LATAM Flight Change Policy

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Modifications of flight reservations are one of the requests passengers make. To facilitate these services, this airline has designed the LATAM flight change policy. Through this, customers can know the rules of flight changes and upgrades. Further, the available methods and the fee charged are also disclosed under this. 

What are the Basic Regulations of the LATAM Change Flight Policy? 

All the customers who wish to make use of the change flight LATAM option will be subject to these basic regulations:

  • Flight changes include alterations to the date, time, and itinerary of the reservation. 
  • Necessary documents have to be presented for changes resulting from modifications. 
  • Only bookings made using the official sources of the carrier can be modified. 
  • The eligibility for ticket alteration depends on the rules of the destination region as well. 
  • Same-day modifications will be allowed, subject to certain conditions. 
  • On partner flights, the rules of the other operating airline will be applicable as well. 
  • Major modifications should be requested in advance. 
  • A fee will be charged for facilitating such alterations. 
  • The validity of your ticket will be for 12 months. Accordingly, you can modify it.
  • Compensation will only be allowed in case of involuntary alterations. 

Is there a LATAM Same Day Flight Change Policy? 

This airline does have a same-day alteration policy under which it permits its travelers to modify their booking on the day of departure itself. 

  • Your fare type decides your eligibility for same day flight change on LATAM. 
  • The destination country also plays a role in determining eligibility. 
  • Arrival and departure destinations of the new ticket should not change. 
  • This service will be made available from 12.00 A.M. on the day of your departure. 
  • The option can only be used before your bags are checked in. After you complete the LATAM flight check in, it may not be available.
  • Your new flight will only be confirmed when it has sufficient space. 
  • Passengers cannot change their flight on the same day for free. 

Note: Certain exceptions might be applicable to travelers flying under special membership programs. 

Is there a Special Policy for LATAM Flight Change Due to COVID-19? 

Keeping in view the consequences of the recent pandemic, this airline has given a separate flight change policy with regard to COVID-19. Under this: 

  • The access to the change flight LATAM Airlines option is made more flexible. 
  • You can reschedule your flight at your own convenience. 
  • Otherwise, you also have the option to revoke your booking altogether. 
  • Post-canceling, you can request a refund as well. 
  • Affected passengers might be required to submit a medical report as proof. 
  • You can be exempted from the payment of fees in such situations. 
  • However, a fare difference might be applicable irrespective of the reason for the change. 

Does LATAM Airlines Allow Flight Changes After the Start of the Trip? 

When it becomes necessary the airline can allow its fliers to modify the booking even after the trip is started. For this: 

  • You should have booked your ticket at least a week before the departure of the flight. 
  • The LATAM Airlines flight change option becomes available based on your ticket type. 
  • You can check your eligibility under the “My Trips” section on the main site. 
  • The availability of this service on connecting flights is not confirmed. 
  • Major modifications to the itinerary cannot be made. 
  • This facility may not be available for group bookings. 

How Much is the LATAM Change Flight Fee? 

The exact amount of the LATAM flight change fee depends on: 

  • Itinerary
  • Ticket fare
  • The method of reservation
  • Time of your request 

Fees to Change Domestic Flights: 

For modifying flights on domestic itineraries, you will have to pay the charges as mentioned in the following table: 

Region Fees Charged (USD)
Within Peru 16 
In Ecuador 15 
Travel within Brazil 60 
Within Columbia 25 
In Chile 40 

Costs Fees for Change of International Flights: 

The amount incurred in the case of international routes is mentioned in the table below: 

International Destination Costs Charged (USD)
Between South America and the United States 200 
In South American Countries 75
Other foreign destinations 150 

Making Modifications with Miles: 

Under the frequent flier program of the carrier, members get to enjoy the “miles” option. It is a form of credit through which they can: 

  • Avoid paying the LATAM Airlines flight change fee 
  • Redeem these points for further use. 

Domestic Flights: 

To make changes to domestic flights, you will have to redeem your miles as per the details given here: 

Region Miles to be Redeemed 
Within Peru 5,700 miles
In Ecuador 2,400 miles
Within Brazil 6,000 miles
in Columbia 2,800 miles
Flying within Chile 5,700 miles

International Flights: 

The given table reveals the required amount of miles in case you wish to make changes to international destinations: 

International Destination Miles to be Redeemed
Between South America and the United States 23,400 miles
In South American Countries 9,400 miles
Other foreign destinations 18,800 miles

Eligibility for the Redemption of Miles:

To be able to use your credits in the form of miles to make alterations to bookings, you will have to meet certain conditions. These include the following: 

  • The LATAM pass tickets have to be used for redemption. 
  • These tickets should not have reached their expiry date. 
  • The request for change should be made before the flight’s scheduled departure. 
  • It is mandatory to pay the difference in fare. 
  • For any upgrades to the seats using miles, requests have to be made in advance. 
  • Only the miles that you have redeemed can be used to change LATAM flights. 
  • Changes cannot be made for commercial purposes. 
  • Instead of modification, in case you wish to cancel LATAM flights:
    • Miles can be used.
    • The amount will be refunded in the form of travel credits. 

Redemption Charges: 

Similar to LATAM Airlines name change policy, the LATAM Flight change policy also charges a fee. To convert your credits into miles or to redeem your miles for making changes, you will have to pay a small amount of fee. The applicable regulations include: 

  • The tickets should have been purchased on or later than July 1, 2020. 
  • A fee is charged on domestic flights with less than 90 days left for take-off. 
  • It is applicable on international flights with about 120 days left for travel. 
  • The amount is charged for each flight segment. 
  • This fee has to be paid per passenger. 
  • You will be informed about the actual amount incurred when you make the request. 
  • A service charge will be separately incurred when you take the assistance of the agents. 

Note: You can redeem miles for LATAM flight changes either on the official site or by calling the airline. 

How to Change Flights on LATAM Airlines? 

Based on your convenience and preference, you can use the website, application, or calling service to modify your bookings. 

Method 1: Using LATAM’s Site

The official site of this airline can be a great way to make all the required modifications to direct reservations. 

You can follow the steps given here to avail of the LATAM Airlines flight change option online: 

  • On the homepage of this airline’s site, opt for “My Trips”. 
  • Select the “Manage My Trips” option. 
  • Now, a new redirected page will be opened. 
  • You will have to enter your details on this new page, these include: 
    • “Order Number” and “Reservation Code”
    • “Passenger Last Name” 
  • When all the details are properly given, continue by tapping the “Search” option. 
  • Your confirmed reservation will now be retrieved. 
  • Select the booking to which you have to make changes. 
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to manage LATAM bookings.
  • Use the available options to modify the flight. 
  • Make the payment for the change fees as well. 

Method 2: Calling the Airline Authorities 

Calling the airline agents directly will ensure the required assistance for adjusting trips. To reach out to the agents, you can dial the following numbers: 

Country of Residence Contact Details 
Peru(01) 213 8200
Chile 600 526 2000
Brazil 0300 570 5700
Bolivia 59150153985
Uruguay 000 4019 0223
The United States 1 866 435 9526
Cuba 1703 621 7414
Costa Rica 25397432
Germany 0 800 627 0976
France 0 185 148 725
The United Kingdom 0800 026 0728
New Zealand 0 800 700 647

Once you connect with the authorities, you will have to inform them of the reason for calling. 

  • Then submit your flight details and other personal information. 
  • The authorities will then check if your ticket is eligible for a LATAM flight change or not. 
  • If it is eligible, then the authorities will make the necessary modifications. 
  • You will have to pay the service charge along with the general fee. 
  • A confirmation mail will now be sent to your registered address. 

Note: Reservations made using third-party sources will have to use this method to make flight changes. 

Method 3: Using the Mobile Application 

The LATAM Airlines mobile application can be used via Google Play Store and Apple App Store for modifying bookings. 

  • Using the in-app directions, navigate to the “My Trips” section.
  • Retrieve your flight by giving the necessary details. 
  • Now, you can change LATAM flights as per your requirement. 
  • Confirm the new details in the mail received. 

Note: It might not be possible to access this app in some countries. 

Can You Change the Flight Date on LATAM Airlines? 

Date modifications are also included under the flight change policy of this airline. Some special conditions applicable to the LATAM Airlines change flight date feature include: 

  • An advance request has to be made without fail. 
  • Some destinations may not allow such modifications. 
  • Your ticket fare should allow date changes.
  • The fee will be charged based on the difference in fare method. 
  • Date postponement can be done 24 hours before the departure of the flight. 
  • The following ticket types will be eligible for date changes under this policy: 
    • Black
    • Platinum
    • Black Signature 

Can LATAM Change My Flight?

In certain situations, it might be possible that the airline itself can change your flight against your will. It can be due to unavoidable circumstances like: 

  • Bad weather 
  • Breakdown of the plane 
  • Environmental concerns
  • COVID-19 pandemic situations at the travel destination

What Happens if LATAM Airlines Changes My Flight? 

As per the LATAM flight change policy, you can file a request for compensation when the carrier modifies the schedule. 

  • LATAM will first notify all the affected passengers regarding the change in the trip. 
  • These notifications will be sent to the official email ids of the fliers. 
  • In case the flight is delayed, due to the change, a stand-by flight will be arranged. 
  • This alternative flight will be free of charge. 
  • The compensation can be monetary or in the form of services. 
  • In case the flight is delayed while you are in the airport, food and drinks will be offered. 
  • If the change in the flight results in a cancellation, passengers will be refunded. 
  • Instead of refunds, you can ask for an alternative flight as well. 
  • No additional charges will be collected for the allocation of fliers on new flights. 
  • When the change causes any issues with the baggage, compensation will be given. 
  • Overnight accommodations, meals, and snacks will also be offered. 
  • In case of large delays, passengers will be given cash compensation. 

Claiming a Refund

When you do not wish to be accommodated on a new flight and would rather avail of the benefits of a refund, you can request the authorities for the same: 

  • A claim for a refund can be made by calling the agents. 
  • Submit all the required details and the agents will continue the process. 
  • The refund amount will be credited to your account. 

Is there any Refund Fee Under LATAM Change Flight Policy? 

When there are no new flights available while changing, it might result in flight revocation. In such cases, you will be eligible to request a refund

The following table highlights the refund fee in case of an unsuccessful LATAM flight change attempt: 

Destination CountryRefund Fees 
Brazil USD 60
Ecuador USD 15 
Peru USD 16
South America USD 75
International flights USD 150 

Connecting with LATAM via Social Media 

When you happen to face any issue while using the change LATAM flight option, you can reach out to the authorities at their social media platforms. 

Social Media Platform Links 

In sum, the LATAM flight change policy enables fliers to make all kinds of modifications to their bookings. It makes the process easier by providing different methods of and types of modification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my LATAM flight?

Yes, passengers will be allowed to change flights on this carrier after booking.

how to change flights or tickets with Latam airlines?

You can change your flight by calling the airline agents using the number specific to your country.

How much does it cost to change a flight LATAM?

For modifying flights, the amount can go up to USD 150.

Can you change your flight date LATAM?

Yes, passengers can edit the date of their flights. They can also postpone it.

How do I change a flight on LATAM Airlines?

You can use the official application for flight modification

Can I change LATAM flights?

Yes, all the passengers with official reservations can make changes to their bookings on this carrier.

What is the LATAM change flight policy?

This policy states that all bookings made officially can be modified. It determines the fee charged and the eligibility criterion.

How much is the Change flight LATAM Airlines fee?

Based on your fare type and arrival destination, this fee can range between USD 16 and USD 200.

How to change my flight with LATAM Airlines?

You can change your flight by using the “My Trips” section on the website of the carrier.

What should I do if LATAM reschedules my flight?

In case the airline reschedules your flight, you can claim a compensation amount by calling the agents.

How do I perform LATAM change seats procedure?

To change seats on this airline, add information in “My Trips” on LATAM’s website. Then select the seats to modify.

Can I change my LATAM flight for free?

No, generally a fee will be charged if you wish to modify bookings on this carrier.

How to change flights on LATAM using a mobile app?

Download the application, navigate to the “My Trips” section, retrieve your booking, and make the required changes.

Will LATAM give me flight change compensation? 

If the airline has changed your flight against your will, then you will be given compensation.

How much is the LATAM flight change compensation?

The compensation amount depends on the ticket fare.

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