Lufthansa Check In Policy


Lufthansa airlines simplify check in for passengers with its multiple choices. You can request Lufthansa check-in via the website, mobile, and automated kiosk at the airport counters.

What are the rules to comply with Lufthansa Airlines check-in Policy?

Lufthansa check in policy lays down the following guidelines for passengers- 

  • The check-in time for Lufthansa airlines starts 23 hours before the arrival of the flight at the departure airport. 
  • The check-in deadlines may vary between 20 to 90 minutes depending on the location and the airport. Make sure to check the deadlines accordingly. 
  • All passengers including minors and those carrying only carry-on baggage must complete the check in. 
  • Passengers who fail to comply with the check-in terms and conditions will be denied boarding. 
  • Make sure to reach the airport on time as the check in must be completed within the respective time slots stated for each country and airport. 
  • Services like web check in, mobile check in, and automated check in have limitations. 
  • Make sure to carry the boarding pass and the checked baggage before the check in deadline. 
  • Passengers with special requests and needs must contact the airline for check in (If required). 
  • Lufthansa unaccompanied minors are not permitted to check-in online.

What are the time required to check in with Lufthansa Airlines?

Here is the Lufthansa check-in timeline with or without checked baggage for the following procedure-

Online/ Website Check in Time

Passengers around the world can efficiently check in via the Lufthansa website. Lufthansa online check in is only applicable on flights operated by Lufthansa. 

Check-in Time – Passengers must adhere to the following timelines – 

  • The check in time starts 23 hours before the flight time. 
  • The airport check in deadlines may vary between 3 hours to 20 minutes. 

Restrictions – The following restrictions apply when completing online check-in – 

  • The passengers cannot request online check in for flights operated by other airlines but booked under the Lufthansa flight booking number. 
  • It is not available on codeshare flights or interline agreement partner flights. 
  • The web check in Lufthansa is not available on flights departing from Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Cyprus, Croatia, and Montenegro. 

Mobile app Check in Time

The Lufthansa mobile app allows the passenger to complete the check in process from the comfort of their home through their smartphones or tablets. 

  • You can request a mobile check in Lufthansa, complete a seat reservation, and issue a boarding pass from your mobile phone. 
  • The QR codes generated can be scanned at the airport to fasten the check in. 
  • The flyers with checked baggage can proceed with a security checkpoint at the departure gate. 

Check in time – The check in deadlines may vary at multiple airports. Add to that – 

  • You can undertake mobile check in as early as 23 hours before flight departure. 
  • Make sure to check whether your airport supports e-boarding passes. 

Restrictions – The mobile check in is not available for flights departing from Cyprus, Croatia, Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia, and Montenegro. 

Airport Counter Check in Time

Passengers who fail to complete the check in online through the mobile application, website, or automated check in can complete the process at the airport counter. 

  • It is ideal for unaccompanied minors and passengers with limited mobility or with special needs. 

Check in time – Make sure to reach the airport 2-3 hours in advance of the flight departure. In addition – 

  • The check-in Lufthansa deadline and baggage check in deadline vary between 3 hours to 1 hour at the airport. 

Kiosk Check in Time

Kiosk check in is available at various Lufthansa airports worldwide. Keep your ticket information handy before you head for kiosk check in. 

Check in time

  • You can check in at a kiosk counter 30 hours to within 30 minutes before the scheduled flight departure. 

Restrictions  – Kiosk check in is not applicable for the following customers and they must complete the Lufthansa check in flight at the airport counter: 

  • Passengers requiring special assistance
  • Passengers traveling with physical tickets or pets
  • Travelers with an age-qualifying fare ticket purchased
  • Unaccompanied minor traveling alone
  • Minor children traveling alone 
  • People who have purchased an age-qualifying fare 

Late Night Check in Time

Late night check in is great for passengers with multiple suitcases and travel groups with a child. 

  • You can check in late at night and drop off your baggage, choose seats, etc. at the airport. Then, you can reach the airport to complete the boarding. 
  • Late-night check in Lufthansa is applicable for the flights operated by Lufthansa, its regional partners, and primary and secondary hubs worldwide.
  • It is available in US, Mexico, and Canada Lufthansa airports for direct and connecting flights. 

Check in Time – You can check in within 23 hours of the scheduled flight departure at the airport. 

Automated Check in Time

The Lufthansa automated check in is available for passengers in Frankfurt. You can access the automated check in in the following way-

  • The Miles and More members receive the boarding pass automatically before the flight departure. 
  • The automated check in also offers facilities like seat selection, special services and requests, and baggage tags. 
  • Automated check in completes the check in instantly and shares the boarding pass to the email or text message on the phone. 
  • The passengers can disable the automated check in services anytime on the website or mobile app. 
  • The boarding pass is automatically shared within 23 hours of flight departure time if the flight is booked within 24 hours of the flight time. 

Check-in time – You can check in 23 hours before the flight departure. In addition – 

  • The check in deadline ranges between 3 hours to 20 minutes for different airports. 

Restrictions – The automated check in is not available for flights operating outside the Schengen area. 

How to make a check in request with Lufthansa Airlines?

Passengers can check in with Lufthansa Airlines conveniently by using multiple ways offered by the airline. Here are some of the popular check in options provided by the Airlines-

  • Online/ Website 
  • Mobile app 
  • At the Airport Counter 
  • At the Kiosk 
  • Automated Check in for Limited Members
  • Over the Phone 
  • Live Chat

Check-in through Online/ Website 

To complete the Lufthansa check-in online, make sure to keep the passport number and the booking ID ready especially for an international flight. Here is the way to access the online check in-

  • Visit the official website and click on the “Check In” button. 
  • Enter the six-digit PNR booking code and the last name of the passenger. 
  • Select the seats, and add the baggage details like the checked baggage details on the reservation. 
  • You can include special requests like extra legroom seats, wheelchair requirements, and meal preferences. 

Check-in via Mobile Application  

The passengers can complete the check in through their smartphones. You can download the application on android and iOS devices. You can check in on the mobile app as follows-

  • Click on the app and choose the “Check-in” button. 
  • Enter the six-character booking confirmation code or the ticket number and the last name of the passenger. 
  • Choose the seat and add the checked bags (If required).
  • A boarding pass link is generated. 
  • You can print the boarding pass before reaching the airport. 

At the Airport Counter check-in

Here is how you can complete the Lufthansa airport check in-

  • Carry the necessary travel documents with the identification documents. 
  • Provide the booking reference number or the ticket number to the representative at the counter. 
  • Request check in, provide the seat preference, checked baggage tags, additional Lufthansa check-in baggage, special requests, and meal choices.
  • They will immediately begin the process. 
  • Submit the bags for checking and complete the security and customs. 

At the Kiosk check-in

Here is how you can complete the check in process with Kiosk counters-

  • The passengers can reach the kiosk counters between 30 minutes to 30 hours before the scheduled flight arrival at the departure airport. 
  • The passengers can choose a wide variety of choices like seat selection, meal preferences, additional Lufthansa Baggage Allowance for Checked Items, fare service upgrades, and other special services. 
  • Reach the kiosk and enter details like the booking confirmation code or the ticket number. 
  • Add the additional requests (If required). 
  • The boarding pass is automatically generated. 
  • Proceed to check in and drop the checked bags at the drop-off counter for Lufthansa check in baggage rules processing. 

Automated Check in for Miles and Lufthansa Account Members 

The Automated check in system completes the check in process instantly. Add to that-

  • The passengers are not required to complete any check in requirements or processes. 
  • The boarding pass is instantly sent via email or text to the registered email or phone number. 

Check-in Over the Phone 

You can connect with the flight representative to complete the Lufthansa airlines check in request as follows-

  • Navigate the website and search for airline phone numbers applicable to your area. 
  • Once you connect, share the ticket number or the booking confirmation code. 
  • Follow the instructions like seat selection, cabin class upgrade, or meal preferences. 
  • The agent will authorize the request and provide the boarding pass link to your phone number or registered email address. 

Request for Check-in on Live Chat 

The web chat assistant called Elisa can handle multiple questions involving flight booking, flight check in, boarding pass inquiry, and flight cancellation of Lufthansa airline. Here is how you can contact Lufthansa’s live chat feature-

  • Scroll through the website and choose the “Lufthansa web chat” option. 
  • The chat assistant provides a variety of pre-made options.
  • Choose from the options or type “Check-in” to begin the chat. 
  • Provide the six-character booking code or the 13-digit ticket number. 
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Lufthansa airlines web check in process. 

Post your concern via Social Media 

Passengers who wish to contact the Airline to clear their doubts or make special requests can contact Lufthansa through its Social media handles. The airline connects travelers with its representatives and staff members to conduct inquiries. 

You can contact Lufthansa airlines using social media as follows-

Social Media PlatformLinks

What are the Lufthansa Airlines Boarding Zones?

Lufthansa Airlines check in baggage and check in policies have updated its boarding procedures for a convenient and convenient boarding experience. Here are the guidelines to allow passengers to catch their flights without a hurry-

Guidelines for Onboard Passageways

  • The passengers can search their boarding group and choose the right zone.
  • Lufthansa also makes sure that the people traveling in groups are allocated the same boarding group for a comfortable experience.
  • The process of boarding starts from the Pre-Boarding group, followed by priority groups i.e. Groups 2 and 3. 
  • After these 3 groups, the passengers from Groups 3, 4, and 5 are welcomed on board. 

Passengers can refer to the boarding zones for continental and intercontinental flights from the following table. 

Boarding Zones Continental FlightsIntercontinental Flights
Pre-boardingFamilies with infants and children under 5, Unaccompanied minors, Passengers with trouble in mobilityFamilies with infants and children under 5, Unaccompanied minors, Passengers with trouble in mobility
Priority Group 1Membership holders like HON Circle Members, Star Alliance Gold Card holders, and Senators First Class passengers, HON Circle Members
Priority Group 2Business Class passengers, Economy Flex passengersBusiness Class passengers, Senators, Star Alliance Gold Card holders
Group 3Economy Class passengers with a window seat and companionsPremium Economy Class passengers
Group 4Economy Class passengers with middle seats and companionsEconomy Class passengers with a window seat and companions
Group 5Economy Class passengers with aisle seatsEconomy Class passengers with middle seats and companions
Group 6Economy Class passengers with aisle seats

Special Boarding Services 

You can also access some additional boarding services available at some Lufthansa airports worldwide. 

Quick Boarding Service 

  • Quick Boarding services are available at selected gates of the Frankfurt and Munich airports, and other airports worldwide to provide early check in Lufthansa. 
  • The passengers can place the boarding pass with a barcode on the scanner to complete the verification process quickly via Quick Boarding. 
  • If the seat is changed, the Quick boarding machine prints a newly updated seat coupon with the updated information. 

On-Screen Display of the Waiting List at the Departure Gate 

  • If you are on the waiting list, you can check the status of the available monitors at Frankfurt and Munich airports. 
  • It eliminates the need to stay at the airport counters for inquiries. 
  • Once a seat number is appointed besides the initials, the passenger can proceed with boarding with their boarding pass with the seat information. 

What is the time required to check in with Lufthansa from your country of origin?

The check-in deadlines prescribe the maximum time by which the flights will depart from the airport. You can visit the website and select the travel class, country of origin, and airport to find the check in deadline for you.

Lufthansa Airlines Check in deadlines for some countries are given as follows-

Country/ RegionEconomy/ Premium EconomyBusiness Class/ First Class 
USA60-90 minutes 60-90 minutes 
Canada60 minutes 45-60 minutes
South Africa 60 minutes 45 minutes 
Germany15-45 minutes 15-45 minutes 
France30-40 minutes 30-40 minutes 

How can I get my Boarding Pass issued by Lufthansa?

As indicated by Lufthansa, it is compulsory to have the boarding pass ready with the checked baggage before boarding the airline. The absence of it grants the airline staff the right to stop the passenger boarding the flight. 

Here are some of the ways you can receive your boarding pass with your chosen methods of check in-

Online Check in– Once you check in up to 23 hours before the scheduled flight departure, you receive the boarding pass automatically on the registered mail or mobile number. 

Mobile Check in– Here is how you can receive your boarding pass with mobile check in-

  • Complete the mobile check in. You will receive a “You are checked in” confirmation in the app. 
  • The boarding pass link is activated in the app. 
  • The boarding pass file is sent to the registered number or email. 

Note: Mobile passes/ Online boarding passes are not applicable on some routes. Make sure to confirm the mobile boarding pass activation at the required airport. 

Airport or Kiosk Counter Check in– You can simplify your process by heading to either a kiosk or the airport counter and submitting the details. Once you complete the check in, you will receive the pass through the staff at the counter or the Kiosk machine directly. 

Automated Check in– The eligible Lufthansa members receive the boarding pass to their registered email address unencrypted or via text on the phone number chosen by the passenger. Also-

  • The boarding pass consists of a link to select or choose the seats. 
  • You can cancel the automated boarding pass option on the Passenger profile. 

Late Night Check in– You can check in a night before the flight departure and get access to your boarding pass right away. 

  • Check in with your bags at the counter or kiosk and choose the desired seats. 
  • You can collect the boarding pass at the kiosk or counter and board the flight the next day. 

Lufthansa eliminates stress and discomfort with its flexible and convenient Lufthansa check-in policy. The passengers can choose the method and the timings best suited for them. You can use the above-mentioned details to complete a check at Lufthansa airlines. You can also share any queries or your Lufthansa flight experience with us. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for Lufthansa online check-in?

Passengers flying on direct or connecting flights operated by Lufthansa, or without baggage can check in online. 

What is the international check in time for Lufthansa flights? 

The Lufthansa check in time for international flights starts 23 hours till 1 hour before flight departure. 

How Do I Get My Lufthansa Boarding Pass Online? 

You can get the boarding pass on your registered email and number online through a website and mobile application. 

What Information is Required to Begin the Lufthansa Flight Check in Request?

Passengers must carry the booking reference or 13-digit e-ticket number, Passport, or any other required travel document. 

Can I Use Lufthansa Check in Online When I Have Bags to Check in?

Yes, you can follow the on-screen instructions to complete the online check in with checked baggage or carry-on bags. 

Can I Use Lufthansa Web Check-in If I Bought My Ticket at a Travel Agency? 

Yes, you can receive the boarding pass online even if you have bought the tickets from a travel agency as all reservations are allowed for Lufthansa check in policies. 

How many hours before can I check in at Lufthansa?

The passengers can check in within 23 hours to an hour before the scheduled flight departure. 

Is it mandatory to check in online with Lufthansa?

No, passengers who cannot check in online can use other methods like mobile applications, kiosk counters, and airport counters. 

How can I cancel check in with Lufthansa?

You can cancel check in on the link given on the digital boarding pass that you receive. 

How can I check in from the US for a Lufthansa flight?

You can check in through the Lufthansa official website, kiosk counter, mobile application, airport counter, or automated check in. 

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