San Francisco International Airport

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Famous for being the second-busiest airport in California, the San Francisco International Airport, is the central hub for United Airlines. It manages flights serving different destinations like Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. This airport also serves as a gateway to several transpacific regions. It was originally established in 1927. 

The following sections reveal more specific details about the airport like its terminals, runways, and waiting times. 

What is the General Information About San Francisco Airport?

Generic details that will help in getting a clearer overview of the San Francisco International Airport SFO are mentioned here. The official website and phone number of the airport are also given: 

Airport San Francisco International Airport 
Airport Type Public 
Operator Country and City of San Francisco 
Serves San Francisco Bay Area 
Hub For United Airlines and Alaska Airlines 
San Francisco Airport Code SFO 
San Francisco Airport Terminals Harvey Milk Terminal 1 Terminal 2 Terminal 3 International Main Hall International A International G 
San Francisco Airport Coordinates 37.6192° N, 122.3816° W
San Francisco Airport Runways 10L/28R10R/28L01R/19L01L/19R
San Francisco Airport Address San Francisco, CA 94128, USA
Distance from the City 13 miles or 21 km South of San Francisco 
Official Website
Official Phone Number +1 650-821-8211

What is the Official San Francisco Airport Code?

Different departments like IATA, ICAO, WMO, etc., have given the airport code for San Francisco. These are usually three-letter codes as given here: 

WMO Code 72494 
San Francisco Airport Zip Code 94128 

What Does the San Francisco Airport Map Depict? 

Known as the SFO terminal map, it shows the major elements of the airport like the entrance and exit points, check-in, boarding/luggage disposal, and collection points as well. You can refer to the map for any route toward any terminal gate. 

The following depiction gives an idea about the SFO Airport map: 

Image of san francisco airport map

What are the Major SFO Terminals? 

At this airport, there is a distinction between the domestic terminals and SFO International terminals. Essentially, there are 3 domestic terminals and others are the international ones. There are seven concourses from A to G. 

The concourses A and G are designated for international flights. All the other gates undertake domestic flights. All of these terminals have 115 gates in total. 

San Francisco Airport Terminal 1 

SFO Terminal 1 has 18 gates under Concourse B. It is also known as the Harvey Milk Terminal. This was formerly known as the “South Terminal”. In 2022, USD 14 million was spent on the reconstruction of this concourse. It forms the main hub for Hawaiian and WestJet Airlines with more carriers set to move their operations to its terminal in the year 2023. 

San Francisco Airport Terminal 2

This terminal has two concourses C and D consisting of 10 gates in the former and 15 gates in the latter concourse, respectively. T2 at SFO Airport was earlier named the “Central Terminal ”. It is the operational hub for Alaska Airlines. This terminal saw the construction of a new control tower in the year 2016. New observation decks and office space were recently established here. 

San Francisco Airport Terminal 3 

Terminal 3 SFO was once known as the “North Terminal”. It contains Concourse E with 13 gates. Concourse F has 23 gates. All the domestic flights under United Airlines use this terminal. This concourse houses a solar roof, American Express Lounge, and aircraft parking spaces. Redesigning this terminal is currently an ongoing task. 

SFO International Terminal 

This is essentially divided into SFO International Terminal A and SFO International Terminal G. It is built on Isobars and forms the largest building in the world with this feature. It has common-use check-in and baggage centers which are used by both international and domestic carriers. The gates at this terminal have Jetway bridges, medical clinics, and security screening areas. 

What are the Airports Near San Francisco Airport? 

The Metropolitan Oakland Airport (OAK) is the closest to San Francisco Airport. Similarly, some of the other airports close to SFO are as follows: 

  • San Jose Mineta Airport – SJC – 30 miles 
  • Monterey Peninsula Airport – MRY – 77 miles 
  • Sonoma County Airport – STS – 66 miles 
  • Modesto City-County Airport – MOD – 78 miles 
  • Sacramento Airport – SMF – 86 miles 
  • San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport – SBP – 191 miles 

Is there a Sanciso Airport Lost and Found Department? 

When any of the items of passengers are missing, they can contact the SFO Airport Lost and Found department. Based on where items have been misplaced, they can file claims at the nearest Lost and Found center. 

  • For luggage lost at security checkpoints, contact the Covenant Lost and Found Department. 
  • The main department is located in the Garage C tunnel of Terminal 1 at the Arrivals Level. 
  • It operates between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 10:00 P.M. 
  • Reach this department by dialing the phone number 650-821-7014. 

What are the Airlines Operating from San Francisco International Airport SFO? 

As a world-class airport, the SFO International Airport enables the flying of several domestic and international flights. It also provides various codeshare flights on a few itineraries. Hence, airlines that offer different types of flight services operate from here. 

What is the Aer Lingus SFO Terminal? 

The SFO Aer Lingus Terminal is the International Concourse with the boarding gates G. This terminal is known for its architectural designs and several restaurants. It is generally used by carriers operating under the Star Alliance organization. In case all the gates at this concourse are busy, the gates of the opposite concourse will be used to conduct the check-in and ticketing process. 

Which is the Aeromexico SFO Terminal? 

Concourse A of the main international terminal is allotted to Aeromexico. As the Aeromexico Terminal SFO, it provides access to the Golden Gate Lounge upon paying the required fees. Most of the flights of SkyTeam and Oneworld operate from here. It also provides for Customs and immigration facilities. 

What is the SFO United Terminal? 

For the domestic flights of this carrier, Terminal 3 has to be visited. For international flights, Concourse G is assigned to the United Terminal SFO Airport. The United check-in service will be made available at both these concourses as per the schedule. However, in case a flyer is traveling to international destinations, he/she will have to arrive earlier at the airport in comparison to domestic flights. 

Which is the Alaska Airlines SFO Terminal? 

International Concourse A and Terminal 2 are used for foreign and domestic flights respectively by Alaska Airlines. Terminal 2, being one of the biggest at the airport, offers different types of services like charging spots, parking facilities, and nursing stations. The SFO Alaska Terminal also offers waiting rooms. These can be used amidst involuntary Alaska Airlines cancellations

What is the Main SFO Delta Terminal? 

The boarding and check-in of these flights take place from the second terminal. After its recent expansion, the Delta Terminal SFO Airport caters to more accurate baggage and TSA processes. When you have a long waiting period, you can book the Delta Sky Club in advance. On-the-spot booking will be offered based on availability. 

What is the Major American Airlines Terminal SFO? 

South Terminal, that is the Harvey Milk Concourse, acts as the major point for this carrier. Most Trans World Airlines use this concourse as well. The American Airlines Admirals Club located here offers a convenient space for passengers to relax and enjoy the dining options. Any queries regarding the reservation of this space can be resolved by visiting the information center at the SFO Airlines American Terminal. 

Which is the SFO JetBlue Terminal? 

The first concourse with 18 gates is used for the departure of this airline’s flights. There is no separate club or lounge associated with this carrier at the JetBlue Terminal SFO Airport. But, storage facilities will be made available if you wish to deposit your JetBlue baggage for a while. Other than this, the first concourse is also famous for its exclusive shopping centers. 

What is the Southwest Terminal at SFO? 

Operations of this carrier are under the management of Harvey Milk Terminal 1. The boarding gates C, which were earlier part of the first concourse, were recently shifted to the international terminal. Nevertheless, the Southwest Terminal SFO facilitates a structured check-in and Southwest baggage submission procedure. General services are offered as well. 

Which is the Frontier Airlines SFO Terminal? 

International Terminal A undertakes the services of Frontier. This concourse has ramps and walkways that connect it with all other terminals. Frontier SFO Terminal also has the capacity to manage A380 flights due to its large jetways. Similarly, this large space helps passengers to move freely and quickly clear the security lines. 

What is the Air Canada SFO Terminal? 

The central terminal, that is, T2 is assigned to this airline. As the SFO Air Canada Terminal, it provides the AirBus facility, sustainable dining options, and outlets for local vendors. The establishment of the new control tower further makes the security checking and baggage collection more methodological. 

What is the Hawaiian Airlines SFO Terminal? 

All the operations of these flights take place from the international Terminal A. Its enormous structure provides ample space for the passengers to halt in the instance of missed flights. Also, assistance will be given to passengers during the entire ticketing process from check-in to boarding at SFO Terminal Hawaiian Airlines.

Which is the SFO Sun Country Terminal? 

The international Concourse A is used as the Sun Country Airlines SFO Terminal. For the deposition of Sun Country baggage at this concourse, travelers can use the self-kiosk devices. Common luggage collection points will be provided upon arrival. Any lost luggage can be reported to the lost and found department here. 

What is the Main WestJet SFO Terminal? 

Being a global carrier, WestJet uses the international concourse as its main terminal. As one of the biggest concourses, the SFO WestJet Terminal provides different facilities. It houses several restaurants featuring cuisines of the San Francisco Bay. Additionally, this is the terminal that consists of the BART station. 

Where is the Avianca SFO Terminal? 

The boarding gates belonging to this airline are housed by international terminal A. These gates can sometimes be used for domestic departures as well. In case there is any transfer at the SFO Avianca Terminal, information will be sent out beforehand. Passengers will also be required to check the display TVs for such information. 

What is the Copa Airlines SFO Terminal? 

Copa Airlines Terminal SFO Airport is the international concourse with Gates A. These gates form a continuous-ring-like structure when viewed from the terminal map. When there happen to be unwanted Copa Air cancellations, travelers will be shifted to the next available terminal via the AirTrain or the walkways. The airport tries to ensure the convenience of customers under such circumstances. 

What is the Major SFO Lufthansa Terminal? 

Departure and arrival of flights under this carrier are supervised by the international terminal through Gate G. The Lufthansa check-in for codeshare flights can also be done at this concourse. Passengers who are unable to walk to this Lufthansa Terminal SFO Airport can utilize the AirTrain services. Wheelchair access will further be provided. 

Which is the Japan Airlines Terminal SFO? 

The international Concourse A is the official Japan Airlines SFO Terminal. When a visitor is looking for a spot to rest during the wait at this terminal, he/she can visit the Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge. Exclusive dining options will be made available here. Given that the visitor is unable to access the lounge due to any reason, a query can be placed with the on-ground staff at the terminal. 

What is the Singapore Airlines SFO Terminal? 

This airport’s international terminal having gates G is designated for this carrier. The common-use services available at this concourse make it possible for domestic passengers to check in. Although lounges are not present, waiting rooms and sleeping pods can be made accessible at the Singapore Airlines Terminal SFO Airport.  

Where is the Emirates Airlines SFO Terminal? 

Housing the Emirates Lounge, International Terminal A is used for the operation of this Arab airline. When traveling internationally, passengers can skip the customs and immigration lines at the Emirates Terminal in SFO. They can do so when they arrive before the minimum Emirates check-in time

What is the Eva Airlines SFO Terminal? 

All the arrival and take-off functions of Eva Air occur at International Terminal A. The only time the terminal can be changed might be during Eva Air cancellations. In such cases, the airport staff itself will offer transport to travelers to reach the new Eva Air Terminal SFO. Other means of compensation will be provided provided that the cancellation is involuntary. 

What is the Fiji Airways SFO Terminal? 

International Terminal G is used by this airline. It is the primary SFO Fiji Airways Terminal. It has a variety of features like restaurants, medical centers, nursing stations, and even parking spots. When a flyer wishes to upgrade or change a flight, she or he can do so by visiting the ticketing counter at the terminal. It is usually open on the day of departure. 

Which is the Main Korean Air SFO Terminal? 

The terminal Gates A supervises the proceedings related to this carrier. Check-in, security screening, and baggage deposit should be done at this concourse. Once a traveler collects her or his boarding pass, various services at the SFO Korean Air Terminal can be explored. Two lounges are additionally provided by this airline at this concourse. 

What is the Qatar Airways Terminal SFO?

Qatar SFO Terminal is none other than the International Concourse A. During the Qatar check-in process, passengers can cut down the wait time given that they have access to the priority boarding option. Also, arriving early at the airport can save them time. All the basic amenities are made available at this concourse. 

Where do San Francisco Airport Arrivals Take Place? 

All international arrivals San Francisco Airport take place at the International Terminal. Domestic flights arrive at the remaining 3 terminals. However, there can be a change in the arrival terminal in case the designated runway is not clear. Passengers will be transported to the arrival concourse where they can collect their baggage. While exiting this terminal, taxi services will be offered too. 

Where do San Francisco Airport Departures Take Place? 

There are separate terminals at this airport for domestic and international departures. Except for the San Francisco international airport departures, all the other flights take off from concourses 1, 2, and 3. You can only deposit your baggage at the allotted concourse for departure and collect your boarding pass. Lounge access will be provided once you complete all the basic check-in formalities. 

How Many Runways are there at San Francisco International Airport? 

For the hassle-free departure and landing of flights, the San Francisco International Airport SFO provides 4 different runaways. More information about the runways is detailed below: 

RunwaysDimensions Surface Material 
10L/28R11,870 ft or 3,618 meters Asphalt 
10R/28L11,381 ft or 3,469 meters Asphalt 
01R/19L8,650 ft or 2,637 meters Asphalt 
01L/19R7,650 ft or 2,332 meters Asphalt 

What are the Additional Facilities Offered at SFO International Airport? 

While waiting at the airport, passengers will be given access to various services. These can range from SFO Airport dining centers to bookstores and luxury goods. These are mentioned here: 

  • Shopping Centres: 
    • Burberry 
    • California Lifestyle 
    • DFS Duty-Free 
    • Gucci 
    • Hudson News 
    • Saint Laurent Boutique 
  • Dining Centres: 
    • Amoura Cafe 
    • Bacon Bacon 
    • Cat Cora 
    • Joe and the Juice 
    • Mama Go’s Filipino Cuisine 
    • Ritual Coffee
    • Sidewalk Juice 
    • Valencia Street Station 
  • Lounges
    • United Polaris Lounge 
    • Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge 
    • China Airlines Dynasty Lounge 
    • British Airways Lounge 
    • American Express Lounge 
    • Air France – KLM Lounge 
  • Other Services 
    • Storage Facilities 
    • Showers 
    • Nap Rooms 
    • Self Service Mailers 
    • Equipment Rentals 
    • Covid-19 Testing Stations

How Much is San Francisco Airport Parking? 

Passengers will be required to pay for the parking at San Francisco Airport according to the duration for which they wish to reserve the spot. The location of the spot will also determine the fee charged. 

Image of SFO airport parking

San Francisco Airport Long-Term Parking Charges

Long-term parking at San Francisco Airport is offered to the north of each terminal. It can be reached via the San Bruno Avenue exit. The fee for this type of parking is as follows: 

Location Duration Parking Fee
Garage 1 15 minutes USD 2 
Garage 2 24 hours USD 25 

Note: For parking vehicles that are over the limit of average height, connect with the airport staff.

Charges for San Francisco Airport Short-Term Parking 

The fee for short-term parking at San Francisco Airport is usually charged on an hourly basis. The location of the parking spot will differ for domestic and international passengers. 

Parking Duration Cost Charged 
For every 15 minutes USD 2 
For 24 hours USD 36 

Note: Domestic parking is at the airport’s center. International spaces are located near the respective terminal: 

Costs for ParkFAST Parking San Francisco Airport 

This airport has a separate space in the domestic garage known as “ParkFAST ” which will make it easy for travelers to find their vehicles. The charges for this SFO Airport parking will be as follows: 

Time Duration Charges Applicable 
For every 15 minutes USD 2 
For 24 hours USD 40 

Note: To drop off a passenger, use “Kiss and Fly”. For disabled travelers, “Accessible Parking” is offered.

How Long is the San Francisco Airport Wait Time? 

The working hours of each checkpoint differ. Based on your flight time, you can access these checkpoints as needed. 

Security CheckpointGatesTime
AA, B4:30 A.M. – 1:00 A.M.
BA, B3:30 A.M. – 12:30 A.M.
DC, D, E, F, G3:30 A.M. – 12:30 A.M.
F1C, D, E, F, G3:30 A.M. – 12:30 A.M.
F3C, D, E, F, G6:45 A.M. – 10:00 P.M.
GC, D, E, F, G4:30 A.M. – 1:00 A.M.

Note: To reduce San Francisco Airport security wait times, complete check-in a few hours before the take-off. 

SFO Airport has several facilities. Its structure comprises runways, terminals, concourses, etc. Airlines can feasibly operate from here. The presence of more airlines and travel services attracts numerous passengers to fly from here. With services post-landing, it becomes more convenient to prefer this airport.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does SFO stand for?

SFO stands for San Francisco International Airport.

Where is San Francisco International Airport?

The San Francisco Airport is located in the Sun Mateo County of California.

How early to arrive at SFO?

For departing from the SFO Airport, you will have to arrive at least 2 hours before the flight time.

How long is the flight from SFO to Hawaii?

It can take about 5 hours to get to Hawaii from the San Francisco International Airport SFO.

How much is long term parking at SFO?

SFO long term parking fee can be between USD 2 and USD 25 based on the location of the parking spot.

How much is Uber from San Francisco Airport from downtown?

It might take around USD 37 to USD 46 to get from the San Francisco Airport to the city downtown.

Does SFO have clear?

Yes, the San Francisco Airport security undertakes all the clearance and customs facilities.

Is there a hotel in San Francisco Airport?

Hotels can be booked near the SFO Airport. They can be booked online.

What time does SFO open?

The San Francisco International Airport will be open 24 hours all through the week.

What time does TSA open at SFO?

The San Francisco Airport security check can open as early as 4:30 am.

How to get from Oakland Airport to San Francisco?

The distance between both these airports is 30 miles and hence, taxi services can be used to get from SFO to OAK.

Where does Uber pick up at SFO?

Level 5 of the domestic garage provides Uber pick-up services at the San Francisco Airport.

Does SFO have luggage storage?

Yes, the SFO International Airport provides luggage storage facilities for all passengers.

Is there a priority pass lounge at SFO?

Yes, there are two priority pass lounges that are made available at the San Airport terminals.

Is there free parking at SFO?

Free SFO Airport parking is offered, but it can only be utilized for drop-offs and pick-ups.

What time does security open at SFO?

The different checkpoints can open at different times, but the earliest opening time for San Francisco International Airport security is 4:30 am.

Does San Francisco Airport have sleeping pods?

The San Francisco Airport SFO has nap rooms where passengers can take rest during stopovers or their wait time.

Does SFO have free wifi?

Yes, all the terminals of this airport offer free wifi services accessible at any time.

How many miles from SFO to JFK?

The distance by air between these two airports is 2,580 miles.

How much does it cost to park at SFO?

Based on the duration of your halt, the San Francisco Airport parking fee can range between USD 2 and 40.

Is there a hotel at San Francisco Airport?

There are hotels surrounding this airport.

Is there free wifi at San Francisco Airport?

Yes, free wifi can be connected using the username and password provided at the airport.

Can I sleep at SFO Airport?

Yes, you can sleep in the nap rooms provided at the SFO Airport.

How long are the security lines at SFO?

It depends on the rush of passengers and the SFO Airport security wait time can go up to 16 minutes.

Can I buy a sim card at San Francisco Airport?

You can purchase a transit pass and a Sim card and collect it at the SFO Airport.

Can I store my luggage at San Francisco Airport?

Yes, luggage storage facilities can be availed at this airport.

Can you smoke in San Francisco Airport?

No, smoking and vaping are not allowed inside the SFO airport premises.

Where is car rental at San Francisco Airport?

Car rental services can be obtained near the exit points of the San Francisco Airport arrivals terminals.

Can I get a Clipper card at SFO?

You can buy clipper cards after arrivals at San Francisco Airport.

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