JetBlue Name Change Policy

Name Change Policy
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Sometimes, errors are committed while making a reservation. To correct these details and to enable fliers to have the correct information on their tickets, the JetBlue name change policy has been given. Under this, passengers will be allowed to make the necessary changes subject to some conditions. 

What is the JetBlue Name Correction Policy?

This airline has drawn a distinction between changes and corrections to personal details. Different rules apply to each of these. As per the JetBlue name correction policy, the following conditions are to be adhered to:  

  • Your name on the official/direct booking can be corrected only once. 
  • These modifications do not include changes to flight dates, fare class, or itineraries. 
  • Generally, all the alterations should be made before the departure of the flight. 
  • However, when you need to make a minor correction, it can be done mid-flight. 
  • Amends have to be made so that the particulars on the ticket match the passport. 
  • Changes to the date of birth or gender will not be regarded as name corrections. 
  • Alterations to the date of birth can be made when you are not modifying the name. 
  • After the correction, the ticket will be reissued only once. 
  • The rules applicable to different types of corrections depend on:
    • Time of request 
    • Destination 
  • Mid-travel corrections can be made.

Are there any Eligibility Criteria for JetBlue Name Correction? 

Under this policy, the airline has given certain eligibility criteria for different types of corrections. This can depend on the time of request and the nature of the modification. 

  • Corrections to characters in the first, middle, and last names can be made. 
  • You will be allowed to modify your nickname to the legal one. 
  • Inverted particulars can be corrected. 
  • You can add a middle or last name to the details initially entered. 
  • To add a last name, you will be required to submit legal proof. 
  • The addition above can be a result of legal reasons such as adoptions.
  • This type of name correction JetBlue will only be allowed if no changes are to be made to:
    • Gender 
    • The date of birth of the passenger
  • Corrections will only be allowed when the name on the ticket is similar to that on the passport. 

Conditions Applicable for Name Corrections

Some other conditions to be followed while requesting the aforementioned corrections include the following: 

  • Make the correction to the original PNR when possible. 
  • Do not make any changes to the original fare code of your ticket. 
  • The SFPD (Secure Flight Passenger Data) should be submitted once again to change name on JetBlue. 
  • Importantly, the data submitted the second time must match the data given prior. 
  • In case you are unable to alter the original PNR:
  • Irrespective of the PNR, you should use the OSI code while correcting your name. 
  • When any of the mentioned rules are not followed, you will be:
    • Issued a debit memo 
    • Prohibited from making any kind of alterations to the ticket 

What is the JetBlue Name Correction Policy for Travel Agents? 

In case your ticket has been booked through a third-party agency, all the changes have to be made by its agents. The JetBlue name correction policy for travel agents also permits these agencies to perform the following: 

  • Name corrections to interline flights can be made by travel agents. 
  • Simple alterations to JetBlue 279 tickets can also be done. 
  • They are permitted to exchange or reissue the tickets. 
  • Generally, no additional penalty will be charged for modifications made via travel agents. 
  • Your agent must contact the airline authorities well in advance to make amends. 
  • The other airline must also approve the name alteration request. 

Note: Other guidelines for corrections to bookings remain the same as mentioned above. 

Can You Correct Your Name Mid-Flights? 

Although correcting your ticket before departure is ideal, under certain circumstances, the airline does allow mid-flight adjustments. 

  • They will be allowed when the passenger has failed to correct the name in advance. 
  • Based on the itinerary, new measures can be added to the JetBlue name correction policy. 
  • These corrections should be made before the first leg of travel. 
  • You will only be permitted to make simple edits mid-travel. 
  • Edits cannot be done once you have boarded the flight. 

What is the JetBlue Name Change Policy? 

As mentioned, name changes differ from corrections. All the alterations that do not come under the latter will be permitted under the JetBlue name change policy. 

Given below are the rules and regulations that are applicable to this: 

  • Modifications cannot be made to the original PNR once it is confirmed. 
  • The name of the passenger on the ticket can be transferred to another flier. 
  • Adjustments will only be allowed on bookings validated by JetBlue B6/279 planes. 
  • When changes cannot be made to the first PNR, you will have to rebook the ticket. 
  • A fare difference will have to be paid for making such modifications. 
  • For travel agency bookings, the agent must connect with the authorities directly. 

Is JetBlue Name Change Due to Marriage Allowed?

Legal adjustments emerging due to marriage are allowed on the tickets of this airline. As per the JetBlue name change after marriage policy, you can do the following:

  • Edit your name after your marriage or divorce.
  • Provide proper documents supporting the event.

How to Change Name on Flight Ticket JetBlue? 

There are 6 options through which name modifications can be done. Considering the needs of different passengers, they work online and offline.

Method 1: Site-based Modifications 

To access the JetBlue name correction online facility, you will have to use the main website of this airline. 

  • Run the “Homepage” of the site.
  • Open “Manage Trips”.
  • On the new page, add: 
    • “Last Name” of the ticketed passenger 
    • “Confirmation Code” or “Ticket #”
  • Now, click on “Continue”.
  • Select the reservation to which corrections have to be made. 
  • Make the required modifications using the on-screen directions.
  • In the end, pay the necessary correction fee. 
  • Once the ticket is corrected, it will be reissued. 

Method 2: By Rebooking a Ticket

You can use the JetBlue name change online feature in another way by canceling and rebooking your reservation from the website. This can be done through the following procedure: 

  • Go to the “Manage Trips” section and enter all the required details. 
  • Once the booking is retrieved, cancel it.
  • Leave the ticket open for booking by others. 
  • Make another reservation using a new PNR. 
  • Keep a note of the current selling fare. 
  • Now, exchange the previously left open ticket by performing a voluntary reissue. 
  • The difference in fare or the penalty fee will be charged. 

When you have any queries regarding this process, you can seek the assistance of the airline authorities to complete the procedure. 

Method 3: Through the Mobile Application

Adjustments to your particulars can be made through the application “JetBlue – Book & Manage Trips” as well. On iOS and Android devices, the app is supported. You can log in and access your details. Then get your name corrected.

Method 4: By Initiating Chat

Travelers of JetBlue change name on tickets using the chat option. You can use the same via a mobile or another device. Keep in mind that this option is the best for users familiar with English and Spanish.

  • Start by running the website of this carrier.
  • Find “Contact Us” and press it.
  • On the new page, come to “Need Immediate Help?”.
  • Under this, choose whether you are an “Apple” or “Android” user.
  • Then press the relevant option.
  • Otherwise, opt for “WhatsApp”.
  • In case you don’t have a mobile, tap on “Chat with Us”.
  • Supply the details required to start the chat.
  • Then make your request for modifying your particulars.

Method 5: Modifications on the Call

You can both change and correct your name through this method. It is the simplest way of making modifications as the airline agents will complete the process on your behalf. 

For changing the name on JetBlue tickets, these are region-specific details needed to make a call. 

Region Contact Number 
Cuba800 52583
Grand Cayman1-855-710-2951
The UK08-082349058 
St. Maarten001-877-306-4939

When you connect with the agents, you will have to: 

  • Tell them about the reason for your call.
  • Request a name change or correction. 
  • Inform the agents about the part of the name that is to be modified. 
  • You will then be required to submit all the details about the flight. 
  • Your personal information has to be given as well. 
  • Once all the details are scrutinized, the agents will complete the process. 
  • You will get the name change JetBlue confirmation mail to your ID. 
  • Recheck the details here. 

The service charge has to be payable when you utilize this method of making changes or corrections. 

Method 6: With an Airport Visit

Passengers can find it convenient to get modifications done at the airport. They can head to the departure airport. At the counter of this airline, they can place their name change requests. The official present there will take the request ahead, depending on conditions and eligibility.

How Much is JetBlue Name Change Fee? 

The JetBlue name change fee depends on the type of modification and the time of the request. 

  • Exact charges will be informed at the time of change. 
  • You can pay the amount online through the available modes. 
  • When you have made changes by canceling the ticket, pay the cost difference.
  • A service fee might be charged separately in case of travel agency bookings. 

Can I Change Name on JetBlue Ticket for Free? 

In order to change name on JetBlue flight for free, waivers can be availed of. Under some conditions, this benefit is given. When it is provided, you have to keep in mind the following:

  • The fee waiver code can be entered which reduces the amount of cost payable. 
  • Codes can vary from ticket to ticket.
  • The most used code is “NAMECRT” for name corrections. 
  • Differences in fares may or may not be waived. 
  • Service charges and taxes may not be payable. 

Note: The fee waiver might not be applicable on all flights and on all types of changes. 

Which Documents are Needed for Changing Name on JetBlue Tickets? 

Depending on the type and reason for the JetBlue name change on tickets, you will be required to present a few documents: 

  • Government-issued passport 
  • Marriage or divorce certificate 
  • Adoption certificate 
  • Other legal documents 

Are there Restrictions on Changing Name on JetBlue Tickets?

Certain restrictions or limitations can apply for correcting or modifying personal information on the flight tickets of this airline. These are given as follows:

  • The complete name of the passenger cannot be modified to another person. 
  • Without legal proof, making amends is usually not allowed.
  • In most instances, it is not possible to fully modify such personal details.

Social Media Platforms for JetBlue Name Change Queries

Any questions while using the JetBlue change name on ticket feature can be resolved by connecting with the agents on their social media platforms. The official links are: 


To sum up, this policy makes it easy for passengers to perform different kinds of name corrections and changes. It offers multiple methods through which such modifications can be done. The instructions to make these edits are also clearly disclosed under this JetBlue name change policy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you change passenger name on JetBlue?

Yes, this airline permits name changes and corrections.

How to change name on JetBlue ticket?

Go to “Manage Trips” on the official site of the airline. Enter your details and start changing your name afterward.

Can I change the name on my JetBlue ticket?

Yes, you can modify your name on the ticket when you are eligible to do so.

Can you change the name on a plane ticket JetBlue offline?

It is possible to make offline adjustments to particulars on plane tickets.

How do I change a name on a JetBlue ticket?

You can do this by either connecting with the airline agents or using the official site of the carrier.

How to change name on JetBlue account?

Log in to your account using your personal and flight details. Make the changes using the on-screen directions.

How to change traveler name on JetBlue?

One can chat with the officials of the airline via “Contact Us” on its site and place a request.

How to correct name on JetBlue ticket?

For online corrections, visit the website of the airline. Otherwise, contact the airline agents.

How to correct name on JetBlue tickets online?

Open the main site of this airline. Visit the “Manage Trips” section. Retrieve your booking and amend it.

How to contact JetBlue agents for name changes?

Contact the agents by dialing the region-specific numbers given on the website site.

How much is the JetBlue name change fee?

The exact amount of this fee varies based on the type of change required.

Can I change my JetBlue name on the ticket for free?

This change fee can only be avoided if you have a proper waiver code.

When should I change my JetBlue name?

It is recommended that you alter your name before the confirmation of the PNR.

Can I transfer my JetBlue ticket to another passenger?

Your ticket may be transferred in the way of the complete name change.

How much to correct name on JetBlue?

The correction fee will be the same as the change fee and will be charged at the time of the request.

Can I change my JetBlue name after departure?

Mid-travel changes will only be allowed when it is a minor correction.

Can I change name on JetBlue ticket at the airport?

Yes, by approaching the counter of this airline, modifications can be made at the airport.

Is JetBlue name correction online allowed?

Through the website of this carrier, name corrections can be allowed.

Is complete JetBlue change passenger name permitted?

Provided that you cancel and book a ticket again, complete adjustments to names are allowed.

Is JetBlue TrueBlue name change marriage available?

To find out whether TrueBlue points can be used to pay for name changes after marriage, connect with this airline.

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