Air France Flight Change Policy

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The Air France flight change policy is essentially a combination of rules and guidelines that are applicable to ticket alterations. In this regard, it reveals the flight change process, the methods available, and the fee charged. The eligibility for using the facility is also highlighted under this policy. 

What Air France Change Flight Rules are to be Followed? 

This airline, under its Air France change flight policy, has given certain rules that are to be adhered to when making a request.

  • To be eligible for modification, your reservation should be official. 
  • All the tickets, irrespective of the class of service, are changeable. 
  • The conditions for flight modification depend upon the time of booking. 
  • Adjustments to connecting flights can only be made if prior permission is granted. 
  • Reservations made using travel credits can also be modified. 
  • The postponement of the flight also comes under this policy. 
  • Alterations can only be made before the scheduled date of departure. 
  • Connect with travel agencies in the case of third-party bookings.
  • In case you want to modify after Air France check-in, contact the airline for more terms.

Constraints to Know:

Before you opt for modification, ensure that these constraints are understood:

  • Name alterations will not be subject to the rules of flight modifications. 
  • It might not be possible to modify group reservations on certain destinations. 
  • Refunds will only be issued on flight cancellations on Air France, not changes. 
  • Adjusting flights with baggage requirements can take time.

Are You Eligible for Air France Flight Change? 

Based on the date of booking, the eligibility for Air France flight changes differs. All the tickets purchased during the following dates will be eligible for modification: 

Issuance DateType of Modification
Before March 1, 2022Tickets can be postponed prior to the departure.
After July 1, 2022One can modify tickets except for group bookings.
Between March 1 and June 8, 2022Tickets are eligible for flight changes.
After June 29, 2022Alterations are possible.

Note: In case any special conditions apply to modifications, they will be informed at the time of booking. 

What is the Air France Change Flight Cost? 

The Air France change flight fee depends on various factors. The factors influencing this fee include: 

  • Method of ticket purchase
  • Mode of request for the ticket adjustment 
  • Type of change requested 
  • The fare of the new flight 
  • Availability of the New trip 

Conditions Applicable to Payment

Some of the general highlights relating to the fee for flight changes on this carrier include: 

  • Usually, no fee is charged when the request is made well in advance of the departure. 
  • When the new flight costs more than the initial reservation, the fare difference is payable. 

Note: If this flight is less pricey than the original booking, a voucher may be issued. 

Fees Applied

The Air France flight change cost for all tickets purchased either through the carrier’s site or at the airport ticket counter is mentioned in the table given below: 

Method of Change Fees Charged 
Through the website No Charges 
At the airport kiosk Free
Through the phone 15 Euros or 16 USD 
At the ticket office 15 Euros/16 USD 
Via the airport (on the day of flight departure) 15 Euros or 16 USD 

Fees incurred vary on purchases made through travel agencies or third-party sites. These are as mentioned below: 

Method of ModificationCosts Charged 
Through the website Free 
At the airport kiosk No Charges 
Through the phone 30 Euros or 32 USD 
At the ticket office 30 Euros/32 USD 
On the day of flight departure at the airport  15 Euros or 16 USD 

Note: Travel agencies/third-party sources charge their own fee apart from the costs levied by the airline. 


The payment of the Air France flight change fee can be exempted in the following cases: 

  • Passengers traveling on refundable fares will not have to pay any fee. 
  • Adjustments made to the tickets of unaccompanied minors will be free. 
  • Passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility will be charged no amount. 
  • Free changes will be allowed on fares whose refund value is less than 100 Euros. 

Note: Service charges will be included in the flight change amount. It is not to be paid separately. 

How to Change Air France Flights? 

This airline offers its customers various options through which they can change flights on Air France. They work online as well as offline. 

Method 1: Utilizing the Airline’s Website 

Modifications can be made to the flight date, time, and itinerary through the website. The procedure for using the Air France change flight online option is:

  • Once you land on the carrier’s website, find “My Bookings”. 
airfleetrating-Air france my booking
  • Here, enter your “Booking Reference” and “Last Name”.
  • Then click on the “Search” button.
  • A new page showing your reservation details will be opened. 
  • Select the flight to which the modification has to be made. 
  • You will find the option to change it as per the instructions given on the site. 
  • Make all the necessary alterations and double-check them. 
  • If a fee is charged to manage your booking on Air France, complete the payment.
  • The details of your new flight will be sent to your registered address. 

Note: In this process, when the airline makes a mistake in allotting the flight, immediately contact it.

Method 2: Through the Phone 

When there is not much time for the departure of your flight, you can call the airline to request a modification. 

The Air France change flight phone number differs for every region. Some of the most used contact details are mentioned here: 

Region Contact Number 
India 1800 4192 033
Korea +82 26 105 40 38 
Mexico +52 55 50 91 24 21
Netherlands +31 20 654 57 20
The United States + 1 800 237 2747 

Note: Go to “Help and Contacts” on the official site to obtain additional numbers. 

Once you are able to connect with the respective agents, you will have to provide them with the following details: 

  • Reason for calling
  • Need for flight modification request 
  • All the necessary flight details 
  • Personal information and contact details 
  • Payment of the change fees 

After the authorities successfully change your flight, you will either get a confirmation mail or a call. 

Method 3: At the Airport 

Changes to flights can also be made at the airport through the kiosk or ticket counter. 

Via the Kiosk

When your ticket is eligible for modifications under the Air France flight change policy, you can do so using the airport kiosk. 

  • Go to your departure airport at least a few hours before the flight’s take-off. 
  • Visit the nearest self-service kiosk. 
  • Select the change flight option. 
  • Enter the necessary details. 
  • The kiosk will then guide you in modifying the flight. 
  • Follow the instructions and make the required adjustments. 

Using the Counter

At the airport ticket counter, an agent will be present to assist you throughout the process. 

  • Go to the nearest ticket counter and wait in line. 
  • Inform the agent that you wish to alter your booking. 
  • Provide all the important details that you are asked for. 
  • Your flight will officially be modified. 

Note: This option can only be used in case of modifications made on the same day of departure. 

What is the Air France Change Flight Policy?

During some instances, this carrier can modify your flight. These instances can relate to:

  • Unsafe conditions for flying
  • Political crises
  • Environmental concerns
  • Issues at the destination
  • Space not being available
  • Other such instances

Air France Changed Flight Compensation 

In case the airline itself modifies your flight after it has been booked, you will be entitled to receive compensation under the Air France flight change policy. 

This compensation depends on the distance of the flight, given as follows: 

Flight Distance Compensation Amount 
Up to 1500 km 350 Euros 
Between 1500 and 3500 km 400 Euros 
More than 3500 km 600 Euros 

Medium of Reimbursement

The compensation can be received either in the form of cash or in the form of vouchers as per the customers’ requirements. 

Applying for Compensation

You can contact the local office of this airline. Place the request for compensation with the help of the professionals there.

Clearing Queries under Air France Flight Change Policy 

When you are looking for a quick way to reach out to the official authorities for clearing any Air France flight changes queries, use the following social media platforms: 

Social Media Platform Official Link 
Web WhatsApp 

In conclusion, the flight change policy is simple yet effective. It offers different methods to modify flights, thus, making everything simpler for its passengers. It is also easy to understand and useful in making last-minute alterations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my Air France flight?

Yes, this airline permits changes to flights.

Can I change my flight date Air France?

Such modifications can be made using the Air France change flight date option.

How to change Air France flight online?

You can do so using the main website of the carrier via “My Bookings”.

How do I change my flight date with Air France?

Use the “My Bookings” tab on the website, enter your details here, then modify the date of travel.

How to change flight return date Air France?

The Air France change return flight date procedure is similar to that of normal adjustments made through the website.

What if Air France changes flight times?

In such a case, you can file a compensation request under the “Air France changed my flight” category.

What is Air France policy if flight changes after booking?

This policy can permit you to modify your trip after you make a booking.

What is the Air France change flight contact number?

For US-based travelers, the contact number + 1 800 237 2747 can help make modifications.

Is there an Air France change flight date fee?

In general, this airline allows free changes. But while you modify the date, you can learn whether a fee applies.

Can Air France change flight COVID-19?

Depending on the COVID-19 conditions, the carrier may adjust your booking.

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