Spirit Airlines Check in Policy

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The Spirit Airlines check in policy explains in detail the boarding process of this carrier. It discloses all the information, as well as the time limit, that is required to effectively complete the check-in process. Further, this policy lets passengers know what documents are to be submitted during boarding. 

Which Spirit Airlines Flight Check in Rules are Applicable?

To check in for Spirit Airlines flights, these rules apply:

  • You will have to complete the process well in advance of the flight’s departure. 
  • The boarding pass obtained after check-in should be presented at the airport. 
  • Even unaccompanied minor passengers need to complete this boarding process. 
  • During this time, travelers will be allowed to buy seats or an extra baggage allowance. 
  • The process should be done both on:
    • Domestic trips
    • International flights 
  • The procedure for getting the boarding pass remains the same on all ticket types. 

Constraints of these Rules

Despite much flexibility, a few constraints are seen when following these rules:

  • Various check-in methods can be accessed only on official reservations. 
  • Permission to mark the arrival will be denied upon failure to present documents. 
  • When any of these mentioned conditions are not met, the Spirit airline can cancel bookings.

What is the Spirit Airlines Check in Time Limit?

To be allowed on board without paying any penalty, you should be present at the airport well within the Spirit Airline check in time limit. The minimum time can differ based on the: 

  • Arrival destination
  • Nature of a trip 

Domestic and International Timing:

The time constraints for checking in based on the nature of the flight are as follows: 

Nature of the Flight Minimum Check-in Time before Departure
Domestic 2 hours 
International 3 hours 

Spirit Baggage Check in Time: 

In case you are traveling with baggage, you will have to adhere to the Spirit Airlines check in time limit as given here: 

Nature of Flights Minimum Check-in Time Prior to Take-off
Domestic Flights 45 minutes 
International and USVI Flights60 minutes 
  • You will have to hand over your luggage to the airline agents at the:
    • Ticket counter 
    • Or, the bag drop area 
  • Do so within the time mentioned above for acceptance.

Boarding Gate Time Limit: 

Obtain your boarding pass. Then go to the boarding gate as the next step. You should be present at this gate at the following time: 

Flight TypeMinimum Check-in Time 
Domestic 15 minutes before your departure 
International and USVI 30 minutes prior to departure 

Online Check-in Time Limit: 

When you are willing to complete the process beforehand, you can opt for Spirit Airlines check in online.

Check-in Opening Time Check-in Closing Time 
24 hours before departure 1 hour before departure 

The counter for offline processes does not open until 4 hours prior to the flight take-off. 

Can Spirit Airlines Check in be Canceled?

This carrier can revoke the Spirit Airlines check-in under the circumstances of delays or unexpected events. 

  • Your boarding pass will be automatically revoked when the booking is canceled. 
  • If you fail to obtain the pass 15 minutes before departure, it will not be valid. 
  • In the event of delays at the gate, you will be asked to remain at the boarding area. 

How to Check in on Spirit Airlines Flights?

Passengers may find different options suitable when it comes to confirming your arrival. For this reason, the airline offers options featuring kiosks, airports, and the official website/app.

Method 1: Through the Website

The quickest way to complete the process of checking in is by using the online method. It enables passengers to get the pass a day before departure itself. 

  • Go to the official website of this airline.
  • On top of the homepage, select “Check in”. 
  • Scroll down on the redirected page. 
  • Find the “Check In Online” section. 
  • Enter the:
    • “Passenger Last Name” 
    • And “Confirmation Code” 
  • Your reservation will be retrieved. 
  • Follow the directions to use the Spirit Airlines Check in online option. 
  • Once it is done, you will receive a boarding pass to your registered address. 
  • Print this pass. 
  • Then present it at the airport during boarding. 

Note: No fee will be charged when you use this online mode of checking in. 

Spirit Airlines Check in App: 

You can complete this process on the carrier’s app as well. It is available for download on mobile and desktop. 

  • Open the application and navigate to the “Check In” section. 
  • Enter all the required details. 
  • Complete the procedure as per the instructions. 
  • Once you check in on the Spirit Airlines app, get your boarding pass.

Spirit Airlines Online Check-in Facilities

Certain facilities will be available to passengers who use the Spirit Airlines online check in option: 

  • Seat selection facilities will be made available. 
  • Passengers can purchase additional baggage allowance in Spirit Airlines
  • The cost of extra baggage purchased online will be discounted. 
  • “Bag Drop” will be available on bags weighing more than 40 lbs purchased during online check-in. 


However, these passengers will not be able to access this web-based service: 

  • Customers with an extra seat reservation 
  • Those who have booked special services 
  • Passengers without US citizenship flying from international destinations 
  • Travelers whose identity proof is a Military ID and not a passport 
  • Unaccompanied minors or parents traveling with infants 
  • Customers belonging to group bookings with more than 10 passengers 
  • Travelers flying with animals 
  • Certain destinations deny access to this method as per their domestic guidelines 

Note: If you don’t belong to any of these categories but can’t use the digital check-in option, connect with the airline.

Method 2: At the Airport Counter 

You can directly confirm your availability at the airport ticket counter, provided that you have every important detail in hand. 

  • Be present at the airport before the minimum time limit given. 
  • Go to the nearest Spirit Airlines check in counter. 
  • Connect with the agent there. 
  • Provide all the necessary flight details and personal information asked. 
  • Get your boarding pass printed immediately at the airport itself. 
  • Make your way to the boarding gate. 

Method 3: Through the Self-Service Kiosk

Another way to check in at the airport is by using the device for self-service. This kiosk enables passengers to complete the process on their own. 

airfleetrating-Spirit Airlines Check In via Self-Service Kiosk
  • Go to your arrival airport well before the flight’s departure. 
  • Find the kiosk closest to your boarding gate. 
  • Use the Check in Spirit Airlines option on this device. 
  • Give all the necessary details asked. 
  • Get your boarding pass printed. 

This kiosk can also be used for other processes like managing your booking. 

Check in on Spirit Airlines for a Boarding Pass

Passengers will only be able to obtain the boarding pass when: 

  • They meet the general regulations given under this policy. 
  • On a timely basis, this process is completed.

How Much is the Spirit Airlines Check-in Fee? 

Spirit Airlines check in fees depend on the method you have chosen to confirm your arrival. It can vary as follows: 

Method of Check-in Fees Charged 
Online Free
At the airport counter USD 25 

Availability of Waivers:

This cost will be waived when you are mandated to check in at the airport due to issues with the online option. 

Connecting with Spirit Airlines on Social Media

During the Spirit Airlines flight check in procedure, you may come across various questions or doubts. In such cases, you have the option of reaching out to the carrier’s authorities.

Social Media Platform Official Link 
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SpiritAirlines/ 
Twitter https://twitter.com/spiritairlines 
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/spiritairlines/ 

Winding up, the Spirit Airlines check in policy is to-the-point and easy to understand. It enables passengers with different tickets to easily complete the boarding process. It makes the process option accessible through various options as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you check in online for Spirit Airlines?

Yes, the online check-in option enables the passengers to do so.

When can I check in Spirit Airlines? 

You should be present at the airport at least 2-3 hours before the departure depending on the destination.

How to check in baggage online Spirit Airlines?

This can be done using the Spirit Airlines baggage check in online feature found on the carrier’s official site.

How do I check in with Spirit Airlines and get a boarding pass? 

You can do so through the airline’s website and receive your pass.

How to check in on Spirit Airlines app?

Go to the “Check in” section on the app. Enter your details and follow the app directions.

How to check in online with Spirit Airlines?

Open the site of the carrier and give your details under the “Check in Online” section.

Can you check in early on Spirit Airlines?

Yes, Spirit Airlines early check in can be done using the online method.

How early can I check in Spirit Airlines?

The earliest you can check in is 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.

Do you need to check in for Spirit Airlines?

Yes, you will have to check in to your flight to get a boarding pass.

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