Is Spirit Airlines Good for International and Domestic Travel?

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While traveling with any carrier, it is important to make sure that all the required services are offered by it. Usually, good airlines provide the required features for the comfort of flying. Making sure whether or not is Spirit Airlines good can also help you plan your travel. This information not only instills confidence in fliers about the choice of their flight but also makes sure that they know all the services provided by their selected airline. When the airline is good, factors like its safety, cleanliness, reliability, maintenance, price structure, and quality of operations should be taken into account. 

General Information about Spirit Airlines

Fleet size197
HeadquartersMiramar, Florida, United States
Working Hours24 Hours
Official Website 
Instagram Account

Why is Spirit Airlines Good?

Spirit Airlines, being an ultra-low-cost carrier, offers a good experience in relation to its prices. Although this carrier does not provide the Business class or the traditional services of other airlines, it makes sure that travelers face no inconvenience. 

The following features help in understanding why is Spirit Airlines a good airline to fly with: 

  • Cheap Spirit flights are available nationally and internationally. 
  • It provides membership and frequent flier programs.
  • For the members of these programs, it offers special services.
  • The carrier enables more savings through its Bundles and Savers program. 
  • It has introduced the Big Front Seats that provide extra leg space at an economical price. 
  • All the guidelines issued by the aviation authorities are duly followed by the carrier. 
  • The airline’s staff will always be ready to provide guidance to the fliers for any issue. 

How Good is Spirit Airlines to Fly Internationally?

Flying internationally with Spirit can be a decent experience in some cases. But since international flights are longer, it might be a tad bit difficult for the passengers to adjust to the regular seats offered. 

airfleetrating-is spirit a good airline

This carrier is known to be best suited for domestic travel owing to the limited seat space. However, the airline has introduced a few features to suit the needs of international travelers as well. Some of these features that indicate to what extent is Spirit Airlines good or bad for international travel are given below: 

  • Big Front Seats are now being made available by the carrier. 
  • These seats are wider, have more legroom, and additional seat space. 
  • You can book these seats in advance at cheap rates. 
  • For enhancing long-haul flights, this carrier offers Wi-Fi facilities. 
  • Using Wi-Fi, unlimited internet access can be availed on international flights. 
  • The in-flight services have also been improved. 
  • Members of the Savers Club can book international flights at the lowest possible prices. 

Is Spirit Airline Good and Cheap?

This carrier is known to be one of the most affordable airlines in the US. It not only offers flights with minimal costs but also provides various money-saving opportunities to passengers. Owing to its affordability and easy accessibility, many travelers have a positive opinion when asked is Spirit Airlines any good. 

  • The prices for Spirit flights can start at as low as USD 22. 
  • Further savings can be availed when one is a part of the airline’s membership programs. 
  • Seat selection can be done upon the payment of a few additional charges. 
  • When booking a rental car with the airline, one can enjoy a discount of 40%. 
  • Vacation deals are provided by the carrier at affordable prices. 
  • Bookings can be made using Spirit Points, hence, facilitating more savings. 
  • One item of Spirit Airlines baggage can be carried for free inside the flight. 
  • Apart from flights, this carrier provides cruise services at lower rates. 
  • Free cancellations will be allowed within 24 hours of booking. 
  • Full refunds are given when canceling or changing flights within 24 hours of reservation. 

Is Spirit Airlines a Good Airline in Terms of In-Flight Services?

Spirit provides different in-flight facilities that enable passengers to improve their flight experience. They can connect with the on-board staff of the airline for any guidance regarding these services. Some of the services offered that indicate is Spirit a good airline to travel with are mentioned below: 

  • In-flight dining services including snacks and refreshments are made available. 
  • An onboard WiFi facility is provided once a certain amount of fee is paid. 
  • Spirit Wi-Fi on plane can be used to stream videos, send texts and play games. 
  • Every flight will have a first-aid kit in case of emergency. 
  • Passengers can connect with the cabin crew at any point of the trip. 
  • All the doubts will be solved by the in-flight members of the staff. 
  • Upgrades and changes in seats can be made when you already are on board. 

Is Spirit Air a Good Airline as per the IATA?

Importantly, Spirit Airlines is recognized under IATA as a low-cost carrier. This organization implements certain rules that are to be followed by all the airlines operating under its authority. Whether or not is Spirit Air good as per the International Air Transport Association can be understood from the following: 

  • Currently, the airline has a three-star rating. 
  • This rating takes into account the onboard services, flight quality, and overall passenger experience. 
  • It follows all the regulations implemented by IATA. 
  • Any breach of Spirit Airlines safety guidelines would result in a fine directly by this authority. 

Is Spirit a Good Airline as per Reviews?

There are mixed passenger reviews for this carrier. This is because, since this airline operates on a low-cost basis, it does not provide all the traditional services usually available on other carriers. Hence, is Spirit a good Airline as per reviews by the passengers can be ascertained to some extent.

  • Most travelers have reviewed the airline to be of 3-star quality. 
  • The main concern of passengers seems to be the seat space offered on these flights. 
  • Travelers have also reported regarding the narrow under-seat space. 
  • Many fliers have reported the leather seats to be too firm.
  • Other than this, no issues have been reported about the in-flight assistance. 
  • Passengers have also given positive reviews about WiFi services, dining, and entertainment. 

Does Spirit Airlines Have a Good Safety Record?

Spirit Airlines has one of the best safety records among all airlines registered under IATA. Even the FAA has highly certified this carrier for its safety ranking. This record shows why is Spirit Airlines good when it comes to safety: 

  • The airline has a good safety record in its 30 years of operation. 
  • There have been only minor accidents with this carrier. 
  • No fatality has been caused due to any of the accidents. 
  • However, some incidents have put the passengers through injuries. 
  • The airline takes efforts to compensate passengers who have been injured. 
  • All the safety regulations given by the IATA and FAA are mandatorily followed by this carrier. 

Are Spirit Airlines Good in Terms of Cleanliness?

Spirit has been recognized as the highest-rated carrier in the world for cleanliness by APEX (Airline Passenger Experience Association). This is a solid positive testimony to how good is Spirit Airlines in terms of cleanliness and maintenance of the aircraft. 

airfleetrating-is spirit a good airline to travel with
  • The health and cleanliness department of Spirit is known to be one of the best among all airlines. 
  • A multi-layered maintenance approach is implemented under the cleanliness practices. 
  • The aircraft will be cleaned after every trip and seat covers will be dusted. 
  • Tray tables and armrests will be thoroughly cleaned. 
  • HEPA technology will be used to filter the air every 3 minutes. 
  • All the planes will be sprayed with disinfectants and anti-microbial products. 
  • Passengers will be required to wear masks when flying to certain destinations. 
  • COVID regulations are also implemented in order to ensure the health of the fliers. 

Is Spirit Airline a Good Airline for Unaccompanied Minors?

The airline, Spirit, allows children between the age of 5 and 14 years to travel alone under its unaccompanied minor facility. Parents contemplating whether or not is Spirit Airlines a good airline for minors can stay assured as the carrier provides all facilities to ensure their safety. 

This airline’s agents will take care of the minors, guide them to their seats, and will provide drinks and snacks. Unaccompanied children will only be handed over to the registered guardians upon arrival. 

Spirit, although has a mixed reputation regarding flights, offers good experiences when its pricing is considered. It makes sure that there’s no risk to the safety of fliers. It has introduced new features like bigger seats, taking passengers’ concerns into account. Therefore, this carrier has been working towards its improvement. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Spirit a good airline to fly on?

As per the recent operations of the carrier, Spirit is quite a good airline.

Is Spirit good airline?

Yes, Spirit is considerably safe, in sync with the cost of its services.

How are Spirit Airlines reviews in terms of Quality?

Passengers have given mixed reviews about Spirit Airlines really good reviews and really bad ones.

Is Spirit Airlines a good airline to fly with?

When looking for a safe experience at affordable prices, Spirit Airlines can be a good option.

Is Spirit a good airline to fly with at low costs?

Considering the low-cost service of Spirit, it is an efficient airline to travel with.

Is Spirit a good airline for international travel?

Yes, Spirit airline offers pleasant experiences and is good for international flights.

Are Spirit domestic flights good?

For its cheap rates, the domestic flights of this carrier offer good experiences.

Is Spirit Air good if it is so cheap?

For the prices charged by Spirit, it offers a satisfactory experience.

Is Spirit Airlines good in 2023?

As per the recent reviews, Spirit Airlines is deemed to be good and efficient in 2023.

Is Spirit Airlines preferable?

In case you want a cheap option to fly, you can prefer Spirit Airlines.

Is Spirit Airlines reliable?

The reliability of this carrier can be ascertained to some extent.

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