Aeroflot Baggage Policy

Aeroflot Baggage Policy
Aeroflot Baggage Policy

Knowing the Aeroflot baggage policy is necessary before making reservations with this airline. This baggage policy helps to determine what passengers need to pack with reference to baggage. Also, when you have last-minute business trips, this policy can help to save additional baggage fees. The policy of Aeroflot Airlines additionally describes what items are allowed as carry-on baggage and how many checked bags one can bring inside its aircraft. Further, to make travel smooth with the airline, it has made proper baggage allowance rules. These rules are of use for the safety of the aircraft, flyers, and crew.

Aeroflot Baggage Allowance for Checked Items

On all of its destinations, Aeroflot Airlines uses a streamlined approach for complimentary checked baggage allowance based on the piece concept. The piece concept varies depending on cabin class and destination. As a result, Aeroflot baggage allowance for international flights can be different for domestic routes. 

Checked baggage allowances at this airline are applicable for 24 hours from the start of the route to the final destination. The chart below shows the number of check-in luggage a person can bring onboard with Aeroflot Airlines as well as the weight and size limits approved:

Travel ClassFareNumber of PiecesMaximum Weight/Size Limits
Business ClassClassic, Flex2 pieces32 kg per piece/158 cm
Base1 piece32 kg/158 cm
Comfort ClassClassic, Flex2 pieces23 kg per piece/158 cm
Base1 piece23 kg/158 cm
Economy ClassFlex2 pieces23 kg per piece/158 cm
Classic, Saver, Promo1 piece23 kg/158 cm
LiteNo free baggage allowance

Aeroflot Baggage Fees for Bringing Excess Items

Aeroflot excess baggage fees must be given at the airport when checked bags surpass the quantity, size, or weight of the baggage. You can prepay for your excess bags ahead of time by calling the airline before your flight. 

You can check below what Aeroflot Airlines baggage fees will apply if you are carrying extra items on domestic and international flights:

Excess Baggage Fees – Domestic Flights
Excess BaggageWithin RF1 or RF2Between RF1 and RF2
Extra Piece1st & 2ndOnline2000 RUB/2250 RUB2800 RUB/3150 RUB
Airport2500 RUB3500 RUB
3rd+Online6000 RUB/6750 RUB7200 RUB/8100 RUB
Airport7500 RUB9000 RUB

For international flights, these Aeroflot extra baggage fees will be applied:

Excess Baggage Fees – International Flights
Excess BaggageTo/from the U.S.To/from Cuba, AsiaRF1 – CIS, Europe, Middle East, Africa RF2 – Cities in AsiaOther International Flights
ExtraPiece1st &2ndOnline$84/89€80/90€40/45€56/63

Overweight or Oversized Aeroflot Baggage Fees

Aeroflot Airlines approves its passengers to transport overweight and oversized items inside its aircraft but with some restrictions. These restrictions do not approve the customers to carry items more than 32 kilograms. As per the baggage policy, here are Aeroflot overweight baggage fees charged to passengers carrying more than the allocated luggage weight at domestic flights: 

Excess BaggageWithin RF1 or Within RF2Between RF1 and RF2
OverweightPiece23-32 kg2500 RUB3500 RUB
32-50 kg5000 RUB6000 RUB
OversizedPiece158-203 cm2500 RUB3500 RUB
Over 203 cm5000 RUB6000 RUB

For international flights, the Aeroflot baggage policy charges the following overweight and oversized fees:

Excess Baggage Fees – International Flights
Excess BaggageTo/from the U.S.To/from Cuba, AsiaRF1 – CIS, Europe, Middle East, Africa RF2 – Cities in AsiaOther International Flights
OverweightPiece23-32 kg$125€125€100€140
32-50 kg$200€200€150€210
OversizedPiece158-203 cm$125€125€50€70
Over 203 cm$200€200€100€140

Liquid Restrictions Imposed by Aeroflot Baggage Policy

In Aeroflot hand baggage allowance, liquids are only permitted in extremely small quantities. These essential rules apply for transporting liquids on its aircraft:

  • All liquids must be stored in a clear plastic bag.
  • This plastic bag has to be waterproof as well.
  • The plastic bag’s capacity must not surpass one liter.
  • The maximum volume of every liquid container must be under 100 ml.
  • The plastic bag should be no more than 20 × 20 cm in size.
  • Per person, just one plastic bag is permitted, according to the baggage allowance in Aeroflot.
  • At the security checkpoint, the plastic bag carrying liquids must be individually displayed.

Allowed Items at Aeroflot Airlines

As per the Aeroflot baggage allowance to Russia and other countries, certain items can be taken with the carry-on suitcase. The items listed below are approved under the security guidelines of this airline. 

  • Baby powder
  • Medications
  • Baby food
  • Baby car seat
  • Strollers
  • Wheelchair
  • Clothes
  • Handbags
  • Backpacks
  • Shoes
  • Wallets
  • Belts
  • Alcohol
  • Makeup items
  • Hairdryer
  • Heating tools
  • Mattress
  • Pillow covers
  • Bedsheets
  • Electronic devices
  • Power Banks
  • Laptops

Aeroflot Baggage Policy for Infants

Aeroflot domestic baggage allowance, as well as its international policy, permits passengers to travel with their newborns. Passengers traveling with their infants must adhere to the airline’s restrictions. The following are the rules of this operator for such passengers:

  • Aeroflot does not allow babies under the age of two to have their own carry-on luggage. 
  • This is owing to the fact that newborns generally sit on the lap of the person who is carrying them.
  • If you are not going with a car seat, then you may be able to arrange a seat for your infant with this airline. 
  • Under the Aeroflot baggage carry-on allowance rules, you can additionally bring the following things for your baby:
  • Child seat
  • A foldable pram
  • Baby food
  • Baby stroller

Note: At Aeroflot Airlines, infants aged 2 and above have the same entitlement to carry-on luggage as adults.

Aeroflot Baggage Policy for Pets

When it comes to animal transportation on flights, each airline handles the matter differently. According to the Aeroflot international flight baggage allowance, there are distinct regulations for bringing pets. Please see here which pets are allowed in the cabins of this airline:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Polecats
  • Birds
  • Ferrets
  • Desert foxes
  • Dwarf hedgehog
  • Loris
  • Dwarf rabbits

Please remember that if you want your pet inside the cabin, then you must inform Aeroflot Airlines 36 hours before the departure. Here are 4 rules that apply concerning the Aeroflot Airlines baggage policy:

  • Pets can only be transported in the cabin of Aeroflot if they possess less than 8 kilos, along with the transport crate.
  • When the pet and its crate weigh more than 12 kg, they must be carried inside the aircraft’s cargo compartment.
  • A pet passport is required for all dogs and cats traveling by this operator.
  • Furthermore, Aeroflot Airlines’ microchip detector must be used to identify these pets.

Sports Equipment to be Taken at Aeroflot Airlines

Aeroflot Airlines baggage allowance permits sports equipment to be carried inside the flight. Sports items are counted as free baggage allowance when they are not beyond the weight of 23 kg. The following is the representation of how many sports items you can bring in Aeroflot Airlines along with their parts:

Ski equipment1 case including a pair of skis and ski poles+ 1 piece of luggage containing a single pair of ski boots
1 case containing a pair of water skis
Snowboard equipment1 case containing a single snowboard + 1 piece of luggage including 1 pair of boots
Hockey equipment1 hockey gear bag + 1 bag with 2 hockey sticks
Golf equipmentPacked in a single container
Fishing equipment2 fishing rods + a single tackle set 

Musical Instruments Approved by Aeroflot Airlines

When the length, breadth, and depth combined do not surpass 135 centimeters, a musical instrument can be transported as ordinary luggage with the Aeroflot baggage policy. A guitar having a total length of more than 135 centimeters may be transported as hand baggage but only if authorization from Aeroflot has been acquired at least 36 hours before departure. The restrictions regarding cabin musical instruments at Aeroflot are fairly lenient. Oversized musical instruments, like guitars, can just not be carried at all or be transported by an additional seat with many carriers.

The below-described are some musical instruments approved by Aeroflot Russian Airlines baggage policy:

  • Guitar
  • Tabla
  • Keyboard
  • Drumsticks
  • Drums
  • Violin

Prohibited Items at Aeroflot Airlines

For the utmost safety of its passengers, there are specific items that are considered prohibited by Aeroflot Airlines. These items are restricted due to the Aeroflot baggage policy as they can be fatal and may cause harm or injury to the crew or other customers inside its aircraft. Flammable and sharp-edged objects are among the prohibited items of this airline. 

If you want to know the other restricted items as well, then please go through the table below:

Magnetized materialCorrosive itemsFirearms
WeaponsExplosive materialToxic substances
Radioactive substancesHighly-flammable materialsCompressed gases
Liquefied gases Aerosols containersAcidic substances

Aeroflot baggage rules have been followed by the flyers of this airline for many years. They have had no issues while committing to the guidelines mentioned in the airline’s policy. By following the rules of the baggage policy, the customers’ travel plans have been much easier. 

The visitors of this operator have stated many Aeroflot reviews about excellent food quality, seats, tickets, and more. To know what they have reviewed about this air carrier, please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions for Aeroflot Baggage Policy

Does Aeroflot weigh carry-on?

Yes, Aeroflot Airlines measures and checks the weight, as well as size limits, of carry-on baggage of its customers. For Economy and Premium Economy passengers, bringing up to 23 kilograms of items is allowed by the Aeroflot baggage policy. Business Class and First-Class passengers can take up to 32 kilograms of their bags.

Is Aeroflot strict with baggage?

Yes, Aeroflot Airlines is strict when it comes to transporting a limited amount of baggage inside its flights. As per its policy, the carry-on luggage dimensions must be under 158 centimeters. When any passenger crosses the size dimensions of his/her luggage, he/she has to pay some extra baggage fees.

On Aeroflot flights, may I carry medicines in my hand luggage?

Yes, you can carry medicines with you as your hand luggage inside the Aeroflot flights. According to the Aeroflot hand baggage allowance, carrying tablets is considered safe but when they are liquids, only 100 milliliters of syrup are allowed. If you are flying with medicines less than 100 milliliters, then you do not need to show a medical certificate at the airport.

What is the maximum hand baggage weight allowed by Aeroflot Airlines?

At Aeroflot, a big piece of hand baggage can measure up to 10 kilos. However, in Business class, a big piece of hand luggage may go up to 15 kilograms. Irrespective of the cabin class, a small piece of hand baggage or personal item must not weigh over 5 kilos, as mentioned in the Aeroflot carry-on baggage policy.

How much does Aeroflot charge for additional baggage?

Aeroflot additional baggage fee is charged for carrying overweight and oversized items. When any customer brings overweight items to this airline, he/she needs to pay $125 for exceeding the weight restrictions of 23-32 kilograms. If the customer surpasses the weight constraints of 32-50 kilograms, then he/she will have to bear $200 as the charge.

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1 year ago

I never knew that Aeroflot gives the option to book tickets on Economy Saver. However, when I was going through the web, I found your website on Aeroflot Airlines. I quickly glanced at the Aeroflot Economy Saver baggage allowance and was happy about the benefits of the fee. I did not found the fees to be costly. Thanks for the useful piece of data on Aeroflot.

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I was going with my in-laws at Aeroflot Airlines for the first time. I had some issues with their baggage as I had to take their medicines on the flight. That’s when I checked your baggage policy on Aeroflot Economy Class baggage allowance. And it says that I can take the medication with it. I got so much relieved. Thank you.

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I checked your baggage policy on the carry-on luggage dimensions of Aeroflot. Upon reading, I learned that it allows a total size of 158 centimetres. That is too huge and I would definitely recommend everyone to travel with it owing to the Aeroflot Baggage size policy.

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Once before few months back I was flying with Aeroflot Airlines and I lost my charger inside it’s aircraft. Nowadays carrying smartphones and chargers are must so I had an urgent need for that. Upon reading this Aeroflot lost baggage policy, I found that I could contact the airline. It helped me on time. Thanks guys.

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