather constraints may be enacted at the location of the flight. 
  • COVID-19 regulations can also result in the cancelation of flights. 
  • Overbooking flights is the next cause.
  • When you are not carrying your boarding pass, the company can discontinue your trip.

Spirit Airlines Canceled Flight Compensation 

Canceled flights may be a cause of problems for passengers at times. In that case, a passenger may be entitled to compensation when the carrier delays or reverses his or her booking for a reason. 

The operator has been offering some compensation to the visitors as mentioned below:

  • When there is any difference while reserving a new ticket, you can request your money back.
  • In case Spirit Airlines canceled your flights for any reason, you can book a different reservation at no extra charge. 
  • The air operator may provide complimentary beverages as well as meals.
  • Visitors will have three alternatives for receiving a refund:
  • You may claim the credit towards a future trip.
  • The return of the purchasing price can be asked for by the flyer.
  • A passenger can demand the facilities of the accommodation.

Note: To learn more about the policy, you can contact the carrier’s customer assistance department. 

Assistance for Revoked Vacation Packages

This company lets you buy vacation packages. When it cancels them from its end, you must contact the dedicated office for this. It is available on the phone number – 877-474-8006. 

Make certain that the call is dialed between 8.00 A.M. and 10.00 P.M (EST) during the weekdays. On weekends and holidays, the same number can be used between 9.00 A.M. and 6.00 P.M (EST).

Spirit Airlines Contact Phone or Email information

CountryPhone NumberEmail Address
571 +241 4000, 3183644210spirit@agunsa.com.co
57 3009120761, 57 4485158/
+57 305 3555401
Armenia57 – 6749 – 7244,
Whatsapp: +57-310-452-2527
Cali(57-2)888-2353, (57)315 710 1521Spirit@oliveriotours.com
Barranquilla57 5 3093238,
WhatsApp: + 57 300 843 8569
Guayaquil593 4 371-0897spirit@marglobal.com
LimaPhone Number / Cel./WhatsApp: +51932132847 +51946288073spiritperu@agunsa.com
Guatemala City502-2292-0828 / 502-2368-1695,
Whatsapp Only: 502 31864865
Antigua Gutatemala4130 5920,
Whatsapp: 4145 9764
Quetzaltenango502 77254500 & 502 5780 8259,
Whatsapp Only: 502 31349123
San Pedro SulaWhatsApp: (504) 9452-0238, (504) 9452-0239spirit@mayatempletours.com
TegucigalpaFor WhatsApp: (504) 9472-8517spirit@mayatempletours.com
San Salvador503 2534-8228,
Whatsapp: +503 7166-9738
San Jose506 4032-9449,
Whatsapp: +506 7201-9465

Spirit Airlines Refund Policy

For passengers who do not wish to utilize the same booking in the future, the Spirit refund policy is one of the most convenient solutions. Under this policy, the visitors can be entitled to full or partial money back when they revoke their flight tickets. 

airfleetrating-Spirit Refund Policy

A flyer should meet the qualifying requirements to receive a refund. When you have reversed your booking and achieved this criterion, you can now claim for money back. The air carrier may provide you a complete refund with no revocation fees when you reverse your ticket within 24 hours of purchasing. 

The rules can differ depending on the ticket type a traveler has. Let’s have a look at a few points of this policy given below: 

  • A traveler can be refunded in the same payment method used while purchasing a ticket. 
  • When you revoke your booking within 24 hours of reservation, the carrier may provide a credit trip. 
  • To get a complete money back from the airline, fill out the digital form for a refund. 
  • When a flyer fills out the form after 24 hours, he/she can be charged a refund fee.
  • If the visitor falls ill or dies, the unused amount of the ticket can be refunded.

(1) In Case of Third-party Bookings:

  • This party will issue your booking refund to the carrier.
  • Then Spirit Airlines will put it in the flier’s “Loan Balance”.

(2) For Bookings without Insurance:

  • When insurance for travel is not added, some rules will apply to get refunds.
  • Your case also needs to be exceptional.
  • It can involve the death of the ticketed flier.
  • A certificate confirming the same will have to be submitted.
  • The submission needs to be made to the “Guest Relations Department”.
  • In case the refund is given, then it will be provided for the ticket portions not used.

(3) How to Request a Spirit Airlines Cancellation Refund?

According to Spirit’s cancelation policy, a flyer can only request money back after the reversal of flight procedure has been completed. Refunds may be available in two forms. This can include both online and offline methods. 

You can use the carrier’s main website to request a refund. Otherwise, you can contact its team for the offline request for a money-back. 

The following steps can walk you through the process of requesting the Spirit flight cancellation refund online:

  • Open the web browser on your device. 
  • Now, you will have to visit the official website of the airline. 
  • On the first page of the site, tap the option of “My Trips”. 
  • There, you will be given the tab to access your reservation. 
  • By retrieving your booking, you can select the “Request a Refund* option. 
  • Fill in some details about your booking. 
  • You may have to invert your “Last Name” as well as your “Reservation Number”. 
  • Press the “Next” button.

In case your reservation is qualified for money back, your request will be further processed. 

It can be easier to cancel your booking with the help of this revocation policy. This feature is created with various travel considerations in mind and should hopefully assist them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spirit Airlines cancellation policy?

The Spirit Airlines cancelation policy lets you revoke flight tickets. You can do so within or after 24 hours.

How to avoid Spirit cancellation fees?

It is best to avoid this fee by canceling your ticket in the first 24 hours of its booking. Or, you may buy a refundable ticket.

What happens if Spirit cancels my flight?

As per Spirit Airlines’ cancellation policies, you may be refunded. Or, compensation may be given.

What are the Spirit Airlines cancellation policies?

These policies circulate around ticket revocations. Most types of bookings can be reversed through these.

Can I cancel a Spirit flight within 24 hours?

Yes, you may use the Spirit 24-hour cancellation feature for this purpose.

Does Spirit let you cancel within 24 hours for free?

The main purpose of the 24-hour policy is to facilitate free reversals. Hence, you can use it.

What is the Spirit Airlines 24-hour cancellation policy?

This policy enables you to undo or cancel a ticket in twenty-four hours at no cost. It applies to most ticket types.

Is it possible to cancel my Spirit flight for free?

With the help of the Spirit Airlines 24-hour cancellation policy, you can revoke a ticket at no cost.

Does Spirit give refunds if you cancel a flight?

The Spirit cancellation policy for refunds is available. It clarifies the situations that make you eligible for refunds.

How much does Spirit charge for cancellation?

When charges apply, they can start from $49 onward.

What if my Spirit flights get canceled?

Sometimes, a passenger may have to bear with Spirit’s canceled flights for several reasons. In these situations, the travelers can be compensated by the operator. The amount of reimbursement can vary from flyer to flyer, depending on the type of ticket and other circumstances. 

Does Spirit give refunds for canceled flights?

Yes, Spirit Airlines provides flight revocation refunds to passengers.

How does Spirit Airlines’ cancellation policy work?

The Spirit Airlines cancelation policy works on a number of terms and conditions that a passenger should abide by. This feature works for visitors to reverse their booking for free of cost within 24 hours of purchasing.

Why is Spirit canceling flights? 

Passengers’ bookings can be revoked by the airline for many reasons. The reason can be bad weather, flights may be overloaded, due to COVID-19 restrictions, etc. Mainly, for the safety of the travelers, the carrier has to revoke their reservations.

How to cancel Spirit flights?

A flyer can make the procedure for Spirit Airlines’ cancellation by visiting the official site of the air operator. On the homepage, you will have the option of “My Trips”. Then you can add your details in the given spaces. Click on the “Cancel Reservation” button.

Does Spirit Airlines have a cancellation fee?

Yes, the airline may have a revocation fee for its customers. The reversal cost can be charged depending on some factors.

How to cancel a flight on Spirit offline?

For Spirit Airlines flight cancellations offline, call the customer service department. On-call, an agent will assist you.

Is Spirit Airlines still canceling flights?

The carrier may still be canceling the reservations of the passengers. It can mainly depend on the situation. To know the exact details of the booking, you can check the flight status before leaving for the airport. Or else you can contact the airline for such issues.

Can you cancel Spirit flights?

Travelers of this airline may have the feature of reversing their booking on the basis of some factors or instances. By using this feature, you can quickly cancel your Spirit flights.

Does Spirit Airlines give credit for canceled flights?

Yes, the carrier may provide credits for the canceled flight.

How long is Spirit credit good for?

The Spirit Airlines credits remain available for a considerable duration.

How can I cancel my Spirit flight booking?

Use the official phone number of this airline to call it and cancel your booking.

How much do I need to pay for the Spirit flight cancellation process?

The Spirit cancellation rates can be $49 minimum and $99 maximum.

Can I get my money back after canceling my Spirit flight?

Yes, a passenger can get his or her money returned after you discontinue your trip.

Is it possible to cancel my Spirit flight within one day of the booking?

As you apply this carrier’s 24-hour revocation policy, you will be able to undo a ticket on the same day.

My Spirit flight gets canceled. What should I do?

In case Spirit cancels a flight, it will give you various options as compensation. You can choose from them.

What is the Spirit Airlines refund policy?

The Spirit Airlines refund policy lets you seek your money back after the confirmation of a canceled ticket.

When will I get my refund from Spirit Airlines?

Please connect with this carrier to understand the duration for this.

How to cancel my Spirit flight ticket online?

Kindly use the website of the carrier. Through “My Trips”, you can manage the procedure to cancel.

How to cancel a Spirit flight on a phone?

As per the cancelation policy of Spirit, you have to call its customer assistance team. It will help you to undo your booking.

Do you get a refund if you cancel a Spirit flight?

Given that you are eligible for a refund, the carrier will provide it to you.

How to get a refund from Spirit Airlines?

In “My Trips” on the website, opt for “Request a Refund” to go ahead with your concern.

Can I cancel my Spirit flight and get a refund?

Yes, you may cancel your flight on Spirit Airlines as well as get a refund.

How often does Spirit cancel flights?

The airline may rarely cancel flights. This is done when the conditions are not safe to fly.

What to do when a Spirit flight is canceled?

As soon as the airline cancels your flight, contact it for a refund or compensation.

Does Spirit have 24-hour cancellation?

The Spirit cancellation policy within 24 hours is functioning for passengers.

Does Spirit reimburse for cancelled flights?

Indeed, you can be reimbursed for your canceled flight in varying ways.

How much to cancel a Spirit flight?

The costs can vary. When they are applied, they may range between USD 49-99 per ticket.

Is there a cancellation fee for Spirit Airlines?

Yes, Spirit Airlines cancellation rate/fees are applicable during certain circumstances.

How to rebook a cancelled flight on Spirit?

In case rebooking is possible, get in touch with the carrier and obtain the guidance to do so.

What if Spirit cancels a flight due to weather?

Spirit may or may not compensate you in this case since weather problems are natural and beyond its control.

Can I cancel my Spirit Airlines flight without penalty?

Provided that Spirit flights are refundable, no penalty would be imposed when revoking them.

Are Spirit Airlines fares refundable?

Not all fares may be refundable. But within twenty-four hours of their booking, tickets can usually be refunded.

How much does Spirit Airlines refund for cancelled flights?

The complete refund amount can be expected. Otherwise, it will be based on the circumstances under which the cancellation was made.

Can I change my Spirit Airlines flight?

When revocation is not possible, you can try changing your reservation on this carrier.

Till when can I cancel my Spirit Airlines reservation?

When 1 hour is left prior to your flight’s departure, you can cancel the ticket till then.

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