Sun Country Baggage Policy

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Sun Country Baggage Policy

Sun Country Airlines is an American low-cost carrier. Having its headquarter in Minneapolis, United States, the air operator is offering scheduled flight services to more than 50 destinations within the country, the Caribbean, and Mexico. This airline was founded in 1982 but started its operations in 1983. Sun Country Airlines has had many owners since its inception and Apollo Global Management is its current title holder since 2017.

The airline has seen massive growth in the last few years. Flexible yet easy-to-understand policies, including Sun Country baggage allowance, make it a preferred choice within the USA. Baggage or bags are the items that are carried by a passenger while traveling. If you are planning to book a flight ticket with Sun Country, then it is good to be familiar with the policy so that you can plan and carry your bags in the most effective way possible.

Different Baggage as per Sun Country Bag Policy

This American airline’s baggage policy includes different bags. Since passengers may not carry the same types of bags, checking them may become challenging. Hence, with the types defined, the operator has established rules for fair traveling for every passenger.

The details about the same, according to the Sun Country bags guidelines, have been given here:

  • Personal Items: This is one of the items that you can keep with you. It could be something like your camera case, purse, backpack, or laptop. You should keep in mind that the item you are planning to take should fit easily underneath the front seat. A passenger can carry one personal item without paying the Sun country baggage fees for it.
  • Carry-on Item: Travelers can carry one item on the flight under the Sun Country baggage policy. It could be a briefcase, computer bag, diaper bag, etc. However, you may need to pay a certain amount as a fee for this.
  • Checked Baggage: A passenger can choose to buy checked baggage as per his/her precise needs. This type of luggage remains inaccessible for usage for as long as the flyer is on the flight.

In addition to these, the leading carrier of Minnesota accommodates the following as well:

  • Strollers: Passengers may often carry hand-pushed bags. Usually, they may be big in size. Car seats and large strollers are subject to be checked at the baggage counter or the gate for allowance. Please note that this will be done free of cost.
  • Sports Equipment: Sun Country enables travelers to take fishing, golf, snowboarding, and other such equipment. Even though you can travel with some sports equipment without paying any additional fee, certain charges may be levied by the airline on some types.

Note: You may get in touch with Sun Country or its customer support for detailed information.

  • Musical Instruments: The air operator has different rules for carrying musical instruments. This carrier permits its passengers to carry clarinets, flutes, and ukuleles. Usually, the instruments need not be heavy or large in size as carrying them can be problematic on planes for other passengers.

Sun Country Baggage Rules for Hold Luggage

Hold or checked luggage is what remains in an airplane’s hold prior to the check-in. To suitably fit in the hold, a traveler ought to ensure its size, weight, and quantity.

As per the baggage policy of Sun Country Air, the rules for checked bags have been listed below:

  • The maximum weight of the bags should not exceed the limit of 50 pounds or 23 kg.
  • The dimensions determined by this leading American airline for the hold luggage is 62 inches or 157 cm maximum.
  • A passenger is only allowed 2 standard bags maximum.

Sun Country Carry-on Guidelines

According to the Sun Country Airlines carry-on baggage policy, a flyer can only travel with one personal item such as a laptop bag and purse at no extra cost. Following the weight and size, the restrictions given should not go above for these bags:

  • They must be 24 inches (long) x 11 inches (tall) x 16 inches (wide).
  • The weight of the bag should be up to 35 kg.
  • The carry-on bag a passenger is carrying should easily fit inside the container.

For personal items, this low-cost carrier has different specifications and rules. The details have been mentioned here:

  • The personal item has to be 9 inches (tall) x 13 inches (wide) x 17 inches (long).
  • It should be able to be easily stowed under the front seat.
  • Assistive gadgets such as crutches, wheelchairs, strollers, diaper bags, umbrellas, jackets, and several other duty-free items may not be considered carry-on baggage.

Sun Country Airlines Baggage Rules for Musical Instruments

Besides smaller musical instruments, a passenger can also bring larger ones like guitars, tubas, and cellos. You can onboard your musical instruments along with other baggage. You will need to inform the airline at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight. Furthermore, the item you are carrying should be stored easily under the seat before you.

In case the item is too big to fit, the Sun Country baggage rules allow you to purchase the seat to keep the musical instrument. However, the maximum weight should not be over 165 pounds.

Note: Not all flights of Sun Air take musical instruments. Therefore, it is advised to connect with the air operator in advance to keep unnecessary issues at bay.

Sun Country Airlines Pet Policy

The Sun Country baggage policy allows its passengers to travel with their pets (dogs or cats) or service animals. You will need to keep the pet license and ID tag with you. To travel with the furry friend, you will need to place it in a carrier that is approved by the concerned authorities. Your pet should be comfortable enough in that carrier to move and stand properly.

These are some other rules for traveling with a pet:

  • Only 4 pets per flight are allowed with a non-refundable fee of USD19.
  • You can travel with only one animal with one ticket.
  • It should be vaccinated and in good health.
  • The minimum age of the pet should be 12 weeks at least.
  • An advance reservation for the animal can be recommended to avoid last-minute hassles.

Sun Country Checked Baggage Fee

Travelers need to pay an amount as the Sun Country Airlines baggage fees for checked bags. Both offline and online mediums of payment can be implemented. The cost, as per the chosen medium, can differ.

Online PaymentOffline Payment (Airport)
For 1st Bag: USD20For 1st Bag: USD25
For 2nd Bag: USD30For 2nd Bag: USD35

Note: If you want to save your time, as well as some significant amount, on the Sun Country Airlines checked bag fee, then you are suggested to pay it online. A notable point here is that this fee can be non-transferable and non-refundable.

Sun Country Baggage Policy and Fees for Oversized/Overweight Bags

More than 2 bags can also be carried on this airline. Considering that the third bag can be overweight or oversized, certain rules can be applied. It must be under 62 linear inches and 50 pounds.

When your bag exceeds the size or weight, you can purchase it by paying an additional fee. The details of the fee have been shown below:

  • 51-60 pounds: USD45
  • 61-100 pounds: USD75
  • 100+ pounds: Not Allowed
  • 63+ linear inches: USD75

Sun Airlines Firearms Policy

Potentially, firearms can be dangerous for carrying on planes. Most airlines may devoid passengers of these items. Sun Country can set an exception here. Being a reputed and passenger-centric air operator in the country, you may be provided with some leverage for firearms provided that you fulfill these conditions:

  • Ammunition and firearms are accepted by the carrier as checked bags only.
  • All firearms should be unloaded.
  • You need to declare the firearms at the check-in counter.
  • A passenger can only carry firearms in a hard-sided and properly locked container, i.e., a rifle case.

Important: Ammunition loaded in a magazine or loose ammunition may not be allowed in the Sun Country flights. Please read the related rules for more information.

Forbidden Items on Sun Country Flights

Sun Country has a list of items that are considered hazardous. It means you cannot travel with those items as per the Sun Country baggage policy. Items such as explosives, flammable substances, poisons, torch lighters, compressed gases, and aerosols, can be harmful to travelers.

Other such items can include:

  • Radioactive materials
  • Corrosives
  • Lithium batteries
  • Spray starch
  • Liquid fuels like lighter fluids, gasoline, or butane
  • Pesticides
  • Fireworks
  • Liquid oxygen
  • Oxygen bottles or/and cylinders

Note: Passengers can travel with a restricted amount of gels, liquids, or lotions which is 100 ml. You must keep the material in a transparent and tightly packed bottle or bag.

Sun Country, being a top-notch airline, aims at providing the best possible services and an amazing travel experience. The flexible and easy-to-understand Sun Country baggage rules are designed in a way that a flyer can have the safest and smoothest travel. However, it is equally important for a person to follow every rule and policy when they are willing to have the finest flying experience.

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