Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

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The Spirit Airlines unaccompanied minor policy is beneficial in situations when children are to travel alone. It helps parents understand how to safely enable their kids to reach their destination. This policy also outlines the eligibility criterion for minor travel and discloses the fee payable as well. 

Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy Rules

There are some basic rules available for an unaccompanied minor on Spirit Airlines:

  • Reservations for kids have to be made in advance. 
  • Only bookings made using official sources will be accepted. 
  • A parent or a guardian must be present at the airport during boarding. 
  • The kid should wear the ID given by the airline throughout the flight. 
  • Parents dropping off their kids must obtain a gate pass. 
  • The underage traveler should remain with their assigned flight attendant. 
  • He/she will only be allowed to leave the arrival airport when a guardian arrives. 
  • It is necessary to present the required documents at the time of booking. 
  • Parents can be in contact with the agent who is assigned to take care of their kids.

Limitations of Spirit Unaccompanied Minor Policy : 

Some of the restrictions that are applicable to this policy include: 

  • The policy doesn’t help minors with parents separated by different seats on flights.
  • Unaccompanied kids will not be permitted to fly on international flights. 
  • Flights that include connecting stopovers will not accept children. 
  • When the itinerary involves a schedule or flight change of Spirit Airlines, young fliers can’ be accommodated. 
  • Spirit unaccompanied minors will be denied when they cross the check-in time. 
  • Kids younger than 4 years will not be permitted to fly alone. 

What are the Spirit Unaccompanied Minor Check in Rules?

Before your child boards the flight, he/she will have to complete the Spirit Airlines check-in procedure by adhering to these rules:

  • The check-in procedure must be completed at least an hour before departure. 
  • A parent/guardian must be present during this process. 
  • The check-in form must be filled out by the guardian. 
  • Submission of valid identity proof is mandatory to complete checking in. 
  • The ID of the person dropping off the young traveler should also be presented. 

Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Form

Passengers must fill out the Spirit Airlines child consent form, the carrier may ask you to submit a form. It may require essential details of the parents/guardians as well as the child flying solo. To learn further about the Spirit Airlines unaccompanied minor form, you can contact the carrier.

A person who is designated to drop and pick up unaccompanied minors on Spirit Airlines must obey the given directions: 

  • They should first obtain a gate pass by submitting a valid identification document. 
  • The guardian should then accompany the minor to the gate. 
  • He/she must remain near the gate area for at least 15 minutes after the flight takes off. 
  • During pick-up, parents must:
    • Fill out another form. 
    • Then collect their children. 

What is the Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Age Criterion?

Based on the age range of the young flier, it is determined whether they can travel alone or not. 

For passengers older than 15 years: 

  • It is not compulsory for these passengers to register as unaccompanied fliers. 
  • The Spirit unaccompanied minor service will only be available on request. 
  • Identity proof or a birth certificate has to be submitted for age verification. 
  • A fee will be charged to avail of this service. 

If travelers are between the age of 5 and 14 years:

  • It is mandatory for these passengers to register as unaccompanied minors. 
  • When accompanied by an adult who is 15 or more years of age, registration is not needed.
  • These fliers will only be allowed to travel on direct flights. 

When the passenger is 4 years or younger:

  • Such travelers will not be permitted to fly alone. 
  • They will have to fly in the company of someone who is at least 15 years old. 
  • This is applicable to both direct and connecting flights. 

For Spirit Travel With Infants

Spirit Airlines unaccompanied minors who are infants are subject to these terms:

  • Children between 7 days and 23 months are considered to be infants. 
  • If the child has completed the 2nd birthday, he/she will no longer be regarded as an infant. 
  • Seats must be reserved for children older than 23 months. 
  • Unless flying with a guest of at least 15 years, 23-month-old infants can be on the lap. 
  • The birth certificate of such passengers must be submitted upon request. 

Limitations of Spirit Travel With Infant Lap Travel: 

Prior to flying, adults should be aware of the following:

  • Infants who require life support and are less than 7 days old will not be accepted. 
  • Lap infants cannot travel in seats near the emergency exit or behind the exit rows. 
  • Those in car seats cannot occupy spots that have inflatable seat belts. 
  • A separate fee has to be paid for the travel of lap infants. 

Spirit Airlines Car Seat Requirements: 

When you wish to carry your infants in car seats instead of in the lap, the following conditions are to be met: 

  • Check-in your car seat as per the baggage policy of Spirit Airline
  • No extra fee will be charged for the check-in of one stroller per child. 
  • Spirit Airlines Car seats should be FAA approved. 
  • They should fit in the seats of the aircraft. 
  • Adhere to the seat dimensions to avoid denied boarding issues. 

The following dimensions should be taken into account while bringing a car seat or stroller for infants: 

Type of Seat (Airbus A319)Maximum Seat Width 
Big Front seats 22 inches 
Deluxe Leather seats 17 inches 

For Airbus 320 and 32 A, the dimensions are:

Seat TypeSeat Width (Maximum)
Big front seats 22.8 inches 
Deluxe leather seats 16 inches 

When the aircraft used are Airbus 321 and 32 A, the dimensions include: 

Type of SeatsMaximum Width for Seats
Big Front seats 22 inches 
Deluxe Leather seats 17 inches 

What is the Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Fee?

A separate ticket has to be purchased for minors. Hence, a separate fee has to be paid for their travel. Usually, the amount of this fee is fixed: 

  • The Spirit Airlines unaccompanied minor fee is USD 150. 
  • It is charged per ticket and not per group booking. 
  • This amount is charged differently for each way on a one-way trip. 
  • Usually, the fee amount includes charges for onboard snacks and beverages. 

Note: No discount can be availed unless mentioned at the time of booking. 

How to Book Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Flights? 

To make a reservation for solo children on this carrier, you can either use the online option or call the reservation center. 

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Method 1: From the Website, 

You can use the website of this carrier to make an online reservation for minors by following the given steps: 

  • Open Spirit Official Website.
  • On the homepage, you will find the “Flight” section. 
  • Here, enter the basic details of the flight you are looking for: 
    • “From” and “To” destinations
    • “Departure & Return” dates
    • Whether it is a “Round Trip” or “Multi-City” or “One Way” 
  • Now, click on the drop-down arrow given beside the option “Adult”. 
  • You will find the “Children” option. Enter the number of children and their date of birth. 
  • Then, tap on the “Save” button. 
  • You can now click on the “Choose Your Flight” option. 
  • The list of available flights matching your filters will now be visible. 
  • Select the one that can best accommodate unaccompanied minors. 
  • Pay the required amount of fees. 
  • Once the booking is confirmed, print your boarding pass. 

This online feature can also be used to add an infant to the ticket when it has already been booked and confirmed. 

Method 2: By Calling 

You can resort to calling the airline agents. This may require the fees for booking the seat for minors as well as calling charges.

To reach out to the agents, you can use any of the following contact numbers based on your region: 

Region Contact Number 
General 855-728-3555
South America 571 +241 4000
Armenia 57 – 6749 – 7244
Caribbean 011-509-2940-4422
Costa Rica+506 4032-9449
El Salvador+503 2534-8228

Note: Given that you are unable to find the contact number respective to your country, use the general information. 

You will then be connected to the agent belonging to your region upon request. 

  • Inform the agent of your request. 
  • Mention the details of the flight you wish to book. 
  • Provide the age range of the minor. 
  • When the child is eligible for travel, the booking will be finalized. 
  • Pay the required charges and complete the process. 

Winding up, the Spirit Airlines unaccompanied minor policy makes it possible for kids to travel at ease. It offers different ways through which reservations can be made, thus, making this feature available to various customers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Spirit Airlines take unaccompanied minors?

Yes, this carrier accepts unaccompanied minors when they meet the eligibility criterion.

Can I bring my child’s car seat and/or stroller onboard Spirit Airlines?

Yes, As per Spirit Airlines Child Seat Policy, Spirit Airlines allow you to check one stroller and one car seat per child without paying the extra fee at the ticket counter.

Does Spirit Airlines charge for car seats?

No extra fee will be charged for the check-in of one stroller per child.

What are the Spirit Airlines Child Identification Requirements?

Spirit Airlines required a birth certificate and valid password for any traveler 2 years old.

Does Spirit Airlines allow unaccompanied minors to fly?

This carrier allows underage passengers to fly alone under certain conditions.

Does Spirit Airlines have unaccompanied minors policies?

With this operator, you can find a policy for unaccompanied minors.

How much is the unaccompanied minor fee for Spirit Airlines?

Unaccompanied Minor Spirit Airlines fee is 150 USD per flier.

Does Spirit Airlines charge for unaccompanied minors?

This airline does not permit the free travel of young customers flying alone.

Can a 14 year old fly alone on Spirit Airlines?

Yes, 14-year-olds can travel by themselves with Spirit Airlines.

Do I need a birth certificate for my child to fly Spirit?

It is mandatory to present a birth certificate of your child during check-in.

Is there a Spirit Airlines unaccompanied minor form?

You may find such a form when flying with this company.

Do Spirit unaccompanied minors need to check in?

It is important for young fliers to check in before they board flights.

How do I book the Spirit unaccompanied minor service?

You should contact this airline to get a reservation under this service.

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