Denver International Airport

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Known to be the second-largest in the world, Denver International Airport is located in the Western US. This international airport was constructed in 1995. Currently, it facilitates the functioning of 25 airlines, serving both short-haul and long-haul destinations. Doubtlessly, it is one of the busiest airports, occupying a land area of around 33,531 acres. 

Information about the structure of the DIA airport, its runways, and terminals is further described here. 

Highlights of Denver International Airport

Important information about the Denver Airport like its location and number of terminals is highlighted here along with a few other essential details. 

Airport Denver International Airport 
Airport Type Public 
Operator City and County of Denver Department of Aviation 
Serves Denver Metropolitan Area and Front Range Urban Corridor 
Hub For United Airlines Frontier Airlines Southern Airways Express Denver Air Connection 
Denver Airport CodeDEN 
Denver Airport TerminalsOne terminal with three concourses – A, B, and C 
DEN Airport Coordinates 39.8564° N, 104.6764° W
DEN Airport Runways 7/258/2616L/34R16R/34L17L/35R17R/35L
Denver Airport Address 8500 Pena Blvd, Denver, CO
Distance from the city 25 miles from Downtown Denver 
Official Website 
Phone Number +1 303-342-2000

Denver Airport Codes

It is through the code for Denver International Airport that it is recognized in the international list of flight operators. The main codes assigned to this airport are given below: 

WMO Code 72565 
Denver Airport Zip Code 80249 

Denver Airport Map

This is an airport that covers a wide area. It comprises navigating multiple directions to the terminals. Passengers can experience the ease of doing so by taking a look at the Denver Airport map. This map shows in detail the complete layout of the airport. 

The digital depiction of this map is given here: 

Image of Denver Airport Terminal Map

Denver International Airport Terminals

Jeppesen forms the Denver Airport Main Terminal. Ahead of this, this airport houses three main concourses called A, B, and C. International flights are operated from these concourses. These are located in the center of the airport and have 179 gates in total. 

Image of denver international airport terminal map

Jeppesen Terminal Denver Airport 

At Denver Airport, Jeppesen is the most important and the only officially named terminal. It is about 2.6 million square feet large. At this terminal, one can find check-in, baggage, and ticketing centers along with various shops and fast food chains. Currently, the Great Hall Project is being implemented at this terminal for its expansion. 

Denver Airport Concourse A 

This concourse, sometimes called the Denver Airport Terminal A has a total of 60 gates. Some of these gates are at ground level and are used for boarding. Others are double jetway gates. International airlines like Frontier, Delta, JetBlue, etc., operate their services from this concourse. 

Denver Airport Concourse B 

Alternatively called the Denver Airport Terminal B, this concourse is primarily used by United Airlines. In total, it houses 72 gates. Regional gates form a major part of the concourse along with four (4) double jetway gates. Arrivals and departures for international flights occur at this concourse. 

Denver Airport Concourse C 

The last concourse, sometimes referred to as the Denver Airport Terminal C, is used for international flights as well. It is one of the smaller concourses with only 47 gates. Among these, four are ground-level boarding gates. Carriers that use this concourse include Southwest, Alaska, and American Airlines, among others. 

Airlines Operating from Denver International Airport

Airlines serving different domestic and international destinations handle their flights via Denver International Airport. Since one terminal cannot accommodate all flights, the airlines are allotted specific concourses as per the schedule. 

Note: Here concourses A, B, and C are used interchangeably with Terminals A, B, and C. But the airport only has one main terminal. 

AirlinesGateContact Airline
AeromexicoA(800) 237-6639
Air CanadaA(800) 247-2262
Air FranceA(800) 237-2747
Alaska AirlinesC(800) 252-7522
AllegiantA(702) 505-8888
American AirlinesC(800) 433-7300
British AirwaysA(800) AIRWAYS
Cayman AirwaysA(800) 422-9626
Copa AirlinesA(800) 359-2672
Delta Air LinesA(800) 221-1212
Denver Air ConnectionC(855) 235-9322
EdelweissA+41 848 333 593
Frontier AirlinesA(801) 401-9000
IcelandairA(800) 223-5500
JetBlue AirwaysA(800) 538-2583
LufthansaA(800) 645-3880
Southern Airways ExpressC(800) 329 0485
Southwest AirlinesC(800) 435-9792
Spirit AirlinesC(855) 728-3555
Sun Country AirlinesA(651) 905-2737
United AirlinesA, B, C(800) 864-8331
VolarisA(855) 865-2747
WestJetA(888) 937-8538

Closest Airport to Denver International Airport DEN

Your flight might land at any of the nearest airports to DEN in case of major turbulence or unsuitable weather conditions. 

The following list highlights the ones close to Denver International Airport : 

  • Colorado Springs Airport (98 miles) – COS 
  • Cheyenne Regional Airport (109 miles) – CYS 
  • Yampa Valley Regional Airport (92 miles) – HDN 
  • Pueblo Memorial Airport (109 miles) – PUB 
  • Eagle County Regional Airport (120 miles) – EGE 

How Many Denver International Airport Runways are there?

All the flights at this airport depart and arrive at six main Denver Airport runways. The proportions of these runaways are as mentioned in the following table: 

07-2512,000 ft150 ftConcrete
08-2612,000 ft150 ftConcrete
16R-34L16,000 ft200 ftConcrete
16L-34R12,000 ft150 ftConcrete
17R-35L12,000 ft150 ftConcrete
17L-35R12,000 ft150 ftConcrete

Denver Airport Arrivals

Flights of most airlines arrive at all three concourses at DEN. The terminal gates at the east and the north end provide room for arrivals Denver Airport. The west gates occasionally undertake international arrivals. Hence, the baggage claim centers are located at these gates. Level 4 of the main Jeppsen terminal provides the passenger pick-up facility. 

Denver Airport Departures

Almost all of the flights at this airport either depart from the east or the west gates of the A, B, or C Concourses. The spread of the ticketing counters at these terminals aids in easy Denver Airport flight departures. Aside from ticketing, check-in services are provided a few hours prior to leaving.

Denver Airport Lost and Found Department

Customers can contact the Denver International Airport Lost and Found department to reunite with their luggage or personal items. They can make their claim free of charge, using the official airport website. 

Image of Denver Airport Lost and Found
  • To speak directly with the agents, dial the number (303) 342-4062. 
  • This department receives complaints:
    • Throughout the week between 8.00 A.M. and 7:30 P.M.
    • And, between 8.00 A.M. and 6.00 P.M. on the weekends  

Amenities and Services at Denver International Airport 

Passengers might sometimes have stopover flights with long waiting times. In such cases, the facilities offered at the different concourses become useful. 

Some main amenities provided include the following: 

  • Shopping
    • InMotion 
    • NYS Collection Eyewear 
    • Tattered Covered Bookstore 
    • Misura 
    • Johnston and Murphy 
    • Colorado Limited 
    • Denver Duty-Free 
    • Sunglass Hut 
    • ShopAll Pharmacy Machine 
    • Topo Design 
    • Peak Newsstand 
  • Dining
    • Big Bowl 
    • Modern Market 
    • Garbanzo Fresh Mediterranean 
    • Voodoo Doughnut 
    • Half Moon Empanadas 
    • Jamba Juice 
    • Qdoba Mexican Eats 
    • Starbucks Coffee 
    • KFC Express
    • Timberline Steaks and Grill 
  • Other Services: 
    • United Club 
    • Massage Centres 
    • Sky Lounge 
    • Outdoor deck 
    • Pet relief rooms 
    • Parking 

Denver Airport Parking

When dropping off someone at the airport, one might need to use parking at Denver International Airport. The fee for this facility can be charged either on an hourly or a daily basis. 

Image of Denver Airport Parking Map

Denver Airport Short Term Parking Fee

Short term parking at Denver International Airport is offered at the Economy, Garage, East, and West lots at the following rates: 

Parking Lot Duration Fee Charged (in USD)
Garage Per Hour 
Economy Per Hour 6
East Terminal Per Hour 
West Terminal Per Hour 
61st and Pena 12 hours 5

Denver Airport Long Term Parking Fee

When travelers have to park their vehicle for 20 hours to more than one full day, they can go with the long term parking at Denver International Airport facility. 

Parking Lot Duration Fee Charged (in USD)
Garage Per Day30 
Economy Per Day18 
East Terminal Per Day168 
West Terminal Per Day168 
61st and Pena Per Day

For additional days at the Economy parking lot, you will have to pay USD 16. 

What is the Security Wait Times at Denver International Airport?

Denver Airport security wait times differ as per North and South checkpoints. The respective timeframes are explained hereunder:

  • For North Security Checkpoint, the timing is 4.00 A.M. to 7.45 P.M., especially for the services:
    • Customers under CLEAR
    • TSA PreCheck
    • Premier or Premium travelers
    • Screening
  • At the A-Bridge Security Checkpoint, the window opens between 4.30 A.M.-5.45 P.M.
  • For South Security Checkpoint, the following services are available 24/7:
    • Screening for CLEAR fliers
    • TSA PreCheck

To sum up, the Denver International Airport is one of the biggest in the world. It offers an extensive collection of facilities to its passengers. It ensures that irrespective of the arrival/departure location of the fliers, all the proceedings are undertaken smoothly and systematically. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many gates does Denver Airport have?

The Denver International Airport has 179 gates in all.

Can you walk between terminals at DIA?

No, walking between terminals at DIA is not possible.

Is Denver Airport hard to navigate?

Denver Airport can be hard to navigate with immense passenger traffic. Sometimes, it may be difficult for a regular traveler to navigate the nearest places to this airport. However, traveling to this airport can become easier with the Denver International Airport code DEN.

What is Denver Airport known for?

Denver Airport is known for the number of runways it occupies. It has a total of 6 runways. These runways cover a distance of approximately 76,000 feet. It is believed that this airport, with the DIA Airport code, is the second-largest one in terms of its size. Also, in 2019, DIA Airport was given the title of 29th best airport in the USA by Skytrax.

Where is Denver Airport located?

The address of Denver Airport is 8500 Peña Blvd, Denver, CO 80249, USA. This airport is situated 25 miles away from downtown Denver. It can be navigated quickly by first-time travelers utilizing the Denver Airport code DIA.

Is Denver the biggest airport in the world?

Denver Airport is the second-largest airport in the world due to its size. It occupies 33,531 acres of land. Consisting of the Denver Airport code, it is the largest airport in North America.

How busy is Denver International Airport (DEN Airport code)?

Denver International Airport is the world’s 20th busiest airport and the United States’ fifth busiest airport. DEN is among the busiest carrier hubs in the world’s biggest aviation industry. It handles around 69 million passengers passing yearly.

How long does it take to get through Denver Airport security?

It takes a minimum of 30-60 minutes to pass through the security checkpoint at Denver Airport. The ideal time for checking in is at least two hours before your departure. So, it is recommended that you reach this airport’s (Denver USA Airport code) premises early.

Does Denver Airport have terminals?

Yes, Denver Airport has a single terminal for domestic and international travelers. This terminal is known as Jeppesen Terminal and is located on the landside of the airport (Denver Airport code). Additionally, the structure of this terminal was split into East and West to make the directions simpler for flyers.

Can you walk between terminals at Denver Airport (Denver International Airport ZIP code)?

No, you cannot walk between the terminals at Denver Airport. This airport has no path for pedestrians. If you want to transfer between the concourses, then you can go by train to the airport with the DEN Airport code.

Does Denver Airport have a lounge?

Yes, Denver Airport has two United Club lounges. These lounges are near gates B32 and B44 with the DEN Airport code signage. Passengers can relax and wait for their flights at these lounges.

What time does the TSA close at Denver Airport?

The North TSA Checkpoint at Denver Airport closes at 9 p.m. It remains operational from 4 a.m. till 9 p.m. The South TSA Checkpoint at this airport (DIA Airport code) shuts down at 6 p.m.

Is Denver a DEN or DIA?

DIA and DEN are both codes for Denver International Airport. DEN is the IATA code, which is the most commonly used code for airports. DIA is the ICAO code, which is less commonly used but is still used by airlines and air traffic control.

What does DEN stand for the airport?

DEN stands for Denver International Airport.

Who owns DIA airport?

The City of Denver is the owner and operator of Denver International Airport.

What is the Denver Airport Code?

Denver Airport IATA code is DEN and ICAO code is

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