Why is Spirit Airlines So Cheap? Low Fares, Deals, and More

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Spirit Airlines offers ultra-low-cost flights and affordable fares to travelers. This airline only provides the basic services in the flight. This is one of the main reasons why is Spirit Airlines so cheap. Beyond this, the carrier has policies that ensure benefits devoid of costs. Passengers can use these policies to modify their bookings at low or no charge in most cases. Even due to other aspects, the US-based airline is a cheap option for travelers. Through various ways, they can reserve their flight services at budget-friendly costs. Moreover, this is an airline that is adept at cost-controlling, thereby, becoming more affordable.

General Information about Spirit Airlines

Fleet size197
HeadquartersMiramar, Florida, United States
Working Hours24 Hours
Official Websitehttps://www.spirit.com/ 
Instagram Accounthttps://www.instagram.com/spiritairlines/

Why is Spirit So Cheap in Terms of Services?

Airlines like Spirit provide low-cost fares to travelers. This particular carrier aims to give affordable fares in addition to decent services. These services account for convenient transportation. However, Spirit Airlines cheap flights do not include the other amenities on the flight such as food, and water.

  • This airline keeps the flight cheap by limiting certain services.
  • It does not include big seats in the standard tickets.
  • The carrier allows passengers to carry enough luggage in the standard allowance.
  • This prevents the need to invest in additional or paid allowance.
  • Even when more allowance is needed, this airline charges less fee.
  • Passengers can save money if they don’t want to use Wi-Fi on the flight.

Why is Spirit Airlines Cheap and Affordable?

Spirit Airlines aims to provide cheap flights. It understands the significance of affordability for its flyers. It is a result of this that passengers with limited budgets can depend on this operator. Even for those who require traveling often, this is a major benefit.

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  • This airline offers a discount on the flight in seasonal months.
  • It does not charge hidden fees.
  • Also, it offers many types of vacation packages for travel with affordable fares.

Is it Cheaper to Buy Spirit Tickets at the Airport?

Buying a ticket can be very cheap at the airport. Online tickets can be costly, compared to the prices featured at airports. This is booking during the online booking process, a flyer may have to give an extra charge for the convenience of booking tickets. 

To understand further why are Spirit flights cheaper at the airport, here are some important observations:

  • When you book an online ticket, you need to pay an additional fee. 
  • It is known as the passenger usage fee.
  • Also, at airports, it is easier to learn about any deals or discounts.
  • Making bookings at airports can be beneficial for flyers in groups too.

Why is Spirit Airline So Cheap in Baggage Fees?

When tickets are booked, Spirit Airlines includes the cost of baggage in the same. Usually, 1 personal item and standard checked baggage allowance are included in the reservation for free. Paying separate luggage fees is not required. Even in scenarios wherein charges have to be paid, cheap flights on Spirit Airlines can still be observed.

  • This airline charges an extra price for overweight and oversized baggage. 
  • The Spirit baggage fee is low and depends on the weight of the bag.
  • Fees tend to be low for extra baggage up to 23 kg.
  • But when the weight is from 23 kg to 45 kg, the charges can be higher.
  • For oversized items, one may have to pay more charges at times.

Why is Spirit So Much Cheaper than Other Airlines?

Spirit Airlines is a reputed low-priced carrier in the aviation industry. This airline strategically utilizes fuel in the aircraft. It uses advanced technology for the same. In comparison to some airlines, cheap flights on Spirit are provided due to this reason.

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Here are some more key points to look at to understand why this carrier is cheaper than some airlines.

  • This airline often offers discounts and the best deals for travelers.
  • These offers help travelers to spend less while making various reservations.
  • Some airlines may offer free food, drinks, and in-flight entertainment.
  • In this aspect, Spirit accounts for the cost of transportation, devoid of free benefits.
  • Hence, in another way, it is able to give affordable flights to people.

Does Cost Control Ensure Cheap Spirit Flights?

Fuel efficiency is one of the aspects that Spirit Airlines focuses on. This helps the carrier to control costs. Additionally, it avoids the cost of printing boarding passes by providing this document digitally. Thus, owing to such cost-control measures, Spirit Airlines cheap tickets are provided to people.

  • It uses an ultra-low-cost carrier (ULCC) model.
  • This model focuses on aspects that enable the wise use of costs.
  • Costs are further controlled by providing decent amenities to flyers.

How to Find Cheap Flights on Spirit Airlines?

In general, from Monday to Thursday, people can get cheap flights with Spirit. In another way, affordable trips can be booked using Flight Deal Finder. This is a tool facilitated by the airline to find round-trip or one-way flights along with the best deals. This tool can be accessed online via the official website of the airline.

  • You can book the flight in advance at a cheap price.
  • This airline offers promo codes for travelers.
  • With promo codes, they can get a huge discount on a flight.
  • Also, they can use travel rewards.
  • These reward points can help in securing benefits without investing additional money.
  • Particularly in the US, the carrier features deals.
  • It gives the option of signing up for email deals.


Spirit is an American carrier that offers low-cost fares. It is a value-for-money airline for every passenger. People can get discount offers on tickets as well as certain deals. Even though a lot of advanced amenities are not given for free, transportation and essential services can still be observed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Spirit Airlines so cheap 2023?

This airline is cheap because it provides the basic facilities in the flight with low fares tickets.

Are Spirit flights cheaper on Tuesdays?

On Tuesdays, the carrier may provide low-cost flights. But this can be confirmed via the official website.

How is Spirit Airlines so cheap?

The availability of decent services enables the carrier to provide cheap flights.

Why is Spirit Airline so cheap?

Since limited in-flight services are available, this carrier tends to be cheap.

Why are Spirit flights so cheap at airports?

Additional charges are not required when booking flights at the airport. Hence, they are affordable.

Why is Spirit cheaper than others?

While other airlines may give complementary services, this carrier charges only for basic transportation.

Are Spirit tickets cheaper at the airport?

Yes, the tickets from this carrier are cheaper at airports.

Why Spirit Airlines is so cheap on Thursdays?

On Thursdays, one may find flights to seasonal places. Hence, their cost can be cheap.

How cheap is Spirit Airlines?

To a great extent, this airline is cheap. It attracts a multitude of low-budget flyers.

How is Spirit so cheap?

Cost control is one of the reasons why this carrier is affordable.

How are Spirit flights so cheap in the US?

It is convenient for the airline to fly within the US which requires lower costs.

How Spirit Airlines is so cheap from San Juan to Orlando?

Within 3 hours, the distance between these locations can be covered. Hence, cheap flights are given.

Why are Spirit Airlines flights so cheap in Orlando?

Due to good connectivity and short flights in Orlando, Spirit can give affordable flights.

Why are Spirit Airlines so cheap in terms of fees?

The policies of the operator help it to apply low fees on flight services.

Why is Spirit Air so cheap in the United States?

Domestic flights are offered by the airline in the US which require fewer costs.

Why is Spirit flights so cheap domestically?

Flying to domestic locations requires less fuel and costs. Hence, flights remain cheap.

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