Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy

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Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy

Frontier Airlines is one of the well-known air carriers in the U.S. Having its headquarters in Denver, it has developed several policies for the convenience of the passengers. When it comes to baggage allowance, this airline tries its best to extend convenience to its customers. The Frontier Airlines baggage policy has been made for letting the flyers know about its allowances and fees. The rules of this policy allow them to board the flight with minimum luggage. Therefore, understanding this policy can help you effectively plan your journey and avoid trouble. 

Frontier Airlines International Baggage Allowance 

Usually, the Frontier Airlines baggage policy does not draw huge differences between the international and domestic allowance. While the weight and size restrictions remain the same, the implementation of rules can be a little stricter on international flights. This is due to the involvement of connecting flights, various destinations, and long hours of journey. 

Frontier Airlines domestic Baggage Allowance 

On domestic flights, the luggage rules of Frontier can be more permissive. The baggage fees are also less costly when compared to international flights. As per the Frontier Airlines baggage rules, restrictions apply in the case of overweight, as well as oversized, luggage. The complete breakdown of associated fees and the weight limit is given below. 

Rules of Frontier Airlines Baggage Allowance Policy

The Frontier Airlines baggage rules enable passengers to enjoy a safe and sound flight journey. These rules prohibit travelers from going through any trouble during the check-in and boarding process. They also ensure that the fliers easily pass through the security checks. Therefore, in order to avoid any kind of hassle, you must obey these rules. Following them will not be beneficial to you but also to the airline management. 

  • This airline offers three different types of bags to its customers. These comprise checked luggage, carry-on bags, and excess items. 
  • All the items that you wish to carry must be within the Frontier baggage weight limit. Any items exceeding this limit will be subject to additional charges. 
  • You can check in your items in advance through the online option. Otherwise, you can check-in them in person at the airport kiosk. This can be done a few hours before boarding. 
  • Your baggage allowance is usually not transferable to another flier. 
  • In case of any issues regarding your bags, your reservation can be canceled by the airline. 
  • Payment of overweight and oversize fees is a compulsion if you wish to bring extra luggage. 

Note: Customer care service will be available 24 hours a day all week. You can reach out to it if you have any queries or issues in matters related to your bags. 

Frontier Baggage Weight Limit

The American air carrier in Colorado can check the weight of each item/bag carried on its flight. So, to avoid any hindrances while check-in, you can weigh your luggage. Prior to this, you should know that Frontier Airlines baggage weight can be different for checked, carry-on, and overweight bags.

Frontier Baggage Weight Limit

Additionally, the weight limit can also vary based on the time at which your ticket has been purchased. 

Time of Ticket Purchase Weight Limit 
On or before January 18, 202250 lbs or 22.6 kgs 
After January 18, 2022 40 lbs/18.1 kgs 

Tip: Frontier can update its weight limitations from time to time. To stay informed of these new updates, you can visit the official site of the carrier. 

Frontier Airlines Bag Fees: The Basics

Basic fees need to be paid when carrying checked or carry-on luggage with the American air operator, Frontier. The fee of this carrier can be classified as per checked, excess, carry-on, and overweight/oversized luggage. Usually, the basic fees can be from 34-40 dollars. But the exact amount may be known by understanding the type of bag you have.

The Frontier Airlines baggage fees for checked bags may vary per the itinerary, i.e., domestic or international routes. They are also determined by the travel date and cabin class. As per certain conditions involved, the prices/fees can differ.

ConditionsFirst Bag Fees Second Bag Fees 3+ Bags Fees 
While BookingUSD 34 to USD 37USD 39 to USD 50USD 85
OnlineUSD 39 to USD 45USD 45 to USD 50USD 85
Via Call CenterUSD 55USD 55USD 95
Web Check-inUSD 40 to USD 46USD 55USD 90
Airport Ticket CounterUSD 55USD 55USD 95
At the GateUSD 60 Free of Cost Free of Cost 

Apart from checked baggage, carry-ons can cost you heavy charges while flying with this air carrier. The Frontier Airlines carry-on fees may depend on the type of route you are flying to. So, always check with the online calculator tool to find the exact prices for your trip for this category as per the route chosen.

Listed below are the Frontier Airlines carry-on prices generic to the USA and Canada routes: 

Conditions Fee Charged 
At the time of bookingUSD 37
Online USD 40 to USD 42 
Call CenterUSD 55
Web Check-inUSD 43
Airport Ticket CounterUSD 55
At the GateUSD 60

Frontier Airlines Checked Baggage Policy

Frontier Airlines checked baggage is defined as items that are transported separately from the travelers. Since this baggage is carried in the hold of the aircraft, it will not be accessible to the flyers during the flight. Upon arrival at the destination, it will be delivered to the passengers.

Frontier Airlines Baggage Allowance for Checked Items (Rules)

Following the TSA guidelines, the airline based in Denver can approve the flyers to take checked bags inside its flight. They should comply with the weight and size allowance in order to board the plane with no casualties. Also, to avoid further problems on board, taking the number of checked bags should be kept in mind as per the cabin class. 

The Frontier Airlines baggage policy has given the following rules for checked items: 

Frontier Checked-in Baggage Weight

  • The baggage weight limitations for checked items can be as per the cabin class of this airline. 
  • The Frontier Airlines checked bag weight limit is currently 40 lbs or 18 kgs. 
  • Any bag exceeding this limit will be subject to an overweight fee. 

Frontier Airlines Checked Baggage Size: 

  • When it comes to transporting checked luggage on this air carrier, adhering to its size should be a priority. This size may vary depending on the class of travel and the destination you choose. 
  • Frontier Airlines checked bag size should be between 62-110 inches or 158 cm to 279 cm. 

Frontier Checked Baggage Fee

  • The fee for your checked luggage varies depending on the time of purchase and the number of bags. 
  • This fee starts at USD 34 and can go up to USD 95. 
  • Generally, you will be charged less if you buy your check-in bags during your reservation rather than at the airport. 

Inside Frontier Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance

The basic items included in Frontier checked baggage are toiletries, clothes, food, safety kits, and other immediately needed items. However, to ensure convenience to the passengers who wish to travel with unique and fragile items, this airline has made an allowance. It especially applies to sports equipment and musical instruments. 

The following unique items are allowed by this airline. 

Sports Equipment as Frontier Checked Baggage

This American operator permits the transport of sporting items as long as they are within the accepted Frontier baggage weight limits. It should be noted that the luggage should not cross 23 kilograms. Also, the instruments can be taken only if they are under 152 centimeters in length, height, and width. For articles over this limit, you will have to pay a specific overweight fee. 

Under these conditions of the Frontier baggage policy, the following sporting items are allowed by this carrier: 

  • Archery – Bows and Arrows 
  • Bicycles 

Note: A fee of USD 75 applies for bicycles. 

Boggle boardsWakeboards Bowling equipment Hand gliding items 
Hockey equipment Kayak and canoe Knee defenders Paintball guns 
Scuba gear Skates, ice skates, or roller skates Skateboards Ski equipment- both snow and water 
Snowboard Lacrosse sticksOarsPaddles
Javelins Tennis rackets Fishing poles Surfboards 
Kiteboards Wave skis Windsurfing equipment 

Note: The Frontier Airlines baggage policy allows small sporting articles to be brought on board as carry-on items. 

Musical Instruments under Frontier Checked Baggage

Based on the Frontier baggage size, musical instruments are allowed either as checked or carry-on items. Small articles can be brought as carry-ons while the large instruments can only be checked as hold luggage. 

The list of musical instruments that can be transported in the hold is as follows:

  • Guitars 
  • Violins 
  • Cellos 
  • Pianos 
  • Flutes
  • Drums 
  • Drumsticks 
  • Tabla 
  • Trumpet 
  • French horn
  • Trombone 

Note: Overweight and oversize fees can be applicable on these instruments. 

Frontier Airlines Carry-on Baggage Policy

Carry-on baggage refers to all those items that can be used by travelers at all times. Therefore, these articles are also known as Frontier’s personal baggage. This baggage will be stored in the aircraft either in the overhead bin or under the seat. The type and number of items that can be brought on board are limited due to safety reasons. 

Carry-on Baggage Rules on Frontier Airlines

The carry-on luggage of Frontier can include one personal item. Passengers can take a single personal item along with their carry-ons at the time of screening. However, if you need to bring more than the allotted number limit, then, as per the Frontier baggage rules, you may have to pay high fees.

Frontier Baggage Weight for Carry-ons: 

  1. Carry-ons are special items that can be allocated to be transported on this carrier with no fees applied unless they are under the weight system. 
  2. Frontier Airlines baggage weight limit for carry-ons is 35 lbs or 15 kg. 
  3. The weight limit for them can be the same for every cabin class type on the flight.

Frontier Airlines Carry-on Baggage Size

  •  On Frontier, every carry-on item may have a limited set of dimensions. These can vary for two items: personal and carry-on.
    • Carry-on bag: 16 x 10 x  24 inches or 40 * 25 * 60 cm 
    • Personal item: 18 x 14 x 8 inches or 45 * 35 * 30 cm 
  • These dimensions take into account the handles, wheels, and straps of your bags as well as suitcases. 

Frontier Airlines Carry-on Baggage Fees

  • Just like checked baggage, the fees for carry-on items also depend on the time of purchase. 
  • These fees start at USD 37 and the maximum amount is USD 60. 
  • You can avail of discounts if you buy your carry-on items well in advance. 

Note: Sometimes, the Frontier carry-on baggage fee can change as per your arrival destination. For this information, you will have to check the main site of the carrier through the online method. 

Items Allowed in Frontier Airlines Carry-On Baggage

Passengers can only take goods that are potentially safe with most flight providers. The Frontier Airlines baggage policy aims to minimize inconveniences related to this aspect. Therefore, it may or may not allow the following items on board: 

Foot rug for prayersAssistive devices
WheelchairsHearing aids
Baby foodDiaper bags
StrollersBaby car seat
Reading materialSmartphones
Laptop & ChargersHandbags

Liquids as Frontier Carry-Ons 

Importantly, the Frontier Airlines bag policy permits its travelers to bring liquids on board. They must be in a quarter-sized bag. The bag carrying liquids should be of a clear plastic transparent cover. Also, the volume of the liquids should not pass 100 milliliters or more. 

When it comes to alcoholic beverages and liquor, the following restrictions apply:

  • Only liquids not exceeding 70% alcohol will be permitted on board. 
  • These beverages must be carried in sealed retail packaging. 
  • The Frontier baggage allowance for alcohol is 5 liters per passenger. 

Note: For more queries regarding the allowance of liquids in carry-on luggage, you can visit the online site of TSA. 

Assistive Devices Under Frontier Carry-on Baggage Allowance

Being a customer-friendly carrier, this airline allows passengers to fly with assistive devices. There is no specific Frontier baggage weight limit on them. Passengers who need cognitive and mobility assistance can also carry their assistive devices. They are usually stowed in the overhead compartments of the aircraft.  These devices must comply with the FAA safety guidelines. 

The support devices shown below are allowed on board:

  • Walkers 
  • Canes 
  • Crutches 
  • Spectacles 
  • Hearing aids
  • Oxygen Concentrators approved by FAA

You will not be required to pay any additional charges for carrying these devices. 

Note: Wheelchairs will be categorized as checked luggage and no extra fees apply. 

Items Prohibited by Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy

Keeping in view the safety of the passengers and the aircraft, this airline has imposed restrictions on certain items. If you want to enjoy a hassle-free journey, then you will have to adhere to the Frontier Airlines baggage rules. Remember that you cannot insist on carrying these prohibited items under any circumstances. 

FirearmsSharp objects
Lithium batteriesChemicals
Toy gunsExplosives
Radioactive substancesMagnetic materials
Corrosive itemsInsecticides & Pesticides
LightersCertain glasses
PeroxidesBlunt-end objects

Note: Your reservation will be subject to cancellation if any of the articles mentioned above are found in your luggage. 

Frontier Airlines Excess Baggage Policy 

Excess baggage refers to the additional number of bags carried during the journey. This number should be a maximum of four as per the policy rules. On exceeding the limit, extra Frontier baggage prices can be:

  • First bag: USD 30
  • Second bag: USD 40
  • Third or more bags: USD 85

Sometimes, you may need to carry more than the given weight and size limits. This is known as the overweight and oversize allowance. However, you can only avail yourself of this allowance by paying extra Frontier Airlines baggage fees. Different rules and fees apply to each of these. These are explained below. 

Frontier Overweight Baggage Rules and Fees: 

  • Any bag exceeding the standard limit of 40 lbs/18 kgs is said to be overweight. 
  • For bags weighing between 41-50 lbs or 18-22 kgs, you will have to pay a fee of around USD 50. 
  • When bags are exceeding 50 lbs or 22 kgs and going up to 100 lbs or 45 kgs, there will be an additional Frontier checked baggage fee of USD 100. 

Frontier Oversize Baggage Rules and Fees: 

  • Items more than the normal limitation of 62 inches are classified as oversized luggage. 
  • The Frontier Airlines oversize baggage fee when ranging between 62 and 110 inches is USD 75 per bag. 
  • Any item more than 110 inches will be rejected by the airline. 

Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy for Infants

In both classes – cabin, and cargo – of the airline set in Denver, infants can be allowed. Specific rules and conditions for bringing infants on board can be applied. Frontier Airlines baggage rules for babies can be as shown here: 

  • The age limit of 5 days old may be a must for the infant. 
  • Babies under the age of two may fly free of charge on a lap.
  • Two infants can be accompanied by a single person of 15 years or more.
  • A flier needs to buy a ticket under the following conditions:
    • If the infant turns two on the flight
    • When the baby is already two or more years old

Frontier Airlines Pet Baggage Policy

Frontier may accept pets in the cabin of the plane. It may not enable the passengers to carry them as checked luggage. This may also be based on the location being traveled to. For instance, on traveling to Jamaica, it may not accept any pets to travel in its aircraft. There can also be certain other rules made for the convenience of pets. 

The Frontier Airlines baggage policy rules for carrying pets in the aircraft are shown below:

  • Pets such as cats, dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, etc., can be welcomed on all domesticated flights of the airline.
  • On international flights, only cats and dogs can be carried by the passenger.
  • This airline can only allow 10 pets to travel in its cabin or cargo hold.
  • Complying with all the requirements of the pet can be the sole responsibility of the flier when traveling with this airline.
  • Only one pet container per passenger can be taken on all flights.
  • The maximum dimensions of the pet carrier should be 18 x 14 x 8 inches.

Frontier Airlines Military Baggage Policy

This airline extends certain benefits to the active members of the military by offering free allowance. The Frontier military baggage policy also allows discounts and additional bags to active-duty military personnel. In this context, the following are the features available to the US military: 

  • One personal item and one carry-on bag can be brought for free by military personnel. 
  • Two checked bags will be allowed without the payment of the standard check-in fees. 
  • Frontier baggage fees for overweight and oversize items are not charged on the first two checked bags. 
  • These benefits will only be available to active-duty military officers and not to family members or relatives. 
  • The US armed forces, national guard, and reserves can also enjoy these benefits. 

Note: The other general weight and size limits remain the same for military personnel. 

Frontier Baggage Claim and Compensation

Although the airline tries it best to avoid mishaps, in unforeseen circumstances, your bag can be lost, damaged, or delayed. In such cases, you will have to make a Frontier baggage claim. The airline requires you to make this claim within 4 hours of arrival at the destination airport. You can do so by connecting with an airline agent at the airport. Otherwise, you can reach out to the Central Baggage office by dialing the number 801-401-9000 and say baggage. Help will be provided to you as needed.

In the instance of Frontier Airlines lost baggage, you can file a report on the site. For this, you will have to fill out the lost and found form by going to the link: “” 

Baggage Compensation 

Under the Frontier lost baggage policy, the airline compensates its passengers in case of lost or delayed bags. This compensation can be about USD 3500 for checked bags on domestic flights. On international flights, travelers can be compensated about USD 400 per passenger for unchecked bags. 

Important Note: The compensation provided by the airline will be according to the rules given by the International Monetary Fund. Therefore, it is best to connect with the airline authorities directly to know the exact amount of compensation. 

How do You Add Bags to Frontier Airlines Bookings?

On this airline, you can purchase your bags in advance. This will help you to save fees as well as make the check-in process time-efficient. As per the Frontier Airlines baggage policy, you can either add your bags immediately after reservation or during check-in. For this, you will have to visit the official Frontier site and retrieve your reservation. 

The detailed process of adding bags to your reservation is described below: 

  • Open the Frontier Official website.
  • Find the “My Trips/Check-in” option and Click on this. 
  • Enter your details like last name and confirmation code. After submitting your details, continue by tapping on the “Search” button on the right. 
  • You will now be redirected to the page “Manage My Booking”. 
  • Now, follow the on-screen instructions and click on the “Add Baggage” tab to purchase your bags. 
  • Pay the necessary Frontier Airlines baggage fees and confirm your purchase. 

Note: If you wish to save some fees, then you can try buying your luggage well in advance of your flight’s official departure. 

The baggage policy of Frontier offers innumerable features and services to its passengers. Although the fee might be high at times, the quality of service provided by this airline matches the expected standards. Moreover, you can also avail yourself of discounts at various stages in your check-in process by rightly using the Frontier baggage policy

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the carry-on bag charge at Frontier Airlines?

Carry-on bags may charge at Frontier in some circumstances. If the ticket bought is Basic Fare, then you have to pay for the first bag as a carry-on. Also, on bringing overweight or oversized luggage as carry-on, some extra Frontier bag prices may also incur. Hence, it is necessary to bring the items below 7 kg and size of 16 x 10 x 24 inches.

What if I need to bring specialized equipment with me on Frontier Airlines?

Special equipment, including sporting and music equipment, can be subject to unique restrictions and taxes at Frontier Airlines. Examine the guidelines of the baggage policy of Frontier Airlines and TSA standards for any specific equipment you may be bringing with you on your journey. Some additional charges may apply, especially if you have big products.

What can you bring on Frontier Airlines as your carry-on luggage?

You can bring a number of items as your carry-on with respect to the Frontier bag policy. However, keep in mind that the objects or personal items should be under 23 kg and 62 inches. The items that can be brought for carry-on are: Clothes, Hats, Shoes, Baby diaper bag etc.

What is the Frontier Airlines military baggage policy?

Active-duty ministers or personnel can bring up to 2 Frontier military bags at no charge. They can also take one carry-on bag with a personal item included as complimentary luggage. However, keep in mind that this baggage service may not imply to the family members of the military people.

How much is baggage on Frontier?

The Frontier Airlines baggage fees depend on the type of bag you wish to bring, whether checked or carry-on. Again it differs as per the time of your purchase. In general cases, the fee for checked baggage starts at USD 34 and goes up to USD 90. The fee for carry-on begins at USD 37 and ranges up to USD 60. 

How do I avoid baggage fees on Frontier Airlines? 

As per the Frontier baggage policy, you will have to pay charges for carrying your items. However, you can avoid extra charges by not going over the given weight and size limits. Moreover, active members of the US military personnel can also check in their bags for free without extra charges. 

How much does baggage cost on Frontier?

In the case of checked bags, you will have to pay USD 34 for the first bag, USD 39 for the second one, and USD 85 for three or more. The Frontier carry-on baggage fee is USD 37 if purchased at the time of booking. The amount can be nearly USD 60 when bought at the gate. 

How much is checked baggage for Frontier? 

Considering the Frontier checked baggage rules, it will cost about USD 34 to buy your check-in bag during booking. Around USD 39 is applicable for online purchases. The charge is USD 55 for purchase via the call center. When checked baggage is bought via web check-in, the amount is USD 40. USD 55 at the airport ticket counter and USD 60  for purchase at the gate can also apply. 

How to pay for baggage on Frontier Airlines? 

You can pay for your baggage allowance through the online website of the carrier. For this, go to the “My trips” section on the site. Enter your ticket number and personal details. Retrieve your booking afterward. Then add your bags and pay the required amount for Frontier baggage allowance through the options available. 

What is the weight limit for baggage on Frontier Airlines? 

The Frontier baggage weight limit for checked bags is 40 lbs or 18 kg. Bags weighing up to 100 lbs or 45 kgs will be accepted after the payment of an overweight fee. For carry-on luggage, the limit is 35 lbs/15 kg. Bags exceeding this limit might not be accepted by this airline.