Alaska Airlines Flight Change Policy

airfleetrating-Alaska Flight Change Policy

A slight modification in the travel plan might create the need to alter the entire booking. Such alterations are facilitated by the Alaska Airlines flight change policy. It outlines all the conditions applicable to flight changes. Additionally, it determines the fees incurred along with the eligibility criterion.

Which are the Main Rules of Alaska Airlines Change Flight Policy?

Permission for modifying your reservation will be granted when the Alaska Air flight change rules are properly adopted. 

  • Trips originally booked with the official sources of the carrier can be modified. 
  • The alternation must be done before the scheduled departure of the flight. 
  • Changes can include previously reserved car rides and hotel bookings. 
  • Generally, modifications will be permitted before:
  • Group reservations can be modified as well. 
  • The rules for Award Tickets vary when compared to regular bookings. 
  • In the case of travel agency bookings, the agent should be contacted directly. 

What are the Alaska Airlines Flight Change Policy Limitations?

There are some restrictions that are applicable to the flight change policy of this carrier:

  • It is not possible to modify trips booked under the “Saver Fares”. 
  • Travel credit will only be offered on modifications made within the specified time limit. 
  • Ticket transfers will not be permitted. 
  • Not all reservations will be eligible for online changes. 
  • Certain arrival destinations may restrict alterations to the itineraries. 

Is there an Alaska Airlines 24 Hour Flight Change Feature?

The Alaska Airlines change flight within 24 hours feature permits fliers to modify their bookings during the “risk-free” period. 

  • Any modification made within the first 24 hours of booking will be charged no fee. 
  • Only one modification per ticket will be permitted. 
  • The ticket should have been booked a few days before the scheduled departure. 
  • Passengers will not be exempted from paying the taxes and the fare difference. 
  • This feature is not made available on Saver Tickets. 
  • Alaska Airlines give Refunds only on canceled flights, not changed ones. 
  • The twenty-four-hour facility can be availed for all service classes. 
  • Adjustments causing left-over segments can be used as credits for the future.

What is the Alaska Same Day Flight Change Policy?

When you wish to modify your reservation on the date of departure, it will be considered an Alaska Airlines same day flight change. Its general are: 

  • The booking must be confirmed before it can be changed. 
  • A request should be made during the check-in window on the day of departure. 
  • The departure of the new trip should be scheduled on the same day as the initial one. 
  • Such changes can be made:
    • Online 
    • At the airport
    • By contacting an agent
  • The arrival destination must allow such short-notice alterations. 

Same Day Flight Change Alaska Fee:

Based on your itinerary, an Alaska flight change fee applies for same-day modifications. 

Flight Itinerary Fees Charged (in USD) 
Between Anchorage and Fairbanks 25 
From/To Seattle and Portland 25 
Between Seattle and Spokeake 25 
Within California 25 
All other destinations 50 

Same Day Flight Change Fee Waiver:

The following types of tickets can be modified for free/via waivers without the payment of any charges: 

  • MVP Gold, Gold 75K, and Gold 100K
  • Mileage Plan ticket holders 
  • American AAdvantage membership holders 
  • Executive Platinum Fares 
  • Platinum Pro Fares 
  • Refundable tickets 
  • For travelers flying in the First (J) and Coach (Y) classes of service

Eligibility for Alaska Flight Change Same Day:

In order to be able to access the Alaska Air change flight same day option, you will have to meet the eligibility criterion: 

  • Requests for alteration must be made before the take-off of the original one. 
  • The destination and the stopover points of the new flight should remain the same. 
  • Your booking should be operated by Alaska Airlines alone. 

Exceptions of the Change Flight Alaska Same Day Policy:

There are certain conditions under which you will not be permitted to modify your booking on the same day of departure: 

  • This feature is not made available to passengers holding Saver Fares. 
  • Those with vacation packages cannot modify their itinerary on the same day. 
  • It is restricted to alter the terminals or co-terminals on your itinerary. 

How Much is the Alaska Airlines Flight Change Fee?

The Alaska Airlines change flight fee may or may not be charged. To understand this, consider the following: 

  • Factors that influence the application of charges are:
    • The time of the request
    • End destination
    • Class of service
    • Mode of request
    • And, the availability of a new trip. 
  • No fee will be charged for adjustments made to the First and Main cabin fares. 
  • If the new flight costs more than the original booking, a fee will have to be paid. 
  • This cost is generally the difference in fare and not the entire amount of the new flight. 
  • Service changes will be applicable when you seek the assistance of the agents. 
  • Payment of taxes on the new booking is mandatory.
  • The amount of fare difference will be informed at the time of change.

How to Access Alaska Flight Change Option?

Under the Alaska Airlines flight change policy, the following four methods are offered to access the ticket modification option: 

airfleetrating-Alaska Flight Change Option

Method 1: Through the Website of the Carrier

This Alaska change flight online option facilitates quick alterations while ensuring the privacy of the passengers. 

  • Navigate to the official site of the airline. 
  • On the first page, you will find the “Manage” option. Click on it. 
  • Here, you will have to enter the following details: 
    • Passbger’s Last Name
    • Confirmation Code or E-ticket Number 
  • Upon entering the required details, tap “Continue”. 
  • In the case of “Companion Fares”, select the “Make Changes to this Trip” option. 
  • Your reservation will now be retrieved. 
  • The list of reserved flights will be shown. 
  • Choose one and manage your booking on Alaska Air. 
  • Select the new trips.
  • Pay the difference in fare as shown on the right of your screen. 
  • Once the payment is completed, your flight will be changed. 

Note: It is possible to modify Award Bookings online without incurring any additional charges. 

Eligibility for Online Changes on Alaska Airlines:

To change Alaska flight online, meet the following required eligibility conditions: 

  • The booking should have been made directly with the operator. 
  • In the case of group reservations, all the tickets should be unchecked. 
  • There should not be any involvement of Government Fares in your reservation. 
  • Importantly, the group booking must be limited to only 7 passengers.
  • The number of flight segments in your reservation should be limited to 8. 
  • Partner tickets cannot be modified online. 
  • Passengers with Mileage Plan tickets cannot access this option. 
  • The trip must not include Alaska Airlines pet accommodations or infant travel. 

Method 2: At the Airport Ticket Counter

This method is mostly used for requesting flight changes on the day of departure. It enables travelers to complete the modification using the assistance of airline agents. 

  • Make sure to reach your departure airport well in advance.
  • Go to the ticket counter near the boarding gate. 
  • Before checking in, make an Alaska Air flight change request. 
  • Submit all the necessary details asked. 
  • Make an on-the-spot payment of the fees incurred. 
  • The agent will issue the boarding pass to your new reservation. 

Method 3: Customer Service Agents

In case you require help using the Alaska Airline flight change policy, connect directly with the authorities of the airline. To do so, use any of the numbers mentioned here: 

Region Contact Number 
General1-800-252-7522(Add 711 for relay)
Costa Rica00-800-25275200
New Zealand0-800-25275200
United Kingdom001-800-2527522

Note: The “Help Center” page on the carrier’s official site has further details based on other countries. 

Method 4: Using the Airport Kiosks

Another way to change your flight is by using the kiosk available at the departure airport. 

  • You will have to be present at the airport at least 2 hours before the take-off. 
  • Move to the nearest self-service kiosk. 
  • Switch on the device and enter your booking details. 
  • Navigate to the Alaska Air change flight option using the on-screen directions. 
  • Choose the new flight.
  • Pay the difference in fare, if applicable. 
  • Print out your boarding pass and present it during check-in. 

Note: These self-service kiosks may not be available at all airports. 

Using Social Media to Connect with Alaska Air Agents

Questions about the Alaska flight change policy can be solved by referring them to the agents. This can be done quickly using the social media platforms of the carrier: 

Social Media Official Link 

What Happens if Alaska Airlines Changes My Flight?

Sometimes, due to sudden circumstances, the airline itself might be compelled to modify your reservation. Then the following measures will be undertaken by it: 

  • Any schedule adjustments will be informed to the customer through the: 
  • Registered mobile number 
  • Or, registered email address 
  • Trip Alert notifications will be sent to your mobile. 
  • A change resulting in a delay of 10-15 minutes will be informed as well. 
  • If the Alaska flight change causes delays, you will be offered monetary compensation. 
  • The amount of compensation will be informed by the agents. 
  • Standy-by flights will also be made available to affected passengers. 

No compensation will be offered when the flight change occurs as a result of unavoidable circumstances like weather issues or government orders. 

In conclusion, the Alaska Airlines flight change policy permits smooth modifications in just a matter of minutes. It allows passengers from all the classes of service to modify their bookings without any hassle. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is changing Alaska flight allowed?

Yes, this carrier allows its customers to modify their reservations.

How much does Alaska Air cost to change flights?

The flight modification fee ranges between USD 25 and 50 on this carrier.

Can I change Saver fares on Alaska Airlines?

No, the Alaska Airlines saver change flight feature is not made available.

How to change Alaska Air flights?

You can do so online using the airline’s site. Use the “Manage” option to do so.

Can I change Alaska flight for free?

Free changes will only be allowed within the first 24 hours of booking.

What is the Alaska Airlines change flight policy?

This policy determines the conditions of flight modification and the eligibility criterion.

What happens if I change my flight on Alaska Airlines?

You will have to follow the schedule of a new trip after changing the original one which will no longer be available.

Can I get a refund if Alaska Airlines changes my flight?

Request the airline to provide you with a refund. Or else, you can obtain monetary reimbursement.

What is Alaskan Airlines change flight compensation?

This compensation is a form of aid provided when the carrier modifies your trip on its own.

Can I make the same day flight change Alaska Airlines?

Yes, adjusting flights on the same day of take-off is allowed.

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