Frontier Terminal IAH Airport

Frontier Terminal IAH Airport

George Bush International Airport, known as IAH, enables the freight of various carriers around the world including Frontier. To travel with this airline without any hassle, passengers will need to know what terminal is Frontier at IAH. It is also necessary to know what gates undertake operations related to this carrier and where the major check-in centers are situated. This will help travelers easily locate various points around the airport and hence complete their processes effortlessly. Therefore, it can be quite beneficial to have overall knowledge regarding this international airport. 

General Information about Frontier Terminal IAH Airport

The official IAH Frontier Terminal is Terminal A. It is the major terminal of the airport undertaking both arrivals and departures. To facilitate other services like parking and subway, the terminal is classified into five levels. More information about the terminal is given here: 

AirportGeorge Bush Intercontinental Airport
Airport LocationHouston, Texas, United States
Airport ForFrontier Airlines
Frontier Airlines George Bush Airport AddressWill Clayton Parkway from U.S. Highway 59, Texas 77032, USA
IATA Airport CodeIAH
CountryUnited States
Airport Phone Number1 281-230-3100
Frontier Airlines Terminal IAHTerminal A
Opens At24 hours
Frontier Official Website
Houstan Official

Frontier Airlines IAH Terminal Map

To help passengers find their way within the airport, the Frontier Airlines Terminal IAH map is given. This map will be projected at the airport for easy access to the passengers. It highlights the different gates where boarding and baggage pick-up take place. The map also discloses directions to the parking spots, self-kiosk centers, and other retail and shopping stores within the terminal. 

The official map of the Frontier Terminal at George Bush Airport is given below: 

airfleetrating-iah map airport

Frontier Airlines Arrivals IAH Terminal 

IAH Frontier Terminal Arrivals include both Terminal A and Terminal E. Level 1 at Terminal A undertakes operations related to domestic arrivals while Terminal E is used for international arrivals. Both of these terminals have Frontier baggage collection points and passenger pick-up areas. Terminal runways and skyways can be used to get to these points. Further, near the exit gates, public transport services will be made available as well. 

Frontier Airlines Departure Terminal IAH Airport 

To enable IAH Frontier departures, Terminal A of the airport is utilized. Both national and international departures occur at the second level of this terminal. The services housed by the departure terminal include Frontier check-in centers, shopping stores and restaurants, baggage wrapping stations, TSA checks, and parking spaces. You will have to quickly complete all the required pre-departure proceedings to get your boarding pass. 

Frontier Airlines Houston Terminal for International Arrivals and Departures 

Internationally arriving passengers will be dropped off at Terminal E of this airport. This Frontier Airlines Arrival Terminal enables passengers to first collect their baggage and later utilize the taxi services. In case you have a waiting time for your next flight, you can head to the waiting rooms provided by this terminal. Additionally, passengers here can visit the duty-free retail stores as well. 

All international departures under this carrier will take place at Terminal A of the airport. For international IAH Frontier Terminal departures, you will have to complete the check-in and TSA screening at least one hour before the flight’s take-off. Once you get through the TSA check, you can visit the various stores and enjoy services within the terminal. 

Frontier Lounge IAH Airport

The Frontier IAH Terminal does not have lounge access. This airline does not house a lounge or any luxury waiting room service at the George Bush Airport. Passengers with connecting flights have to wait in the general waiting rooms. Generally, no extra fee is charged for access to these rooms. 

Frontier Terminal IAH Airport Lounge Charges

As there is no lounge for Frontier Airlines, George Bush Airport does not charge any extra fees. The general waiting rooms can be availed for free. However, you may have to pay convenience charges or service fees if you utilize these waiting rooms. 

Frontier Airlines Baggage Allowance at IAH 

Before heading for departure, you will have to deposit your luggage at the George Bush Airport Frontier Terminal. Only the checked baggage has to be handed over while the cabin luggage can be brought inside the aircraft. The weight limitations and the fee charged for this baggage allowance are as follows: 

  • Tickets include the allowance of 2 checked bags of 23 kgs each. 
  • One personal bag within the dimensions 14″ X 18″ X 8″ can be carried for free. 
  • You can also carry one cabin bag less than or equal to 35 lbs or 15 kg. 
  • Overweight luggage will be charged USD 50-100 based on the extra weight. 

Frontier Airlines IAH Temrinal Check-In 

The main Frontier Airlines Houston IAH Terminal, that is, Terminal A enables check-in for these flights. Check-in can be done in different ways including curbside, on your own using the kiosk, or even online as well. The check-in locations inside this terminal are mentioned here: 

Check-In Type Check-In Location 
General Check-In Second Level of Terminal A 
Curbside (if available) Outside Security of Second Level of Terminal A
Priority Services Terminal A 
Self Use Kiosk Second Level of Terminal A 

Frontier TSA Precheck at Houstan Airport

The TSA pre-check facility is made available at this airport. This service enables fliers to cut the Frontier IAH wait line during security screening. An extra fee has to be paid in case you wish to book such a facility. It has to be done in advance. 

  • TSA Pre-check can be availed in Terminal A at the North end. 
  • You can register for this service online on the TSA website or at Terminal C of the airport. 
  • Registrations can be done between 7:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. and from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on working days. 

Frontier Airlines Headquarters Contact Number at IAH

If you encounter any issue at the IAH Airport Frontier Terminal or wish to resolve any query, you can reach out to the airline using that chat or the email option. This airline does not usually take any calls and resolves issues in the written format. 

  • For general queries, you can chat with the airline on WhatsApp at 720-902-3969. 
  • For any reservation queries, you will have to email the airline on its official site. 
  • The official site can also be used to file complaints and send feedback. 

Parking at the IAH Frontier Airlines Terminal

The IAH Frontier Terminal A has parking facilities at the 4th and ground levels. Travelers can also pre-book their spots in the garages to save money and time. The availability of the parking spots can vary based on the crowd. 

Parking fee at IAH is charged based on the duration of use: 

Parking Type Parking FeeDuration Parking Location 
Garage Parking USD 25 Per Day 2800 N. Terminal Road 
Valet Parking USD 30 Per Day 2800 N. Terminal Road 

Where Does Frontier Fly from Houston IAH? 

This carrier covers different short-haul and long-haul destinations from George Bush Airport. Generally, this airline offers direct flights. Flights from Frontier IAH terminal are provided to the following regions:

Location Airport 
Orlando MCO/ Orlando International Airport 
Atlanta ATL or Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Denver DEN/ Denver International Airport
Los Angeles LAX or Los Angeles International Airport 
Miami MIA/ Miami International Airport 
Chicago ORD or O’Hare International Airport 

The Frontier Terminal IAH Airport seeks to provide all the necessary facilities to the passengers. It offers a variety of services that can help in improving the traveler’s airport experience. Procedures like check-in and screening are also completed quickly without any hassle. Hence, the terminal agents make sure that the passengers do not face any kind of inconvenience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Terminal is Frontier at IAH

Frontier Airlines used Terminal A at IAH Houston Airport.

What Terminal is Frontier Airlines at IAH?

Terminal A is assigned as the official Frontier Airlines IAH Terminal.

What Terminal will Frontier fly out of at IAH?

Frontier flies out of Terminal A at the George Bush Airport.

When did Frontier Utilities open in Houston?

Frontier Utilities opened in 2008 at the IAH Airport.

Where is parking at the Frontier Airlines George Bush Airport Terminal?

Parking at this terminal is provided in the garage at the ground level or on the fourth level.

Does the Frontier Terminal at IAH Airport have a lounge?

The Frontier Airlines IAH Terminal does not have a lounge.

Which is the Frontier IAH Terminal for international arrivals?

Terminal A or E is used for Frontier IAH international arrivals.

How much is the parking at Frontier IAH Terminal?

The fee for parking at this terminal can range between USD 25 and USD 30.

Is there a TSA Pre-Check at the IAH Frontier Terminal?

Yes, the IAH Terminal offers a TSA Precheck facility for Frontier Airlines passengers.

What is the Frontier departure Terminal at IAH Airport?

Terminal A is used for IAH Frontier departures including domestic and international flights.

What terminal is Frontier at Bush Airport?

Frontier Airlines operates in Terminal A at Bush Airport.

What terminal does Frontier fly out of at IAH?

Frontier Airlines Departed from Terminal A at IAH Airport.

Which terminal is Frontier at IAH Airport?

Frontier Airlines uses Terminal A at IAH Airport.

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