JetBlue Flight Change Policy

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A simple change in the travel plan can cause the need to modify the entire reservation. To facilitate such quick modifications, the JetBlue flight change policy has been formed. It is the policy that deals with different types of flight alterations, the conditions associated with them, and the eligibility criterion. 

What JetBlue Flight Change Rules are Applicable?

JetBlue flight changes are subject to certain conditions that make a customer eligible to access this option. Some of the main rules that are to be followed to request a modification are: 

  • Directly booked flights can be altered after the submission of the proper details. 
  • For bookings made with others, the respective agent has to be contacted. 
  • The fee charged varies with the type of fare you have selected. 
  • You should make the modification before the scheduled departure of the flight. 
  • Same-day changes will be allowed under special circumstances. 
  • Refunds can be requested on flight adjustments. 
  • A fee will be charged for listing on the standby flight after a modification in a booking. 
  • The rules can vary based on the itinerary and the fare of the ticket. 
  • Modifications and cancellations can go hand in hand with this carrier. 
  • Hence, some of the conditions of the JetBlue cancellation policy can be applicable to this one too.

Can You Change JetBlue Flights within 24 Hours of Booking?

Passengers with confirmed reservations will be allowed to modify their bookings on the first day of reservation, i.e. within 24 hours. Some of the applicable conditions include: 

  • Your flight should have been booked at least 7 days prior to the take-off. 
  • This JetBlue change flight within 24 hours will be available for all fare types. 
  • Fee conditions can vary. Hence, you will have to connect with the official agents. 

Note: The other specific conditions will be informed by the authorities at the time of the request. 

What is the JetBlue COVID Flight Change Policy?

In view of the recent pandemic, the airline has taken several measures to ensure the safety of its customers under the JetBlue flight change policy for COVID. In this regard, it allows flight changes resulting from COVID-19 or any other medical issue. 

  • You will have to submit the required documents/reports to make such changes. 
  • The change costs will have to be paid only for Blue Basic fares. 

Can I Change JetBlue Flight Same Day as the Departure?

This airline permits its passengers to modify their reservations on the same day as departure. Also, the JetBlue same day flight change option is made available for all types of tickets. 

  • Adjustments made from midnight of the day of travel come under this category. 
  • The switch can be made to a new flight earlier or later than the original one. 
  • Bookings can be modified to nearby airports when no flights are available at the original airports. 
  • The new flight must be scheduled on the same day as your original booking. 
  • This option is only available when there are multiple flights operating in a day. 
  • Passengers must not alter the destination or the airport of the new flight. 
  • Bookings made with TrueBlue will be eligible under this policy. 
  • Same-day changes on interline bookings depend on the connection time. 

Fee Charged:

To make the alterations on the same day of departure, a JetBlue flight change fee is applicable. It is based on the rules given below: 

  • A fee of USD 75 will be charged in case you wish to use this feature. 
  • A difference in fare will not have to be paid separately. 
  • Customers with Mosaic memberships do not have to pay this fee. 
  • When you have a refundable fare, you will be exempted from this payment.

Note: To modify your interline booking under the same-day option, contact this airline.

Can I Register for Standby Flights on JetBlue?

Should you wish to alter your trip, then you can list yourself on the available stand-by flights. But, the JetBlue flight change policy does not guarantee their confirmation as they are subject to seat availability. 

  • You may have to pay USD 75 to register on these flights based on the fare type. 
  • For the listing, you will have to already have a booking with this carrier. 
  • Standby flights should be:
    • Between the same airports 
    • And on the same day 
  • Requests for these flights can only be made at the airport on the day of take-off. 
  • The destination should remain the same as that of the initial booking. 
  • After requesting a standby flight, your eligibility for refunds can be revoked. 
  • There should be more than one flight operating to request a standby. 
  • Mosaic customers can list for free. 
  • Every passenger who wishes to request these flights must be present at the airport. 

Note: This type of listing cannot be confirmed. Make the request in advance of the take-off of the original flight. 

How to Change JetBlue Flights?

Passengers of this airline are offered 3 main options to access the JetBlue flight change feature: the official JetBlue website, chat options, and calling the agents directly. 

Method 1: Modifications through the Website

This airline’s website can be used to make any kind of modifications, manage JetBlue bookings or request refunds. 

The given steps here can be followed to change JetBlue flight online: 

  • On the site’s “Homepage”, use “Manage Trips”.
  • You will now be redirected to a new page. Here, add:
    • “Last Name” 
    • “Confirmation Code or Ticket #”
  • Select the “Continue” option.
  • Choose the flight that you wish to modify. 
  • Follow the directions on the screen to continue modifying.
  • Opt for the new flight.
  • Submit the required fee if online payment can be made. 
  • Once the flight is changed, you will receive a confirmation mail to your registered ID. 

Given that you are changing a booking to add JetBlue baggage allowance, using this method is suggested. 

Note: No service charge will be payable when you modify your flight online. 

Method 2: Through Chat Mediums

For changing flights on JetBlue, smart device users can exercise the following options available on the Contact Us page of the airline’s website:

Apple or iOSApple Business ChatEnglish, Spanish
AndroidGoogle Business MessengerSpanish, English

Provided that a smart device isn’t used, you can still chat with this airline, using these steps: 

  • On the “Contact Us” page, press the chat icon.
  • Or, choose “Start the Conversation here” under “Not on a Mobile Device”.
  • In the pop-up, opt for “Manage Trip”.
  • Tap on “Change or Cancel”.
  • Press “Change Flight”.
  • Specify whether the booking was directly or indirectly made.
  • Then proceed with the remaining directions to adjust a trip.

Method 3: Contacting Agents

A quicker way to alter your bookings would be to directly connect with JetBlue’s agents. This will enable you to put all your doubts across and hence, complete the modification process easily. 

Region Contact Number 
United States 1-800-538-2583
Turks and Caicos1-877-390-5447
Saint Lucia1-877-766-9614
Dominican Republic809-200-9898
Costa Rica0800-012-1666
Trinidad and Tobago1-800-538-2583
Other nations1-801-449-2525

Note: Calling charges can apply.

Once the airline agents are connected, you can:

  • Inform the authorities of the adjustment you require. 
  • They will ask you to submit all the required details. 
  • Once these details are scrutinized, you will be eligible to change flight on JetBlue. 
  • Follow the directions given by the agents and pay the service costs. 
  • After the successful modification, you will receive a confirmation mail. 

How Much is the JetBlue Change Flight Fee?

Passengers of this airline will have to submit the necessary charges to be able to modify their bookings. This JetBlue fee to change flights depends on the type of ticket and the itinerary. 

  • The fare difference will be applicable to all types of ticket changes. 
  • A fee of USD 100 is applied to Blue Basic fares. 
  • This cost applies to flights traveling to and from:
    • North America
    • The Caribbean
    • Or Central America
  • On all other routes, USD 200 will be charged. 

Other Fares:

The other fares offered by this airline include Blue, Blue Extra, Blue Plus, and Mint Fares. The rules for the JetBlue change of flight fee on these fares include: 

  • Alliterations can be done without the payment of any additional price. 
  • However, a difference in fare will have to be paid.
  • USD 25 has to be paid when you modify your flight by contacting the airline agents. 

Can I Make JetBlue Flight Changes due to Weather?

When Jetblue flight change due to weather occurs, you will be eligible to access the following facilities: 

  • The airline will inform you about the change well in advance to its passengers. 
  • You will be accommodated on a standby flight. 
  • No additional cost will be charged for such accommodations. 
  • The fee will also be waived when the modification is sudden. 
  • In case the modification results in delays, further compensation will be provided. 
  • The airline will prioritize the safety of its passengers. 

Note: These benefits may not be available when the news about the delay or modification has been conveyed beforehand. 

Is there a Schedule Change Policy of JetBlue?

The JetBlue flight change policy includes modifications in the schedule of a certain booking. But, the rules applicable to these depend on the time before the departure at which the request is made: 

Requests made 60 minutes or less before the departure: 

  • The change fee has to be paid.
  • A difference in fare is also applicable. 

For requests made more than 60 minutes but less than 119 minutes before the flight: 

  • No need to pay the change costs. 
  • The difference in fare will be waived. 
  • The new flight should be between the same airports as the original flight. 

Requests made more than 120 minutes before the take-off of the flight: 

  • No additional amount is payable. 
  • The appropriate waiver code must be used to avoid paying these costs. 
  • When no new flights are available on the same day, book trips within 7 days of the original departure. 

What Happens if the Airline Changes Your Schedule?

In case the airline modifies your schedule against your interests, you will be entitled to receive compensation under the JetBlue change flight policy. The applicable conditions include: 

  • The adjustment is greater than 2 hours with no alternative options for routing. 
  • This change results in a mismatched connection time. 
  • A customer’s complete booking has to be canceled due to the new schedule. 
  • The new routing has more stops in the itinerary. 

Note: These reimbursements can be provided by travel agencies as well. 

Other Compensation:

In case JetBlue change flights due to other reasons, you can request monetary reimbursement. 

  • This will depend on various factors like:
    • Time of delay
    • Issue of prior information
    • Or, the type of ticket 
  • However, the airline will ensure to cover your inconvenience in all ways. 

Applicability of the No-Show Policy in case of Flight Changes

The no-show policy of this carrier is mostly applicable to same-day adjustments. As given by the JetBlue policy of changing flights, you will be regarded as a no-show passenger under the given criterion: 

  • You have changed the flight but have not boarded the new one. 
  • A flier has made a request for an adjustment but has not proceeded with it.

When such situations occur, fliers will have to bear the following consequences: 

  • The money paid for booking the flight will be forfeited. 
  • No refunds will be issued on any part of the flight segments. 
  • All the optional purchases made will be forfeited like extra baggage or security. 
  • The additional seat space booked or special services will be revoked as well. 

What is the JetBlue Flight Change Refund Policy?

As per this policy, after you have modified your flight, you can request a refund under certain conditions. These include: 

  • The ticket fare must be refundable. 
  • Requests should be submitted before the official take-off of the flight. 
  • This refund amount will not include the difference in fare. 
  • The destination country also has an effect on the processing of your refunds. 

Note: The request for a JetBlue flight change refund can be made by contacting the agents of the carrier.

Can You Make JetBlue Flight Changes due to Death or Illness?

Sudden death or illness of an immediate family member can also cause flight modifications. This airline offers certain facilities in such situations to make it easier for the passengers to modify their tickets. 

  • The fee will be waived by JetBlue to change flight due to death in family. 
  • A copy of the death certificate needs to be presented. 
  • The flight can be modified to any new booking at the convenience of the traveler. 
  • Refunds can also be availed on eligible fares. 

For Queries Regarding JetBlue Flight Change Policy

To initiate a quick question-resolving session when you have to change flight on JetBlue, you speak to the agents on social media. The official social media platforms are mentioned here: 


All in all, this flight change policy offers different options to enable travelers to easily modify their flights. It clearly mentions all the regulations and applicable conditions. Further, the flight change feature is made user-friendly through the option of a refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to change JetBlue flight Online?

You can change the flight by visiting the “Manage Trips” section on JetBlue’s website.

Can you change JetBlue flights?

Yes, you will have the option to change flights on this carrier.

Can I change my JetBlue flights for free?

Except for Blue Basic, the other fares can be changed for free.

Does JetBlue charge to change flights?

A fee will be charged to change Blue Basic fares and flights on the same day.

How to change JetBlue flight online?

Online changes can be made by entering the required details under the “Manage Trips” section on the official site.

Why did JetBlue change my flight?

The airline can change your flight due to weather changes, airplane breakdown, or a change in the schedule.

Can I change my flight date Jetblue?

Yes, the flight date can be altered by visiting the main site of the carrier.

Can I change my JetBlue flight online?

Online changes to your reservation can be made via this airline’s site.

Can you change JetBlue flights within 24 hours?

Yes, changes can be made anytime after the confirmation of the ticket.

Does JetBlue charge for changing flights?

A certain amount of fee will be charged for modifications, depending upon the itinerary and destination.

Does JetBlue let you change flights?

Yes, the flight date, schedule, and itinerary can be changed.

Does JetBlue offer same day flight change?

Same-day changes can be made on this carrier.

How can I change my JetBlue flight for free?

Free changes will be allowed on fares other than Blue Basic, but a difference of fare will be applicable.

Are schedule changes possible on JetBlue?

Schedule changes will only be allowed for eligible bookings.

How to change a flight on JetBlue offline?

Offline changes can be done by connecting with the official agents of the airline.

How to contact JetBlue for flight changes?

The contact numbers respective to each country will be visible on the official site of the airline.

Will JetBlue offer compensation for changed flights?

Compensation will be allowed when the flight has been modified against the will of the passenger.

When can I change JetBlue flights?

Flights can be changed after the confirmation of a reservation.

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