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Name Change Policy
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As it is an important requirement to mention the correct details on the flight ticket, this carrier allows passengers to correct their names. This feature is made available under the Emirates name change policy. It permits different kinds of edits to the parts of your name. To understand the benefits of this policy, a quick reference can be helpful.

Emirates Name Change Policy, How to Correct Name on Ticket

Which Guidelines are Applicable to the Emirates Name Correction Policy?

There are some basic conditions given under the Emirates Airlines name correction policy. They are applicable to all kinds of modifications.

  • Only confirmed reservations will be eligible for changes.
  • All the modifications have to be made before the take-off of the first flight of the itinerary.
  • Edits can only be made to tickets booked through approved sources of the carrier.
  • Misspelled details can be corrected by modifying certain letters or characters.
  • Alterations resulting from legal changes can be done throughout the journey, even after Emirates flight check-in.
  • The full name of the traveler cannot be changed.
  • The ticket cannot be transferred from one person to the other.
  • Adjustments to the contact details of the passenger will be regarded as changes.
  • Modifications can be made to tickets:
    • Directly booked via the airline’s website, ticket office, or contact center
    • Reserved via travel agencies

Remember: The application of additional charges or other fare-specific conditions will be informed when making the request.

How Much is the Emirates Name Change Fee?

The Emirates name change cost varies based on the source of booking your destination. However, irrespective of these factors, the payment of these charges is mandatory.

Location-Wise Fees

When traveling to the UK, you will be subject to pay the following amount of fees:

Source of Booking Fees Charged/Ticket (GBP)
Direct 10 

When traveling to Brazil:

  • You will be free from the payment of any fees if the point of origin/sale of the ticket is Brazil.

On flights to India:

  • In case the point of sale is in India, you will be allowed to make name corrections for free.

For other destinations except for the UK, Brazil, and India, the fee to change the name on Emirates flights is as highlighted in the table below:

Booking TypeCosts Applicable per Ticket (In USD)
Direct 30 
Indirect 20 

How to Change Name on Emirates Airlines Tickets?

The method to change the name on Emirates tickets depends on the booking process. Changes to direct bookings can be made through the site or by contacting the airline agents. Modifications to indirect bookings should be made by connecting with the travel agent.

Method 1: Initiating Online Changes

This is the fastest way on Emirates to change name on tickets as the website of the airline can be accessed from anywhere. Given below is the detailed procedure to make the required changes to your tickets:

  • On the home page of Emirates’ site, find the “Manage Booking/Check-In” tab.
  • Under this section, give your details like “Last Name” and “Booking Reference”.
  • Click on the “Manage Booking” option.
  • Your reservation will now be retrieved. 
  • Select the flight to which changes have to be made.
  • Enter the part of the name you wish to modify.
  • Provide the new name.
  • Follow the directions on-screen to complete the procedure.
  • Make the online payment of the required fee.
  • Once your name is successfully altered, you will receive a confirmation mail.
  • Recheck your details on this mail.

Remember: In case the online option is not made available in your region due to any reason, contact the airline authorities.

Method 2: By Contacting the Airline Agents

In order to change passenger name on Emirates through the offline mode, connect with the airline agents. They will alter your ticket on your behalf.

To connect with these agents, you can use any of the given numbers based on your country:

Region Contact Number 
Melbourne, Australia+611300303777
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates +971600555555
Paris, France +33157324999
Copenhagen, Denmark +4538487000
Belgrade, Serbia+381113034488
Santiago de Chile +56223937300
Beijing, China+4008822380
Other Locations+919167003333

Once you connect with the authorities, you will have to:

  • Inform them about the reason for your call.
  • Give all the details about your flight to enable them to retrieve your booking.
  • All the required personal details have to be submitted for the Emirates name change procedure.
  • When your ticket is deemed eligible for changes, the airline will continue the process.
  • You will be required to pay the necessary fees along with the service charges.
  • Once the changes are made, the airline will get back to you for confirmation.
  • You can check the changed ticket now.

Remember: This method can be used to make other alterations or upgrades to your reservations as well without any hassle.

Method 3: Modifying Travel Agency Bookings

The Emirates change name on ticket option for travel agency bookings can be accessed by connecting directly with the respective agent.

  • Talk to the agent via whom the reservation has been made.
  • Give all the necessary details to the agent and allow them to modify your name.
  • The cost payable to the agent is not, in any way, related to the fee charged by the carrier.

Remember: This airline will not be responsible for any malpractice on the part of the agency.

Who Can Use the Emirates Name Change Policy?

You can use this policy when you decide to alter your details well before the departure of the flight. Otherwise, you will not be eligible for flying. This may also result in Emirates flight cancellations.

  • The name change in Emirates tickets can be accessed 2 hours before the flight.
  • In the case of indirect bookings, the timing depends on the policy of the respective agency.

What Documents Should You Submit for Emirates Ticket Name Correction?

According to Emirates’ name correction policy, the documents required to be presented depend on the type of alteration and the reason for the change. They might also depend on the policy of the destination country.

For general name corrections, the following documents have to be presented:

  • The passport of the passenger
  • Other identity proof to verify the name of the flier
  • Booking confirmation receipt
  • Boarding pass (if available)

When you have to make legal modifications like Emirates name change after marriage or divorce, submit: 

  • Marriage or divorce certification
  • Other legal documents relating to the type of change
  • Documents verifying the last and first names of the passenger

Remember: You will be allowed to change your name to make it similar to the name on your passport.

Should I Change Joint Names on Emirates Airlines?

Sometimes, when you have entered multiple first names or last names, the ticket might show joint names on the boarding pass. In such cases:

  • The Emirates Airline name change policy does not make it mandatory to change them.
  • Your first and last names can be interchanged.
  • All of the names can be given without any spaces on the ticket.
  • The name will be accepted as long as it matches the one given on the passport.
  • It is not necessary to have a separation between these names.
  • Visit the airport counter for more assistance.

Social Media Contacts of Emirates Airlines

Get in touch with the executives of Emirates Airlines through social media when you have simple questions about the Emirates ticket name correction or change policy.

The following can be used to reach out to the agents:

Social MediaLink
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/emirates/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Emirates/
Twitter https://twitter.com/emirates

In brief, the Emirates name change policy is one of the simplest frameworks of Emirates Airlines. It can be utilized in different ways to make multiple kinds of changes. Further, the fee charged to access this feature is minimal as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Emirates allow name changes?

Yes, this airline allows its passengers to change a part of their name.

How much do Emirates charge to change a name?

Emirates name change fees can be from USD 20-30, depending on the mode of booking.

How to correct name on Emirates ticket?

Visit “Manage Booking/Check-In” on Emirates’ site. Provide your information to access the name change facility.

Can I change passenger name on Emirates ticket?

There are limitations on Emirates to change passenger names completely.

Can you change name on Emirates flight?

Name change includes corrections but not complete modifications.

How to change name on Emirates ticket?

You can directly call the airline agents and request the necessary alterations.

Can I change the name on my Emirates ticket?

A flier’s name can be changed as long as it does not amount to the transfer of the ticket.

Can I travel under an incorrect name on an Emirates tickets?

No, the name on your ticket must be exactly similar to the name on your passport.

Can I change names on an Emirates ticket within 24 hours of booking?

Yes, you can alter your names within the first day of booking on this carrier.

How to correct wrong name on Emirates tickets?

You can either use the site of the carrier or connect personally with the airline agents to correct names.

What is the cost of changing name with Emirates Airlines?

The Emirates flight name change cost is as per the mode of booking and can be around 30 USD.

Do you need a middle name on the airline tickets of Emirates?

It is not necessary to have a middle name if it is not present on the passport.

How much is the Emirates name change fee?

Costs for modifying particulars can be around USD 30, based on the source of your booking.

How to contact Emirates for a name change?

You can call the reservation office in your city by checking the website.

Can I transfer my Emirates ticket?

No, you will not be permitted to transfer your Emirates ticket.

How to book a flight ticket without last name Emirates?

You can book a flight ticket without last name on Emirates through a third-party travel agency that does not require a last name.

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