Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy

Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy

Frontier Airlines is one of the well-known air carriers in the U.S. Having its headquarters in Denver, it has developed several policies for the convenience of the passengers. Frontier Airlines’ baggage policy has been made for letting the flyers know about its allowances and fees. The rules of this policy allow the customers to board the flight with minimum luggage.

Luggage-Trolley-icon Frontier Airlines Baggage Allowance for Checked Items

Following the TSA guidelines, the airline based in Denver can approve the flyers to take checked bags inside its flight. These checked bags should comply with the weight and size allowance in order to board the plane with no casualties. Also, to avoid further problems on board, taking the number of checked bags should be kept in mind as per the cabin class.

Hand Baggage Allowance Frontier Baggage Size

Airlines like Frontier may have a specific size limit for every type of baggage. These limits can be applied on checked, carry-on, cabin, and oversized baggage.

  • Checked Bag: When it comes to transporting checked luggage on this air carrier, adhering to its size should be a priority. This size may vary upon the class of travel and the destination you choose. Frontier Airlines checked bag size should be between 62-110 inches.
  • Cabin Baggage: Cabin baggage can be taken with the flyer and can be stored under the seat for easy conveyance. For storing it, thus, Frontier Airlines baggage size for cabin bags should be up to 158 centimeters or 62 inches.
  • Carry-on Luggage: On Frontier, every carry-on item may have a limited set of dimensions. These can vary for two items: personal and carry-on.
    • Carry-on bag: 16 x 10 x 24 inches
    • Personal item: 18 x 14 x 8 inches
  • Oversized Baggage: Passengers can sometimes travel with bags more than the allotted size limit. The Frontier Airlines baggage requirements, in such instances, can be fulfilled by taking bags with size dimensions up to 110 inches.
frontier Personal items and carry on size

Hand Baggage Allowance Frontier Baggage Weight

The American air carrier in Colorado can check the weight of each item/bag carried on its flight. So, to avoid any hindrances while check-in, you can weigh your luggage. Prior to this, you should know that Frontier Airlines baggage weight can be different for checked, carry-on, overweight bags, etc.

Tip: For weighing your luggage efficiently, you may use the luggage scale and pack your bags based on the weight limits.

  • Checked Bag: The baggage weight limitations for checked items can be as per the cabin class of this airline. The Frontier Airlines checked bag weight limit for Economy and Premium Economy passengers can be 23 kilograms. For flyers of Business and First Class, this limit can be 32 kilograms.

Note: The overall maximum weight limit on Frontier Airlines can be 40 kilograms.

  • Carry-on: Carry-ons are special items that can be allocated to be transported on this carrier with no fees applied unless they are under the weight system. The weight limit for them can be the same for every cabin class type on the flight. Thus, Frontier Airlines’ baggage weight limit may only be 50 pounds or 23 kg.
  • Overweight Baggage: Complying with the overweight baggage limit, the flyers can take 50 pounds of single luggage with them on this air carrier. As for total weight, the customers of this carrier can take a maximum of 110 pounds when bags are more than one.

Hand Baggage Allowance Frontier Airlines Bag Fees: The Basics

Basic fees need to be paid when carrying checked or carry-on luggage with the American air operator, Frontier. The baggage fee of this carrier can be classified into checked, excess, carry-on, and overweight/oversized baggage. Usually, the basic fees can be from 34-40 dollars but the exact fee may be known by understanding the type of luggage you have.

  • Checked Baggage: The prices of checked bags may vary as per the itinerary, i.e., domestic or international routes, date of travel, and cabin class. Even as per certain conditions involved, the prices/fees can differ.
ConditionsFirst Bag Fees (in Dollars)Second Bag Fees (in Dollars)3+ Bags Fees (in Dollars)
While Booking34-3739-5085
Via Call Center555595
Web Check-in40-465590
Airport Ticket Counter555595
At the Gate60
  • Excess Bags: Excess baggage refers to the additional number of bags carried during the journey. This number should be a maximum of four as per the policy rules. On exceeding the limit, extra Frontier baggage prices can be:
    • First Bag: USD 30
    • Second Bag: USD 40
    • Third Bag or 3+ Bags: USD 85
  • Overweight/Oversized Baggage: On crossing the maximum weight limit of 50 lbs, the travelers may be required to pay higher Frontier Airlines baggage cost. This cost is added per kilogram of the luggage and can be nearly USD 75. The same price is applicable on carrying oversized items.
  • Carry-on Baggage: Carry-on bags can cost you heavy charges while flying with this air carrier. The Frontier Airlines carry-on fees may depend on the type of route you are flying to. So, always check with the online calculator tool to find the exact prices for your trip for this category as per the route chosen.

Listed below are the Frontier Airlines carry-on prices generic to the USA and Canada routes:

  • At the time of booking: USD 37
  • Online: USD 40-42
  • Call Center: USD 55
  • Web Check-in: USD 43
  • Airport Ticket Counter: USD 55
  • At the Gate: USD 60

When high fees are a concern for you, then you may prefer flying with Spirit Airlines. This can be one of the budget airlines with agreeable baggage fees charged.

Hand Baggage Allowance Frontier Airlines Carry-on Baggage Policy

The carry-on baggage of Frontier can include one personal item. Passengers can take a single personal item along with the carry-on luggage at the time of screening. However, if you need to bring more than the allotted number limit, then, as per the Frontier baggage rules, you may have to pay high fees.

Hand Baggage Allowance Allowed/Disallowed Items at Frontier Airlines

Passengers can only take goods that are potentially safe with most flight providers. Frontier Airlines’ baggage policy aims to minimize inconveniences related to this aspect. Therefore, it may or may not allow the following items on board:

Allowed ItemsDisallowed Items
Foot rug for prayersKnives
Assistive devicesScissors
WheelchairsSharp objects
Hearing aidsChemicals
Baby foodFirearms
Diaper bagsLithium batteries
StrollersToy guns
Baby car seatExplosives
ClothesRadioactive substances
HeadphonesMagnetic materials

Note: Frontier Airlines’ bag policy permits its travelers to bring liquids on board. The liquids must be in a quarter-sized bag. The bag carrying liquids should be of a clear plastic transparent cover. Also, the volume of the liquids should not pass 100 milliliters or more.

Luggage-Trolley-icon Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy for Infants

In both classes – cabin and cargo – of the airline set in Denver, Colorado, infants can be allowed. Specific rules and conditions for bringing infants on board can be applied. Frontier Airlines baggage rules for infants can be:

  • The age limit of 5 days old may be a must for the infant.
  • Babies under the age of two may fly free of charge on lap.
  • Two infants can be accompanied by a single person of 15 years or more.
  • Flyer needs to buy a ticket in the following conditions:
    • If the infant turns two on the flight
    • When the baby is already two or more years old

Airlines Pet Baggage Policy Frontier Airlines Pet Baggage Policy

Frontier may accept pets in the cabin of the plane. It may not enable the passengers to carry them as checked luggage. This may also be based on the location being traveled to. For instance, on traveling to Jamaica, it may not accept any pets to travel in its aircraft. There can be certain rules made for the convenience of pets.

Frontier Airlines baggage policy for carrying pets in the aircraft are shown below:

  • Pets such as cats, dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, etc., can be welcomed on all domesticated flights of the airline.
  • On international flights, only cats and dogs can be carried by the passenger.
  • This airline can only allow 10 pets to travel in its cabin or cargo hold.
  • Complying with all the requirements of the pet can be the sole responsibility of the flyer when traveling with this airline.
  • Only one pet container per passenger can be taken on all flights.
  • The maximum dimensions of the pet carrier should be 18 x 14 x 8 inches.

Sports and Musical Airlines icon Sports/Music Items on Frontier Airlines

Carrying sports or musical equipment can be easy with Frontier Airlines. It accepts instruments as checked baggage. However, it should be noted that the baggage should not cross 23 kilograms. Also, the instruments can be taken with Frontier baggage policy only if they are under 152 centimeters in length, height, and width.

The list of what instruments can be taken inside the flight of this airline have been mentioned below:

BicyclesViolin/PianoDrums/TablaCell bass
Hang glidersBowling equipmentScuba diving equipmentWindsurfing equipment
Golf equipmentWakeboardsBows and arrowsHockey equipment
KayaksParagliding equipment

FAQs – Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy

Does the carry-on bag charge at Frontier Airlines?

Carry-on bags may charge at Frontier in some circumstances. If the ticket bought is Basic Fare, then you have to pay for the first bag as a carry-on. Also, on bringing overweight or oversized luggage as carry-on, some extra Frontier bag prices may also incur. Hence, it is necessary to bring the items below 7 kg and size of 16 x 10 x 24 inches.

What if I need to bring specialized equipment with me on Frontier Airlines?

Special equipment, including sporting and music equipment, can be subject to unique restrictions and taxes at Frontier Airlines. Examine the guidelines of the baggage policy of Frontier Airlines and TSA standards for any specific equipment you may be bringing with you on your journey. Some additional charges may apply, especially if you have big products.

What can you bring on Frontier Airlines as your carry-on luggage?

You can bring a number of items as your carry-on with respect to the Frontier bag policy. However, keep in mind that the objects or personal items should be under 23 kg and 62 inches. The items that can be brought for carry-on are: Clothes, Hats, Shoes, Baby diaper bag etc.

What is the Frontier Airlines military baggage policy?

Active-duty ministers or personnel can bring up to 2 Frontier military bags at no charge. They can also take one carry-on bag with a personal item included as complimentary luggage. However, keep in mind that this baggage service may not imply to the family members of the military people.

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