Is Spirit Airlines Safe? (Safety Records, Customer Reviews)

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Spirit is one of the world’s top 25 safest airlines. Spirit Airlines is a well-known flight carrier in the US aviation industry that has gained popularity among travelers. However, there have been various misconceptions surrounding the airline, leading some to question its safety. It is crucial for passengers to have confidence in an airline’s safety records and commitment to their well-being. By examining Spirit Airlines safety records and measures, travelers can make informed decisions and alleviate any concerns they may have.

This blog aims to address these concerns and provide accurate information about Is Spirit Airlines Safe in 2023? and its safety standards.

General Information about Spirit Airlines

Fleet size197
HeadquartersMiramar, Florida, United States
Working Hours24 Hours
Official Website 
Instagram Account

What is the Spirit Airlines Safety Record?

Some individuals believe that Spirit Airlines has adequate safety records and is considered a safe airline for travel. They have maintained a strong safety record over the past decade, indicating their commitment to passenger safety. In addition, the airline ensures that all crew members and pilots undergo rigorous training to handle various situations professionally, addressing any concerns regarding the safety and reliability of Spirit Airlines.

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Furthermore, Spirit Airlines provides passengers with the necessary safety equipment, including oxygen masks, life vests, and other required protocols. It is important to understand that while airlines prioritize safety, they cannot guarantee absolute safety for passengers due to various factors beyond their control. However, Spirit Airlines prioritizes the well-being of its passengers and takes appropriate measures to ensure their safety.

Is Spirit Airlines FAA Certified?

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Spirit Airlines, known for its safe and reliable operations, has obtained the necessary certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to function as a commercial airline within the US. It is worth mentioning that in January 2022, Spirit Airlines successfully fulfilled the FAA certification requirement. This information should reassure travelers who are considering flying with Spirit Airlines in the future. The airline has demonstrated its commitment to improving its safety record in recent years, and obtaining the FAA certification is a significant step forward.

Is Spirit Airlines a Good Airline?

They are subject to regulations and must adhere to safety standards set by the industry. It is also important to recognize that occasional maintenance issues can occur in any airline and are not exclusive to Spirit Airlines. These incidents are addressed promptly to maintain safety. Furthermore, the pilots of Spirit Airlines are trained professionals who prioritize passenger safety and follow strict protocols. Considering these factors, it is reasonable to conclude that Spirit Airlines is a reputable and reliable airline choice.

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Spirit Airlines has also gained recognition for its passenger initiatives. One notable aspect that contributed to this recognition is their strong commitment to passenger safety. The airline prioritizes safe travel, ensuring the well-being of its customer making Spirit Airlines a good airline.

Why is Spirit Airlines so Bad?

Spirit Airlines has acquired a reputation as one of the least favored airlines, but what are the reasons behind this perception? Some attribute it to their minimalistic approach to travel, where additional charges are imposed on customers for various services, ranging from checked bags to in-flight snacks. 

Other grievances include complaints about subpar customer service, perceived rudeness of flight attendants, and frequent flight delays and cancellations. Despite these numerous customer complaints, a considerable number of travelers continue to choose Spirit Airlines as their preferred option due to its affordability.

Are Spirit Airlines Safe?

Among the numerous air carriers that have received certification from the FAA in the United States, Spirit Airlines boasts an admirable safety track record. When planning your upcoming journey, you can confidently make flight reservations with Spirit Airlines, free from any concerns or apprehensions.

During its peak in 2019, Spirit Airlines transported over thirty-three million passengers. In 2020, Spirit Airlines traversed over twenty-seven billion miles without experiencing a single accident. Spirit Airlines has never had a fatal accident.

Why is Spirit Airlines So Cheap?

Many travelers ponder over how an airline like Spirit can sustain its operations while providing remarkably affordable fares and ensuring safety. The key lies in exerting control over expenses through every possible means.

Spirit Airlines does not offer an extensive range of amenities, such as complimentary beverages and meals. In fact, the sale of beverages and food serves as an additional source of income for the airline.

Moreover, Spirit Airlines endeavors to offset the expenses associated with its ground-based operations by implementing charges for both carry-on and checked baggage, imposing additional fees for specialized services like in-person check-ins, and generating revenue from other services that competing airlines offer free of charge.

Furthermore, by maintaining a fleet consisting of a single aircraft type, Spirit Airlines can effectively manage maintenance costs. The process of training and certifying flight crews also becomes more cost-effective and efficient when limited to a few aircraft types.

What Planes Does Spirit Use?

Spirit Airlines does not engage in the construction of aircraft. Instead, they utilize the same type of planes commonly employed by established carriers. The aircraft utilized by Spirit are modern Airbus planes. 

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Spirit’s fleet of single-type aircraft is among the most recent and fuel-efficient in the United States. The average age of a Spirit plane is seven years.

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Spirit Airlines possesses affordable, new, and safe aircraft. The Airbus aircraft has been recognized as one of the safest commercial airplanes globally, as per Boeing’s Statistical Summary of Commercial Jet Airplane Accidents.

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Many passengers have mentioned experiencing turbulence during Spirit flights. Turbulence can indeed make the flight journey less smooth. However, turbulence arises from changes in the air surrounding the aircraft.

Spirit Airlines Reviews 2023

As per Passenger reviews, Spirit Airlines is a safe airline to fly in 2023. Industry experts have provided mixed reviews regarding Spirit Airlines. Some travel professionals acknowledge the airline’s cost savings and commend their commitment to safety. They highlight Spirit’s utilization of newer aircraft, which is seen as a cost-effective measure for maintenance.

However, there are also concerns raised about the limited flight options and lack of partnerships with other airlines. In the event of Spirit flight cancellations, this can lead to logistical difficulties for passengers. They may face challenges in finding alternative flights and could potentially incur additional costs for last-minute tickets with other carriers.

It is important for travelers to consider these factors when evaluating Spirit Airlines as an option. While the airline offers affordability and safety, it is essential to be aware of the potential limitations and plan accordingly to ensure a smooth travel experience.

We hope that this discussion has provided you with valuable insights into the question of whether Spirit Airlines is safe. While the airline has garnered mixed reviews, it is evident that they prioritize safety by maintaining exemplary records and operating newer aircraft. However, it is essential to be mindful of potential limitations, such as limited flight options and potential logistical challenges in the event of flight cancellations. By considering these aspects and making informed decisions, travelers can navigate their experiences with Spirit Airlines while prioritizing their comfort and peace of mind throughout their journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Spirit Airlines safe to fly?

Spirit Airlines is a safe airline to fly with. Spirit Airlines has a good safety record and It is certified by the FAA.

How does Spirit Airlines’ safety rating compare to other airlines?

Spirit Airlines is one of the top 25 safest airlines in the world. It has a 3 Star safety rating.

Has Spirit Airlines ever had a fatal accident?

No, Spirit Airlines has never experienced a fatal crash in its history.

Is Spirit airline a legit airline?

Spirit Airlines holds a valid FAA certification, which shows that it must have passed safety standards.

What is Spirit Airlines’ safety rating?

Spirit Airlines Safety Rating is 6 out of 7.

Does Spirit Airlines have a fatal accident?

Spirit Airlines has never experienced a fatal crash. Which is a credit to its safety record.

Is Spirit airline a good plane?

Spirit flies mostly new Airbuses, the plane is clean, modern, and perfectly acceptable for any flight.

Is Spirit a good airline?

Spirit Airlines is a good airline for those who are looking for the cheapest flights. Spirit Airlines is in the top 10 best US airlines according to the Wall Street Journal’s Ranking since 2015.

How many flights does Spirit Airlines fly a day?

Spirit operates about 500 flights every day.

How safe is Spirit Airlines?

Spirit is one of the top 25 safest airlines in the world. As it is the best option for those who are on a tight budget.

What is Spirit Airlines’ safety rating according to

Spirit Airlines has a received 3-star safety rating from, which is the middle of the scale. It means that Spirit airline has a good safety record.

is Spirit Airlines reliable?

Spirit Airlines is a good option for those who are on a tight budget.

Are spirit airlines planes safe?

Yes, Spirit Airlines is certified by the FAA, which is a good sign of safety for its passengers.

Why do people fly Spirit Airlines?

Travelers fly Spirit Airlines because it is a safe and reliable airline that has been in operation for over two decades.

Can you trust Spirit Airlines?

Spirit planes have been reviewed and approved by the FAA.

Does Spirit Airlines require masks?

As per spirit airlines covid 19 rules, a face mask is required during your flight.

Is Spirit safe to fly right now?

Spirit Airlines has an excellent safety record and is one of the safest airlines on which you can travel.

Is Spirit a bad flight?

According to the latest 2022 surveys, Spirit Airlines is not the worst airline to fly on.

What is the Spirit safety record?

Spirit Airlines has an excellent safety record. It is one of the world’s largest airlines. It was ranked as the second-safest airline globally.

Is Spirit Airlines an unsafe airline?

No, Spirit Airlines is not an unsafe airline

Is Spirit Airlines safe to fly in 2023?

Yes, Spirit Airlines is safe to fly in 2023. Spirit Airlines planes have an excellent safety record.

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