Newark Liberty International Airport

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The Newark Liberty International Airport was earlier known as the Newark Metropolitan Airport. It undertakes flight operations serving different destinations like Europe, Asia, and South America. EWR Airport is the second busiest airport in New York City offering both national and international flights. It covers a passenger volume of around 43 million making it one of the most crowded airports as well. 

For more information about the airport’s operating procedures, structure, and terminal map, the following sections can be referred to. 

What is the General information about Newark Airport? 

The number of terminals the Newark International Airport has, its main hubs, the regions it serves, and other such details about this airport are mentioned below: 

Airport Newark Liberty International Airport 
Airport Type Public 
Operator Port Authority of New York and New Jersey 
Serves New York Metropolitan Area 
Hub For FedEx Express United Airlines 
Newark International Airport Code EWR 
Newark International Airport terminals Terminals A, B, and C 
Newark International Airport Coordinates 40.6895° N, 74.1745° W
Newark Airport Runways 4L/22R4R/22L11/29
Newark International Airport Address 3 Brewster Rd, Newark, NJ 07114, USA
Distance from the city 9 miles 0r 14 km from the city 
Official website
Official phone number +1 973-961-6000

What is the Official Newark Airport Code? 

To be recognized as an official airport, the code given by IATA or FAA is necessary. The airport code for Newark New Jersey is as follows: 

WMO Code 72502 
Newark Airport Zip Code 07114 

What is the Use of the Newark Airport Map? 

The map of Newark Airport, also known as the terminal map, gives an outline of the airport. It shows the area available for parking, the location of the shopping centers, and the area designated for check-in. The route to different terminals is also indicated on this map. Therefore, it is of great use to passengers as a measure to avoid unnecessary confusion. 

The terminal map of this airport is shown in the depiction given below: 

airfleetrating-map of newark airport

How Many Runways are there at the Newark Liberty International Airport? 

The number of runways housed by the Newark Liberty International Airport EWR is three. Each of these is of different dimensions to suit the requirements of different carriers: 

Runway Dimensions Surface Material 
4L/22R11,000 ft or 3,353 meters Asphalt or Concrete 
4R/22L10,000 ft or 3,048 meters Asphalt
11/296,726 ft or 2,050 meters Asphalt

What are the Additional Services and Facilities Available at the Newark Airport EWR? 

To make it feasible for passengers to easily check-in and board their flights, the EWR Newark Airport offers a range of facilities. These can be easily accessible to all the customers, as and when required. 

  • Shopping
    • All You Need 
    • Artist PopShop
    • BOLD Newark 
    • CIBO Express Gourmet Market 
    • Dufry Duty and Tax-Free 
    • Evolve 
    • Hudson Booksellers 
    • Ink Bookstore 
    • Hudson Nonstop 
    • InMotion Entertainment 
    • Johnston and Murphy 
    • Riviera 
    • Sims on the Go 
    • Sunglass Hut 
    • The Collection 
    • TUMI 
    • America!
    • Kylie Cosmetics 
  • Dining
    • Abruzzo Italian Steakhouse 
    • Bang Cookies 
    • Belgian Beer Cafe 
    • Bar Left 
    • Breakfast Boli 
    • Budweiser Brewhouse 
    • Caps Beer Garden Oases 
    • Custom Burger 
    • Dunkin Donuts Coffee 
    • Drop Water 
    • EJE Travel Retail Duty-Free 
    • Farmer’s Fridge 
    • Eggy Weggy 
    • Flip Flop Pancakes 
    • Garden State Diner 
    • Happy Clam Oases 
    • Garden States Market 
    • Kitchen Shop 
    • Kaedama 
  • Other Services
    • Worship Spaces 
    • Nursing Suites 
    • Newark Liberty International Airport Lounges 
    • Charging Stations 
    • ATM Machines 
    • Pet Relief and Service Animal Centres 
    • MAMAVA Lactation Pods 
    • Currency Exchange Stations 
    • Luggage Storage Centers 
    • Airport Information Counters 
    • Parking Spots 
    • EWR Lost and Found Department 

Is there an EWR Airport Lost and Found Department? 

The Port Authority of NY NJ will take care of all the items misplaced and lost at this airport. Passengers will have to file the Newark Airport lost and found report at the “official lost recovery site” which can be accessed via the airport’s main website. 

  • Details like the passenger’s email, contact number, and the location where the item was lost should be given. 
  • If all the necessary information is submitted, the officials will begin the search. 
  • The status of the search can be checked from time to time. 
  • The number to be used to connect with the Port Authority is (973) 578-2192

How Much is Parking at Newark Airport? 

The fee for Newark Airport parking depends on whether it is availed on a short-term or long-term basis. Also, the location of the parking garage has an influence on the fee as well. 

Image of newark airport parking map

What are the rates for Short Term parking at Newark Airport?

All three terminals at this airport offer this facility. However, the rates for Newark Airport Short Term parking can vary as follows: 

Duration Fee at Terminal A Fee at Terminals B and C
Half Hour USD 5.25 
Up to one hour USD 10.50
Each additional half-hour USD 5.25 USD 5.25
Each additional half hour after 3 hours USD 10.50USD 10.50
24 Hours Maximum USD 65 USD 70

If you wish to pre-book these parking spots, you will have to pay a fee of USD 44. 

Where is the Newark Airport Long Term Parking?

The daily parking facility is offered as part of long term parking at Newark Airport. The following table highlights the fee charged for such type of facility: 

Duration Fee Charged 
Half Hour USD 4.25 
Each additional half-hour USD 4.25 
Each additional half hour after three hours USD 8.50 
24 Hours USD 60 

In order to reserve a spot in advance, you will have to pay a fee of USD 38. 

How does economy parking work at Newark Airport?

The Economy parking Newark Airport is made available at more affordable rates. It can be used by all passengers irrespective of the terminal they are assigned during departure or arrival: 

Duration Fee Charged 
First 24 hours USD 35 
Every 12 hours after the first 24 hours USD 17.50 
Every 24 hours after the first day USD 25 

For booking beforehand, the fee charged will be around USD 25. 

Assisted EWR Parking Facilities

For passengers with restricted mobility, assisted and handicapped parking facilities are made available. The Newark Airport parking rates for this feature include: 

Duration Fee Charged 
Half Hour USD 4.25
24 Hours USD 35 

The Newark Liberty International Airport makes it possible for passengers to have a safe and comfortable airport experience. It makes sure that all the requirements of the fliers are met by offering different types of facilities. This airport also provides the option of pre-booking parking to make it available to all travelers. Further, the airport staff will provide the necessary assistance when required. 

How Long Are Newark Airport TSA Wait Times? 

The Newark Airport TSA wait time depends on the terminal at which you are conducting the screening process. You can reduce this wait time by booking a TSA pre-check service. The wait times as per different checkpoints are as follows: 

airfleetrating-what time does tsa open at newark airport
Terminal General Wait Line TSA Pre-Check Line 
Terminal A (All Gates) 5 min1 min 
Terminal B (Gates 40-47) 9 min 1 min 
Terminal B (Gates 51-57) 4 min 
Terminal B (Gates 60-68) 23 min 
Terminal C (All Gates) 6 min 2 min 

What are the Airports Closest to the Newark International Airport? 

Some of the airports located around the EWR Airport are listed down below. These can be visited in case any problem arises at the Newark Airport. 

  • Teterboro Airport (13 miles) – TEB 
  • LaGuardia Airport (17 miles) – LGA 
  • John F. Kennedy Airport (21 miles) – JFK 
  • Westchester County Airport (36 miles) – HPN 
  • Trenton Mercer Airport (44 miles) – TTN 
  • Newburgh Stewart Airport (56 miles) – SWF 
  • Lehigh Valley Airport (66 miles) – ABE 

How Many Newark Airport Terminals Are in Operation? 

There are three Newark Terminals housing a total of 125 gates. These are named Terminals A, B, and C. Each of the terminals has its own number of gates from where operations like check-in and boarding are undertaken. Basic services and retail stores are common to all the terminals. 

Terminal A Newark Airport 

The Newark Airport Terminal A is a newly constructed terminal having 33 gates. It was established as a replacement for the original terminal with newer infrastructural facilities. It has modern walking runways, new roadways, parking spots, and a systematic security system. Major Airlines like United, Air Canada, and JetBlue operate their national and international flights from here. 

Newark Airport Terminal B 

The Terminal B Newark Airport is directly under the supervision of the Port Authority. Most of the international operations take place at this terminal. It has four levels, each assigned for different processes like ticketing or baggage deposit. This terminal had undergone renovation in recent times which was completed in 2014. 

Newark Airport Terminal C 

The EWR Airport Terminal C is mainly used by United Airlines. Known for its food services, this terminal was given the “Best for Foodies” Award by the Fodor’s Travel Awards. Other than restaurant access, it also has facilities like nursing stations and pet relief areas. This terminal is also home to large concourses that can handle wide aircraft. It was recently remodeled to facilitate better baggage deposit and collection carousels. 

What are the Airlines Operating from the Newark Liberty International Airport EWR? 

Quite a large number of airlines operate via the terminals at EWR. Each airline is given a separate terminal to make it easier for travelers to locate their boarding gates. It is through this terminal that all the operations related to the said airline are conducted. Hence, based on your airline, you can head to the assigned gate during departure. 

Image of ewr airport

What is the Aer Lingus Newark Terminal? 

The Aer Lingus terminal Newark is Terminal B. All the check-in and ticketing procedures are conducted at the third level of this terminal. This terminal was subjected to an expansion project in 2008 and hence is currently able to accommodate an increased number of passengers. Accordingly, it offers all the general amenities and services as well. 

What is the Air Canada EWR Terminal? 

This airline is assigned Terminal A as its official terminal. Level 3 of the EWR Air Canada Terminal is used as the center for check-in. 8 new bridges and walkways were recently introduced here. Further, the parking space was also expanded. Therefore, it is one of the most spacious and well-maintained terminals of the airport. 

Which is the Air China Terminal Newark? 

All the ticketing procedures related to this carrier are undertaken at Level 3 of Terminal B. This terminal is known to be equipped with modern facilities that make it convenient for passengers to quickly complete their proceedings and also ensure their safety. The Newark Air China Terminal is exclusively managed by the Port Authority and any inconvenience can be reported to these agents. 

What is the Official Air France Newark Terminal? 

The official Air France Terminal Newark is Terminal B. To hand over your Air France baggage and complete the check-in process, you will have to head to the second level of this terminal. Recently, wireless network capabilities were introduced at this terminal to tighten passenger security. This system will be able to collect and analyze data as a measure to detect suspicious activity. 

What is the Main Air India Newark Terminal? 

Another airline managed by Terminal B is Air India, however, its check-in level is level 3. While using this terminal, you will have the chance to visit different shopping and dining centers. You can use the cell phone lots at the Air India Terminal Newark to make and receive calls during your wait time. Other facilities like charging stations, worship rooms, and ATM services are offered as well. 

Which is the Alaska Airlines Newark Terminal? 

Level 2 of Terminal B is assigned to this airline as its main terminal. Passengers will be allowed to access lounges here, either by on-spot booking or advance reservation. These lounges can be used as waiting areas in case of Alaska cancellations. Also, if you wish to change or upgrade your seat/flight, you will have to visit the help desk at Newark Airport Alaska Terminal. 

What is the Allegiant Terminal Newark Airport? 

Terminal B is used for all functions related to these flights. The terminal staff will provide all the required assistance during boarding and ticketing. If you wish to make any request like Allegiant flight cancellation, or change, you can contact the agents here. Further, the Allegiant Air Newark Terminal information desks offer guidance as to how to complete such requests. 

What is the Main American Airlines Newark Terminal? 

Terminal A is allotted to this airline where all the proceedings are completed at the third level. Being one of the newly constructed terminals, the American Airlines Terminal Newark is competent enough to manage a large passenger volume. It is well-suited to handle busy airlines and a heavy inflow of customers. 

What is the Austrian Airlines Newark Terminal? 

This airline operates via the B Terminal, specifically, the third level. Many facilities were installed at the Newark Airport Austrian Airlines terminal to improve the passenger experience. These include the wireless system and LED fixtures to display updates about flight changes or Austrian cancellations and also new software that can recognize license plates. 

Which is the Main British Airways Newark Terminal? 

One of the other major airlines undertaking its operations from the B terminal is British Airways. The first level of this terminal is used for British Airways baggage deposit. In case of arrival, you will be informed about the luggage carousel once you disembark the plane. You can also seek assistance from the officials at the terminal if you are unable to locate the check-in or the baggage counters. 

What is the Main Delta Terminal Newark Airport? 

The Newark Airport Delta Terminal is the B terminal. The second level of this terminal is assigned to this airline. To make sure that there are no delays in your boarding process, you will have to be present at the gate well before the minimum check-in time. Otherwise, you may be marked as a no-show passenger. 

What is the EL AL Newark Terminal? 

Terminal B manages the proceedings related to this carrier. For completing the security screening process for these flights, passengers will be required to head to Level 3 of the terminal. If you undergo any problem during any of these operations at the EL AL Terminal Newark Airport, you can immediately report to the agents present here. 

What is the Newark Airport Emirates Terminal? 

The B Terminal is the one allotted to this airline as its main terminal. The TSA check, luggage deposit, and Emirates check-in are conducted at the third level of this terminal. If you wish to cut down your TSA check time, you can either book the pre-check service or arrive early at the airport. Once the security screening process is done, you can head to the boarding gates assigned at the Emirates Newark Terminal. 

What is the Ethiopian Airlines Newark Terminal? 

Level 3 of Terminal B is indicated as the Ethiopian Airlines EWR Terminal. This terminal makes sure that the safety of the passengers is ensured and that any inconvenience is immediately resolved. The officials at the help desks will be available round the clock to provide the customers with all the necessary guidance. 

What is the Newark Terminal for United Airlines? 

There is more than one Newark Airport United Airlines Terminal. Terminal A is mainly used for all United Express flights. All the international arrivals of United take place at the B Terminal. Terminal C undertakes all the international and domestic arrivals of the United and United Express flights. Hence, you will have to head to your terminal based on your flight. 

What is the Spirit Airlines Newark Terminal? 

This carrier conducts all its operations from Terminal B, Level 2. Owing to the variety of services available here, the passenger experience is enhanced. You can visit the shopping stores or enjoy luxury services at the lounges available at this Newark Airport Spirit Terminal. Further, for passengers traveling with Spirit Airline’s pets, animal relief areas are also made available at the terminal. 

What is the Lufthansa Terminal Newark Airport? 

Terminal B is the one that manages flights operated by this carrier and Level 3 is where the ticketing process takes place. In case, there is a sudden shift in this Lufthansa Terminal Newark Airport, prior information will be given to the passengers. Accordingly, you can head to the new Terminal indicated on your boarding pass. 

Which is the Newark Airport JetBlue Terminal? 

More than one EWR JetBlue Terminal is assigned to this carrier. For general departures and check-in, Terminal A is used. For all international arrivals, the B Terminal is utilized. Hence, based on your flight, you will have to go to the right terminal. If you happen to face any confusion, make sure that you seek proper assistance from the airport agents. 

What is the Main Sun Country Newark Terminal? 

To facilitate the operations of these flights, Level 2 of Terminal B is used. In case of Sun Country cancellations or delays, you will be allowed to halt for a while at this Sun Country Terminal Newark. Other compensatory services like free drinks or food will also be offered in case passenger flights have been involuntarily canceled. However, the parking slot bookings of the fliers will not be revoked even though their fight has been canceled. 

Where do Newark Airport Flight Arrivals Take Place? 

All three terminals of the airport, that is A, B, and C act as the Newark Airport arrivals terminals. Based on the flight itinerary and schedule, your arrival terminal will be decided. You will be transported from this terminal to the airport gate via the shuttle services. Here, you can collect your baggage before heading out. Any issue regarding baggage collection can be taken to the officials present at the arrival terminal. 

Where do Newark Airport Flight Departures Take Place? 

The Newark Airport departures take place at all three terminals of the airport. The departure terminal will always be the one previously assigned to the carrier. Any change in such allotment will be conveyed to the passengers before the scheduled departure time. Otherwise, all the check-in and ticketing processes should be completed at the allotted terminals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What terminal is United at Newark Airport?

Newark United Airlines Terminal is Terminal C.

What terminal is American Airlines at Newark?

The official American terminal Newark is terminal A.

What terminal is JetBlue at Newark?

There is more than one JetBlue Terminal Newark Airport, that is, terminals A and B.

What terminal is JetBlue in Newark?

Terminals A and B are assigned as the JetBlue terminal at EWR.

What terminal is Alaska Airlines at Newark?

Terminal B is the main Alaska Air Newark Terminal.

What terminal is Delta at Newark Liberty International Airport ?

To visit the Delta Airlines Newark terminal, you will have to go to Terminal B.

Which terminal is United at Newark Airport?

Terminal B is the Newark Airport United International Terminal while Terminals C and A are used for domestic and express flights.

What terminal is Alaska Air at Newark?

Terminal B is known to be the EWR Alaska Airlines terminal.

What terminal is Spirit Airlines at Newark Airport?

Spirit Airline Newark Terminal is known to be Terminal B.

What is the New Terminal at Newark Airport?

Terminal A is one of the newer terminals at the Newark Airport EWR.

What terminal does Alaska Airlines use at Newark Airport?

The EWR Alaska Airlines terminal is terminal B.

What terminal is Air Canada at Newark?

Terminal A is assigned as the official Air Canada EWR Terminal.

What time does security open at Newark Airport terminal C?

It opens at 4: 30 am and starts the EWR terminal C security wait time.

Can you walk between terminals at Newark Airport?

You can either walk between the Newark airport terminals or utilize the shuttle services.

Is there a smoking area in Newark Airport Terminal C?

Yes, every terminal at this airport has a smoking area including Newark Terminal C.

What terminal is Allegiant at Newark Airport?

Terminal B is indicated as the Allegiant terminal Newark Airport.

What terminal is Frontier Airlines at Newark Airport?

There is no official Frontier Newark terminal, but if required, Terminal B can be used.

What terminal is SAS at Newark?

Terminal B can be used for the operations of these flights although no official SAS Airlines Newark terminal has been allotted.

How many terminals at Newark Airport?

There are a total of 3 terminals in Newark, A, B, and C.

How many terminals does Newark Airport have?

The Newark International Airport has three terminals.

How many terminals in Newark Airport?

A, B, and C are the Newark International Airport terminals.

What terminal is Delta at EWR?

Terminal B is assigned as the primary Newark International Airport Delta Terminal.

Which terminal is United at EWR?

All three terminals at the Newark Airport are used by United flights for their operations.

What terminal is Spirit at EWR?

The terminal indicated as the Newark International Airport Spirit terminal is terminal B.

What terminal is Allegiant at EWR?

Terminal B is the official Allegiant Air EWR terminal.

Is it clear at EWR Terminal A?

Security clearance facilities are available at Newark Airport Terminal A.

Can you walk between terminals at EWR?

Walking between terminals is possible but shuttle services can be used for Newark Terminal transfer.

Does EWR terminal B have clear?

The TSA and security screening will be made available at Terminal B Newark Airport as well.

How many terminals at EWR?

There are three terminals in operation at the Newark Airport.

How to get between terminals at EWR?

Passengers will be offered the ground transportation and shuttle services to get between Newark Airport terminals.

What terminal is Air Canada at EWR?

The Air Canada EWR terminal is terminal A.

What terminal is British Airways at EWR?

Terminal B is indicated as the British Airways terminal Newark.

What terminal is Emirates at EWR?

For boarding, the Newark Airport Emirates terminal, that is, terminal B is used.

What terminal is Lufthansa at EWR?

EWR Lufthansa terminal is alloted to Terminal B.

What terminal is Sun Country at EWR?

Terminal B is the official Newark Airport Sun Country terminal.

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