How to Cancel Air France Flight?

Air France Cancellation Policy

Inclusive of different provisions, the Air France cancellation policy allows fliers to undo their bookings for various reasons and emergencies. It has terms as per differing fares. Accordingly, they can receive refunds, compensations, vouchers, etc. Online and offline assistance is further given to understand such provisions.

Cancel Air France

Does Air France have a 24 hour Cancellation Policy?

Yes, According to the Air France 24 hour cancellation policy allows you to cancel a ticket for free as long as you’re within this timeframe and get a full refund without paying any fee.

How to Cancel Air France Flight Tickets?

There are multiple ways to cancel Air France flights either on call or using the website of this carrier, you can undo bookings. 

airfleetrating-How to Cancel Air France Flight

Method 1: On the Website

When your ticket’s terms make you eligible for online Air France cancellations, you can use this method.

  • Hit the option “My Bookings” on the AirFrance Website.
  • Add the details like “Reference Number” and “Last Name“.
  • Use “Search” to find this trip.
  • Then look for the option to cancel it.

Method 2: With On-Call Help

You can receive help on the call to discontinue your journey. This option also gives you language choices. However, it works only during operational hours. 

RegionContact Number
The United StatesTo:- +1 800 237 2747
For impaired hearing: 711 833 648 2072
IndiaFrom:- 1800 4192 033
To:- +91 12 462 33 503
Hong Kong (China)+852 2501 9433
France+33 9 69 39 36 54

What’s the Air France Cancellation Policy?

Air France offers a flexible cancellation policy, allowing passengers to postpone their flights without change fees, subject to availability, and receive a voucher or refund for unused tickets. Before undo your trip, remember these rules:

  • Specific fare terms may allow or limit revocations.
  • These terms should be obtained:
    • While booking 
    • When reversing tickets
    • Via the email confirming your booking
    • From the eTicket

Air France Cancellation Policy for Check-in

Should you discontinue a trip, you will also need to cancel the check-in for it.

  • Between 30 hours and 1 hour prior to departure, you can cancel the check-in of Air France ticket.
  • For planes from/to the US, the duration to discontinue is 24 hours prior to take-off.
  • Use the “Check-in” tab on the website of this airline to do so.

Air France Coronavirus Cancellation Policy

The COVID-19 cancellation policy allows you to revoke your booking. Or, the airline may discontinue it because of the same. This Air France COVID cancellation policy further facilitates: Flight changes and Postponement.

Which Air France tickets allow for cancellations?

Air France offers a range of cancellation options for different types of tickets. Here is the summary of the cancellation policies for various ticket categories:

Tickets Booked Within 24 Hours:

  • Air France’s 24-hour cancellation policy allows for free cancellation of any ticket booked within the last 24 hours. This policy applies to all ticket types, including Economy, Business, and La Première fares.

Tickets Booked Beyond 24 Hours:

  • For tickets booked beyond 24 hours, cancellation options and fees vary depending on the ticket fare and destination. Generally, Air France allows passengers to postpone their flights without change fees but may require payment of the fare difference if the original fare is no longer available.
  • For certain non-refundable fares, cancellations may not be permitted, and passengers may only receive a partial refund or no refund at all.

Group Fares and Allotments:

  • Cancellation policies for group fares and allotments may differ from standard fares. Please contact Air France customer service for specific cancellation policies for these types of bookings.

Additional Considerations:

  • Cancellation fees may apply for tickets purchased through travel agencies. Please contact your travel agency for details on their cancellation policies.
  • Cancellation requests must be made before the flight departure date.
  • Passengers who cancel their flights may be eligible for a refund of the remaining ticket value, depending on the fare type and cancellation policy.
  • It is always advisable to review the specific cancellation policy for your ticket type and fare before making any changes to your booking.

How much is the Air France Cancellation Fee?

Passengers can find out the exact Air France ticket cancellation fees after combining the following: 

  • Fees for on-call reversals
  • Refund costs
  • Prices for this service 
  • Administrative charges as given below
Type of Administrative CostsServiceAdministrative Fees
Refunds for phone and form-based requestsRefunds for AF-057 bookings made via call, website, ticketing officeFree
Ticketing office (City) serviceCancellation$20 or $0 (Full Flex)
For Flying Blue Classic AwardsCancellation$51
Refunds at airports (Issuer – DL, AF, or KL)Refund$25-30 or €20$0 (Full Flex) 
Refund by a travel agency or agent (at the airport or online)Refund None for Full Flex
Money-back using “My Bookings” (Website-based)Refunds for AF-057 flight ticketsFree

What does Air France Cancellation Refund Policy State?

Article 14 – General Conditions of Carriage regulates Air France Refund Policy. It states that:

  • As of now, within a few weeks, refund requests are processed.
  • Those with group reservations should contact the airline to know the terms.
  • Not all tickets are refundable. This depends on their terms.
  • You can obtain money back for lost tickets after presenting proof.
  • When a ticket is valid, yet a person can’t fly, the airline may:
    • Refund the “Gross Fare”
    • Increase a fare’s validity.
    • Agree to readjust the fare
  • The amount is given back during Force Majeure even when a fare is non-refundable.
  • In case someone asks for a refund on your behalf, the airline won’t be responsible.
  • Money-back for used/unused tickets depends on the terms of this article.
  • Air France refunds for cancelled flights will be given as per Gross Fare.
  • Request your ticket’s issuer to get this amount.
  • These will help in estimating the amount:
    • The country where you bought your tickets 
    • And, the location where the refund is given

Constraints of the Policy

This policy for Air France canceled flights refund may not approve requests in these scenarios:

  • One cannot get refunds for:
    • Issuing charges (Except when the carrier cancels your trip)
    • Tickets when entry is denied by the operator
    • Advance payments without proof for international trips
  • Requests are made post the validity period.
  • Flight tickets are false, counterfeit, or stolen.
  • You want to leave a country but have no legal or valid permission.
  • In sync with Article 9 except for its point – E.
  • Instead of the desired destination, you were returned to another place or boarding area.

For Bookings through Travel Agents,

The Air France cancellation policy directs that in the case of third-party reservations:

  • You can get refunds.
  • Contact the agency or party who made your booking.
  • For queries/additional help, you can directly reach this airline.

How to Claim a Refund on Air France Canceled Flight?

Through a form, by calling, or by using the website, you can avail of Air France flight cancelled refunds.

airfleetrating-Air France Refund Policy

Method 1: Via Air France Manage Bookings:

To quickly apply for your money back, use these steps:

  • A flier needs to launch the website of “Air France”.
  • Tap on “My Bookings”.
air france booking cancellation
  • Sign in to the official account.
  • Or, view the flight for which you need a refund by adding:
    • “Last Name”
    • “Booking Reference”
  • Then press “Search”.
  • After you find your flight, look for the refund option.
  • Then go ahead with your Air France cancel flight refund request using the prompts

Method 2: On the Call

For these ways of booking, you can dial the flight cancellation refund phone number: +1-800-237-2747. Then file your request offline to ask for your money.

Medium of Booking AF-057 FlightsSource of Reservation
Online Via the Air France website 
OfflineWith the airline’s ticketing office

Calling from Different Nations

Passengers can contact this airline on the phone to make refund claims. According to the Air France refund policy: 

  • It is vital to call during business hours only. 
  • These are usually between 8.00 A.M. to 8.00 P.M. 
  • But they can vary as per the region.
LocationPhone Number
GermanyFor: +49 69 299 93 772
The UAETo: +971 42 37 80 95From: 800 23 823
MexicoTo: +52 55 50 91 24 21
The USATo: +1 800 237 2747To: 711 833 648 2072 (For hearing issues)
SingaporeTo: +65 65 77 11 55

Remember: Based on your location, you will find the number in the “Contact Us” section.

Method 3: Using the Air France Online Refund Form

The airline’s official website lets you access a form for the Air France refund for cancelled flights.

  • Search on your browser:
  • Press the official link for this form.
  • On the “AIRFRANCE Refunds Processing System” page, pick your language.
  • Fill in these spaces:
    • “Country/Region of Refund Payment”
    • “Refund Reason”
    • “Type of Request”
    • “Product Type”
  • Hit “Continue”.
  • Ascertain whether or not you will be using a specific ticket.
  • If not, then press “Confirm”.
  • Follow more instructions on the website to submit this refund form.

Tip: For cancellations involving death, rely on this form for refunds.

Why Air France Cancel Flights?

These reasons can cause Air France to cancel flights:

  • Passengers not complying with the deadlines for check-in
  • Technical faults by the carrier causing erroneous fares
  • Not paying for one’s ticket within the respective timeframe
  • Crossing the time limit for presenting oneself at the relevant boarding gate
  • Passengers causing harm to co-fliers, staff, or crew
  • Supplying incorrect personal information to the airline.

How Does the Air France Cancelled Flight Policy Work?

The policy for Air France cancelled flights works through these terms:

  • It can offer help in the case of an individual “Contract of Carriage”.
  • Prior to giving assistance, it requires proof in writing.
  • To get this proof, refer to this operator’s online page for “Flight Status”. Here:
    • Add your flight information.
    • Then use “Download Certificate”.
airfleetrating-air france cancellation

How to get Air France Compensation for Cancelled Flight?

For unforeseen reversals and expenses borne due to these, a compensation policy is provided.

  • Reimbursement is given for these when the operator is responsible:
    • Segment(s) of the journey not flown
    • The flown segment(s) when a flight isn’t useful
  • The Air France flight cancellation compensation can depend on:
    • Your original booking plan
    • Return flights to the departure’s initial point
  • Claims are handled as per the Regulation (EC) N°261/2004 when requested by:
    • Any third party
    • A person who is not a guardian legally
    • One flier for another whose name lies in the same reservation if:
      • The first flier directly made a claim using a form.
      • Additionally, the airline asked for 28 days for responding.
  • One can take legal help when required.
  • The operator may clear payments for Air France flight cancellations:
    • Via wire/electronic transfer to a flier
    • In the bank to his/her legal representative 
  • These can also govern this policy:
    • The EU regulation 261 of 2004
    • Local rules beyond the European Union
  • In case your booking is insured with Allianz, connect with it to make claims.

Limitations of the Compensation Policy

These conditions do not qualify for reimbursements:

  • Reversals as a result of extraordinary situations
  • When receiving repetitive requests, especially after receiving “Claim Reference” numbers
  • Informing fliers about reversals 2 weeks prior to departure
  • Maximum 2 hours before take-off and 4 hours post the arrival fliers were notified between 14-7 days prior to departure
  • Maximum 1 hour prior to take-off and 2 hours post the arrival notification was given 7 days lesser than departing
  • The amount isn’t given at airports.
  • Without invoices, expenses aren’t reimbursed.

What to do When Air France Cancelled Flights?

Dial the contact number of this carrier to know your options. Or, you can receive compensation in varying forms for Air France flights cancelled involuntarily.  In general, these include:

Postponement: The postponement of trips is one of the options to avail of:

  • You can request the carrier to postpone your flight.
  • Make this request online.
  • You need to do so before the departure time originally set.

Request Refunds: Those who cannot continue flying should know the following:

  • Fliers can ask for their refunds online through:
    • “My Bookings” on the website
    • The smartphone app – “Air France”
    • By filling out a form
  • Money-back will depend on the laws of the region/country where you bought the ticket.
  • Within a few weeks, refund requests will get processed.

Rerouting: Through this service, you can reach the destination when:

  • Seats are available
  • The airline allows
  • You agree to fly later
  • Likewise, you can rebook a trip.

Facilities to Relax: You can access these facilities under the Air France cancel flight compensation policy for free:

  • Depending on the waiting duration, you can receive meals.
  • Hotel stays and transportation are provided.
  • A prepaid card for phone calls is given. Otherwise, you get:
    • 2 calls, each for 5 minutes
    • Fax message options (2)
    • The option of sending two emails

Cash/Vouchers: Passengers can decide between these forms of compensation when eligible.

Non-refundable credit vouchers for transportation when:

Distance of FlightsAmount (In €)
Up to 1500 km350
Inside the EU when beyond 1500 km500
Other trips from 1500 km to 3500 km500
For others800

Refundable vouchers/cash for:

Flight Distance CoveredCompensation (in €)
0-1500 km250
1500 km+ (Within the European Union) 400
Other flights when 1500 km+400
Others 600

Other Types of Assistance: As per the Air France cancellation policy, due to a passenger’s fault, if the airline reverses a ticket’s unused segments:

  • It can refund the cost of the fare.
  • Or, it may provide for the taxes

How to Get Air France Flight Cancellation Compensation?

You can either chat with this operator or connect offline for reimbursements.

Method 1: Claims via Mail/Call

Based on your region, when a calling facility is given, you can get in touch with this airline. Otherwise, you can post a mail at this address to seek an Air France cancelled flight compensation:

P.O. Box 981975
El Paso, Texas 79998-1975

Otherwise, you can access the form in this way:

  • Find “Claims” on the authorized website of this airline.
  • Choose the first option for “Air France” flights.
  • Tap on “Submit a Claim via Our Webform”.
  • On the “Make a Claim” page, add the information to find your reservation.
  • Then move ahead in making the compensation claim.

Tip: Perform this method again and use “Track or Modify Your Claim” for further assistance.

In closing, this Air France cancellation policy covers every aspect to give you clarity while you reverse bookings. Hence, it is easier to not only cancel but also get refunds/reimbursements or even rebook trips.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to cancel Air France flights online?

You can cancel your ticket online using the “My Bookings” option on the Air France site.

What is the Air France non refundable ticket policy?

The amount is given back during Force Majeure when a fare is non-refundable.

Is Air France cancelling flights?

When a flier doesn’t comply with the rules of this airline, it can cancel their bookings.

How to cancel a flight on Air France offline?

Dial the contact number +1 800 237 2747 (The USA) for offline revocations.

How do I cancel my Air France flight after check-in?

Using “Check-in” on the website, you can first cancel your arrival and then reverse your flight.

Is Air France giving refunds for cancelled flights?

Yes, depending on the terms of the booking, refunds are available.

What happens if Air France cancels my flight?

After this carrier discontinues your trip, you can get options like refunds, postponement, rerouting, etc.

Are Air France flights cancelled during COVID-19?

When COVID-19 becomes a major emergency, this operator can cancel flights.

Can I cancel my Air France flight?

Yes, reversing bookings is a facility provided by this company.

Can you cancel Air France flights for groups?

You can discontinue group bookings but the terms can vary. You can learn about them from this airline.

Why did Air France cancel flights today?

After connecting with this carrier or checking your flight’s status, you will know why Air France cancelled flights today.

Does Air France have a 24 hour cancellation policy?

Yes, Passengers can cancel thier booked flights with Air France within 24 hours from booking.

Can I cancel Air France ticket within 24 hours?

Passengers may cancel their bookings within twenty-four hours.

How to cancel a flight on Air France?

In case eligible, a passenger can reverse his or her flight online by entering information in the “My Bookings” feature on the website.

Is my Air France flight cancelled?

You can find the status of your trip online to know whether or not it is cancelled.

What if my Air France flight is cancelled?

Opt for compensation in cash or service when your booking is reversed.

How to cancel Air France flight online?

Use the official website of this airline to revoke a trip online.

How to cancel Air France tickets for free?

Online revocations through the website may not invite service costs.

How to cancel Air France tickets for free?

For free cancellations, you can revoke your flight online within twenty hours of purchasing it.

How do I cancel my Air France flight at the airport?

Find the counter of this carrier. Then make a request for ticket reversal here.

How to cancel Air France tickets for free?

It is possible to get free cancellations done within the 1st twenty-four hours of buying tickets.

How do I cancel my Air France flight for Flying Blue?

Telephone this airline to discontinue a Flying blue ticket.

Why is Air France cancelling flights?

This action can be caused by a variety of factors including COVID-19 limitations, overbooked flights, and other similar concerns.

How to cancel Air France tickets offline?

A visitor can contact the help center to cancel tickets of Air France offline.

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