Eva Air Cancellation Policy

eva air cancellation policy

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in flight reversals. Otherwise as well, discontinuations can occur. With this in mind, the Eva Air ticket cancellation policy has been formed. It gives you a number of methods to reverse your ticket. Even when the carrier is required to cancel your ticket, under genuine circumstances, the policy accounts for the same. 

Eva Air Flight Cancellation Policy Conditions

This cancellation policy can be described as a collection of conditions that make reversals easier. It can also control which tickets can be revoked and when. With respect to this, the airline assists the visitors in understanding what is needed for ticket revocations. 

The main conditions of the reversal policy are mentioned below:

  • When a flyer has bought a ticket from a travel agency, she/he can contact it for revocations. 
  • Although the policy is for your convenience, it does include a fee. 
  • The Eva Air cancellation fee can be applied for a reversal submitted after 1 day of the reservation.
  • A passenger can ask for a refund on the refundable tickets. 
  • You can contact the company in circumstances involving group bookings. 
  • When the airline has altered your leaving/arrival schedule, you may qualify for reversals. 
  • Up to 1 hour before the departing time, you can revoke a ticket.
  • When a booking is reversed, the change is applied to every flier who is a part of it.
  • This policy is limited to certain fare types.

For Award Tickets:

According to the Eva Air ticket cancellation policy, most kinds of flight tickets, with the possible exception of Award tickets, are allowed to be revoked. For more help regarding any Award Ticket, you should visit your nearby airport. 

Eva Air 24 Hours Cancellation Policy

A tourist can exercise the Eva Air 24 hour cancellation feature in urgency. This policy or feature can only be accessible for the reservations directly initiated via: 

  • The official website, 
  • By calling customer service, 
  • Or else, from the ticket counter of Eva at the airport. 

Eva Air 24 Hour Cancellations Guidelines

Such a policy can allow you to reverse your flight as soon as one day after the booking. In that instance, you cannot be responsible for any revocation charges. With the assistance of the Eva Air cancellation policy 24 hours, it can be done free of cost. 

airfleetrating-Eva air 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Here are the additional guidelines to know:

  • The free benefit applies to a reservation that has a departure time of 7 days or more. 
  • They should be traveling from as well as to the United States. 
  • By revoking within 1 day of booking, you will get a complete refund.

Eva Air Ticket Cancellation Policy for COVID-19

Flyers or air carriers may reverse bookings because of COVID-19 prohibitions or for precautionary reasons. 

For the flyers who discontinue their journeys in the said scenario, the following can apply:

  • They can receive an entire refund. 
  • In addition to this, on the reversed flights, they may not be charged any costs.
  • Instead of revocation, you can reschedule your flight as well. 
  • By doing this, when another flight price has been high, you may have to pay a difference.
  • Following the Eva Air flight cancellation policy, travelers can:
    • Straight cancel 
    • Or, reschedule their booking 
  • This can be done through the main site of the airline. 

Given that the carrier revoked your trip because of the coronavirus, you can expect help.

Eva Air Ticket Cancellation Reasons

Reservations can be reversed due to different factors. One such reason can be illness or injury. A traveler may not wish to fly while he or she is sick or is not medically fit. Also, injuries can make it hazardous to travel, particularly by flight. 

So under the Eva Air ticket cancellation policy, identifying the most common reasons for reversals can help you to figure out when it may not be feasible to travel. Then opting for discontinuations, as well as refunds can be easier.

Some of the reasons for flight reversals are described below:

  • Death of a person 
  • Faults in booking
  • Due to occupation or work
  • Accidents 

Eva Air Flight Cancellations Procedures 

Carriers like Eva provide a number of alternatives for reversing a reservation, whether online or offline. Passengers have the option to choose any method that meets their requirements. You can call the air carrier, use its main site, or visit the airport as per the Eva Air ticket cancellation policy. 

airfleetrating-Eva Air Cancellation Methods

Method 1: Vising Airport for Canceling a Flight

The air carrier has provided the foremost important method for reversing a booking from the airport. A flyer should get to the airport initially. There, he/she can head to the ticket office for an inquiry about the Eva Air flight cancellations procedures. 

  • A representative at that counter will further assist you. 
  • Request her/him for the reversal of the plane ticket. 
  • Then the representative will ask you to provide some details of the ticket. 
  • These can include your:
    • Ticket number
    • Complete name
    • Booking reference
    • Date of flight
  • The representative will next double-check all of the details shared by you. 
  • To proceed, you will have to pay a revocation fee if any. 

Once the process has been finished, you will be notified. This notification can be received by phone or email.

Method 2: By Calling the Eva Air Cancellation Phone Number

Visitors may wish to acquire, as well as manage, all important procedures by calling the officials at: 

  • +886-2-2501-1999
  • 0800-098-666 (Only for Taiwan)

This method may also require less manual operations on their end. The officials can directly serve you with solutions over the phone. 

  • So, to begin, you will have to ring the Eva Air cancellation phone number. 
  • Wait for a response from the operator. 
  • On-call, you can request the reversal of your flight. 
  • Provide your booking reference, as well as your entire name, to the agent on call. 
  • Then the agent will fetch your reservation. 
  • He/she may next ask you for a revocation fee as required. 
  • Post the payment, you should receive a message via your registered email ID. 
  • This message will provide you with the success of the procedure. 

Method 3: Cancel Eva Flight with the Website

Owing to the Eva Air ticket cancellation policy, the simplest, as well as the most convenient method, is to go online. Usually, it is one of the authorized methods the company has provided for its customers. 

  • Kindly run a browser. 
  • Through this, use the website of this carrier.
  • On the first page of the website, find the feature of “Manage”. 
  • After selecting it, a drop-down menu will open. 
  • Hit the “Cancel Booking” tab. 
  • Owing to the Eva Air flight cancellation policy, add your:
    • “Last Name” or “Family Name”
    • “First Name”
    • “Booking Reference”
  • Post entering these details, type the “Verification Code” asked on your screen.
  • Tap on the “Log In” button.
  • Following that, your flight reservation should be displayed. Choose the “Cancel” option.

You may get a confirmation email once you have successfully completed the revocation procedure. 

Who is Not Eligible for Online Reversals?

In case you want to make a partial revocation, the Eva cancellation policy may not support the same online. Along with this, there are more conditions that can make you ineligible for this method:

  • Your reservation hasn’t been ticketed.
  • The trip has not been officially booked.
  • You want to revoke group reservations.
  • Certain technical issues may impose restrictions.

When there is any obstruction in using the online medium to revoke a trip, contact the Reservation Center of the operator.

Eva Air Cancellation Fee

A flyer may be required to pay an Eva Air cancellation charge or fee in order to undo a flight. It is primarily determined by the kind of ticket you have. The request timing can further influence it. 

The Eva Air ticket cancellation fee can differ from time to time. Following that, you can double-check the related information on the website. Or, you can contact the operator to learn the same.

Tip: Some flyers may prefer changing flights instead of revoking them to avoid/save charges. Check whether it is the off-season. During this, it is less expensive to make revocations. 

Free Revocations

Free reversals can also be made in some instances. For as long as you wish to avoid paying reversal charges, you will have to make a request during the risk-free time. 

  • It pertains to twenty-four hours from reserving your flight. 
  • You will be eliminated from paying the Eva Air flight cancellation fee within these hours. 

Eva Air Refund Policy

This carrier has established a return policy to assist flyers in receiving a complete refund. It is flexible towards the flyers in the country and strives to keep the rules of the refund policy simple. Flyers will be refunded the amount in the actual mode of payment that was used during flight booking. 

Read the Eva Air flight cancellation refund policy rules in detail below:

  • You are eligible for a refund when tickets are booked from:
    • The official site
    • Via the customer service center
    • Or, at the airport
  • Assuming that flights are reserved through an agent, contact the same person for a refund. 
  • The amount is given only to the ticket holder.
  • For cash transactions, the air operator may provide money-back within 20/twenty days. 
  • The duration begins upon receiving a refund request. 
  • For credit card payments, you can get an Eva Air cancelled flight refund within 7 days. 
  • When an originating ticket is from Mainland China, you can get the money in 7 days.
  • It can be submitted to the credit card provider. 
  • In that event, it may or may not appear in your account promptly. 
  • Hence, it is based on the credit card firm’s billing schedule. 
  • Before you claim your money, you may be asked for a surcharge.
  • The following can be repaid when not utilized:
    • Government or airport-imposed refundable fees
    • Taxes 
  • This Eva Air refund policy indicates that you can get the money in your bank account too.
  • Connect with the carrier’s local/regional reservation office in case of Award Tickets. 
  • When the refund amount is left after deducting certain charges:
    • It will be given on your credit card.
    • This can take up to 7 days (business).
    • It may take up to 2 cycles for the amount to reflect.
    • To return money for purchases via checks/cash, 20 business days may be needed.

Quick Note: In some cases, returns are available in both coupon and cash forms.

For Itineraries Involving the USA

When you are traveling to or from the USA, no penalty applies. You can get your complete money back. This is subject to the Eva refund policy conditions as follows:

  • The refund should be applied within twenty-four hours of the ticket’s purchase.
  • Additionally, there should be 168 hours or 1 week left before the departure of your first flight.

Calculation of Refund

Usually, the air operator can check the cost of the ticket purchased. Depending on its use, it can alter and return the amount. Due to certain reasons, when the refund is greater than the ticket’s cost, the remaining balance will be provided in another account.

In Case of Unused Portions: 

For the segments that are unused, the calculation of the refund will happen as per the costs of used portions. The costs for these will be deducted. At times, only airport charges or taxes may be returned. 

In this case, the following won’t be applied:

  • Charges for handling or Eva Air refund fees
  • No-show penalties

Note: The above is applicable to non-refundable bookings too.

Refunds for Miles

Travelers may buy tickets using miles. They may partially or fully pay the costs through these. When the tickets are not used at all:

  • The amount will be given back in the form of cash.
  • Miles or taxes can be credited to accounts through which bookings were made.

In sync with the Eva Airline cancellation policy, given that the booking has been used partially:

  • Its amount will be provided in cash.
  • Taxes can also be returned.
  • However, mileage won’t be credited back.

Eva Airlines Refund Policy and No-shows

Those who do not make an appearance for flights will have to submit a no-show charge. It will have to be paid when they ask for a refund of their booking. It can be paid through the section Manage Your Trip via the following ways:

airfleetrating-Eva Airlines Refund Policy
  • From the website
  • Via the mobile application
  • Using the mobile website

Or, to submit it offline, connect with the Ticketing Office of the carrier.

Eva Air Flight Cancellation Refund Procedure

A passenger can only claim a refund once the flight has been assuredly canceled. There are two procedures for refunds that can then be provided by the airline:

  • From the website
  • By calling 

Method 1: Through Online Requests

When the transactions were made online through a credit card/other third-party mediums, travelers can use this method to use the provisions of the Eva Air refund policy. 

  • On your browser, search for “Eva Air Refund Application”.
  • Tap the official link.
  • Insert your canceled flight information. 
  • These details can include your:
    • “Ticket Number”
    • “Last Name”
    • “First Name”

Note: You may be asked for an EMD or Electronic Miscellaneous Document number to request money for an ancillary service. This can include a fee for checked Eva Baggage Allowance.

  • After adding your details, use the option of “Log In”. 
  • Locate your reversed flight, choose it, and then scroll down on the page. 
  • The “Refund” feature needs to be located here. 
  • To correctly request an Eva Air cancelled flight refund, hit this feature. 
  • Follow the directions that you can see. 

Note: You will have to contact this airline’s “Reservation Center” to inform it that you have submitted the application.

Method 2: Via Calling

You can request refunds on call. Or, through this medium, you can find out the procedure to place your request offline. 

This method can be used by users from several locations. These are based in Mainland China, South America, Taiwan, Oceania, Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, North America, the Middle East, and Europe. 

LocationPhone Number
Kaohsiung+886-7-2696812 (for fax)
Hong Kong+852-28686708 (fax facility)
Tokyo+81-3-5798-0511 (for fax)
Ho Chi Minh+84-28-38224488
San Francisco+1-650-5791818
Kuala Lumpur+60-3-2181 1122
Los Angeles+1-310-362-6600
Colombo+94 11 7711530
Cairo+202 2480 2010
Toronto+1-416-598 8808
Dubai+971 4 3934555

Note: More contact numbers for the regions mentioned can be on the website of the carrier. 

Eva Air Cancellation Fee for No-Shows

Tourists who may not reverse their flights or show up at the airport can be assessed a no-show Eva Air cancel fee. It can be applicable to those reservations that carry the numbers 525/695 in the beginning. However, charter flights are not included in this. 

  • The service fee applied can change by price category. 
  • You can go through ticket cost regulations and other conditions at the airport. 

Submission of Eva Air Ticket Cancellation Fee for No Show

Passengers will have to pay the no-show fees. In such instances, there are 3 ways available to pay the charges. 

  • You can settle it by paying it online. 
  • A passenger can telephone the airline to pay for it. 
  • Go to the nearest airport and pay the Eva Air cancellation charges for no-shows. 

Note: In case you purchased a flight ticket from a third party, you can contact it directly. 

Eva Air Cancelled Flights Policy

Possibly, Eva Air cancelled flights of passengers due to circumstances that were uncertain. Inclement weather can be one of these. Whether it is cold temperatures, winter storms, excessive heat, or cyclones, flights are usually put on halts in such scenarios. 

There can be other reasons why Eva Air cancel flights:

  • Security concerns
  • Mechanical problems
  • Glitch on computers
  • Crew shortage 
  • Incomplete/no payment by a passenger
  • People not complying with airline’s regulations
  • More than 2 seats reserved by a person
  • Bookings with false names
  • A dupe Passenger Name Record/segment
  • Lacking the minimum time to connect in case of trip segments
  • Failure to check in on time
  • Not adhering to baggage allowance
  • Faulty behavior of a passenger
  • Government rules

In these situations, onward/return trips can also be reversed by the airline.

Revoked Trips and Fees

An Eva Air flight cancellation fee may not be applied when the company revokes a reservation. Usually, it understands the inconvenience caused to flyers. When it reverses their bookings, it tries to comfort them by not asking for a fee. 

Tip: To know more, you can contact the airline. 

Eva Air Flight Cancellation Compensation

The Eva Air cancel flight compensation is a type of facility or service that can assist visitors during the event of revocations and delays. With respect to this, when the plane ticket is eligible for it, the money can be provided to the visitors. 

This Eva Air flight cancellation compensation can be determined by the: 

  • Type of ticket 
  • Location
  • Reason for reversing a flight

Note: The reason for revocation should be within control. Also, it should not be associated with safety.

For monetary aid, you can contact the airline and learn the exact amount. In terms of services, the carrier can:

  • Give an alternative flight
  • Provide re-routing
  • Ensure a refund as per its “Article 11” of “General Conditions of Carriage”
  • Provide food or a place to stay

Reimbursements and Weather Conditions

It is significant to note that not every carrier may compensate for climatic conditions. Eva, on the contrary, sets an exception. At times, when Eva Air cancel flights due to extreme climate, emergencies, air traffic, or any other such reasons, travelers can obtain complete compensation. 

By following the rules and regulations of the Eva Air ticket cancellation policy, a passenger can utilize different methods of revocation. Additionally, you can seek a refund/compensation when your or the airline reverses a booking. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an Eva Air ticket cancellation policy?

Yes, a policy is available for flight revocations.

How much is the cancellation fee for EVA Air?

The exact fee can be identified after contacting the air operator.

How long does it take EVA Air to refund a ticket?

This airline may require between 7 to 20 days to credit your refund.

What is the EVA Air cancellation policy for the USA?

The policy for discontinuing flights to/from the USA can provide easy reversals and refunds.

Can I cancel my EVA Air flight?

Yes, you can easily undo your flight with this airline.

How can I know whether my EVA Air booking is refundable?

You can read the fare conditions or ask the carrier’s representative to check whether your ticket is refundable.

Can I apply for an EVA Air refund online?

It is possible to request refunds online.

What will happen to my EVA Air ticket if I cancel my flight?

Depending on the conditions, you can seek a refund when you undo a flight.

Can I cancel my EVA Air booking without penalty?

In certain situations, you can revoke a booking without any charges.

What are the EVA Air cancellation charges?

You can find the charges at the time of reversing a trip or by connecting with the airline.

What is the Eva Airlines cancellation policy for refunds?

This policy can help you obtain your refund after you discontinue a flight.

Is there an Eva cancellation fee?

A fee may be asked for when you revoke a ticket under certain conditions.

What is the Eva Airlines refund policy for miles?

It is a policy that indicates that unused tickets bought via miles can be refunded.

Is there an Eva Air ticket cancellation policy?

For easy flight revocations, the airline has made a reversal policy.

What to do if Eva Air cancelled my flight?

You should immediately connect with the carrier and request reimbursement or help.

What is the Eva Air cancellation fee?

To know the recent reversal charges, connect with the airline.

How to use the Eva Air cancellation policy 24 hours?

Passengers can revoke/cancel their plane tickets within one day of booking a flight by using the Eva Air cancellation policy 24 hours.

How to cancel Eva Air flight on call?

In case you want to cancel a reservation on call, you can telephone the airline at +886-2-2501-1999.

Can I cancel Eva Air tickets?

Yes, a reservation can be discontinued by a passenger of this airline.

How to cancel Eva Air ticket at the airport?

A visitor can reverse a plane ticket at the airport after connecting with the airline’s representative.

How to request Eva Air cancellation refund?

You can request your money back online through the carrier’s website.

How to cancel Eva Air ticket online?

To revoke a booking online, locate the company’s official site and use the “Manage” tab.

How to cancel flight Eva Air?

You can call the airline or visit the airport to discontinue a trip.

Is Eva Air canceling flights?

The air carrier may cancel the plane ticket in some cases but you can officially confirm it.

Can you cancel flight ticket Eva Air on the same day?

Tourists can undo their reservations on the same day.

Is my Eva Air flight cancelled?

It is essential for you to check the status of your flight before traveling to find out the same..

Why did Eva Air cancel my flight?

Eva Air cancel flights because of safety issues, bird strikes, air traffic, etc.

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Steven Sanders
9 months ago

My fiance cancelled his flight reserved with Eva Air fortnight and cancelled it within 24-hour which is generally called their risk-free period. Under Eva Air cancellation policy 24 hour it is stated that no cancellation fee will be charged and no amount will be deducted as refund. We were wondering however, when will they transfer the amount back to our credit card?

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