Does Spirit Airlines have a First Class Section for Domestic and International Flights?

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Choosing the best seat possible on your flight plays an important role in enhancing your journey. Since Spirit is a low-cost carrier, it is essential to find out does Spirit Airlines have a First Class Section. As of now, this airline does not provide this option. But it does keep in mind the requirements of flyers, especially when they are traveling long distances. For them, it gives other alternatives such as Economy and Big Front Seats. On long journeys and in other cases too, they can provide the necessary comfort. Additionally, some other facilities can also be received with these options.

General Information about Spirit Airlines

Fleet size197
HeadquartersMiramar, Florida, United States
Working Hours24 Hours
Official Website 
Instagram Account

Does Spirit have First Class Seats?

Being ultra-low-cost, the Spirit First Class section is not featured. It means that there will be no premium class on this carrier. But when it comes to comfort, passengers still prefer this airline. It has certain alternatives, as explained hereunder:

  • The Economy class is the standard fare offered by this carrier. 
  • “The Big Front Seat” is a larger option to sit, but it is not 1st Class. 
  • Bundled fare is another Economy ticket type.

Does Spirit Airlines have First Class Seating on International Flights?

The Spirit Airline First Class seating option is not provided on international flights. Only Economy fares and the Big Front Seats are offered on these routes. This is the case for all the flights operating to the Caribbean, South America, and other global destinations. 

If you wish to have more space, you can go for the Big Front seat option since there is no traditional First Class present. 

What Seating Options Does Spirit have Except for First Class?

This carrier only has the standard Economy fare in place of Spirit First Class seats. The Big Front seats are also part of this Economy Fare although they cost a little more than the standard price. 

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It is to note that these seating choices are limited in numbers. Hence, early reservations should be made. Based on the type of aircraft, the seat map of a Spirit Airlines flight shows the following seats: 

  • 8 – 10 Big Front Row Seats are present.
  • 135 – 227 Deluxe Leather Seats are provided.
  • Disabled passengers can find 9 – 12 accessibility seats.

Does Spirit Airline have First Class or Business Class?

Owing to Spirit Airlines cheap flights, it does not have the Business or First Class option on any of its flights. The Big Front seats are the costliest fares offered by this carrier. But they are not the traditional Spirit Airlines First Class seats. Hence, the seating options are said to be limited on this airline as it is an ultra-low-cost carrier with affordability as its main aim. 

Do Spirit Big Front Seats have First Class Benefits?

The conventional benefits offered in a 1st Class fare type are not provided by the Spirit Big Front seats. However, this option does make available a few features for the comfort of the fliers. Although these benefits do not make up for the absence of First Class on Spirit Airlines, they help in ensuring the passengers’ trips are more convenient. 

  • The dimensions of these seats are usually 37 in * 22 in pitch and width, respectively. 
  • Extra seat space is offered at 22 inches. 
  • There will be no middle seats when you select this fare type. 
  • They are wider, when compared to the other Economy class seats. 
  • More legroom is facilitated by the Big Front Seats. 
  • One check-in bag can be taken for free under this fare. 
  • Overweight Spirit Airlines baggage is allowed but an additional fee has to be paid. 
  • Refreshments will be provided to these ticket holders. 
  • On-board upgrades can be done by passengers traveling with these tickets. 
  • The price of these seats ranges between USD 12 and USD 750, based on the time of reservation. 
  • On-spot booking can be done upon the payment of the required fees. 

Does Spirit Airlines have a First Class Section Domestically?

Spirit Airlines First Class fare section is not offered on any domestic flights managed by this carrier. This airline serves more than 50 domestic destinations in the US and none of them provide the Business or First Class section. But the Big Front Seats are the most spacious option available on domestic flights. 

How Much is Spirit First Class?

This airline does not offer any First Class option. So, there is no cost that indicates the Spirit Airlines First Class price. The highest-priced seats on these flights are the Big Front Seats. These fares can go as high as USD 750 if you wish to reserve them in advance. 

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  • In case of onboard upgrades to these seats, you will have to pay a fee. 
  • This can range between USD 12 and USD 250. 
  • For selecting a regular seat on this carrier, USD 200 will have to be paid. 
  • No cost will be charged when you go for the random seat allotment feature. 

Can I Upgrade to Spirit First Class?

Upgrades to Spirit First Class seats are not possible as there is no such fare provided. However, passengers will be allowed to make upgrades and changes to their seats mid-flight. 

  • They can upgrade to the Big Front seats by paying an extra charge, based on their availability. 
  • Otherwise, request a seat change when facing any issues with the assigned one. 

Will There be Spirit Airlines First Class Option in the Future?

As of yet, no indication has been given regarding the introduction of Spirit First Class in the future. In case the airline decides to introduce such an option, it will make an announcement on its official site. 

  • However, owing to the low-cost nature of Spirit, there are low expectations about this option. 
  • More options at economical prices might be introduced by the carrier, when possible. 

Although there is no Spirit Airline First class service offered, a comfortable trip can still be enjoyed. The airline makes sure that all services that are important for passengers are made available at affordable prices. For those who require more leg space, Big Front seats are specially provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Spirit have First Class?

In short No, Spirit Airlines does not have the First Class seating option.

Does Spirit Airlines have First Class on international flights?

No, none of the Spirit international flights offer the First Class option.

Is there First Class on Spirit?

There is no such class on this airline’s flights.

Do Spirit have First Class on domestic flights?

No, the First Class Spirit Airlines option is not provided on domestic flights.

What is the closest option to Spirit First Class?

The Big Front seats come closest to the Spirit First Class option.

Does Spirit Air have First Class or Business?

No, Business class is not a seating option provided by this carrier.

Can I upgrade to Spirit First Class?

Passengers cannot upgrade to First class as it is not an available fare type.

Are Big Front seats similar to First Class on Spirit?

Big Front seats offer extra seat space but are not similar to the First class.

Is there a First class seat on Spirit domestic flights?

No, there is no First Class seat section on the domestic aircraft of the carrier.

How much is Spirit First Class?

There is no first class on this airline, hence, no cost is applicable.

Is Spirit First Class worth it?

Spirit Airlines does not provide any First Class seats. Hence, its worthiness can’t be determined.

Is the Spirit Big Front seat worth it?

These seats offer additional benefits at affordable prices. They are worthy of a low-cost carrier.

Why is there no First Class on Spirit?

It does not have a First class section as it is an ultra-low-cost carrier.

What fares are available on Spirit?

Economy and Big Front seats are available on Spirit Airlines.

Can I fly first class on Spirit International flights?

It is not possible to fly First Class with this operator.

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