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CLT Airport Located in California, Ontario International Airport serves Los Angeles. It is a public airport covering about 1741 acres of land. Given its massive size, this airport undertakes more than 60 arrivals and departures on a daily basis. Its structure comes with terminals accounting for numerous gates to enable these operations.

More information about the airport’s terminals, its runways, and the airlines operating from these terminals is given below. 

General Information About Ontario International Airport

Some of the essential details of Ontario Airport Ontario CA such as its coordinates, address, phone number, etc., are mentioned in brief: 

Airport Ontario International Airport 
Airport Type Public 
Operator Ontario International Airport Authority 
Serves San Bernardino, Riverside Greater Los Angeles 
Hub For FedEx Express, UPS Airlines 
Ontario Airport Code ONT 
Terminals at Ontario airportTerminals 2 and 4 
Ontario International Airport Coordinates 34.0560° N, 117.5981° W
Ontario International Airport Runways 08L/26R and 08R/26L
Ontario International Airport AddressOntario, CA 91761, USA
Distance from the city 4 miles or 6 kilometers from the city center 
Official Website https://www.flyontario.com/
Phone Number +1 909-544-5300,1-833-435-9668

Ontario International Airport Codes

The Ontario Airport codes are given to it by the international airline management authorities. They are used worldwide while booking flight tickets. These codes are as follows:

Ontario Airport ZIP Code91761

Ontario Airport Terminal Map

ONT Airport has a map that fully outlines the entire whereabouts of its terminals. From the entry and exit points to the location of the baggage and check-in centers, everything is highlighted in the map of Ontario Airport Terminals. The placement of various shops and restaurants is also shown on it. 

Passengers can use the following map as a reference while navigating this airport: 

Ontario Airport Terminal Map

Ontario International Airport Terminals

There are two main terminals at Ontario Airport – 2 and 4. Both terminals are about 265,000 sq. ft. in size. Their utilization is primarily observed for arrivals and departures. International flights are handled by both these concourses. They may sometimes be used as alternative landing concourses for the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). 

Ontario Airport Terminal 2

This concourse has 12 gates in total. It has TSA and security clearance facilities. The lower level of Terminal 2 Ontario Airport deals with arrivals and has a baggage claim area while the upper level houses restaurants and shopping centers. Airlines like JetBlue, United, Volaris, Delta, and other international carriers operate from here.

Ontario Airport Terminal 4 

Terminal 4 Ontario Airport has 14 gates. It has both lower and upper levels each for arrivals and departures, respectively. Ground transportation services are provided at the lower level. To transfer from this concourse to Terminal 2, you can use the shuttle services. Carriers using this concourse include American and Southwest Airlines. 

Airlines Operating from Ontario International Airport

ONT Airport facilitates the operation of flights of different carriers. Based on their fleet size and passenger volume, the terminal it should operate from will be decided. 

Given below are some of the airlines that operate via the Ontario International Airport ONT. 

Ontario Airport Southwest Terminal 

Terminal 4 is in use for the flight services of Southwest at ONT Airport. Departures of this airline, for both domestic and international destinations take place from Ontario Airport Terminal Southwest. Check-in and ticketing are usually done at the upper level. If passengers are looking to claim their Southwest baggage, then they will have to go to the lower level. 

Ontario Airport Delta Terminal 

Delta Ontario Airport Terminal 2 increases the functionality of the airline to fly to different places. From here, this airline mainly flies to Atlanta, Seattle, and Salt Lake City. It further has facilities for Delta Airlines baggage and check-in. In case of missed flights, you can either transfer to the other terminal or book a waiting room in this concourse. 

Ontario Airport American Airlines Terminal 

The American carrier is housed by Terminal 4. It mainly offers non-stop flights. Occasionally, it undertakes the operation of codeshare flights. Passengers can use the American Airlines Ontario Airport Terminal to conduct their check-in and TSA screening procedure. Also, they can cancel American Airlines flights or change them by visiting the same check-in counter before departure. 

Ontario Airport Frontier Terminal 

Terminal 2 is the concourse from which all the flights of this airline depart. In case of any issues during your Frontier check-in at the terminal, you can immediately contact the agents available there. Moreover, Frontier Airport Ontario Terminal 2 is customer-friendly since it offers a wide range of services as well. 

Ontario Airport Alaska Terminal 

This is one of the carriers whose main concourse is Terminal 2. All the flights are functionally operated at the Ontario Airport Alaska Airlines Terminal. From this terminal, this airline flies to regions like Seattle and Portland. Customers will also be provided with appropriate carousels to make the Alaska baggage deposit and collection process simpler. 

Ontario Airport Hawaiian Airlines Terminal 

The concourse with 14 gates, concourse 4 is designated as the Hawaiian Airlines Terminal Ontario Airport. However, in case of sudden Hawaiian cancellation or flight change, the terminal can be shifted. In such unexpected circumstances, you can also book hotel rooms at this concourse until your next flight.

Ontario Airport JetBlue Terminal 

One of the airlines that operates from the second concourse is JetBlue. At the JetBlue Terminal Ontario Airport, you can avail yourself of different food and relaxation options. Additionally, you can use animal relief areas when you are traveling with JetBlue pets. Parking and ground transportation services will be provided as well. 

Ontario Airport United Terminal 

United Airlines Terminal Ontario Airport is a large concourse. Known as Terminal 2, it is aptly suitable to handle the heavy incoming traffic of this major international airline. The United check-in procedure at the concourse is supervised in an organized manner to avoid confusion or hassle for the passengers. 

Ontario Airport Volaris Terminal 

Passengers of this carrier will have to go to Terminal 2 in order to board their flights. Most of the arrivals take place at this concourse. Upon arriving at the Volaris terminal Ontario Airport, fliers can collect their Volaris baggage at the available centers.

China Airlines Ontario Airport Terminal 

The main concourse used by the Chinese carrier is Terminal 2. From the China Airlines Ontario Airport Terminal, departures take place to the region of Taipei. Arrivals are additionally facilitated here, along with China Airlines baggage services, depending on the flight schedule on a particular day. Restaurant access can be availed at this terminal, along with other amenities like electronic or magazine stores. 

Avianca Terminal Ontario Airport 

This is one of the worldwide operators that fly from the second terminal. Due to its large size and proper maintenance, it is well-suited to cater to customer needs. You can deposit your Avianca baggage here. For this, ensure that you reach the Avianca Terminal Ontario Airport Terminal a few hours prior to check-in. In case of arrivals, you can collect it from the available carousels at the same terminal. 

Runways at Ontario International Airport

The Ontario International Airport ONT has 2 major runways in opposite directions. The details about these are highlighted in the table given below: 

RunwayDimensions Surface
08L/26R12,198 ft and 3,718 meters Concrete 
08R/26L10,200 ft and 3,109 meters Concrete

Airports Closest to Ontario International Airport

When your flight has been transferred or there has been some mishap at the initial airport, it can become helpful to know about some of the airports closest to Ontario International Airport. These include the following: 

  • Orange County John Wayne Airport (45 miles or 72 kilometers) – SNA 
  • Long Beach Airport (53 miles or 85 kilometers) – LGB 
  • Los Angeles International Airport (56 miles or 90 kilometers) –  LAX 
  • Hollywood Burbank Airport (52 miles or 84 kilometers) – BUR 

Ontario International Airport Arrivals

Flights of both domestic and international carriers arrive at the two terminals at this airport. Generally, the Ontario Airport international arrivals occur at the lower level of both concourses. This is the place where the baggage collection point will be located. Airport taxi services can be booked from here. 

Ontario International Airport Departures

All the airlines mentioned above undertake their departures from the upper levels of both terminals. Before Ontario Airport departures, travelers will have to pass the check-in and baggage deposit process. In case there is any waiting time before their departure, they can spend it by visiting various shopping, spa, and dining centers located at their respective terminals. 

Ontario Airport Lost and Found

When any valuables go missing at the airport at any point from waiting to boarding, travelers may get back their items. They can make a search request with the Ontario International Airport lost and found department. It will be open between 9.00 A.M. and 6.00 P.M., Monday-Friday. 

Lost and Found
  • To connect with the authorities of this department, dial the number: 909-544-5128. 
  • Its agents can be found at the lost and found center, information desk, and Terminal 2. 

Additional Facilities and Amenities at Ontario International Airport

The Ontario International Airport ONT offers shopping, dining, parking, pet relief centers, and various other amenities to its passengers. A few of these are mentioned here along with the available brands of stores: 

  • Shopping
    • Hudson Evolve 
    • Lego Machine 
    • Tech on the Go 
    • Ontario Provisions 
    • Hudson News 
  • Dining
    • Chick-fil-a
    • Dunkin Donuts 
    • Eniten Bros Bagels 
    • Farmer’s Fridge 
    • Pizza Vino 
    • Subway 
    • Tap and Pour 
    • Urban Cave

Other services 

  • Ontario Airport Lounges 
  • Pet Relief Areas 
  • Duty-free 3Sixty services 
  • Hydration Stations 
  • Vending Machines 
  • Parking Facilities

Ontario International Airport Parking

Sometimes, when you have your return flight scheduled within a few days, you can use the parking facilities at the airport. Parking at Ontario International Airport can be short-term (hourly basis) or long-term (daily basis). These rates differ based on the parking lot.  

Short-Term Parking at Ontario International Airport 

This type of parking at ONT Airport is offered for a few hours. The amount charged can differ as per the different parking lots as mentioned below: 

Duration Lot 2 General Lot 2 Premium Lot 4 General Lot 4 Premium 
30 minutes USD 3 USD 3 
1 hour USD 6USD 8 USD 6USD 8 
2 hours USD 8 USD 10 USD 8 USD 10 
4 hours USD 10 USD 10 

Usually, free temporary parking is granted for those who wish to halt their vehicles for less than 30 minutes in order to pick someone up from the airport.

Long-Term Parking at Ontario International Airport  

Ontario International Airport long term parking is allowed for 24 hours and additional days after that. The following are the rates charged for it: 

Duration Lot 2 General Lot 2 Premium Lot 3 Lot 4 General Lot 4 Premium Lot 5 Lot 6 
1 day USD 21 USD 27 USD 16 USD 21 USD 27 USD 13 USD 15 
Each Extra Day USD 21 per extra dayUSD 27 per extra day USD 16 per extra day USD 21 per extra dayUSD 27 per extra day USD 13 per extra day USD 15 per extra day 

Note: Pre-book a parking spot in advance using the official site of ONT or by calling the airport authorities. 

The Ontario International Airport ONT Ontario CA though a relatively small airspace, offers the best possible services to its customers. It provides for easy arrival and departure of different international airlines. Further, it ensures that the ticketing, check-in, security screening, and baggage deposit procedures are properly undertaken without any confusion. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What terminal is Southwest at Ontario Airport?

Concourse 4 is the Southwest Terminal Ontario Airport.

What terminal is Frontier at Ontario Airport?

The Frontier Terminal at Ontario Airport is Concourse 2.

What terminal is Delta at Ontario Airport?

This carrier operates from the Delta Airlines Ontario Airport Terminal 2.

What terminal is American Airlines at Ontario Airport?

The 4th concourse is the American Airlines Terminal Ontario Airport.

What terminal is United at Ontario Airport?

Concourse 2 is the United Terminal at Ontario Airport for check-in and baggage deposit.

What terminal is Frontier Airlines at Ontario Airport?

The second concourse is the Frontier Airlines Ontario Airport Terminal.

What terminal is Southwest at Ontario Airport?

The Southwest Terminal in Ontario Airport is the fourth one.

What terminal is Alaska Airlines at Ontario Airport?

Terminal 2 is the Alaska Air Ontario Airport Terminal.

What terminal is Alaska at Ontario Airport?

Alaska Airlines Terminal at Ontario Airport is the second concourse.

What terminal is Southwest Airlines at Ontario Airport?

Southwest Ontario Airport Terminal 4 is efficient for this airline’s services.

What terminal is Southwest Airlines in Ontario Airport?

To avail of Southwest flight services, go to the 4th Southwest Terminal in Ontario Airport.

What terminal is Hawaiian Airlines at Ontario Airport?

Concourse 4 with 14 gates are assigned as the Hawaiian Airlines Ontario Airport Terminal.

What terminal is Southwest in Ontario Airport?

To board Southwest flights, you can use the Ontario Airport Terminal 4.

What terminal is United Airlines at Ontario Airport?

United Terminal Ontario Airport is Concourse number 2, undertaking international flights.

What terminal is Frontier at Ontario Airport?

Passengers will have to arrive at the Ontario International Airport Frontier Terminal 2.

What terminal is American at Ontario Airport?

Ontario Airport American Airlines Terminal arrivals are housed by the 4th concourse.

What terminal is Southwest Ontario Airport?

This airline offers its services from Terminal 4 Ontario Airport.

How many terminals at Ontario Airport?

There are 2 concourses that form the Ontario International Airport Terminals.

How many terminals does Ontario Airport have?

The Ontario Airport terminals are two concourses – 2 and 4.

What terminal is Delta at Ontario California Airport?

Concourse 2 is listed as the main Delta Terminal at Ontario Airport for its operations.

What terminal is Frontier at Ontario CA Airport?

To board flights operated by this airline, you will have to use Terminal 2 Ontario Airport.

What terminal is JetBlue at Ontario Airport?

International Concourse 2 is named the Ontario Airport JetBlue Terminal.

What terminal is Southwest Airlines at Ontario Airport CA?

Terminal 4 Ontario Airport supervises the flying of Southwest flights.

What terminal is United at Ontario CA Airport?

The second concourse forms the United Terminal Ontario Airport.

What terminal is American Airlines at Ontario Airport?

American Airlines services are undertaken at Ontario Airport Terminal 4.

What terminal is American Airlines in Ontario Airport?

The American Airlines Terminal Ontario Airport is the one operated from Concourse 4.

What terminal is Frontier in Ontario Airport?

Passengers of this airline will be navigated to Concourse 2 as the Ontario Airport Terminal Frontier.

What terminal is Southwest at Ontario International Airport?

Ontario Airport Southwest Terminal 4 is the airline’s primary concourse.

What terminal is Southwest in at Ontario Airport?

Terminal 4 is the host concourse for this international carrier.

Where is Southwest terminal at Ontario Airport?

Southwest is operated by Concourse 4.

Where is Terminal 2 at Ontario Airport?

You can refer to the airport map to locate the directions to Ontario Airport Terminal 2.

Where is Terminal 4 at Ontario Airport?

This concourse is near the AED station of the airport.

Which terminal is Delta at Ontario Airport?

Delta Ontario Airport Terminal is under the roof of Concourse Number 2.

What terminal is China Airlines at Ontario International Airport?

2nd concourse functions as the Ontario Airport China Airlines Terminal.

Where is the international terminal at Ontario Airport?

The concourses for Ontario Airport international flights can be located via its map.

Which terminal is for China Airline at Ontario Airport?

Concourse 2 is the China Airlines Ontario Airport terminal.

What is the long term parking at Ontario Airport?

Ontario Airport long Term Parking of Self Park at Lot 5 is 11 USD.

What is the airport code for Ontario, California?

The Ontario airport code is ONT.

Is there a smoking lounge in the Ontario airport?

Identified AOA Smoking places have been built to the south of the passenger terminals at gates 211 and 410, respectively, and at ramp levels close to Gates 402 and 410, respectively, in Terminals 2 and 4.

Does Ontario Airport have free parking?

Yes, The Cell Phone Waiting Lot has a one-hour maximum time limit. There is no overnight or extended parking allowed. While you wait, you can check the most recent airport arrivals on your phone.

Does Ontario airport have free wifi?

Yes, all public passengers of Terminals 2 and 4 access Ontario airport free wifi.

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