Does Emirates have WiFi?

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Being able to use the internet while flying is one of the key necessities of modern times. While flying with carriers like Emirates, one should inquire about the availability of this service when required. Along with learning does Emirates have WiFi, the uses of the services should be identified too. The Dubai-based carrier provides the inflight Wi-Fi service and enables passengers to access the related facilities throughout. It not only helps corporate passengers to complete their work requirements but also provides entertainment services. Every passenger ought to know the procedure to connect to Wi-Fi in order to avail of these facilities. 

Is Emirates Inflight Wi-Fi Available?

This carrier provides Emirates Wi-Fi in flight. All the eligible fliers will be allowed to connect to the service provided onboard. This enables unlimited access to the internet and other WiFi-related services too. 

  • WiFi will be made available once a passenger makes the required payment. 
  • “OnAir” is the name under which Emirates provides these services. 
  • Certain streaming and sync services will be restricted under this facility. 
  • The price structure may change depending on the route and the end destination. 
  • Sometimes, there can emerge a few faults white accessing WiFi. 
  • Emirates will be responsible only for the manageable faults. 
  • The quality/speed of the internet can differ based on the network bandwidth in different areas. 

How to Connect to Wi-Fi on Emirates Flight? 

In order to be able to connect to the Inflight Wi-Fi Emirates, you will first have to purchase the Wi-Fi plan. This can be either done online using the “Manage Booking” option if you are a Skywards Member or while on board as well. Once you have purchased the plan, follow the steps given below to connect to the internet: 

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  • Switch on the “Airplane Mode” on your device. 
  • Turn on the “WiFi” option in the settings. 
  • Go to the “Available Networks” section. 
  • Select the “OnAir” WiFi network.
  • Log in using your account details. Provide the password if you are a Skywards Member. 
  • Make the required payment, if not already paid. 
  • Your device will now be connected to wifi. 

If you are not a Skywards Member, you can directly log in to the website using your flight details and follow the same procedure to access WiFi. 

What is the Emirates Wi-Fi In-Flight Cost? 

The Emirates WiFi cost varies as per the plan chosen by the passengers. Different plans offer different features and services. The duration of the plan can also affect the price. The following table highlights the type of WiFi plans offered by the carrier and their relative prices: 

WiFi Plan Benefits Offered 
USD 2.99 – USD 5.99 Unlimited Chat option throughout the entire flight. Available for Whatsapp, iMessage, Facebook, Messenger, WeChat, Line, Viber
USD 9.99 – USD 19.99 Internet access throughout the entire flight. (The availability can differ based on the duration of the flight) 
USD 9.99 WiFi for 30 minutes without any limit on data. Only available in selected regions 
Free WiFi Access to WhatsApp, Messenger, and other messaging applications, only available to Skyward Members 

Note: These mentioned prices can be subject to change at any time. 

Do Emirates Have Free Wi-Fi? 

Emirates free Wi-Fi will be provided only to a certain group of fliers like those with a membership status. Although access to messaging is provided to those using free WiFi, some of the streaming services might be limited. 

  • Accessibility to free WiFi for all Skyward passengers was granted on 19 May 2023. 
  • Passengers with Skyward membership – Blue, Silver, Gold, and Platinum get free Wi-Fi. 
  • It will be accessible to passengers in all classes – Economy, Business, and First Class. 
  • The airline spent over USD 300 million to provide free Wi-Fi on all its flights. 

Note: Along with free WiFi, Skyward Members can also enjoy other amenities like free charging, extra Emirates baggage allowance, and easy reservation options. 

Does Emirates Economy Class Have Wi-Fi? 

Passengers traveling in the Economy section of this carrier can also enjoy Wi-Fi in flight Emirates. However, it might not be available on all flights owing to satellite conditions and barriers in the route. 

  • Most Emirates flights provide WiFi to Economy class fiers. 
  • In case, any flight does not have WiFi in the Economy class, prior information will be given. 
  • You must pay the required fee if you are not a Skyward member. 

To What Devices Can Emirates InFlight Wi-Fi Connect? 

The Emirates Wi-Fi on board can connect to a number of devices as long as they are compatible with the network bandwidth. Any brand or type of electronic device can be connected if it meets the technical requirements. Some of the basic devices include: 

  • Smartphones 
  • Tablets 
  • Headphones 
  • Game Controllers 
  • Smartwatches 
  • Bluetooth devices

You can test your device’s compatibility with the airline’s Wi-Fi before Emirates check-in

What are the Benefits of Emirates On Board Wi-Fi? 

Getting access to Emirates WiFi on a plane allows travelers to enjoy a wide range of internet facilities. These facilities enable passengers not only to work but also to enjoy entertainment services. Some more benefits of Emirates Wi-Fi are as follows: 

  • You can get unlimited access to browsing and streaming services. 
  • Movies, serials, and videos can be enjoyed. 
  • WiFi can be connected to the device of your choice. 
  • Gaming can also be enjoyed by children by connecting WiFi to game controllers. 
  • Social media platforms can be accessed at high speed. 

Can I Refund My Emirates WiFi Plan? 

Travelers can request a refund on Emirates Wi-Fi plans if they face any issues while accessing the internet after purchasing the plan. However, if you cancel Emirates flights voluntarily, your Wi-Fi plan fee may not be refunded. 

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Requests for Wi-Fi refunds can be made in the following ways: 

  • By connecting with the cabin crew members.
  • By sending a mail to to get the details of the service provider. 
  • By contacting the in-office agents of the airline at the toll-free number 091670 03333

Do Emirates Flights Have Wi-Fi on International Routes? 

Wi-Fi on Emirates flights is made available on most international routes. However, limitations on the provision of the WiFi facility can be imposed based on the international itinerary and the end destination. 

  • If the route is long, there can be some areas in which the internet might not be available. 
  • Sometimes, WiFi may be made available only for half of the journey. 

Is Emirates Flight Wi-Fi Good? 

As per the recent improvements, Emirates plane Wi-Fi has reached a new level of enhanced quality. It can be connected to multiple devices and offers high-speed services.  Hence, Emirates WiFi is deemed to be quite good. 

  • The Inmarsat Global Xpress Satellite Network is used to provide WiFi. 
  • Streaming services can be accessed at a speed of up to 50 Mbps. 

Does Emirates A380 Have Wi-Fi? 

The A380 Airbus operated by this carrier offers Wi-Fi services. The Emirates Wi-Fi plans on this aircraft are similar to the rest of the fleet. Currently, the airline is making arrangements to introduce Wi-Fi on its A350 Airbus. 

Emirates Inflight Wi-Fi is not only fast but also of good quality. Passengers flying to different regions can access this service. The carrier also offers different plans to suit the needs of a variety of fliers. Hence, if you wish to avail of yourself some in-flight entertainment or meet your work duties, you can use the Emirates WiFi option. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Emirates offer Wi-Fi?

Yes, Emirates Airlines offers Wi-Fi services on its flights.

Is there free Wi-Fi on Emirates?

Free Wi-Fi on Emirates flights can be accessed by Skywards members.

Does Emirates Economy class have Wi-Fi?

Yes, all the Economy class passengers of Emirates can enjoy Wi-Fi services.

How to get Wi-Fi on Emirates?

Turn on your airplane mode and connect to the Emirates on-air Wi-Fi network.

Is Emirates Wi-Fi good?

Emirates Wi-Fi is fast and buffer-free. It can be used to stream various services.

Can you use Wi-Fi on Emirates flights?

Yes, passengers traveling with this carrier can get in-flight Wi-Fi.

How to use Wi-Fi in Emirates flights?

You will have to connect to the Emirates Wi-Fi network to get Wi-Fi on these flights.

What is the cost of Wi-Fi on Emirates flights?

Based on the Emirates Wi-Fi plan, the cost can range between USD 2.99 and USD 19.99.

Do Emirates Airlines have Wi-Fi on domestic flights?

Yes, the Wi-Fi facility will be provided on domestic flights of this carrier.

Do you get free Wi-Fi on Emirates?

If you are a member of the Skywards program, you can get free Wi-Fi on these flights.

Does Emirates Boeing 777 have Wi-Fi?

Yes, the Emirates Boeing 777 has Wi-Fi Services.

What are the Emirates Wi-Fi plans?

Emirates offers three Wi-Fi plans- unlimited chat, Wi-Fi for the whole flight, and easy connection.

Are Emirates inflight Wi-Fi charges cheap?

The starting price for Emirates Wi-Fi is USD 2.99.

Does Emirates have WiFi?

Yes, Emirates passengers can access the inflight Wi-Fi.

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