LATAM Airlines Baggage Policy

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LATAM Airlines Baggage Policy

Prior to carrying checked, cabin, or extra items, the LATAM Airlines baggage policy can help understand the terms for each. For several cabins and fares, it has varying rules. This framework is further useful to understand how to buy bags or additional allowances and the fees applied.

What are LATAM Airlines Baggage Rules in General?

The main rules applicable to the baggage policy are:

  • This policy has certain guidelines generally applicable to these types:
    • Checked bags
    • Handbags or carry-ons
    • Cabin Luggage
  • Certain items are hazardous and prohibited.
  • Objects officially listed by the airline that pose no threat are allowed.
  • The size, weight, and quantity limits have to be followed for cabin and checked bags.
  • For some items like these, exceptional limits may exist when confirmed by the carrier:
    • Medicine
    • Infant food
    • Food for special needs
    • Duty-free items
  • LATAM baggage rules can differ:
    • Nation-wise
    • As per the route: domestic or international
  • Refer to the following for detailed terms:
    • “Contract of Air Transportation of Passenger and Baggage”
    • Guidelines of TSA

Rules that Create Limitations

A few limitations covered under this luggage policy are:

  • For those with Basic fares:
    • There are stricter rules.
    • It is vital to adhere to the limits and allowances given.
  • When flying with kids less than 2 years:
    • Additional bags are allowed for free but only within the size limits.
    • Infants will have to share seats with adults if not buying the extra ones. 

Which Conditions Apply to LATAM Checked Baggage?

The checked baggage allowance on LATAM Airlines is regulated by these conditions:

  • When you buy tickets, certain checked bags come included in them.
  • Their number can vary as per:
    • Routes
    • Cabins 
    • Fares 
Latam Baggage Policy

LATAM Checked Baggage Allowance

Per traveler, the maximum allowance for checked baggage on LATAM for every destination, whether international or domestic, is discussed here:

Cabin TypeTopLightPlusBasic
Premium EconomyPieces of bag: 2Weight: 23 kgPieces of bag: 2Weight: 23 kg
Premium BusinessPieces of bag: 1Weight: 23 kgPieces of bag: 1Weight: 23 kg
EconomyPieces of bag: 1Weight: 23 kgExtra feePieces of bag: 1Weight: 23 kgAdditional fee

Only on some flights, up to 10 bags/traveler are allowed while maintaining the LATAM Airlines checked baggage weight.

Terms for Checked Luggage Transport

While you transport your suitcase with this carrier, abide by these terms:

  • Aside from the weight and piece limits, the combined linear dimensions should be:
    • Up to 158 cm
    • Or, 62.2 inches
  • To avail of LATAM Airlines checked baggage, you must be older than 2 years of age.

Items Disallowed in Checked Bags

Prior to packing items, ensure that things like the following are excluded:

  • Liquids with radioactive items
  • Loose or spare batteries having lithium
  • e-Cigarettes and lighting devices
  • Certain thermometers
  • Mobility devices like wheelchairs
  • Cells comprising fuels

How much is the LATAM Baggage Carry on Allowance?

For cabin bags, the size and weight allowances are as follows:

  • The LATAM cabin baggage size or handbag dimensions are: 
Dimensions (Maximum)For Handbags (All Fares)For Cabin Baggage (All Fares)
In cm45 (Height) x 35 (Length) x 20 (Width) 55 (Height) x 35 (Length) x 25 (Width) 
In inches17.8 (H) x 13.8 (L) x 7.9 (W) 21.7 (H) x 13.8 (L) x 9.8 (W) 
  • Per person, the carry on baggage weight on LATAM is:
Cabin TypeWeight in Kg (Maximum)
Premium BusinessOr, Premium Economy16
  • Those with the following fares can bring handbags and cabin bags too:
    • Top
    • Plus
    • Promo
    • Light

Other Terms for Transportation

While keeping carry-ons, make sure to follow these:

  • Handbags will remain under the seat of the traveler sitting ahead of you.
  • Cabin bags will go in the storage area above.

Restricted Items in Carry on Baggage on LATAM

In general, these items aren’t allowed in cabin bags, as per the LATAM Airlines baggage policy:

  • MacBook Pro (15 inches)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7
  • Items in powdered forms when moving to the U.S.
  • Smart bags in some cases.
  • Plants and animals
  • Explosive, flammable, acidic, and unsafe electric items
  • Sprays, firearms, liquids, and others that are harmful
  • Certain aerosols

Note: There can be exceptions to medicine, baby/diet food, and duty-free goods.

How Do You Buy Baggage on LATAM Airlines?

You can add or purchase bags online from the official website using the option to manage your bookings on LATAM Airlines:

  • Navigate the website of this airline.
  • Press the dropdown for “My Trips”.
  • Tap on “Manage Your Trips”.
  • Fill in your details and choose “Look for”.
  • Then locate the LATAM add baggage online option. 
  • Pay the fee in case you are asked. 

Note: When you need in-person help while buying bags, contact this airline.

Can I Carry Excess Baggage on LATAM?

This airline enables its passengers to enjoy the flexibility of carrying excess luggage. They can bring additional, extra, and oversized luggage.

Quantity, Size, and Weight Allowed

Using the following information, one can understand the attributes of the allowed excess baggage: 

Extra LuggageOversized BagsAdditional Bags
In General: Between 50 lb or 23 kg and 70.5 lb or 32 kg (for each item)In General: Dimensions (Breadth, thickness, and height) above 62 in or 158 cm (linear)2 pieces/traveler
Only for Hold: Maximum 15 kg or 33 lb For hold:158 cm or 62 in (LWH combined)
Allowed for Origination Locations: Oceania, Argentina, Europe, and ArubaFor Locations: When flying between the US and Ecuador

Conditions Applicable in General

Extra baggage allowance for this airline is subject to a few conditions:

  • To buy extra baggage on LATAM, these methods work:
    • Online via “My trips” on the website of this airline
    • Offline at the airport
    • 6 hours prior to the point of departure

When to Pay LATAM Airlines Excess Baggage Charges?

A series of conditions can explain when you have to pay fees for excess luggage:

  • You have to pay extra fees for bags when the following exceeds:
    • Standard measurements
    • Number of bags
    • Weight
  • Greater charges apply when purchases are made at airports.
  • When the excess allowance limits are crossed, more fees are required.
  • The cost of your ticket doesn’t account for an extra/excess bag fee.
  • Even for additional, extra, or oversized luggage, the carrier can ask for separate fees.
  • Without excess allowance, if such bags are found in the boarding gate region:
    • They are moved to the plane’s hold.
    • Surcharges apply.
  • The costs can vary as per:
    • Routes of flights
    • Countries
    • Travel dates
    • Mediums and the time of purchase
  • LATAM additional baggage fees or such charges have to be submitted:
    • As per exchange costs
    • In local currencies
  • Countries can separately ask for taxes or change the values.
  • Bag fees for domestic travel to the following can include taxes:
    • Ecuador
    • Chile
    • Peru
    • Brazil
    • Colombia

For Connecting Trips

The terms for fees apply to transit flights: 

  • 1 excess LATAM baggage fee applies.
  • This cost is from the origination point to your destination.
  • It is equivalent to the maximum charge, depending on your route.

Country-Wise Fee 

Depending on the location of a country, whether domestic or international, charges for additional/excessive bags differ.

For Domestic Locations

When you are flying with extra bags within the following countries, you should be aware of the fees in local currencies.

In case traveling within Chile:
LuggageCharge (In CLP)
Extra weight 32 kg to 45 kg$50
Oversized bag$22
Extra weight 23 kg to 32 kg$25
1 additional cabin bag (surcharge), Extra weight, Or, 1 outsized bag$30
When flying to/from Easter Island and Santiago de Chile:
BaggageLATAM Airlines Extra Baggage Fee (USD)
Oversized luggage125
Extra weight 23-32 kg75
1 additional carry-on (penalty), Oversizing Or, extra weight70
Additional weight 32-45 kg150
In case traveling in Colombia:
Luggage (Kg)Take-off DurationAmount in General (COP)Cost (Peak Season)
10 (cabin bag while buying)Up to 48 hours prior to take-off44.90064.900
10 (cabin bag)Up to 48 hours before departing69.90079.900
10 (carry-on bought via “My Trips”)Up to 6 hours prior to take-off79.90089.900
10 (carry-on purchased from “My Trips”)Up to 1 hour prior to departure7585
15 (while buying)Within 48 hours of take-off44.90059.900
15 (purchased through “My Trips”)Within 48 hours of departing59.90069.900
15 (bought via “My Trips”)Within 6 hours of take-off69.90079.900
15Fewer than 6 hours prior to departingConfirmed as per circumstancesConfirmed as per circumstances
23 (1st bag) (while buying)Within 48 hours of leaving54.90064.900
23 (1st bag bought via “My Trips”)Within 48 hours of take-off69.90079.900
23 (1st bag)Within 6 hours of departure79.90089.900
23 (1st bag)Fewer than 6 hours prior to leaving99.900110
23 (2nd bag))Within 48 hours of leaving89.90099.900
23 (2nd bag)Fewer than 48 hours of departure119.900130
23 or 23+ (3rd bag)Within 48 hours of leaving119.900130
23 or 23+ (3rd bag)Fewer than 48 hours of take-off159.900169.900
Up to 32 (Additional weight)90100
Up to 45 (Additional weight)180190
Outsized baggage100110
Carry-on (surcharge for an extra piece), Outsized baggage120130
For Brazil:
Luggage (In kg)Up to/Before 48 Hours of DepartureCost (Real)
15Up to $75-95
23 (1st bag)Up to$95-120
23 (1st bag)Before$120-160
23 (2nd/3rd bag)Up to$130-140
23 (2nd/3rd bag)Before$185-195
Extra weight (Maximum 32)$175
Additional weight (Maximum 45)$350
Outsized bag$175
Extra cabin bag penalty.Extra bag, Or, outsizing$160
When flying in Ecuador:
Luggage (Kg)LATAM Extra Baggage Price (USD)
Extra weight (23-32)15
Additional weight (32-45)30
Oversized baggage30
Cabin luggage (surcharge for extra), Extra weight,Or, outsized baggage35
In case flying within Peru:
Luggage (In kg)Cost (In USD)
Additional weight (23-32)30
Extra weight (32-45)60
Oversized luggage40
carry-on (surcharge for extra), Extra weight, Or, oversized baggage40

International Locations

LATAM extra baggage fee for international destinations is mentioned below:

Luggage (Kg)Fee (South America)Cost (South America/ Caribbean and Central America)Price (Oceania)
Extra weight (23-32)USD 100 or R$ 575USD 100/R$ 575USD 75/R$ 431,25
Excessive weight (32 to 45)R$ 1,150 or USD 200USD 200 or R$ 1,150R$ 862,50 or USD 150
Oversized luggageUSD 65 or R$ 373,75USD 125 or R$ 718,75USD 125/R$ 718,75
Carry on surcharge,Extra weight,Or, oversizingR$ 402,50/USD 70USD 70/R$ 402,50R$ 402,50 OR USD 70
From/to the US and Ecuador

Usually, for round trips between Miami and Quito, below is the final limit for checked bags, comprising extra weight:

  • Economy: Up to 2
  • Premium: Not more than 3

Accordingly, the charges are:

Luggage (Kg)Duration before Take-offPrice (USD)Cost (R$)
23 (1st bag)Within 48 hours 80460
23 (1st bag)Within 6 hours120690
23 (1st bag)6 or fewer hours120690
23 (2nd/3rd bag)Within 48 hours2001150
23 (2nd/3rd bag)Fewer than 48 hours2001150

For other locations:

Baggage in kgBag TypeDeparture DurationPrice (USD)Cost (R$)
231stWithin 48 hours of leaving704025
231stWithin 6 hours prior to departure90517,50
231stFewer than 6 hours of take-off120690
232nd/3rdWithin 48 hours leaving100575
232nd/3rdFewer than 48 hours of departing150862,50
23 (Between South America-Oceania)3rd or 4th2001150
23-32 (Additional weight)100575
33 to 45 (Extra weight)2001,150
Carry-on surcharge, Oversizing, Extra weight70402,50
Oversized luggage12571875

Interline Charges

Given that you are flying on a connecting trip, carriers aside from LATAM can apply charges for extra baggage. 

  • Depending on different attributes, they are applied.
  • Visit this airline’s site to check interlineal costs.
  • Or, you can infer them by contacting the other carriers involved.

LATAM Extra Baggage Limitations

Prior to buying additional allowance, ensure that you are aware of these constraints:

  • 45 kg or 99.2 lb is the limit not to be exceeded.
  • The LATAM excess baggage limit for dimensions is 118.1 in or 300 cm (linear).
  • When an aircraft lacks space, there are chances of rejection.

Is there a Pass for Extra Baggage on LATAM Airlines?

You can buy a LATAM Pass to carry additional or excessive bags with you. 

  • It is available for these cabins:
    • Premium Economy
    • And Premium Business
  • For these fares, it can be bought to access extra LATAM baggage allowance:
    • Light
    • Top
    • Plus
  • To understand its terms, check the website of this air operator.

What is the LATAM Baggage Policy for Special Items?

As per the baggage policy, certain things fall into the special category. For them, different guidelines apply.

  • The special luggage category comprises the following:
    • Audio-visual items
    • Urns transport
    • Music equipment
    • Sports items
    • Other such equipment
  • To buy allowance for these items:
    • Go to the sales office of LATAM.
    • Contact it on the phone.
    • Or, visit an airport.
  • The allowed linear dimension of these objects is 300 cm (combined).
  • For medical devices or objects, exceptions to these terms can occur.

Terms for Special Baggage Type

Mainly for 4 types, terms are available in the LATAM Airlines baggage policy.

Music Equipment

For musical items, the main guidelines are:

  • You can fly with them as carry-ons when the following are maintained:
    • Size
    • Weight
  • When exceeding the above, pack them as checked baggage.
  • Use proper casing, depending on the item.

Note: On this airline, guitars don’t come under this type and are considered regular items.

Sports Items

In case a flier is bringing sports equipment, these rules should be kept in mind:

  • The packaging should prevent damage to other luggage.
  • Large items like these are not allowed as a cabin or checked baggage:
    • Canoes
    • Paddles
    • Kayaks
    • Poles
  • Items belonging to these categories are allowed:
    • Aerial
    • Aquatic
    • Snow
    • Other equipment
  • When they go over standard limits for weight, size, etc., additional fees apply.

Audio-visual Objects

Adhere to these conditions before you fly with audio-visual things or devices:

  • The size of such items can be 40 in or greater than this.
  • Damages to fragile objects are the owner’s responsibility.
  • The right packaging is required.
  • You can carry projectors, monitors, TVs, etc.
  • Follow the standard weight limits while packing them.


Passengers can carry urns (humans), as per the policy. The applicable rules are:

  • Amphorae transportation is allowed in the following baggage types:
    • Cabin
    • Checked
  • Country-wise rules can differ and need to be followed.
  • As per the LATAM Airlines baggage policy, relevant documents are needed.

Note: To view the list of items under each type, navigate this airline’s site.

How Much are LATAM Baggage Fees for Special Items?

As per the domestic/international routes, fees are charged for special equipment.

Flying Domestically

When you are booking trips within the following places, the charges are as mentioned:

Peru (Comprises tax)US$ 40
BrazilR$ 175
Chile (Excluding Easter Island)CLP $22
From/to Easter Island and Santiago de Chile (Includes tax)US$125
Colombia (Comprises taxes)COP 100.000
Ecuador (Including tax)US$ 30

Note: Aside from these costs, additional taxes can apply. 

For International Routes

Special equipment on these routes can invite the LATAM baggage fee internationally:

CountriesFees (US$)
From/to Oceania125
To and from South American Nations65
Between Caribbean/Central America and South America (Cuba, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic)125

Can I Transport Baggage on LATAM via Cargo?

Under the LATAM Airlines baggage policy, you can use the freight service as per these terms:

  • If an excess allowance isn’t purchased, then you can transport items via cargo.
  • Also, when items exceed standard size, quantity, and weight limits, you can do so.
  • The service can be given when the nature of some items isn’t suitable for:
    • In-cabin travel
    • checked baggage storage
  • This is available for certain routes.
  • To learn further, connect with LATAM.

What is the LATAM Lost Baggage Policy?

For missing, delayed, or damaged items, the LATAM Airlines lost baggage policy is given. Its terms are:

  • The airline may take liability for damages caused during/after trips, based on factors.
  • You can report your concern at the earliest to activate the policy.

Reporting Bags When Missed/Lost/Damaged

Amidst LATAM flight delays, you can check the relevant policy for help when baggage arrives late. Otherwise, Depending on 2 situation, you can report your bags to this airline.

At Airports

When passengers are still at airports, they can do the following:

  • They can connect with the carrier’s staff.
  • Convey the luggage or item-related concern to a staff member.
  • To use the LATAM missing baggage or delayed/damaged item facility, submit:
    • ID/passport
    • Boarding pass
    • Bill for checked luggage
  • Then follow other guidelines as indicated by the staff.

After Leaving Airports

Post your trip, should you find certain items missing or not in the original state, use the following information to report to this carrier:

Via WhatsApp Web
Duration of reportingWithin 7 (seven) days

LATAM Airlines Baggage Policy Queries

In 2 ways, you can contact this operator and clear your luggage-related queries:

Option 1: By Calling

Using the “Help Center” on the website, you can find multiple phone numbers. The most important ones are given here:

RegionContact Numbers
Brazil0300 570 5700
Chile600 526 2000
The United States1 866 435 9526
Germany0 800 627 0976
The United Kingdom0800 026 0728

Option 2: Using Social Media

For queries regarding LATAM Airlines baggage fees, items allowed, etc., social media platforms like these can quickly help:

LinksSocial Handles Twitter Instagram Facebook Linkedin

In summary, flying with this operator allows you to bring different bags. With clear terms for each of these, it is simpler to pack luggage. During/after the flight, when help is required, the policy continues to be reliable.

When following LATAM Airlines’ Baggage Policy, it is crucial to ensure that your name and other personal details are correct. If you need to make any changes to your name, please refer to LATAM name change policy for a seamless process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How strict is LATAM on carry on size?

This airline can be strict regarding carry-on size and can apply additional charges.

How much does LATAM charge for baggage?

Costs apply when you have extra baggage. In Chile, it begins from CLP $50 onward.

Which items can I carry in cabin baggage?

Passengers can keep gifts, books, packed food, safe electric devices, and more in cabin bags.

Which items are allowed in checked baggage on LATAM?

In checked bags, fliers can carry safe liquids, hairstyling tools, clothes, razors, nail files, etc.

Does LATAM Airlines charge for baggage?

Usually, luggage is included in your ticket’s fare. But if it is excessive, then fees are charged.

How much is extra baggage on LATAM in Colombia?

This charge can start from COP 44.900 onward for 10 kg extra cabin baggage.

What is the baggage allowance on LATAM airlines?

Generally, you can bring 1 bag. Its weight can be up to 23 kg.

Can check baggage on LATAM be carried for free?

When you follow the allowance limits included in your fare, you can take your bag for free.

Do you need to check baggage on LATAM?

It is important to get your bag checked on this airline.

Does LATAM baggage connecting flights require a fee?

When this baggage has anything extra, 1 charge is applied in the case of a transit flight.

Does LATAM have baggage fees?

Aside from the standard allowance, baggage charges are to be paid on this airline.

How early can I check in my baggage with LATAM?

A few hours before the departure, you can check-in your bags.

How many bags can I take with LATAM in the cabin?

For some fares, 1 bag is allowed. Higher fares can grant permission to carry 2 pieces as well.

Is LATAM strict with carry-on baggage?

This carrier has strict rules for carry-ons, especially for the Basic fare.

What size is a personal bag on LATAM?

The dimensions for 1 personal bag are: 45 cm (Height) x 35 cm (Length) x 20 cm (Width).

What is LATAM airlines carry on size & weight limit?

You can take 1 carry-on weighing up to 10 kg.

How is the Latam lost baggage policy?

The Latam lost baggage policy is effective in locating missing items.

What is the baggage allowance on Latam Airlines for each cabin class?

Usually, based on the class, 23 kg weight is allowed for checked baggage.

Does Latam Airlines allow pets in the cabin?

Yes, this carrier allows pets to fly inside the cabin.

How much does it cost to check a bag on Latam Airlines?

To know the costs applicable for checking bags, you can connect with the operator.

What are Latam Airlines baggage fees for the first bag?

For different locations, the fee can vary. For the 1st extra bag in Brazil, the charge is $95-120 within 48 hours of leaving.

What is the Latam baggage price for more than 3 bags?

For more than three extra bags in the US, the charges can start from USD 200 onward.

How much do I have to pay for overweight baggage on Latam Airlines?

Overweight luggage charges can vary and will depend on your location.

How much is allowed under Latam Airlines baggage allowance international policy?

Usually, 1 bag weighing 23 kg is allowed when flying internationally.

What is the Latam Airlines checked baggage allowance on domestic flights?

When flying domestically, the allowance can be 1 bag weighing up to 23 kg.

What is the Latam Airlines Economy baggage allowance on international flights?

On international flights, fliers can bring 1 bag weighing not more than 23 kg.

What is the Latam baggage size limit for check-in bags?

The maximum combined size that will be allowed for the hold/checked luggage is 158 linear cm.

What is Latam baggage weight limit for carry-on items?

Passengers can bring 1 carry-on bag and 1 personal item not exceeding 10 kg.

Are there any size restrictions on cabin baggage on Latam Airlines?

Yes, your carry-on possessions should be within the given Latam cabin baggage size limits.

Does Latam charge for baggage that is oversized?

Yes, additional charges apply to oversized bags.

How much does Latam charge for baggage on flights to and from Peru?

On flights traveling to Peru, the fee starts from USD 30 onward for extra weight.

What is the Latam Airlines baggage policy?

Latam baggage policy describes the main conditions and limitations that apply to your bags.

What carry-on items can I bring on Latam domestic flights?

You can bring items like chargers, books, baby food, etc.

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