Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Image of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Constructed over 96 years ago, the Atlanta International Airport (ATL) is located in Georgia. It was earlier known as the Atlanta Municipal Airport. It is spread over 4,700 acres of land and can handle more than 93 million passengers. This airport undertakes the servicing of many low-cost carriers. Owing to numerous operations, ATL Airport forms one of the world’s busiest air transport providers. 

More discussions about the dimensions of the airport, its wait times, the number of terminals, and the services offered are conducted in the following sections: 

What is the General Information About Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport? 

Atlanta International Airport has 7 concourses and 5 runways. It is also the focus airport for airlines like Delta. Some more similar details are highlighted in the following table: 

Airport Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport 
Airport Type Public 
Operator Atlanta Department of Aviation 
Serves Atlanta Metropolitan Area 
Hub For Delta Airlines 
Atlanta Airport Code ATL 
Atlanta Airport Terminals 2 terminals – Domestic and International 7 Concourses – T, A, B, C, D, E, and F
Atlanta Airport Coordinates 33.6323° N, 84.4330° W
Atlanta Airport Runways 5 runways: 8R/26L8L/26R9R/27L9L/27R10/28
Atlanta Airport Address 6000 N Terminal Pkwy Suite 4000, Atlanta, GA 30320, USA
Distance from the City 10 miles or 16 km South of Downtown Atlanta 
Website https://www.atl.com/
Phone Number +1 800-897-1910

What is the Code for Atlanta Airport? 

As per transportation departments all over the world, the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport codes differ. The most important codes assigned to this airport are mentioned here: 

WMO Code 72219 
Atlanta Airport Zip Code 30320 

How Many Runways does Atlanta Hartsfield Airport have? 

This airport has both helipads and runways. In total, Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport houses 5 wide runways running in the following directions: 

Runway Dimensions Surface 
8L/26R9,000 ft or 2,743 meters Concrete
8R/26L9,999 ft or 3,048 meters Concrete 
9L/27R12,390 ft or 3,776 meters Concrete 
9R/27L9,000 ft or 2,743 meters Concrete 
10/289,000 ft or 2,743 meters Concrete 

What is Shown in the Atlanta Airport Map? 

This map shows all the different ways to easily get around the airport via various terminals. The location of the lost and found departments, parking spots, and self-check-in centers are also shown on the Atlanta Airport map. It gives a drone view of the airport so that it is easy for the passengers to find out their current location among the terminals. 

Given below is the official map of the terminals at ATL Airport: 

Image of atl terminal map

What are the Airports Nearest to Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport? 

Sometimes, flights at the Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport ATL can be transferred to the airports close to it due to government orders or other such conditions. The closest airports to ATL include: 

How Many Atlanta Airport Terminals Undertake Flight Operations? 

As per the map of this carrier, there are a total of 2 Atlanta International Airport terminals, domestic and international. The domestic terminal is further split into two zones – North and South. 

Image of Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta Airport

Both of these terminals together house 7 concourses – A, B, C, D, E, F, and T which are further divided into different gates. Ground transportation services are offered at all of these terminals. 

Atlanta Airport Terminal A 

Terminal A Atlanta Airport has 29 gates. It is the main hub for Delta Airlines. This concourse has a lounge which can be used after paying the necessary fee. Ticket service centers are present here. This terminal has arrival gates located to its right. 

Atlanta Airport Terminal B 

32 gates are housed by this concourse. It is famous for its various stores and clothing outlets. The ATL Airport Terminal B also provides lounge access. Different international carriers operate from this concourse. Based on their boarding gate, passengers will have to navigate within the terminal. 

Atlanta Airport Terminal C 

Concourse C is known to have 34 gates. It is also used by Delta and has a Delta Sky Lounge. This terminal has a variety of dining options and restaurant choices. For domestic flights, travelers may be allotted Gates C1 – C22 which are located to the right of the Terminal C Atlanta Airport. 

Atlanta Airport Terminal D 

The total number of gates at Terminal D Atlanta Airport is 40. Gates D1 to D16 are at the right end of this terminal. The rest of the gates are to the left. Food services form the specialty of this concourse. This is yet another terminal with lounge access, mainly that of Delta. 

Atlanta Airport Terminal E 

28 gates are present at this terminal. To get to this concourse, flyers will have to take the short train or a walk from Terminal F. Based upon how to arrive at Terminal E Atlanta Airport, the direction of the gates can change. Restaurants and lounge access are the common facilities offered at this concourse. 

Atlanta Airport Terminal F 

This concourse has 12 gates. It is used for all international arrivals and departures. Terminal F Atlanta Airport has international passport centers, security screening, and baggage claim areas. This is relatively a smaller concourse compared to the other terminals at this airport. Various international dining options are offered here. 

Atlanta Airport Terminal T 

The ATL Terminal T is home to 21 gates. It facilitates the arrival and take-off of various domestic flights. There is a direct route to this terminal without any transfers. It has several luxury shops, bookstores, and relaxation centers. Passengers will have to arrive at their designated gate in the terminal once they receive the boarding pass. 

What are the Additional Facilities and Services offered at Atlanta International Airport? 

As part of its efforts to improve the passenger experience, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport came forward with a range of services and amenities. These are listed here: 

  • Shopping 
    • Z-Market 
    • iHop Express 
    • Atlanta Business Chronicle 
    • Brookstone 
    • Lather 
    • Atlanta Stillhouse 
  • Dining 
    • Starbucks 
    • Burger King 
    • We Juice It 
    • Subway 
    • Cat Cora’s Kitchen 
    • Chick-Fil-A
    • The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf 
    • McDonald’s 
  • Other Facilities 
    • Beauty Lounge 
    • Vending Machines 
    • Waiting Lounge 
    • Postage Drop Box 
    • Banking Services 

Is Atlanta Airport Parking Facility Available? 

Parking at Atlanta Airport is made available at the North/South ends of the domestic terminal arrivals and the area of the international one. More than 1100 parking lots are offered throughout the airport. 

Image of Atlanta Airport Parking Map

There are 2 main types of parking facilities: short-term and long-term. 

Short-Term Parking Atlanta Airport

Atlanta Airport short term parking refers to the facility that is made available for a small duration, generally for a few hours. The fee charged for this service at the domestic terminal is as follows: 

Duration Fee Charged 
One Hour USD 3 
Two Hours USD 3 
Three to six hours USD 4 

At the international terminal, the parking rates are: 

Parking Duration Cost Applicable
1 Hour USD 3 
2 Hours USD 3 
3 to 6 Hours USD 4 

Atlanta Airport Long-Term Parking 

Long term parking at Atlanta Airport can be accessed for one or two days. The charges can differ as mentioned here: 

Duration Parking Charge
Longer than 6 hours USD 36 
Every Additional Day USD 36 

Atlanta Airport Parking Rates under Economy Services 

The Atlanta Airport parking on an Economy basis is generally offered at competitive charges to increase access to different visitors: 

Parking Duration Fee Charged 
Per hour USD 3 
Per Day USD 14

Fees for Atlanta Airport Covered Deck Parking 

This Atlanta Hartsfield Airport parking is essentially offered on a daily basis for frequent travelers. The fee charged can vary as per the duration: 

Duration Fee Charged 
Per hour USD 3 
Each day USD 19

Charges for Atlanta International Airport Uncovered Parking 

These parking spots are available near 1800 Sullivan Road near the airport. The rates include: 

Parking TermFees Applied
One to three hours USD 3 
Per day USD 10

For vehicles that are over the standard height, a separate fee has to be paid for parking. 

Duration Parking Cost
One to four hours USD 6
Per day USD 28

In case you lose your parking ticket, you will be obliged to pay a certain amount of penalty. 

How Long are the Atlanta Airport Security Wait Times? 

The duration of the Atlanta Airport wait times depends mainly on the checkpoint and its terminal. Sometimes, these checkpoints can be closed as well. Hence, passengers have to check for such details beforehand. 

Checkpoint Wait Time
Main 0-15 minutes 
North Currently Closed 
South 0-15 minutes 
International 0-15 minutes 

These wait times get updated in real-time and can vary at any moment based on the crowd at the airport. 

Where is the Atlanta Airport Lost and Found Department? 

This department is located on the North side of the Domestic terminal opposite the American Airlines ticketing centers. Passengers can report to this Lost and Found Atlanta Airport Department if they lose their items at the security checkpoints. In case they happen to lose them on the airplane, they can contact the respective airline. 

  • The department will be in operation between the hours of 8:30 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. 
  • It will be open from Monday to Friday. 
  • Any claims or queries can be mailed to the address lost@aatc.org.
  • A form has to be filled out to officially file a claim found on the airport’s main site. 

What are the Airlines Operating at Atlanta International Airport? 

With the systematic division of the terminals and the concourses, Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport ATL enables the services of several carriers all around the world. These airlines either operate from the domestic or the international terminal based on their itineraries. 

What is the Atlanta Airport Southwest Terminal? 

All the flight operations of this airline take place from the North end of the domestic terminal. This Southwest Airlines Atlanta Airport Terminal provides ticketing and baggage centers on the same levels. The gate for boarding will be announced when passengers collect their boarding passes at the time of check-in. 

Where is the Atlanta Airport Delta Terminal? 

Being the main hub of the airport, this carrier is allied to the major portion of the domestic terminal. It uses the entire South end of the domestic concourse to carry out its services. This Delta Terminal at Atlanta Airport can sometimes be shifted to Concourse T based on the passenger volume. But, the check-in process remains the same. 

What is the Atlanta Airport Spirit Terminal? 

Spirit Airlines Atlanta Airport Terminal is shown at the North end of the domestic concourse. Since this terminal is in constant use by different carriers, it ensures a systematic undertaking of all the proceedings. Any upgrades regarding ticketing or Spirit baggage can be taken forward here. 

Which is the Atlanta Airport Frontier Terminal? 

Concourse D, housed by the domestic terminal, is assigned to this airline. The services offered at this concourse include dining, retail shops, beauty lounges, and ATMs. At ATL Frontier Terminal, quick check-in services are found. Post Frontier check-in, one can head to the boarding process. 

What is the Atlanta Airport Air Canada Terminal? 

The international concourse is allocated as the Air Canada Atlanta Airport Terminal. With its large floor area, this terminal is suitable to manage the rapid influx of passengers. The ticketing centers at this terminal ensure the convenience of the passengers by offering different services like flight change, upgradation, or even Air Canada name correction

What is the United Airlines Atlanta Terminal? 

This carrier comes under the management of domestic concourse. More specifically, the Atlanta Airport United Airlines Terminal is housed by the T Concourse. Only in case of United flight cancellations, will the concourse be shifted to an alternative option. Prior information about such changes will be announced before heading to the boarding gate. 

Which is the Atlanta Airport JetBlue Terminal? 

The TSA and check-in processes for these flights will be conducted at the North side of the domestic terminal. Departures occur at JetBlue Terminal Atlanta Airport. When there is a delay in the JetBlue check-in process due to any reason, passengers will have to report to the terminal staff. 

What is the Atlanta Airport Air France Terminal? 

Being an inter-continental carrier, this airline is housed by the international terminal. The facilities at the Atlanta International Airport Air France Terminal make it possible for customers to have a hassle-free experience. Generally, the upper level of this terminal undertakes Air France departures. 

Which is the Atlanta Airport British Airways Terminal? 

This is also another carrier that uses the international terminal to take forward its proceedings. The arrivals area and baggage claim are located at the lower level of the terminal. The Atlanta Airport British Airways Terminal is connected to the domestic concourse via walkways, plane trains, and shuttle bus services. 

What is the Atlanta Airport KLM Terminal? 

This Dutch airline facilitates long-haul flights via the international terminal. Before boarding, the KLM baggage should be deposited at the upper level. During the wait time after security and before boarding, travelers can visit the retail amenity centers. Afterward, they can head to the designated gate, announced at the KLM Terminal in Atlanta Airport. 

Which is the Atlanta Airport Korean Air Terminal? 

All the codeshare and direct flights of this airline are managed by the international concourse. Passengers can reach Atlanta Airport Korean Air terminal using plane trains. Parking facilities are made available here for customer drop-off or pick-up. Also, when they get stuck due to Korean Air cancellations, the terminal provides waiting rooms. 

What is the Atlanta Airport Lufthansa Terminal? 

This is a German airline that is housed at the international concourse. Sometimes, even domestic flights will be serviced from this Atlanta Airport Lufthansa Terminal based on the runway traffic. In such cases, the baggage deposit centers might be shifted. Additionally, banking services and postal services can be availed here. 

What is the Atlanta Airport Turkish Airlines Terminal? 

One more carrier managed by the international terminal is Turkish Airlines. The ground transportation services offered at the airport make it easier to reach the concourse on time. Self-service kiosks are offered at the Turkish Airlines Atlanta Airport. These help in avoiding long lines at the Turkish baggage deposit counters. 

What is the Atlanta Airport Virgin Atlantic Terminal? 

The Atlanta Airport Virgin Atlantic Terminal is the international concourse. It undertakes all the processes related to check-in, Virgin Atlantic baggage drop-off, and security screening as well. The agents here ensure that all these procedures are properly managed and ordered. 

Which one is the Atlanta Airport Qatar Airways Terminal? 

International Concourse is allotted as the Qatar Airways Atlanta Airport Terminal. Whether you are looking for lounge access or general amenities, this concourse offers it all. Irrespective of the type of service you wish to avail, you can only do so after the completion of the check-in process. 

What is the Atlanta Airport American Airlines Terminal? 

Only the north end of the domestic terminal is used by this carrier. Since other carriers also frequently use this concourse, all the proceedings are systematically undertaken. However, a transfer to the concourse can be expected in case the ATL American Airlines terminal gets too busy. Other than this, the basic amenities usually remain the same. 

Where do Atlanta Airport Arrivals Take Place? 

Based on the origin country, the arrivals at this airport take place at either the domestic or the international concourse. The procedure to be followed after arriving remains the same in both these cases. Flyers will be required to collect their baggage before exiting the airport. In the case of Atlanta International Airport arrivals, shuttle services, and terminal transfers can be offered. 

Where Do Atlanta Airport Departures Take Place? 

Flights at this airport take off from both operating terminals. The only difference between Atlanta International Airport departures and domestic takeoffs is the minimum check-in time. Different check-in centers are allotted to different carriers at the airport. 

Being an extremely busy airport, ATL ensures that a systematic procedure is undertaken in all its operations. Various services offered at the different terminals of Atlanta Airport make passengers’ experience more comfortable. All in all, the airport puts in its best efforts to offer the facilities to all its customers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What terminal is Delta at Atlanta Airport?

The entire South area of the Atlanta Airport Delta Terminal is occupied by this airline.

Where is Terminal S in Atlanta Airport?

South Domestic Terminal Atlanta Airport is concourse S.

Which terminal is Delta in Atlanta Airport?

Delta Terminal Atlanta Airport is the domestic one.

Which terminal is Delta at Atlanta Airport?

Atlanta Airport Terminal Delta is indicated by the South end of the domestic concourse.

What terminal is Frontier at ATL?

The ATL Airport Frontier Terminal is the domestic Concourse D.

How many terminals does Atlanta Airport have?

There are a total of 2 ATL Terminals – domestic and international.

What terminal is Southwest Atlanta Airport?

A domestic concourse is assigned as the Southwest Terminal Atlanta Airport.

What terminal is Spirit at Atlanta Airport?

The North end of the domestic concourse is the ATL Airport Spirit Terminal.

What terminal is United at Atlanta Airport?

Concourse T is the United Terminal Atlanta Airport.

How many terminals at Atlanta Airport?

There are 2 terminals and 7 concourses at ATL Airport.

What terminal is Frontier at Atlanta Airport?

Frontier Terminal ATL is the D concourse at the domestic zone.

How to get to Southwest Terminal Atlanta Airport?

To get to the ATL Southwest Airlines Terminal, head to the domestic concourse.

What terminal is Southwest Airlines at Atlanta Airport?

ATL Airport Southwest Terminal is essentially the domestic concourse.

Which terminal is Southwest at Atlanta Airport?

Atlanta Airport Southwest Terminal is the domestic concourse.

What terminal is Delta Airlines at Atlanta Airport?

Delta Terminal at Atlanta Airport is on the south side of the Domestic concourse.

What terminal is Frontier Airlines at Atlanta Airport?

Atlanta Airport Frontier Terminal D is in use.

What time does security open at Atlanta Airport?

Atlanta International Airport security opens a few hours before the scheduled departure of flights.

What time does TSA close at Atlanta Airport?

It usually closes when there are no airlines operating from the respective concourse.

Which terminal is frontier at Atlanta Airport?

Concourse D is the ATL Airport Frontier Terminal.

What terminal does Delta use at Atlanta Airport?

This carrier used Atlanta Airport South Terminal Domestic.

What terminal is JetBlue at Atlanta Airport?

The North end of the domestic concourse is the JetBlue Atlanta Airport Terminal.

Where is the Delta Terminal at Atlanta Airport?

Delta Terminals in Atlanta Airport include the T and South Concourses.

Where is Frontier at Atlanta Airport?

ATL Frontier Terminal D is the operating concourse for this airline.

Where is Terminal 1 at Atlanta Airport?

This concourse can be located using the map of terminals at Atlanta Airport.

Which concourse is Southwest at Atlanta Airport?

Southwest Terminal ATL is the main domestic concourse.

Which terminal is United at Atlanta Airport?

Concourse T is the main Atlanta Airport United Airlines Terminal.

What terminal is international at ATL?

There is a separate international terminal at Atlanta Airport near Concourse F.

Is Delta North or South terminal at Atlanta Airport?

Delta Terminal at ATL is the South Concourse.

What is the Delta Terminal at ATL?

Atlanta Airport South Terminal Delta is the South end.

What terminal is Delta at ATL?

This carrier serves its flights from the south side of the domestic concourse of Atlanta international airport.

What terminal is Delta International at ATL?

International Delta Terminal ATL is Concourse T.

What terminal is JetBlue at ATL?

JetBlue Terminal at Atlanta Airport operates from the north side of the domestic concourse.

What terminal is Southwest at ATL?

ATL Southwest Airlines Terminal is the main domestic concourse.

What terminal is Spirit at ATL?

Atlanta Airport Spirit Terminal is the North Concourse.

What terminal is United at ATL?

The United Airlines Atlanta Airport is Concourse T.

Which terminal is Delta at ATL?

Delta Atlanta Airport South Terminal is utilized.

Which terminal is Delta International at ATL?

The Delta Terminal Atlanta International Airport is Concourse T.

Which terminal is International at ATL?

For long-haul flights, the second main terminal at Atlanta International Airport is used.

Which terminal is Southwest at ATL?

The Domestic concourse is the Southwest Terminal ATL Airport.

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