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In order to travel with animals to various destinations on Air France, you will have to follow its policy. This Air France pet policy is mainly associated with all the regulations concerned with transport. It determines the permitted weight and size limits, the amount of fee charged, and other restrictions. 

What Rules are Applicable to Air France Pets?

For this carrier to accept your companion, certain basic regulations are to be followed:

  • Animals can be added to tickets booked directly with the airline. 
  • You can transport them either in the hold or cabin based on the weight. 
  • Animals can also be sent as freight. 
  • They must be tested before boarding the flight. 
  • The domestic rules of the arrival countries should also be adhered to. 
  • Bookings for the passenger and his/her pet can be made at the same time. 
  • Animals must be kept in a crate at all times during the flight. 
  • The medical safety of the furry being will be the responsibility of the owner. 
  • Pets should be checked a few hours before the flight. 
  • Owners will have to collect them upon arrival without any delay. 
  • Inform the airline beforehand about the breed of your companion.
  • You can fly with emotional service animals.

Note: If you’re planning to travel with your furry friend on Air France, it’s crucial to ensure that their name is correctly listed on the reservation. Should you need to change or update your pet’s name, refer to Air France Name Change Policy for the necessary steps and guidelines.

Limitations of Pet Travel:

Some limitations that restrict the transport of your companion on this airline include: 

  • Animals not registered in advance will not be permitted to fly. 
  • They must be deemed safe to travel by a veterinarian. 
  • Failure to comply with the weight restrictions results in denied boarding. 
  • Animals without labels will not be permitted. 
  • Certain breeds of dogs and cats will be prohibited. 
  • Business Class fliers on international flights cannot carry animals inside the cabin. 
  • In the case of non-compliance, extra charges may apply.
  • The airline will not be responsible for these charges.

Is there an Air France in Cabin Pet Policy?

Passengers who wish to stay in close contact with their companions during the flight can bring them on board. Under the Air France pet in cabin policy, the main conditions are:

airfleetrating-air france in cabin pet policy
  • Only dogs and cats can be brought. 
  • They must be 15 weeks or older to travel on board. 
  • On the following itineraries, dogs/cats older than 8 weeks will be accepted: 
    • Between Reunion Island and Martinique
    • Guadeloupe and France 
  • Permission to bring them on board should be obtained beforehand. 
  • A maximum of 1 pet per passenger will be allowed based on the availability of space. 

Note: During a flight, the animal must remain near the owner’s seat and should not occupy space on the aisle. 

Weight and Size Restrictions:

Animals traveling on board must be placed in proper bags. These containers must be within the following Air France pet carrier size and weight restrictions: 

Maximum Allowed Weight 8 kgs or 17 lbs
Maximum Allowed Size 46 cm * 28 cm * 24 cm or 18 in * 11 in * 9 in 
  • These dimensions include the combined weight of the:
    • Animal 
    • Bag 

Pet Baggage Requirements:

The airline does not allow animal crates. Only pet bags and soft containers are permitted.  Hence, the Air France approved pet carrier must possess the following characteristics: 

  • It must be big enough for the animal to easily sit, stand, turn around, and lie down. 
  • The bag must not be compact. 
  • It should have proper ventilation. 
  • This must fit in the storage space given under the passenger seat. 
  • No more than 1 animal can be placed in one container irrespective of its size. 
  • Your companion should remain inside the bag throughout.

Terms for Baggage Allowance

The Air France pet bag will be considered as a separate baggage item. It will be charged individually, under the baggage policy of Air France

Are there Breed Restrictions for Air France Pet in Cabin?

Brachycephalic type animals have the chance of suffering from respiratory problems while flying. They will be accepted for Air France pet travel if they have official approval from a licensed vet. Otherwise, they are restricted.

Prohibited Dogs/Cats

Without approval, the following aren’t allowed to fly:

Snub-nosed DogsCats
Great Danes (all breeds)Burmese
Cane CorsoHimalayan
Brussels GriffonPersian
Lhasa ApsoExotic Shorthair
Small Brabant
Pugs (all breeds)
Mastiffs (all breeds)
Boxers (all breeds)
Boston Terrier
Shih Tzu
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Shar Pei

Attack Dogs

As directed by the laws of the French Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry, certain types of animals that come under the “attack dogs” pet Air France category will be prohibited.

  • These animals can neither travel in the cabin nor in the hold as checked baggage. 
  • They may not belong to any specific breed of dogs but can be similar to: 
    • Mastiffs
    • American Staffordshire Terriers
    • Pitbulls
    • Tosas  
  • No exceptions can be requested. 

Cargo Animals

The animals accepted for travel under the Air France cargo pet transport category will not be permitted under any other mode. 

  • Only animals that can bear the conditions of cargo will be accepted. 
  • The breeds that will be considered for cargo travel include: 
    • Pedigree Tosas
    • Rottweiler
    • Pedigree Staffordshire Terriers
    • Pedigree American Staffordshire Terriers
  • These pets can be shipped on the same flight as their owner if there is enough space. 
  • It is compulsory to place them in a proper crate. 

Note: To check for the availability of this cargo travel facility on your flight, contact the airline agents. 

Is Air France Pet in Hold Feature Available?

The pet-in-hold feature is not available at times. Then animals can be transported in the aircraft’s hold under the given conditions of the Air France pet policy: 

General Guidelines:

  • Only a maximum of 3 animals will be allowed per passenger. 
  • Your companion should be physically fit without any health complications. 
  • It must not be aggressive and should not cause harm to others. 
  • On connecting flights, it should be checked in twice. 
  • No water or food will be provided by the airline to the animals in the hold. 
  • Your companion should not be kept on a leash or a muzzle. 
  • It is the owner’s responsibility to make sure that it is not weak or tranquilized. 

Weight and Size Restrictions for Carrier:

Usually, the maximum allowed Air France pet carrier size and weight limitations are as follows. 

Maximum Allowed Weight 75 kgs or 165 lbs 
Maximum Allowed Size As per the animal’s height 

Crate Requirements

When traveling in the hold, your animal should be kept in a container in sync with these Air France pet carrier requirements: 

  • Only crates made with hard plastic or fiberglass will be approved. 
  • It should not have wheels. Otherwise, they must be taken off. 
  • A locking system with 2 locks is mandatory. 
  • All the nuts, bolts, and screws must be properly placed. 
  • The container’s height must be at least 5 cm higher than that of the animal. 
  • The hinges of the door must extend by at least 1.6 cm. 
  • This crate must be lined with newspaper, cloth, or other absorbing material. 
  • No leaks should be found in the crate. 
  • Any bowls kept inside should be accessible without opening the doors. 
  • Other regulations of IATA should be followed as well. 
  • Its bottom should not be lined with straws.

Buying a Crate

Since many requirements are to be followed while carrying a container on this airline, you can directly buy one from the airline’s shopping site. 

  • The official shopping site is “Pets – Air France Shopping”.
  • Use the filters to find the Air France pet carrier most suitable to your needs. 
  • Delivery services are extended to certain countries like: 
    • The US
    • Japan 
    • The Netherlands 
    • Spain 
    • Sweden 
    • The United Kingdom 
    • Morocco 

What is the Check-in Procedure on International Flights?

The Air France pet policy for international trips requires the animals to be checked in before they are transported as per these rules:

  • You must be present at the airport with your animal before the minimum time limit. 
  • All the required animal certificates should be presented. 
  • On connecting flights, the animals must be checked in twice. 
  • An identification label should be attached to the furry being before checking in. 
  • The fee for baggage check-in and pet check-in has to be paid separately. 
  • Online check-in will only be available on certain flights.

Once this process is completed, the animals will be carried to the hold by the agents. You can only meet them again at the time of pick-up or at stopovers. 

Minimum Check-in Time Limits:

It is important to arrive at the airport within the given time limits: 

Type of Flight Minimum Check-in Time (For Pet Transport) 
Intercontinental flights 3 hours before departure 
Flights between Europe and France 2 hours 30 minutes before departure 
Connecting flights between Paris and Charles de Gaulle 4 hours 30 minutes at the stopover 
Connecting flights between Paris and Orly 2 hours at the stopover 

When you wish to transport Air France pets on flights that include stopovers, check in early.

What Documents are Required by the Air France Pet Policy?

This airline will only grant permission for Air France pet travel after attesting that the said animal is fit to fly by scrutinizing: 

  • Vaccination proof in the recent months
  • Medical reports issued by a vet
  • Rabies vaccination proof 
  • General health certificate 
  • Travel approval certificate in case of brachycephalic breeds 
  • Electronic chip in case of animals flying on the EU flights 
  • A valid passport for your furry being
  • Quarantine certificate, if necessary 
  • Country-specific documents

Is Air France Cargo Pet Transport Allowed?

When you wish to transport large animals like horses, you can use the Air France pet shipping or cargo facility. 

  • Animals other than cats and dogs can travel. 
  • Those that are too heavy to be transported in the hold can use this facility. 
  • There is no restriction on the transport of snub-nosed breeds except for: 
    • Boston Terrier
    • Pug
    • Bulldog 
  • This service is also available on partner flights of this operator.

If the destination country accepts pets in cargo, this service will be given.

How Much is the Air France Pet Fee?

The Air France pet travel cost depends on the mode of animal transport and the destination. It is always calculated for one bag. 

Flight Destination Pet Travel Fees for Arrival Destination (In the Hold)
Within Metropolitan France 80 Euros 
Within the Caribbean 75  Euros 
Miami 55 Euros 
Europe and North Africa 200 Euros 
Cayenne, Fort-de-France, Pointe-à-Pitre75  Euros 
Other destinations 400 Euros 
  • This cost is charged in the currency of the departure destination:
    • CAD for flights from Canada 
    • USD on planes from the United States 

For Transport on Board

When you wish to carry animals on board, you will have to pay the following Air France pet in cabin fee: 

Flight Destination Pet Travel Fees (Including Service Charges)
Within Metropolitan France 40 Euros 
Within the Caribbean 30 Euros 
Miami 55 Euros 
Europe and North Africa 55 Euros 
Cayenne, Fort-de-France, Pointe-à-Pitre55 Euros 
Other destinations 125 Euros 

Recent Updates to the Air France Pet Transport Policy

This carrier updated its policy on September 28, 2022, in view of the animal sanitation conditions of different countries. Not complying with the following may cause Air France flight cancellations:

For Canada

In the case of Canada, the following restrictions have been imposed under the Air France pet travel policy: 

  • The transport of these animals for commercial purposes is restricted:
    • Resale 
    • Breeding 
    • Entertainment 
    • Research 
    • Shows 
    • Fostering 
    • Adoption 
  • Dogs flying from these countries with a high risk of rabies are prohibited:
    • Afghanistan
    • Algeria
    • Brazil
    • Brunei
    • Cameroon
    • Central African Republic
    • Djibouti
    • Dominican Republic
    • Egypt 
    • Georgia
    • Ghana
    • Haiti
    • Honduras
    • India
    • Kazakhstan
    • Kenya
    • Zambia
    • Zimbabwe
    • Ukraine
    • The United Arab Emirates
    • Togo
    • Tunisia
    • Turkey
    • Somalia
    • South Africa
    • Pakistan
    • Peru
    • the Philippines
    • Nigeria
    • North Korea
    • Mongolia
    • Morocco
    • Lesotho
    • Liberia

To the United States

In the case of flights to the US, the following conditions apply: 

  • Animals that have spent the recent 6 months in high-risk countries will be restricted. 
  • Those that do not have a waiver from the US government are not allowed. 
  • If the US health measures are not met, additional charges will become payable. 

For Other Locations

On other destinations, the policy has been updated to include the given regulations: 

  • Only freight transportation will be allowed on flights traveling to Dubai. 
  • Pets cannot be carried inside the cabin or in the hold on flights to China. 
  • Hold transportation facility is not available on flights between Moscow and Paris. 

How to Add an Air France Pet to the Ticket?

For your companion to be accommodated on the flight, you will have to first have to make a reservation for yourself. Later, call the airline agents and add your animal to this reservation. 

Region Contact Number 
India 1800 4192 033
Korea +82 26 105 40 38 
Mexico +52 55 50 91 24 21
Netherlands +31 20 654 57 20
The United States + 1 800 237 2747 

Note: You can find location-based numbers on the website of this carrier.

  • After dialing the number, you will be asked to give all the booking details of your flight. 
  • The agents will now check if the respective flight can accommodate Air France pets. 
  • Submit all the required documents.
  • The payment for animal travel has to be made separately. 
  • Once your animal is registered, you will get a confirmation mail to your official ID. 
  • Recheck your details here. 

Add Pets to an Existing Booking

To add Air France pet cabin booking to your existing reservation, you can directly use the carrier’s website as follows: 

  • Open the website of the airline. 
  • On the top of the homepage, find the “My Bookings” section. 
  • Here, enter your “Booking Reference” and “Last Name”. 
  • Go ahead by clicking on the “Search” option. 
  • Your booking will now be retrieved. 
  • Find the option to add a pet and follow the on-screen directions.
  • Complete the procedure to manage your booking by paying the required fees. 

Note: This option will only be available for travel in the cabin.

Using Social Media to Connect with Air France Agents 

The best way to quickly reach out to the airline authorities is by using its social media platforms. 

Social Media Platform Official Link 

In brief, this Air France pet policy makes sure that animals safely reach their destinations. It also extends different methods of transport, thus, making it simpler for fliers to carry their companions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Air France allow pets in cabin?

Yes, you can carry pets on the flight on this airline.

Is Air France pet friendly?

This airline allows the transport of pets in the cabin, cargo, and in the hold.

How much does it cost to fly a pet on Air France?

The Air France pet policy cost can range between 30 Euros and 400 Euros.

How strict is Air France with pet carrier size?

Air France will not permit any animal that exceeds the pet carrier size limits.

What are the Air France pet carrier rules?

Your pet’s container must be spacious, properly ventilated, and should fit beneath the passenger seat.

Does Air France allow emotional support animals?

This carrier does accept service pets.

How much does Air France charge for pet travel?

Usually, the charges for animal travel can vary based on the destination and the type of transport.

How to buy an Air France ticket for my dog?

You can do so by booking a general reservation and adding the animal to this ticket later.

What is the size of an Air France approved pet carrier?

The maximum allowed size for pet carriers is 46 cm * 28 cm * 24 cm.

What is the Air France pet policy for international flights?

To travel on international flights, animals should be healthy and have a passport.

What is the Air France pet policy for Business Class?

As per the policy, pets cannot travel in the cabin on Business Class on intercontinental flights.

Where to get the Air France Airlines pet bags?

You can buy these bags at the shopping site offered by this airline.

Are pets allowed in Business class Air France?

No, Air France pets in Business Class are not allowed on international flights.

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