LATAM Airlines Pet Policy


Under its special travel regulations, this carrier permits its customers to fly with animals. As per the LATAM Airlines pet policy, various kinds of animals can be transported through different methods. The conditions applicable to their travel along with the fee structure are highlighted by this policy. 

What are the Important Rules of the LATAM Pet Policy? 

The LATAM pet transport policy requires all passengers to follow a certain set of important regulations as follows: 

  • Animals can be added to reservations made officially with the carrier. 
  • Your companions can travel: 
    • Inside the cabin 
    • In the baggage hold 
    • Or, in the cargo hold
  • Irrespective of the mode of transport, valid documents must be presented for all animals. 
  • They must remain in the kennels or crates at all times. 
  • The companions must be healthy and fit enough to board flights. 
  • This carrier will only accept animals that are weaned. 
  • Importantly, they should be at least 16 weeks or older. 
  • Acceptance of animals is subject to the availability of space. 
  • Furry companions can travel on connecting flights with one stopover. 
  • It is necessary to follow the guidelines of the arrival destination as well. 
  • Restrictions will be imposed on aggressive and unhygienic breeds. 

Note: The travel conditions for partner flights will be informed at the time of booking. 

Is there a LATAM Airlines Pet in Cabin Policy? 

This airline does have a LATAM pet in cabin policy that enables passengers to bring companions inside the flight as cabin baggage. Cabin animals have to remain with their owners at all times. 

Applicable Rules: 

The following conditions will be applicable to the transport of furry beings inside the cabin: 

  • Small dogs and cats can be brought as carry-on baggage in accordance with Latam Airlines baggage policy 
  • The animals should remain with their owner at all times. 
  • They must be kept inside a container. 
  • Only one animal per traveler will be allowed. 
  • Exceptions apply to dangerous and unhygienic breeds. 
  • This service should be booked at least 4 hours before the flight takes off. 
  • The in-cabin animal must not be sedated or under any medical influence. 
  • It should be able to fit under the passenger’s seat in the given space. 
  • Economy and Premium Economy cabins will facilitate the cabin transport feature. 
  • Your companion may or may not be regarded as a separate carry-on baggage item. 

Size and Weight Restrictions: 

Animals flying under the LATAM Airlines pet in cabin service should be kept in crates that are well within the required weight and size restrictions. 

When Transporting in a Travel Bag

In case you plan to bring your companion in a travel bag, the given dimensions should not be exceeded: 

Maximum Allowed Weight Maximum Allowed Size 
7 kg or 15 lbs36 cm* 33 cm* 23 cm (length * breadth * height) 

Note: The bag must be secure enough to not allow the animal to escape during the trip. 

Using a Crate

If you wish to transport the animal in a crate or a container, the weight/size limitations applicable are as follows: 

Maximum Weight Maximum Size 
7 kg or 15 lbs36 cm* 33 cm* 19 cm (length * breadth * height) 

This weight limit includes the combined weight of the animal and the crate. 

Crate Requirements: 

Along with the size and weight restrictions, there are some other conditions that have to be met for your crate to be accepted on board. These include:

  • The container should have a metallic door. 
  • It should be secured with a double lock system. 
  • There should not be any wheels present on the crate. 
  • The kennel should be constructed with sturdy and durable material. 
  • Proper ventilation must be provided. 
  • It should be spacious enough for the LATAM pet to move around, sleep, and turn. 
  • The crate must be leak-proof and should be lined with absorbent material. 
  • All the nuts, screws, and bolts must be in their proper place. 

Limitations of the In-Cabin Policy: 

Animals that do not meet the above-mentioned requirements will not be allowed to board the flight. Similarly, some of the other limitations of this policy include: 

  • In-cabin animals cannot travel with passengers seated in the emergency or exit row. 
  • This facility is not made available on flights: 
    • To and from the Galápagos Archipelago, Australia, New Zealand, and England
    • From/to Brasilia-Asunción
  • Codeshare flights do not offer this service as well. 
  • The pet in cabin LATAM Airlines policy restricts the travel of unvaccinated animals. 
  • Animals coming from high-risk countries will be examined thoroughly at the airport. 
  • Currently, the following countries restrict the entry of dangerous breeds: 
    • The United States 
    • Bolivia
    • Brazil 
    • Ecuador
    • Peru
    • Colombia

Is there a Fee Charged for LATAM In-Cabin Animals? 

The transport of LATAM Airlines pets inside the cabin requires the payment of a certain amount of fee. No animal will be allowed to travel for free except for service companions. 

Factors Influencing the Fee Charged: 

This fee varies based on the following factors:

  • Flight itinerary 
  • Type of travel 
  • Weight of the animal 
  • Departure or arrival destination 

Charges as per the Flight Route: 

Based on the itinerary, the price charged for this type of transport is as mentioned below: 

Region Fees Charged 
ColumbiaCOP 60,000
Brazil Bralisin dollars 200
Chile CLP 50,000
Ecuador USD 45
Peru USD 45

For Regional Flights

On regional flights including the following areas, the cost charged is USD 200: 

  • Punta Cana 
  • Miami
  • Madrid 
  • Frankfurt 
  • Santiago
  • Easter Island

Involving Long Distance Trips

In the case of long-distance flights between the following itineraries, the fee charged is USD 250: 

  • South and North America 
  • Europe 
  • Africa 
  • Asia 

Other Terms for Animal Travel Fees: 

The LATAM pet transport fees are subject to further regulations as highlighted below: 

  • The domestic taxes of the respective countries can be applicable. 
  • Additional fees might be charged for itineraries including stopovers. 
  • Any modifications made to the flight will be subject to the change fees. 
  • The charge can be paid at the airport. 

Even after your booking is confirmed, you will be given the option to alter your reservation or cancel LATAM Airlines flight altogether. 

How to Make a Reservation for LATAM Airlines Animal Transport? 

To add your companion to the ticket, you will have to make an advance reservation. For this, you will have to contact the official authorities of the airline. 

Based on your region, the contact details differ as follows: 

Region Contact Number 
Argentina 08003459410
Brazil 55 11 4002 5700
Columbia 57 – 601 – 5185800
Paraguay595 2145 1535
Uruguay000 4019 0223
Canada1 888 235 9826
Mexico01 800 272 0330
Aruba 56 2 2579 8832
Costa Rica 25397432
Spain 800000304
Portugal 800 208 786
South Africa 0118 446 163
New Zealand 0 800 700 647

Once the call goes through, you can make your request. When the agent finds your animal to be eligible under the LATAM pet policy you will be asked to: 

  • Submit the details of your companion. 
  • Provide all the required documents. 
  • Make the necessary payment. 

Once this is done, you will receive a confirmation mail to your registered ID along with your boarding pass. 

What is the LATAM Airlines Pet Policy for Transporting Animals in the Hold? 

When your animal is too big to be carried inside the cabin, it can be transported in the hold. The LATAM pet policy for such transport requires the owner to be present on the same aircraft as their companion. 

Applicable Rules: 

The basic conditions that need to be adhered to while booking this service are: 

  • Only dogs and cats will be allowed to travel in the hold. 
  • Animals should be checked in before boarding. 
  • They should be kept in suitable containers. 
  • The minimum age should be 16 weeks. 
  • No animal should exceed the maximum weight and size dimensions. 
  • The owner will not be able to contact their companions throughout the journey. 
  • Each passenger can transport only 2 animals in the hold. 

Size and Weight Restrictions: 

In order to avoid overloading, the airline is quite strict when it comes to the size and weight restrictions of LATAM Airlines pets in the hold. 

  • As per the cabin policy, the same size dimensions apply to the hold transport as well. 
  • The minimum weight of the animal and the crate combined should be 7 kg or 15 lbs. 
  • Also, the maximum combined weight allowed is 45 kg or 100 lbs. 

Crate Requirements: 

Since you will not accompany your animal throughout the trip, it is necessary to keep them in proper crates to ensure their safety. The airline has given the following requirements: 

  • One side of the container must be completely ventilated. 
  • The roof of the kennel can have vents. 
  • 25 mm is the maximum allowed ventilation for dogs and 19 mm for cats. 
  • The crate must have proper handles. 
  • It should have been made with sturdy plastic or fiberglass. 
  • The container should not have latches. 
  • LATAM Airlines pet travel can only be facilitated in undamaged kennels. 
  • Its door should have a double closing system. 
  • The food and water bowls should be attached to the crate. 
  • These bowls should be accessible from the outside. 
  • In the case of aggressive animals, kennels made with wood/metal mesh should be used. 
  • It should not leak or drip. 

Note: You will not be allowed to replace the food and water bowls with water bottles or plates. 

What Breeds are Restricted on LATAM Airlines? 

It may not be safe for some breeds of animals to travel in the hold, owing to their health conditions. Hence, the airline prohibits the transport of such types, mainly Brachycephalic animals. 

In the case of dogs, the following breeds are prohibited: 

AffenpinscherJapanese Chine (Spaniel)
Boston TerrierEnglish Mastiff
Chow Chow Pekingese
Brussels GriffonShar Pei
Bulldog (all breeds)Tibetan Spaniel.
Cane CorsoShih Tzu
English Toy SpanielPug (all breeds)
Italian MastiffLhasa Apso

Apart from short-nosed animals, the following types of dangerous breeds of dogs will not be approved for travel: 

Bull TerrierDoberman
American BulldogJapanese Tosa
Akita InDogo Argentino
Brazilian Fila

When it comes to cats, the following types are prohibited by this carrier: 

American Burmese
Exotic Shorthair
Persian (all types)

Note: Although these animals cannot travel in the hold, they can be carried with their owners inside cabins. 

What is the Fee Charged for Animals in LATAM Hold? 

For LATAM traveling with pets in the baggage hold, the fee charged depends on the weight range of the animal. 

The following table highlights the exact amount of the charges incurred: 

Region 0-23 kg 24-32 kg 33-45 kg
Long distance flights USD 150 USD 250 USD 300
Regional flights USD 125 USD 200 USD 275 
Peru USD 60 USD 80 USD 100
Ecuador USD 50 USD 65 USD 80
Colombia COP 170 COP 200 COP 250
Chile COP 40 COP 55 COP 70
Brazil Brazilian 500 dollars Brazilian 700 dollars Brazilian 900 dollars 

Note: Taxes and service fees will be charged separately. 

Which Documents are Required for LATAM Airlines Pet Transport? 

The acceptance of your companion for LATAM pet travel depends on the submission of all required documents. These might differ based on the arrival destination. 

Generally Required Documents: 

Irrespective of your destination you will have to present 2 copies of a general health certificate issued by a vet to the airport authorities. This health report must contain: 

  • The animal’s name 
  • Age 
  • Breed 
  • Previous vaccination taken

This certificate must be issued no less than 10 days prior to the date of departure. 

Location-Wise Documents: 

Apart from the above-mentioned certificates, different arrival locations might demand the submission of varying documents. These can be as follows: 

Easter Island

When flying to Easter Island, the required documentation includes: 

  • Animal Export Certificate 
  • Agriculture and Livestock Service Certificate 
  • Registration Certificate issued by the National Registry of Pets


For travel within Colombia, the certification includes: 

  • Vaccination Certificate 
  • Contact details of the animal’s vet


On flights within Brazil, the necessary documents include: 

  • Health Certificate issued by a licensed vet
  • Anti-rabies vaccination certificate 

International Locations

When traveling to international destinations, the requirements are: 

  • ICA Registration Certificate 
  • Sanitary Inspection Certificate 

Note: For more country-specific regulations for international destinations, you can refer to the IATA website. 

What is the LATAM Airlines International Pet Policy? 

As per the LATAM pet policy international, the travel regulations might differ based on each arrival country. 

When flying to the US, the following special conditions will be applicable: 

  • Temporary prohibitions have been imposed on animals from high-risk countries. 
  • Furry companions deemed dangerous by the CDC are restricted as well. 
  • The minimum age of your companion should be 4 months. 
  • Submission of the rabies vaccination proof is mandatory. 

On Columbian flights, some of the requirements that have to be met include: 

  • The animals should be registered with the Colombian Agricultural Institute.
  • They must travel within 21 days of the expiration of the first dose of vaccination. 
  • Transport of animals will be restricted on codeshare flights. 

Similarly, the LATAM Airlines international pet policy regulations for other destinations will be informed directly at the time of reservation. 

What is the LATAM Airlines Pet Cargo Policy? 

Sometimes, it might not be possible for you to accompany your animal. In such cases, you can make use of the cargo travel facility: 

  • Under this facility, your companion will be transported alone in the hold of the aircraft. 
  • An agent will take care of your animal throughout the journey. 
  • The minimum age of the pet must be 16 weeks. 
  • Only dogs and cats in suitable containers will be accepted. 
  • The required certificates should be submitted both at the arrival and departure airports. 
  • Registrations for such travel should be made in advance. 
  • The LATAM pet cargo facility might not be available on codeshare flights. 
  • All the animals exceeding the cabin limitations can be transported via cargo. 
  • The maximum allowed weight will be informed at the time of booking. 
  • Fees charged will also be disclosed during reservation. 

Note: This service will only not be offered if the destination country does not provide permission for cargo transport. 

How to Request LATAM Cargo Service? 

When you wish to avail yourself of the cargo service feature for your animal, you can do so using the official site of the carrier. The online option is only available for booking cargo travel: 

  • Go to the “LATAM Cargo” page using your web browser. 
  • Tap on the “What We Carry” option under the “Prepare Your Shipment” section. 
  • Now, go to the “Live Animals” section on the redirected site. 
  • You will now find a link to the registration form here. 
  • Fill out this form with the correct details of the LATAM cargo pet. 
  • Submit the details as per the on-screen directions. 
  • The airline agents will get back to you once they receive the request. 
  • You will now be informed of the further process by these agents. 

Note: Exotic and rare animals cannot be transported via cargo. 

Can You Travel with Service Animals on LATAM Airlines? 

For the safe travel of disabled passengers, this airline does facilitate the travel of assistance animals. They can be both service or emotional support companions. 

  • Service companions can be brought inside the cabin. 
  • This feature will be allowed on all flights except if it is restricted by the domestic country. 
  • It must be booked at least 48 hours before the departure of the flight. 
  • The animal must be able to fit under the passenger’s seat. 
  • These companions should not block the aisle or hinder other fliers. 
  • All of these animals should wear a leash and a muzzle. 
  • Each flier will be permitted to bring a maximum of 2 LATAM pets. 
  • No fee will be charged for their transport. 

Rules Applicable When Traveling to or from the US: 

As per the LATAM Airlines international pet policy, various travel conditions apply to different regions. United Nations Department of Transportation has given the following regulations: 

  • Sufficient proof should be presented that the animal is well-trained. 
  • The DoT Air Transport Form must be filled in. 
  • If the flight is more than 8 hours, the DoT Attestation Form must be presented. 
  • These forms must be submitted at the airport 48 hours before departure. 

Note: You can access these forms and slips through the official site of the airline. 

Guides When Traveling to or from London: 

For carrying service companions to London, make sure that you meet the given requirements: 

  • The request for registration should be made at least 72 hours before the take-off. 
  • Permission to travel must be obtained from Heathrow Animal Reception Centre. 
  • Official documents issued by the government of England should be presented. 

Note: Emotional support dogs can only be carried on flights to or from Mexico and Columbia. 

Required Documents: 

Based on the region you are traveling to, you will be required to submit different types of documents as mentioned by the LATAM Airlines policy: 

  • Current health documents (all destinations) 
  • Animal Export Certificate (Chile) 
  • Companion Animals Registration Certificate (Chile) 
  • Anti-Rabies Vaccination Card (Brasil) 
  • General Vaccination Card (Columbia) 

When can You Make a Request for LATAM Airlines Animal Travel? 

Depending on the mode of LATAM pet transport, you can start making animal travel registrations a few days before the scheduled departure of the flight. 

The following table highlights the time limits under the in-cabin and cargo policies: 

Type of Travel Method Registration Opening Time Registration Closing Time 
Inside the cabin Time of reservation of normal ticket 4 hours before the flight
In the hold 30 days before the flight 48 hours before the flight

You are recommended to arrive at the airport a few hours in advance to complete the LATAM Airlines check-in process without any hassle. 

Connecting with LATAM Airlines on Social Media 

On LATAM traveling with pets can invite some minor queries. To resolve such questions, you can connect with the agents via social media. 

Social Media Platform Links 

The LATAM Airlines pet policy offers a wide variety of options to animal owners. They can carry their companions through different modes at minimal charges. Moreover, the clear description of the rules and restrictions makes it easier to utilize this service. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get my pet in a cabin LATAM?

You can do so by contacting the official authorities of the airline via the toll-free number.

What airplanes LATAM accept pets in cabin?

This airline will accept pets on all flights which have sufficient space available.

Does LATAM allow dogs?

Yes, this carrier approves the transport of dogs.

How much does LATAM charge for pets?

The fee for animal travel differs based on the type of transport. It can go up to USD 300.

How much does LATAM charge for pets in cabin?

For companions traveling in cabins, the charges can be around USD 45.

Does LATAM allow emotional support animals?

Emotional support animals can only be carried on flights to and from Mexico and Columbia.

Can I travel with my pet on the LATAM Airlines?

Yes, the LATAM pet friendly policy allows the transport of animals.

What are the 3 modalities for traveling with pets on LATAM Airlines?

The 3 options for pet travel include in-cabin service, in the hold as checked baggage, and in the hold as cargo.

How much does it cost to travel with pets on LATAM?

Fees for animal travel depend on the weight of the pet, arrival destination, and modality of travel.

Do you have oxygen masks for pets in case of emergency in LATAM Airlines?

Oxygen masks for pets can only be provided if they are in sufficient numbers after use by passengers.

Does LATAM allow dogs in cabin?

Yes, you can bring dogs with you inside the cabin on this carrier.

What do I need to do to transport my pet with LATAM Cargo?

You will have to fill out the pet details form found on the official website and submit it well in advance of the departure.

What methods of transport does LATAM Airlines provide for my pet?

This operator provides 3 main options including in-cabin service, and travel in the hold either as checked or cargo luggage.

What documentation is required for pets on LATAM Airlines flights?

The generally required documents include; a health certificate, medical report, and vaccination proof.

What are the kennel requirements for pets checked as baggage on LATAM Airlines?

Kennels must be sturdy and be made out of stable material when flying with this operator.

Which pets are allowed to travel on LATAM Airlines?

Cats and dogs can travel with this air operator.

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