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Popularly known as the Wilcox Field, the Miami International Airport is a major air transport service provider that offers flights to over 160 destinations. It was constructed over 95 years ago and primarily serves the area of greater Miami. It is also the main hub for several famous international carriers. Additionally, it is one of the prominent airports that serve Latin America. 

A complete breakdown of the airport structure, the airlines operating from here, and its runways are detailed in the following sections. 

What is the General Information About Miami Airport?

Some details about the Miami International Airport that will result in a more precise understanding for the visitors are mentioned in the table given below: 

Airport Miami International Airport 
Airport Type Public 
Operator MDAD – Miami-Dade Aviation Department 
Serves Miami Metropolitan Area 
Hub For World Atlantic Airlines,
UPS Airlines,
Northern Air Cargo, 
IBC Airways,
FedEx Express, 
Avianca Cargo,
Amerijet International, 
ABX Air,
Western Global Airlines, 
Sky Lease Cargo,
Mas Air,
IAero Airways, 
Eastern Airlines, LLC,
Atlas Air,
American Airlines,
21 Air
Miami Airport Code MIA
Miami Airport Terminals 3 Terminals: North, Central, and South 6 Concourses: D, E, F, G, H, and J 
Miami Airport Coordinates 25.7951° N, 80.2795° W
Miami Airport Runways 8L/268R/26L9/2712/30
Miami Airport Address 2100 NW 42nd Ave, Miami, FL 33142, USA
Distance from the City 9 miles from the city center 
Official Website
Official Phone Number +1 305-876-7000

What is the MIA Terminal Map?

Since this airport is quite large, navigating the terminals can require help. To help passengers overcome this situation, the MIA Airport terminal map has been designed. It not only shows the directions to the concourses but also to the dining, shopping, check-in, and baggage counters. The map makes it easier for passengers to find the nearest help centers as well. 

Given below is the depiction of the official airport map of MIA: 

Image of Miami Airport Terminals

What is the Official Code for Miami Airport?

This code is essentially the identity of a respective airport in the international list of service providers. The Miami Airport code can be different as given by IATA, ICAO, and FAA Agencies. 

WMO Code 72202
Miami Airport Zip Code 33142

How Many MIA Airport Terminals are in Operation?

North, Central, and South terminals at this airport are divided into 6 concourses. Each of these concourses comprises a certain number of gates. Checking in for a respective airline can be done only via the allotted terminal. 

More information about these MIA terminals is disclosed here: 

North Terminal Miami Airport

The Miami Airport North Terminal mainly houses Concourse D. This concourse has about 51 gates. This terminal is the destination for many clubs and lounges like the Admirals Club or the Centurion Lounge. The Sky Train service at this concourse helps passengers to navigate to the different areas of the terminal. 

Central Terminal Miami Airport

Concourses E, F, and G are present at the Miami Airport Central Terminal. These gates form a U-shaped structure, which is a prominent feature of this terminal. Concourse E has 18 gates. Concourse F has 19 gates. 14 gates are present at the G concourse. All these concourses are connected via bridges or walkways. 

South Terminal Miami Airport

The last of the concourses, that is, H and J are under the roof of the Terminal South Miami Airport. The former consists of 13 gates while the latter has about 15 gates. To reach the other terminals from here, travelers can use the walkways after executing the security area. Inter-terminal transport, like the Sky Train, can also be used. 

What are the Airlines Operating from Miami International Airport MIA?

MIA is one of the biggest international airports serving destinations all over the world. Hence, It undertakes the supervision of quite a large number of carriers. Each of these carriers is given an arrival and a departure concourse. 

Image of MIA Airport

Details about these MIA terminals airlines are discussed in the further section: 

What is the American Airlines Miami International Airport Terminal?

Concourse D is the official American Airlines Miami International Terminal. The eastern part of this carrier was formerly known as Concourse A. After its recent upgrade, it is now suitable to handle quick operations and incoming traffic. Sometimes, Concourse E also undertakes departures of this carrier.

Which is the Avianca Terminal at Miami Airport?

The Avianca Terminal in Miami Airport is the J concourse. It was originally opened in 2007. Ever since then, this terminal has been developed to house different carriers. All the mandatory facilities like check-in/baggage carousels and convenience services like luxury/dining are made available at this concourse for both domestic and international passengers. 

Which is the Delta Terminal Miami Airport?

Both arrivals and departures of this carrier are undertaken by the H Concourse. It is one of the oldest terminals of the airport, opened in 1998. TSA and security proceedings at this concourse are completed in the quickest possible time. Also, alternative flights in case of Delta missed flights can be requested at this Miami Airport Delta Terminal. 

What is the Miami Airport Air Canada Terminal?

Concourse J handled by the South Terminal is allocated to this airline. For check-in at this terminal, passengers will have to ensure that their Air Canada baggage is well within the given weight limit. Passengers exceeding this limit will be obliged to leave their overweight belongings at the Miami Airport Air Canada Terminal itself. 

Which is the Spirit Terminal Miami Airport?

The boarding pass for flights related to this airline can be obtained at Concourse J. Housing 15 gates, this terminal ensures that all the facilities are orderly and delivered to the passengers. It has counters for assistance at the Spirit Terminal Miami Airport. 

What is the Miami Airport Southwest Terminal?

This airport’s central terminal manages the departure of Southwest flights. Concourse G provides ticketing centers connected with the airline. First-Class passengers can utilize the services of VIP lounges here. When there is no wait time for a flight, passengers can directly head to the boarding gates at the MIA Southwest Terminal. 

What is the Frontier Terminal Miami Airport?

The carrier, Frontier, utilizes more than one concourse to carry out its functions. All the departures occur at Concourse F while arrivals take place from Gate D. The luggage claim center is located near Gate 10. Passengers who wish to change Frontier flights can head to the ticketing center. This is available at the Frontier Miami Terminal. 

Which is the LATAM Terminal Miami Airport?

LATAM is one of the airlines that is under the supervision of Concourse J. This concourse is housed by the South Terminal. The LATAM Miami Terminal has three checkpoints to enable easy security clearance. To avoid waiting at the luggage deposit counters, travelers can use the self-kiosk to check in LATAM baggage at this terminal. 

What is the Aeromexico Miami Terminal?

The South terminal is allotted to this airline. Concourse H is assigned for departures. Concourse J is utilized for arrivals. Other proceedings like luggage weight check, issuance of boarding pass, and TSA check also take place at this Miami Airport Aeromexico Terminal. Free Wi-Fi and parking services are available at these concourses. 

What is the Copa Airlines Miami Airport Terminal?

Concourse J is used for all the undertakings of the airline, Copa. Gates J3 – J18 come under this concourse. Based on the flight schedule, you will be assigned a boarding gate on the day of departure. In case there happens to be a sudden change in the boarding gate, the agents at the Copa Airlines Miami International Airport Terminal will make sure to inform all the passengers. 

What is the Iberia Airlines Miami Terminal?

The Iberia Miami Airport Terminal is the Central one, housing the E Concourse. Amenities like banking services, currency exchange, parking spots, and lounge access are offered here. Stand-by flights in case of Iberia cancellations are provided from this terminal itself. The same is the case for missed or delayed flights. 

Which is the Main JetBlue Miami Airport Terminal?

Concourse E is the one that undertakes the proceedings of these flights. When a flyer is unable to find his or her respective gate at JetBlue Terminal Miami Airport, it is suggested to use the airport map. The location of various restaurants and shopping centers and the availability of the JetBlue baggage carousels of the terminal are shown on this map.

What is the MIA United Airlines Terminal?

The H Concourse is where the boarding for United flights takes place. This concourse, housed by the South terminal, is known for its wide range of special services. The United Terminal Miami Airport can either be reached using the walkways or the shuttle services. Any requests for cancellations, United name changes, or seat alterations can be bought up at the ticketing counter of the airport. 

What is the British Airways Miami Terminal?

British Airways Terminal Miami is Concourse E. It is under the roof of the central terminal. As it is one the biggest carriers with a large passenger volume, sometimes it might become necessary to shift this concourse. Passengers will be made aware of such changes in advance without fail. 

What is the Turkish Airlines Terminal at Miami Airport?

Although there is only one Turkish Airlines Miami Terminal, more than one concourse is used for these flights. Concourse J is the one where all the domestic and international flights arrive.  The Turkish Airlines baggage carousel is located at the same concourse.  The take-off point is designated as Concourse H.

Which is the Main Lufthansa Miami Airport Terminal?

One of the popular airlines that operate from the J Concourse is Lufthansa Airlines. The Lufthansa Terminal Miami Airport offers lounges for both short-haul and long-haul flights. Parking here can be subject to the availability of space. Hence, to reserve a spot, fliers will have to arrive at the airport well in advance before the time of departure. 

What is the Virgin Atlantic Miami Terminal?

Concourse J under the roof of the South Terminal is the official point allotted to this airline for its services. Free food and drinks can be offered at this Virgin Atlantic Terminal Miami under the dire circumstances of delayed or revoked flights. This is only the case when Virgin Atlantic cancellations are involuntary and within the control of the airline. 

What is the Miami Airport Royal Air Maroc Terminal?

To get your boarding pass, you will have to head to Concourse E while flying with Royal Air Maroc. The Royal Air Maroc Miami Airport Terminal enables passengers to access all the facilities in a methodological manner. First-time fliers can essentially make use of the airport signage and maps to reach their designated boarding gates. 

Which is the Sun Country Terminal in Miami Airport?

The Central terminal which supervises the working of Concourse F is specified as the Miami Airport Sun Country Terminal. Irrespective of the end destination, all the flights of this carrier use this concourse. The Sun Country baggage claim can be undertaken at luggage carousel number 2. Directions to this concourse will be provided once a traveler disembarks a flight. 

What is the Qatar Airways Miami Terminal?

While flying Qatar, Concourse E will have to be accessed by the passengers. The luggage carousel belonging to this carrier will be informed at the time of arrival itself. In order to reach this Miami Airport Qatar Airways Terminal, passengers will be provided with Sky Trains. Wheelchair access will be offered to disabled passengers. 

What is the Miami Airport Tap Portugal Terminal?

The J Concourse is indicated as the Miami Airport Tap Portugal Terminal. Most international flights use this concourse for their operations. The large area of the terminal is an addition to the beneficial features of the concourse. Other facilities like dining or retail are common here. 

What is the KLM Miami Terminal?

Concourse H is the official KLM Terminal Miami Airport. In order to avoid any kind of delays at this concourse, it is mandatory to follow the check-in and the security wait time. When a traveler wishes to skip any of these wait times, she/he can book the priority boarding services in advance. These are usually made available for international flights. 

What are the Additional Services Offered at Miami International Airport?

When you report to Miami International Airport MIA, you will be able to make use of the different services and facilities available there. These will be provided for both domestic and international fliers: 

  • Shopping
    • Abraham Executive Shoe Shine 
    • Bead Factory 
    • Calvin Klein 
    • Duty-Free Americas 
    • Florida Lottery 
    • Hudson News 
  • Dining
    • Corona Beach House 
    • Earl of Sandwich 
    • Pizza Hut Express 
    • Shula’s Bar and Grill 
    • Spring Chicken 
  • Other Services 
    • Currency Exchange 
    • Free WiFi 
    • Banking Services 
    • MIA Lost and Found Centre 
    • Information Centers 

How Many Runways are there at the Miami Florida Airport? 

All the terminals at MIA Airport are connected to a total of 4 runways. These MIA Airport runways are of the following dimensions: 

RunwayDimensions Surface 
8L/26R8,600 ft or 2,621 meters Asphalt 
8R/26L10,506 ft or 3,202 meters Asphalt 
9/2713,016 ft or 3,967 meters Asphalt 
12/309,360 ft or 2,853 meters Asphalt 

Is there MIA Airport Parking Available?

Miami International Airport parking is subject to the availability of spots. These parking spots are offered at the Dolphin and Flamingo Garage of the airport. To reserve a spot, passengers have to arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before the flight’s take-off. 

Image of miami airport parking map

Miami Airport Short-Term Parking

The short term parking Miami Airport service is offered on a valet basis as well. An hourly rate is charged for such a service. 

Service Duration Parking Fee Charged 
For every 20 minutes USD 2 

The charges for valet parking are as follows: 

Parking Duration Cost Applied
1 to three hours USD 22 
3 to 24 hours USD 35 

Miami Airport Long-Term Parking 

Long-term parking at Miami Airport is provided for a maximum of 24 hours. A maximum rate is charged for this type of service. 

Type of Parking Duration Parking Charge 
Garage Parking 24 hours USD 25 
Valet Parking 24 hours USD 35 

Vehicles can be halted for 20 days provided that the maximum daily rate is accordingly paid on all days. 

How Long are the Miami Airport Security Wait Times?

There are a total of 10 checkpoints at this airport. The wait time at each of these points is different due to the varying number of airlines operating from them. 

Given below is the list of the Miami Airport security wait times for general, priority, and pre-check-in. 

Checkpoint Pre-check In Priority Check In General Check In 
1Closed Closed Closed 
21 to 3 minutes 1 to 3 minutes 2 to 6 minutes 
3Not Applicable Closed Closed 
4Not Applicable 1 to 3 minutes 1 to 3 minutes 
5Closed Closed 1 to 3 minutes 
6Not Applicable 0 minutes 0 minutes 
7Not Applicable 1 to 3 minutes 1 to 3 minutes 
8Closed Closed Closed 
9Not Applicable 1 to 3 minutes 1 to 5 minutes 
10Not Applicable Closed Closed 

How to Contact Miami Airport Lost and Found Department? 

To begin a search for lost luggage or any misplaced items, passengers will be required to contact the Miami International Airport Lost and Found department. This department is located at North Terminal on the 4th level. Reach out to the agents here to place requests. Passengers will be given a form upon filling of which, the claim will be recorded. 

  • This department will be open all days a week from 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. 
  • To connect with the agents, you can dial the number +1 305-876-7377.
  • You can also send mail to the post office address of the department. 

What are the Airports Closest to Miami International Airport?

The Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport is located nearby MIA. Aside from this particular closest airport to Miami Airport, there are some others as well. These are mentioned here: 

Where do Miami International Airport Departures Take Place? 

The concourses E, F, G, H, and J are the main areas for Miami Airport departures. The concourse for departure is decided based on the passenger volume of a particular airline. When the wait time for departure is long enough, the lounges or waiting rooms can be booked. However, it is mandatory for travelers to report at the boarding gate before the minimum check-in time for departures. 

Where Do Miami International Airport Arrivals Take Place? 

Usually, all of the available terminals and concourses are used for MIA Airport arrivals. However, concourses J and E are the most used concourses for airline arrivals. The baggage collection point will be located at the arrival terminal itself. Restaurants will be open for use at these concourses as well. While exiting the airport, taxi or bus services can be booked. 

The Miami International Airport is known for its customer-friendly services and convenient facilities. No matter the destination passengers are flying to, this airport makes sure that all the proceedings are timely completed. It also provides help centers for resolving customer queries and issues. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What terminal is American Airlines at MIA?

Concourse D is the American Airlines Miami Terminal for arrivals.

What terminal is American Airlines at Miami International Airport?

American Airlines Terminal at Miami Airport is Concourse E for departures.

What terminal is Delta at Miami Airport?

Concourse H is the Delta Terminal Miami Airport.

What terminal is United at Miami Airport?

Miami Airport United Terminal is the one operating via Concourse H.

What terminal is Spirit at MIA?

All the operations of the MIA Spirit Terminal take place at Concourse J.

What terminal is Southwest at Miami Airport?

Concourse G is the official Miami International Airport Southwest Terminal.

Which terminal is American Airlines in Miami?

For arrivals, the American Airlines Terminal MIA is Concourse D.

How many terminals at Miami Airport?

There are three terminals at Miami Airport named North, South, and Central.

What terminal is Spirit in Miami Airport?

The official Miami International Airport Spirit Airlines Terminal is Concourse J.

What terminal is Avianca in Miami Airport?

Concourse J is the Avianca Terminal in Miami Airport.

What terminal is Delta at MIA?

Delta Airlines Miami Terminal is indicated as Concourse H.

Can you walk between terminals at Miami Airport?

At Miami Airport walk between terminals is not required due to SkyTrain services.

What terminal is Iberia in Miami Airport?

To access the Iberia Airlines Miami Terminal, you will have to use Concourse E.

What terminal is Norwegian in Miami?

Miami Norwegian Terminal is generally indicated as the B Concourse.

Which terminal is Delta at Miami Airport?

Concourse H is the primary Delta Terminal in Miami.

What terminal is Air Canada at Miami International Airport?

Concourse J is allotted as the official Miami Airport Air Canada Terminal.

What terminal is Air Europa in Miami?

Boarding and check-in at the Air Europa Miami Airport Terminal take place at the E Concourse.

What terminal is Air France at Miami International Airport?

The official Miami Airport Air France terminal is the J Concourse.

What terminal is Bahamasair in Miami?

Concourse G is assigned to this carrier as the official Bahamasair Miami Airport Terminal.

What terminal is British Airways in Miami?

The E concourse is the major British Airways Terminal Miami International Airport.

What terminal is Emirates at Miami Airport?

Operations of this airline take place at the Emirates Terminal Miami Airport lettered J.

What terminal is Frontier Airlines at Miami Airport?

Frontier Miami Airport Terminal for departures is Concourse F and for arrivals.

What terminal is JetBlue at Miami Airport?

Concourse E is designated as the primary JetBlue Terminal Miami Airport.

What terminal is Copa Airlines in Miami?

The J concourse is the Copa Terminal Miami International Airport.

What terminal is LATAM at Miami Airport?

LATAM Terminal Miami International Airport can be reached via Concourse J.

What terminal is Royal Air Maroc at Miami Airport?

Check-in occurs at Concourse E which is the Miami Airport Royal Air Maroc Terminal.

What terminal is Lufthansa at Miami Airport?

Lufthansa Terminal Miami International Airport is Concourse J for both take-offs and landings.

What terminal is Swiss Air in Miami?

For international flights, Concourse J is assigned at the Miami Airport Swiss Airlines Terminal.

What terminal is Tap Portugal at Miami?

Concourse J is named the Miami Airport Tap Portugal Terminal.

What terminal is Turkish Airlines at Miami International Airport?

Miami Turkish Airlines Terminal for departure is Concourse H and J for all arrivals.

What terminal is United in Miami Airport?

Concourse H is the United Airlines Terminal Miami Airport.

What terminal is Virgin Voyages in Miami?

The port terminal at MIA Airport is used for Virgin Voyages.

Which terminal is Southwest at Miami Airport?

Miami International Airport Southwest Terminal is Concourse G.

Which terminal is Turkish Airlines in Miami?

Concourse H for departures and J for arrivals indicate the Turkish Airlines Miami Terminals.

Which terminal Miami British Airways?

British Airways Terminal Miami Airport is Concourse E.

What terminal is Frontier at MIA?

Concourses F and D at the Miami International Airport are used by this carrier.

What terminal is JetBlue at MIA?

JetBlue Terminal at the Miami International Airport is Concourse E.

Which terminal is Southwest at MIA?

Southwest Airlines Miami Airport Terminal is the G Concourse.

What terminal is Aer Lingus at Miami Airport?

The J Concourse is assigned as the Aer Lingus Miami Airport Terminal.

What terminal is Alitalia in Miami?

There is no specific Alitalia Miami Terminal.

What terminal is ITA Airways in Miami?

ITA Airways Miami terminal for departure is Concourse H and J for arrivals.

What terminal is Viva Air in Miami?

Concourse F is the Viva Air Terminal Miami for departures.

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