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Confirming to attend a flight requires a certain procedure which is determined by the Emirates check in policy. In order to do this efficiently, all the rules and regulations have to be adequately met. This policy also reveals the time limit before which the boarding pass has to be obtained. 

What are the General Conditions of the Emirates Flight Check In Policy?

The general guidelines of the Emirates flight check in policy include adhering to the time limit and providing the necessary documents. Other such conditions are:

  • It is mandatory to complete this procedure to obtain the boarding pass.
  • Only flights officially booked with the carrier can be checked in. 
  • Emirates seat selection and upgrades should be done during the process itself. 
  • All the details on the documents should be without any errors. 
  • You will be required to arrive at the airport at least a few hours in advance. 
  • Passengers traveling under group reservations should check in separately. 
  • All your baggage needs to be properly deposited. 
  • Children and infants should present their boarding passes as well. 
  • Minors will not be allowed to check in alone. 
  • Passengers traveling with pets should do this procedure for their animals too. 
  • This procedure’s time limit depends on the arrival destination and the respective airport. 
  • The carrier doesn’t board by zone. Boarding depends on the class/elite status. 

Note: When any ticket-specific conditions apply to your reservations, they will be informed at the time of booking.

Is there an Emirates Check In Time Limit?

The Emirates check-in time for opening and closing depends on the method of marking the arrival and the final destination. Also, the boarding gate and the security check time limits vary.

This table highlights the check-in and boarding time limits on this airline:

Check-in Limit (Before Departure)Security Check-in Limit (Before Leaving)Boarding Gate Arrival (Prior to Take-off)
3 hours 6 hours 60 minutes 45 minutes 

All the gates close 20 minutes before departure after which you will not be allowed to check in. This can also result in Emirates flight cancellations.

Online Check-in Time Limit:

In the case of Emirates web check in, the time limits differ compared to the offline processes. This is as follows:

RegionCheck-in Opening Time (Before Take-off)
Dubai 24 hours 
The USA 12 hours 
Other regions 48 hours 

Are There Any Benefits of Advance Online Emirates Check-In?

When you begin the check-in procedure well in advance, you can enjoy certain advantages that may not be available for last-minute passengers. These include:

  • You will be allowed to select the seats of your choice.
  • Any dietary demands can be made during early web check in on Emirates.
  • Upgrades to the reservations can be made at this time.
  • Digital boarding passes can be availed.

Note: In case you can’t access these benefits, get in touch with the airline agents to resolve the issue.

What are the Emirates Check in Baggage Rules?

Checking in your bags is an important step in the process of obtaining your boarding pass. Your bags will only be accepted by the authorities when all the necessary conditions are properly met.

These include:

  • All the items must meet the check in baggage size in Emirates.
  • Items must be deposited with the airline authorities after this procedure.
  • Only luggage with proper tags will be approved by this carrier.
  • These tags indicate that the item is eligible for transport.
  • Baggage tags can be attached to the items by the passengers themselves.

Receiving Bag Tags

The baggage tags for general passengers will be given by the ground staff at the departure airport. But, Award members can obtain them in the following ways:

  • Emirates Skywards Silver and Gold members can receive them at Dubai Airport.
  • The tags for Platinum members will be couriered to them.
  • For Skyward Skysurfer (children’s travel program), parents must collect them.

Eligibility for Receiving Tags

Certain Skywards passengers like the following will be eligible to get the check in baggage Emirates tags:

  • Silver members
  • Gold members
  • Platinum members

These members will have the opportunity to avail themselves of personalized tags at any point in their journey.

Which Rules Apply for Emirates Airlines Check in for Groups?

On this airline, group reservations refer to those made for around 10-12 passengers traveling under the same name and itinerary on a flight. To be eligible for such check-ins, the regulations are:

  • The check-in will only be opened when the group contains at least 10 passengers.
  • Requests for onboard personalized requirements should be made before doing this procedure.
  • These reservations can be made for:
    • School trips
    • Corporate travel
    • Religious travel
  • Other Emirates check in conditions remain the same as that of normal bookings.

Benefits of Group Check-In on Emirates:

Along with cost advantages, there are some other check-in benefits available to passengers traveling under the group reservation category.

  • The airline will arrange for a pre-arranged and advance check-in for such travelers.
  • At the airport, a check-in desk, exclusive to your group, will be in operation.
  • All the tags for Emirates Airline baggage check in for groups will be identical.
  • Special assistance will be offered by the airline authorities during the entire process.
  • Boarding passes can be availed collectively in advance.

Other Benefits:

Along with the advance check-in option, passengers flying in groups can get access to the following features:

  • Customized meal options can be requested 24 hours before the flight.
  • Personalized seating arrangements can be made 7 days prior to departure.
  • Special headrests and menus can be requested 15 days ahead of check-in.
  • For any special language requirements, requests can be made 30 days in advance.

Note: All these requests for the mentioned options should be made before check-in and the submission of boarding passes.

Is there a Cruise Check-in Option Available on Emirates Flights?

When traveling to Dubai, you can avail of the cruise check-in option made available by this airline. It can be accessed when you arrive in Dubai via port and plan to leave via flight.

You can check in to Emirates flight via the following ports:

  • Port Rashid
  • Dubai Harbour

Procedure to Check-in via Ports

To check in through ports, you will have to make a transition from ship to land. For this, you can use the given steps:

  • Arrive at Cruise Terminal 3 in the case of Port Rashid.
  • When using Dubia Harbour, check-in can be done via Terminals A and B.
  • Then go to the port check-in counter.
  • Here, the agents will weigh your bags.
  • If they are well within the desired limits, then the bags will be tagged.
  • You will be issued your boarding pass.
  • The airline will now send your bags directly to the international airport.

Benefits of Port Check-in:

Emirates check in for international flights is made easier through this option. Some of the other benefits of port check-in include:

  • You can deposit your bags with the port authorities.
  • Spend more time in the city before arriving at the airport for departure.
  • At the airport, you can skip the long check-in queues.
  • No additional fee will be charged for advance check-in at the port.
  • The check-in counters at the port will open 4 hours before the flight.
  • You can head straight to the airport without the hassle of carrying your bags.

Note: The availability of this feature varies. Call the airline to confirm the same.

How to Check in on Emirates Airlines?

As you prepare for your Emirates check-in, it’s important to ensure accurate passenger information, including your name. Emirates Name Change Policy offers a seamless method for updating passenger details. Now, to make Emirates check in easier and accessible to passengers from different countries, the airline has provided various offline and online options.

Method 1: From the Website

The Emirates check in online option is useful for quickly obtaining boarding passes, using the website of this airline.

  • Head to this airline’s official website.
  • On the first page, select the “Manage Booking/Check-In” tab.
  • Here, the following details will have to be given:
    • “Last Name”
    • And “Booking Reference”
  • Now. click on the “Check In” button.
  • Go through your reservation.
  • Once all the required conditions are met, follow the on-screen directions to check-in.
  • Your boarding pass will then be sent to the mail address submitted during booking.
  • Print out this document and present it at the airport counter.

Before you confirm your pass, you can select seats or make Emirates flight changes, as needed, during online check-in.

Conditions Applicable to Online Check-In

When you wish to access this online check-in feature, you will have to keep these regulations in view:

  • The Emirates web check in option will open 48 hours before the departure of the flight.
  • This portal will close 90 minutes before the take-off of the flight.
  • When you are flying to Dubai and the US, the time limit varies.
  • Online options will be available for partner flights provided that the first one is Emirates.
  • The same condition is applicable to codeshare flights with more than one airline.
  • Web check-in will only be available for up to 9 passengers under the same booking.
  • Emirates Airlines unaccompanied minors will not be eligible to access this feature.
  • Sometimes, the boarding passes will not be made available online.

Method 2: Via the Emirates Application

To avail of a digital boarding pass quickly, you can utilize the Emirates app to check in. Although it is similar to the online option, it has added benefits like customized features and faster response time.

To download this app, you can use any of these two sources:

  • Apple App Store
  • Google Play Store

Once the application is successfully downloaded, you can follow the given steps:

  • Log in to the application using your flight details and other personal information.
  • Navigate to the “Check-in” section on the app.
  • You can then retrieve your booking using the flight PNR.
  • Once the booking is retrieved, select the passengers whom you wish to check-in.
  • Follow the in-app instructions and complete the procedure.
  • The digital pass will now be automatically downloaded to your phone.
  • You can present the pass for scanning at the airport and you will be checked in.

Method 3: Through Self-Service Kiosks

A contactless check-in option would be the self-service kiosk device at the airport. This device enables passengers to get boarding passes on their own. To access this device, you will have to reach the airport a few hours in advance of the departure.

To know how to use the kiosk device for Emirates flights check in, you can refer to this procedure:

  • Go to the airport a few hours before the designated time limit.
  • Visit the kiosk closest to you and enter your flight details.
  • When your booking is available for viewing, go to the check-in option.
  • Hereon, you will have to follow the directions given at the kiosk.
  • Complete the process and get your boarding pass.
  • Otherwise, you can also operate this device using your mobile.

In case you have already checked in using the online option, the kiosk can be used to execute the same procedure for your bags. The same process can be followed.

Method 4: Emirates Airport Check-In

Checking in at the airport is the simplest of all the procedures. It is the conventional means by which you can obtain a paper boarding pass.

  • Make sure to reach the airport well before the Emirates Airlines check in time.
  • Go to the check-in counter closest to your boarding gate.
  • There will be separate desks for individuals, groups, and award passengers.
  • Head to the desk relevant to your ticket.
  • Submit the details asked by the agents at the desk.
  • Once these documents are scrutinized, the agents will print your pass.
  • Similarly, check in your bags and attach the tags.
  • Submit the bags to the deposit counters.
  • Present the pass at the boarding gate and complete the process.

Note: When you can’t present the required documents at the counter, the airline may reject your booking and not issue the pass.

Method 5: Via Portable Check-In

This airline has come up with new technology where portable stations are made available at different airports in order to facilitate checking in.

  • Go to your departure airport.
  • Visit the portable station.
  • The agents at the station will facilitate the check-in process.
  • Give all the required details.
  • Emirates Airline check in will be completed once the baggage is properly tagged.
  • Take your boarding pass and make your way to the boarding gate.

How to Complete Emirates Check-in for Ajman City via Bus Terminal?

When you are traveling to and from Ajman City, you can utilize the Ajman Central Bus Terminal check-in option. This option will be available for 24 hours.

  • The check-in will open 24 hours before the flight.
  • It will be open until 4 hours before the scheduled departure.
  • You will then need to get the boarding pass after submitting the required documents.
  • Go to the Emirates Terminal 3, using the AED 20 bus ticket.
  • After Emirates flight check in at the terminal, directly come to the airport.

The bus terminal will be open for check-in at the following times:

  • 04:00
  • 07:00
  • 11:00
  • 17:00
  • 21:30
  • 23:30

What Documents should I Submit to Get an Emirates Boarding Pass?

In order to avail of the Emirates boarding pass, you will be required to submit certain documents. It is also an essential requirement that all the details on these documents are proper.

  • Present health documents to certify that you are free of any communicable diseases.
  • The flight details including the PNR number and the booking code are to be submitted.
  • Passengers’ passports need to be shown.

Note: These documents will have to be presented irrespective of the mode of Emirates flight check in you have chosen.

Which Countries Require Advance Passenger Information for Emirates Check in Online?

When traveling to and from certain destinations, provide Advance Passenger Information (API) to access the Emirates online check in feature. These countries include:

CanadaCzech Republic
CyprusNew Zealand
QatarSri Lanka

Conditions Applicable

You can call the airline agents in advance to check whether your country is subject to these regulations or not. Other check-in conditions that are applicable when traveling to these countries are:

  • Online check-in will only be facilitated when all the relevant details are submitted. 
  • Missing passenger information can be added through the online check-in system. 
  • All the documents must be verified by the immigration authorities.

How to Obtain the Emirates E-Boarding Pass?

The e-boarding pass is a document issued when you complete the check-in online:

  • The e-boarding pass will be exactly similar to the check in online Emirates pass.
  • It will have all the details about your seating arrangement and other flight details.
  • The document will also mention your boarding gate number.

Can You View Your Check in Status on Emirates?

Passengers who have completed their check-in using the online procedure in advance will have the option to view their status. To know your Emirates passenger check in status, you will have to go to the carrier’s official site.

  • Go to the “Flight Status” tab on this website.
  • Enter all the required details about your:
    • Arrival and departure destinations
    • Flight number
    • Route
    • Date
  • Click on the “Check Status” button on the right.
  • You will now be able to view whether your flight is checked in, pending, or confirmed.

Contacting Emirates via Social Media for Check-in Queries

For any issues or queries regarding check in on Emirates Airlines, you can talk to the airline agents on the official social media platforms.

Social Media Applications/Platforms Official Links
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Emirates/
Twitter https://twitter.com/emirates
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/emirates/

Otherwise, contact this carrier on the call. For some locations, the phone numbers are:

Accra, Ghana+233302213131
Ajman, the UAE+971600555555
Bali, Indonesia+622129345555
Cairo, Egypt+20233320555
Chicago, the USA+18007773999

In a nutshell, the Emirates check in policy is simple to access and easy to understand. It helps passengers obtain boarding passes using different means. All the rules and conditions are made clear under this policy to enable passengers to avoid any kind of confusion.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours check in before Emirates flight?

The offline check-in process can be started as early as 24-48 hours on this carrier.

How many hours before can I do online check in Emirates?

Online check-in will open 48 hours before the take-off of the flight.

What time do Emirates check in desks open?

The desks at the airport will open on the day of the departure, about 6 hours prior.

How to check in on Emirates flight?

You can use the Emirates website to check in. The tab “Manage Booking/Check-In”, in specific, will be of help.

How early does Emirates check in open?

The online portal will open 48 hours before the flight and other check-in options open either on the day of departure or 24 hours prior.

How many check in baggage allowed in Emirates?

Checked bags’ quantity depends on the class of service ranging from 1 to 3.

How much check in baggage for Emirates?

The fee for baggage check-in will be informed at the time of making your reservation.

How to cancel check in Emirates?

You can cancel your check-in either under the “Manage Booking”  section or by calling the airline authorities.

How to check in baggage online Emirates?

Open the official site of the carrier, go to the “Manage Booking/Check-In” section, enter your details, and follow the given steps.

How to check in Emirates flight online?

Retrieve your booking under the “Manage Booking/Check-In” section on the website and follow the directions to get the pass.

What is Emirates online check in?

The online check-in option enables passengers to obtain the e-boarding pass.

What time does Emirates check in close?

Usually, check-in closes 90 minutes before the departure of the flight.

What time does Emirates check in counter open?

This counter opens 24 to 48 hours prior to the departure of a flight.

How to check in on Emirates app?

You will have to download the application, navigate to the “Check-in” section, and add the necessary details.

How to get boarding pass after online check in Emirates?

A boarding pass will be sent to your email address once the online check-in is done.

Is web check in mandatory for Emirates?

Yes, it will be mandatory for passengers to check in for their flights to obtain the boarding pass.

What is the benefit of online check in Emirates?

You will not have to wait in queues at the airport after the online check-in procedure.

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