Aeroflot Airlines Cancellation Policy

Airfleetrating-Aeroflot Cancellation Policy

When flying, problems with the aircraft or sudden weather changes may cause passengers to discontinue their bookings. To facilitate such reversals, Aeroflot has a separate policy. This is referred to as the Aeroflot cancellation policy which guides travelers in undoing their bookings. Hence, it is important to understand the conditions of this framework. 

Basic Terms of the Aeroflot’s Cancellation Policy 

The airline ensures the smooth processing of the cancellation procedure by giving certain rules. These regulations are implemented in a systematic manner. On Aeroflot, the option to cancel your flight can be used when you adhere to these conditions. 

Given below are some of such important regulations: 

  • This policy is only applicable to reservations that have been made with the airline directly. 
  • If you have utilized the services of any third-party sites to book the tickets, you should contact these agents. 
  • You can reverse your bookings within 14 days from the date of booking but not less than 7 days from the departure of your flight. 
  • Refunds can only be claimed after the official revocation of your ticket. 
  • To request a ticket reversal, you may need to submit a handwritten form. 
  • The rules for cancellations resulting from medical reasons differ from those for regular revocations. 
  • You will be allowed to undo those bookings which have already been used partially. However, this depends on the booking fare. 
  • In case you fail to make it to the airport on time and also fail to revoke your booking in advance, you will be subject to the no-show policy. 
  • A separate fee will be applicable when flying in certain classes and to certain regions. 
  • You will have to undo your flight before the check-in procedure. 
  • After this, you may or may not be permitted to discontinue the booked trip. 
  • This airline also has an “Automatic Booking Cancellation” policy. 
  • According to this, flights will automatically be reversed on the occurrence of specific events. 
  • Customers will not be required to submit any special documents for requesting a revocation. 
  • Only basic flight details will be needed in the process. 
  • When you do not pay for the unused portion of your reservation, it will be deemed canceled. 
  • Payments for bookings made through invalid cards/cards not accepted by the airline will be revoked. 

Note: These mentioned guidelines may change depending on the arrival destination. To find these latest updates, you can visit the main site of the carrier through the official link. 

Automatic Booking Cancellation of Aeroflot 

According to this policy, any reservation that comes under the following conditions will be automatically revoked by the airline. Although these conditions vary based on the fare type, the core idea of the Automatic Booking Cancellation policy remains the same. 

  • In case you are not able to make the payment for your ticket within the given amount of time, your booking will come under the Aeroflot Airlines cancelled flights category. 
  • When you do not check-in without the given time, your booking will be deemed reversed. 
  • Even after checking in, if you do not arrive at the airport to board your flight, it will automatically be reversed. 

For tickets that have been partially used, the reversal policy becomes applicable on the unused portion. 

Policy for Reversals Resulting from Medical Issues 

There are several reasons why customers reverse their bookings. One of the most common causes is medical issues. Any kind of illness at the last minute compels passengers to revoke their bookings. For these reversals resulting from special circumstances, the rules of the Aeroflot flight ticket cancellation policy can slightly differ as mentioned below: 

  • For confirming revocations resulting from a passenger’s illness or the illness of a close relative or family member, you will have to submit a medical report. 
  • In such cases, the full ticket price will be refunded on the condition that the airline is informed about before check-in. 
  • The incurrence of the reversal fee depends on the type of your ticket. 
  • Mainly, the documents which will be accepted as proof include: 
  • A medical disability certificate 
  • Medical commission report 
  • Report confirming hospitalization 
  • General medical report of the affected passenger 
  • All of these mentioned reports will only be accepted if they are issued by a certified professional. 
  • These professionals must be properly licensed. 
  • The reports should not be fake under any circumstance. 
  • A report of only a diagnosis will not be sufficient to claim a full refund. 

Note: Any certificate that you provide must either be in English or Russian. 

24-Hour Cancellation Policy Of Aeroflot 

This airline has a separate framework for all reservations revoked within the first 24 hours of booking. The main rules of Aeroflot’s 24-hour cancellation policy include: 

  • It is applicable for flights originating from or arriving in the USA. 
  • You can only cancel your trips within 24 hours when the flight is scheduled at least a week from the date of booking. 
  • You also have the option of holding your reservation without paying for it during these 24 hours. 
  • Once you cross this risk-free period, you will not have the option to hold the reservation anymore. 
  • Generally, no additional fees will be charged at such an early stage. 
  • Refunds will be offered in case your ticket is refundable. 

Note: When you are traveling from countries other than the US, the rules of this policy might differ. The airline officials will inform you of these regulations at the time of cancellation. 

Methods to Cancel Flights 

This airline offers two different methods to its fliers to go about flight revocation. While one is the online option, the other is the offline procedure. 

  • The online method can be accessed through the official site of the airline 
  • Under the offline method, you should contact the airline authorities 

Method 1: Online Cancellation Procedure 

Usually, passengers tend to prefer this option when there is ample time to undo their bookings. Also, it is best suitable to reverse international reservations. This online option can be accessed any time of the week through the official site. 

Note: Apart from cancellations, you can use this option to make flight changes and upgrades as well. 

To revoke your bookings online, you can follow the steps which are explained in detail: 

  • Open your browser. 
  • Go to the official website of this operator. 
  • To do so, Visit the Official Aeroflot website.
  • The site’s default language will be set in Russian. 
  • Therefore, first, change it to English or any other language you prefer in the language settings. 
  • Then, on the homepage of the site, you will find a dialogue box with a set of 4 tabs.
  • From there, click on the third tab, that is “Manage Your Bookings”. 
  • Here, you will be asked to enter some details. These include “Booking Code” and “Last Name” 

Note: The last name should only contain Latin letters without any spaces or hyphens. 

  • Once you finish entering these details, click on the “Search” button on the right given in blue. 
  • Now, a new redirected page will be opened where you can view your reservation. 
  • Select the itinerary that you are looking to revoke. 
  • From here on, you can follow the directions mentioned on the screen to proceed with the reversal. 
  • Once your booking is officially revoked, it will now be listed under Aeroflot’s canceled flight category. 
  • You will also receive a confirmation mail from the airline regarding your revocation. 

Note: The payment of the charges only becomes necessary when it is specially asked by the carrier. Free flight reversals are allowed under the 24-hour cancellation policy or due to medical reasons. 

  • If asked, you can pay the revoking charges through the online payment modes available. 

Method 2: Offline Flight Revocation 

Under the offline method, you can directly connect with the airline agents and request revocation. This method is especially useful for making requests at the last minute. Travelers may dial the following numbers to contact the officials: 

  • +7 495 223 5555
  • 8-800-444-555

These numbers will be active 24 by 7. They will help you reach either the sales office of this airline or its Contact Center. Once you get in touch with an agent: 

  • Let them know:
    • the reason for your call 
    • and why you wish to revoke your booking. 
  • Submit all the required details on cue. 
  • These include both the flight and passenger details. 
  • The agents will inform you about all the rules of the cancellation policy. 
  • When you are in agreement with all the terms and conditions, the revocation process will begin. 
  • You may need to pay the Aeroflot flight ticket cancellation fee for the confirmation of the reversal. 
  • Once the flight is officially reversed, you will be informed by the agents. 
  • For anything else, follow the instructions given by the authorities. 

Aeroflot Ticket Cancellation Charges 

In case you discontinue your flights within the first 24 hours of booking, you will be free from the payment of any cancellation charges. This exemption is also available for passengers who have revoked their trips due to medical reasons. 

In other cases: 

  • A slight revocation charge may be applied based on:
    • your ticket type, 
    • the time of the request, 
    • and the reason for the reversal. 
  • The exact amount of this fee can only be known at the time of cancellation. 
  • It will be informed by the carrier. 
  • If you wish to claim money-back after discontinuing your trip, the fee will not be reimbursed as per the refund policy. 

The charges can range from $100 to $500. But the latest charges can be inferred after contacting the airline.

What Will Happen If Aeroflot Cancels My Booking? 

When circumstances become unfavorable, the airline might undo the trips. This might happen due to causes within the control of the operator or not. Irrespective of the reason for the reversal, the airline will notify the customers beforehand. 

According to the Aeroflot flight cancellation policy, these rules apply: 

  • The notification regarding the canceled flight will be displayed on the official site.
  • Passengers can seek information about the flight’s status via telephone as well. 
  • Announcements will be made throughout the airport to notify the travelers. 
  • The airline authorities will inform you personally if you have provided your contact number. 

When flights are revoked due to controllable reasons, the airline is liable to offer compensation. These reasons may include: 

  • Problems with the aircraft 
  • Technical causes
  • Delay of the pilot 
  • Food delay 
  • Overloading of the plane 
  • Overbooking of seats 

Compensation for Discontinued Flights

This carrier will compensate you when it prevents you from flying. The compensation allowed in certain cases will be as follows: 

  • Passengers will be accommodated:
    • on the next available flight 
    • or any other alternative/stand-by booking. 
  • In case another flight on the same itinerary is not immediately available, customers will have to stay overnight. 
  • For such overnight stays, the airline will provide free hotel rooms to the passengers. 
  • Transportation services for commuting between the hotel and the airport will also be offered. 
  • When the waiting time for your alternative flight exceeds 2 hours, free drinks and meals will be provided. 
  • Passengers will be allowed to make a free call in the event of a flight delay after the revocation of the original flight. 
  • Some people might not prefer to board the stand-by flights. They can then utilize the Aeroflot Airlines refund ticket option. 
  • You will not be required to pay any kind of cancellation fee for claiming a refund. 
  • To avail of compensation in the form of cash, connect with the airline officials directly. 

Sometimes, the airline will be compelled to cancel the bookings due to causes not being under its control. These may include: 

  • Bad weather conditions 
  • Rainstorms or hailstorms 
  • Unfavorable flying conditions 
  • Attacks, riots, and strikes
  • Medical emergencies 
  • Government policies 

In these aforementioned cases, since the airline is also in the same position as the customers, compensation may not be provided. Refunds are also not guaranteed. Standy-by flights will only be arranged if it is possible to do so. 

Aeroflot’s Refund Policy 

This operator does not compromise when it comes to delivering convenience to its customers. In light of this, it offers timely refunds and money-back. While requesting an Aeroflot Airlines ticket refund, you must adhere to the following regulations: 

  • Money back will only be given on those tickets which are deemed refundable at the time of reservation. 
  • It is relatively easier to access refunds on international bookings. 
  • In the event of ticket cancellation, a refund will also be given for the ancillary charges paid. 
  • For refunds on tickets purchased on a credit basis, a credit statement will be issued in about 7 days from the date of request. 
  • In the case of cash purchases, reimbursement will be given in about 20 days from the day of making a claim. 

Note: The refund will be given in any currency you prefer. Usually, the money-back will be offered in the original form of payment. 

How can You Get a Refund on Aeroflot?

To make a claim for a refund, you will have to: 

  • Contact the agents of the airline:
    • at the official toll-free number 
    • or visit the nearest Aeroflot office. 
  • Give all the necessary details about your flight. 
  • You will also be asked to submit personal information. 
  • Give the reason for cancellation. 
  • The airline authorities will scrutinize all these details. 
  • Once they are satisfied, they will commence the refund process. 

You will soon get an acknowledgment mail, a few days after which the amount will be credited to your account. 

Note: No amount of reimbursement can be requested for reservations that are non-refundable. 

Aeroflot’s cancellation policy is quite liberal. It is of immense assistance to passengers who wish to easily revoke their bookings. Further, this framework’s simple working procedure makes it worthy of use.

Frequently Asked Questions – Aeroflot Cancellation Policy 

Are Aeroflot’s flights canceled?

In case the airline has to cancel its flights due to any reason, the passengers will be informed in advance. 

Does Aeroflight cancel flights?

Depending on the situation, the airline may revoke reservations when the conditions are not suitable for flying. 

How to cancel flights on Aeroflight? 

You can use the online method of reversal through the official site of the airline. Or, use the offline method by contacting the airline agents to cancel your trips. 

Why has Aeroflot canceled flights?

The carrier will only cancel bookings if it is not suitable for flying. Some of these reasons can be riots and strikes.

What happens if I cancel my Aeroflot Airlines flight ticket? 

When you reverse your booking, you can claim a full refund or rebook another flight. 

Can I get a refund from Aeroflot Airlines after the cancellation? 

Yes, you can get a refund if you make a claim within the specified time period.

How to get a refund or compensation from Aeroflot Airlines?

To get a refund or compensation, you will have to contact the airline agents at the official toll-free number. Ask for a refund by mentioning your reason. 

What to do when your Aeroflot flight is officially canceled? 

Once your flight is deemed canceled, you can start the process of claiming a refund. 

How can I get a refund if I cancel my Aeroflot flight? 

You can request a refund by contacting the sales office of the airline or by dialing the toll-free number. Give your flight information and make your claim. 

Can I avoid Aeroflot Cancellation fees? 

You can avoid these fees if you cancel your booking within 24 hours of the time of booking. 

Does Aeroflot offer flight cancellation online? 

Yes, you can cancel your booking online by entering your information in the “Manage Your Bookings” section of the official site. 

What is Aeroflot’s 24-hour cancellation policy? 

As per this policy, all cancellations made within the initial 24 hours of booking will be charged no fee. 

Can I cancel my Aeroflot flight within 24 hours? 

You can revoke your booking within 24 hours if you are eligible to do so. You will not have to pay any revocation charges. 

How to know if my Aeroflot flight ticket is refundable?

You can check your eligibility for a refund by contacting the agents of the carrier. They will inform you whether your ticket is refundable or not. 

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