Air France Missed Flight Policy 

Missed Flight and No Show Policy

It is always a hassle to miss flights. Be it domestic flights or international destinations, missing your trip can cause immense trouble. To avoid causing such inconvenience to customers, Air France has come up with a policy. Known as the Air France missed flight policy, this helps passengers to rebook and claim compensation in case of unattended trips. 

Air France Missed Flight Policy Terms and Conditions 

Depending on the reason for your missed flight, this airline will offer you the needed compensation. However, to avail of such alternatives, you will have to follow certain regulations. These rules are also implemented to ensure passenger safety. 

Given below are some of such important guidelines: 

  • In case you have not boarded your plane due to reasons on the part of the carrier itself, you will be entitled to compensation. 
  • When passengers have to forego their flights due to being late, a penalty may be charged. 
  • Upon missing your trip, you will have to immediately inform the agents at the airport help desk. 
  • This airline allows you to rebook planes to the same destination. 
  • If possible then cancel your Air France flight ticket and claim a refund.
  • On most missed tickets, the no-show policy will be applicable irrespective of your destination. 
  • You will only be eligible to enjoy your rights if you have a confirmed booking with the carrier. 
  • The policy is only applicable to flights operated by the EU (European Union). 
  • When you are unable to rebook an alternative plane, the airline will accommodate a hotel at the airport. 
  • Compensation and alternative bookings can be availed even on connecting flights that you didn’t board. 
  • Refund eligibility for such reservations mainly depends on the type of your ticket. 

Note: All queries regarding Air France’s missed flight policy can be solved by contacting the airline officials directly. This number can be found on the carrier’s website. 

What should I do if I Miss My Trip on Air France? 

Passengers have a few options to refer to when they don’t attend their flights on this airline. The most common alternative is to book another trip. The Air France Airlines missed flight policy offers the following options when you happen to forego your reservations: 

  • The carrier will offer you an alternative option to the same destination within 24 hours of the initial flight’s take-off. 
  • Passengers will not be charged any amount for the rebooked journeys. 
  • If possible, inform the company that you are about to miss your trip at the last moment. This way, the airline can put you on an immediate stand-by flight. 
  • In case you are not able to inform the carrier in advance, your allocation on stand-by flights will be subject to the availability of extra seats. 
  • Generally, the missed booking’s refunds will mostly be offered on connecting flights. 
  • When the airline is not able to rebook an alternative trip, you can request a refund on your return flight. 
  • If you do not inform the operator about your missed journey, you will be considered a no-show passenger and subsequent penalties will then be applicable. 

Tip: Try connecting with the authorities as soon as possible when you know that you will miss your flight. This will help you to board alternative aircraft immediately. 

Air France Airlines No Show Policy 

You will be categorized as a no-show passenger when you neither show up at the airport nor inform the air operator authorities about it. In such a situation, the officials will try contacting you. Later, depending on the reason which you had to miss your flight, you will have to take responsibility. 

  • In case you have not shown up at the airport due to unforeseen causes, the airline may exempt you from the payment of penalties. 
  • Even though penalties might not be charged, you will most likely not be allowed to board a standby flight. 
  • Passengers who show up at the airport within a few minutes after their plane’s departure might be allowed alternative bookings. 
  • Visit the airport service center to know whether the trip you have missed is eligible for a refund. 
  • The airline will not be obliged to rebook another flight for you in case of a no-show. 

Note: The effects of the no-show policy can be different for varying fares, ticket types, and destinations. Hence, check with the airline authorities regarding this policy. 

Air France Missed Connecting Flight 

Sometimes travel itineraries include connecting stops. It might so happen that you miss your transition flight. This mainly happens because of a delay in the departure of the original flight. Under such circumstances, it is the airline’s responsibility to take care of the completion of your trip. 

In this regard, the following rules are given by the missed connecting flight policy: 

  • Your transition flight and the original trip should be under the same PNR number. Only then, will you be eligible to receive compensation. 
  • Travelers will not be able to claim compensation when their connecting trip is operated by carriers not operated by the EU. 
  • Reimbursement for missed connections will only be given when the delay caused is due to reasons not out of the control of the airline. 
  • When the delays are caused due to natural calamities or such uncontrollable reasons, the operator may not offer money back. Such causes can include: 
    • Air traffic 
    • Storms and rains 
    • Unfavorable weather conditions 
    • Strikes or attacks 
    • Coronavirus or medical emergencies 

What Happens When You Miss Your Connecting Flight on Air France? 

To compensate for the inconvenience caused when the Air France connecting flight is missed, this airline will provide the following: 

  • You will be assigned the next immediate plane to the same destination, only if alternative ones are available. 
  • Food and water along with other refreshments will be handed to the passengers during the wait time. 
  • Free email and phone call services will be provided to the fliers. 
  • In case the replacement flight is not available until the next day, you will be given a place to spend the night. These include hotel accommodations. 

In case the operator is not able to provide you alternative bookings for your connecting missed flight on Air France, you may get a cash compensation as follows: 

  • When the flight distance is around 1,500 km, the reimbursement amount is EUR 250. 
  • EUR 400 will be given when the distance is between 1,500 km and 3,500 km. 
  • On flights exceeding 3,500 km, the amount offered will be EUR 600. 

You can always reach out to the company’s agents at the airport service center for questions regarding missed connecting trips. The service center will be open all through the day. 

How to Rebook Air France Flight Ticket?

After missing your plane, the immediate alternative is to rebook a flight. This can be done free of charge by the airline in some cases. Whereas, in case of a no-show, passengers themselves have to rebook a new plane. There are two ways of doing so: 

  • The online method through the site 
  • Offline option by contacting the agents 

While accessing the rebook option through either of these options, you will have to follow a set of steps. These steps are detailed here: 

Method 1: Online Rebooking Option 

The online option is best suitable for long-distance flights. Under the international rebooking policy, passengers can easily reserve alternative flights by using the online site. 

  • Open Air France Official Website
  • Find the “My Bookings” tab Click on it. 
  • Fill in “Booking Reference and Last Name” 
  • After clicking on the “Search” button, you will be able to see the status of your missed flight. 
  • If another plane is available to the same destination, you can rebook it immediately. 
  • Follow the on-screen instructions. 
  • Pay the necessary charges if required by the rebooking policy. 
  • Once the alternative aircraft is rebooked, you will get a confirmation email to your registered address. 

In case any flights are not available to the same destination on the same day, you can look for new trips one or two days later. Meanwhile, you can stay at the hotel assigned to you by the airline. 

Method 2: Rebooking by Contacting Airline Officials 

This option is the easiest way to go about the rebooking process. The airline agents will give you a clear idea as to the availability of stand-by flights. Moreover, they will book your trips again within just a few minutes. 

To connect with the agents, call the following number and inform them regarding your Air France Airlines missed flight: 

  • 1800 419 2033 

Once you reach the officials: 

  • Inform them that you have missed your journey and mention the reason as well. 
  • Give all the essential information like your flight number, arrival and departure destination, passenger name, and other booking details. 
  • The agents will now look through the next available options for the same destination. 
  • They will proceed with the rebooking process if the timings are favorable to you. 
  • Make the payment of the rebooking fee to finish the process. 
  • Be ready to board your rebooked trip. 

In case the airline is not able to accommodate you on an alternative flight, you can request a refund based on your eligibility. 

Air France Missed Flight Refund Policy

Generally, refunds for missed trips will be given if the reservation has been missed due to the airline’s fault. Also, refunds can be accessed on refundable fares. These reimbursements will be given as per the original value of the ticket. 

  • When a delay has caused you to miss the flight, you will be entitled to receive a full missed flight refund. 
  • If you have missed your connecting flight, that means a part of your ticket has already been used. So, only the unused portion will be refunded. 
  • Reimbursement will be given only on refundable fares.
  • The refund amount will be credited in the original mode of payment. 
  • While compensation depends on the time of delay, refunds depend on the original price of the booking. 

Note: There is no fixed amount of refund. The officials will inform you of the exact amount while processing your requests. 

Air France Missed Flight Fee 

The airline does not charge any amount for rebooking an alternative flight within 24 hours of the missed flight’s original departure period. But, when stand-by flights are not available, you may have to pay a certain charge for rebooking. This rebooking fee can depend on: 

  • The price of the original reservation. 
  • Reason for missing the flight. 
  • Arrival destination. 
  • Flight itinerary. 
  • Type of trip: round or one-way. 
  • The number of passengers. 

The agents at the airport help desk will provide you with more information regarding the fees and rebooking charges as given by the missed flight policy. 

Air France Missed Flight policy helps passengers understand what happens if they miss their flights. Air France tries its best to ensure the convenience of travelers in such situations. Hence, you need not fret when you miss a flight on this airline. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen if I miss my connecting flight on Air France? 

When you have missed the connecting flight due to the airline’s fault, you will be compensated. If you have missed the flight due to your own delay, you will have to rebook a new flight. 

What happens if I miss my flight with Air France? 

You will be assigned a stand-by flight within 24 hours of the departure time if you miss your flight on this operator. 

What is the Air France Airlines missed flight policy? 

This policy mainly explains what can happen if you miss your flight on the airline and the rules regarding the rebooking charges. 

Will I get a free stand-by flight if I miss my connecting Air France flight? 

Yes, if the reason for the missed connecting flight is a delay resulting from the airline’s fault, then a free stand-by option is provided.

What should I do when Air France causes me to miss my flight? 

Inform the agents at the service center about your missed flight. They will immediately look for alternative options to help you reach your destination. 

What is the rebooking charge for Air France? 

You can contact this air operator to find out the latest charges for rebooking.

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