Xiamen Airlines Cancellation Policy

How to Cancel Xiamen Airlines Flight

Cancellations are a part of traveling for many passengers when they do not wish to fly due to some circumstances. A sudden event or some occasion can lead to the revocation of the flight. Thus, to make the process easier for the flyers, Xiamen Airlines cancellation policy has been undertaken. This policy helps you to make quick revocations with the help of certain rules and regulations. Thus, knowing this policy can help you cancel your flight anytime after booking.

What are the terms and conditions of the Xiamen Airlines Cancellation Policy?

It is important that tourists use the rules for making flight cancellations with Xiamen Airlines. These rules serve as an assistant to them and provide ease while they revoke their flight bookings. Furthermore, you can also prevent current and future ticket reversal problems by strictly complying with these regulations. 

Listed below are a few rules outlined in the Xiamen Airline ticket cancellation policy: 

  • Revocations made after a day or 24 hours of making reservations are subjected to a certain amount of service charges. 
  • A traveler can cancel a flight due to a sudden death in the family at any moment. With respect to this, the proper documentation must be submitted to the air carrier before canceling the flight.
  • Provided that a flight is reserved with an agent or a third-party service, then the airline is not responsible for Xiamen Airlines flight cancellation. 
  • In this kind of event, you must contact your agent directly regarding your issue or concern related to the flight cancellation. 
  • A passenger is allowed to cancel a flight with Xiamen Airlines when a plane ticket is booked using the official sources of the carrier. This can be through the website, at the airport, or by telephoning the customer service department. All these services come under the official sources of the carrier. 

Note: You can reach the main website of the operator to know more about the flight cancellation regulations in detail.

Xiamen Airline Cancellation Policy

How Xiamen Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation Policy Works? 

For the flexibility of the flyers, Xiamen Airline cancellation policy has introduced a 24-hour feature. Under this feature, the passenger can revoke his or her ticket without paying any costs to the carrier. However, this airline has placed some rules for the easy cancellations made by travelers. Also, only under specific rules, travelers are eligible to get an entire refund on cancellation. Thus, according to the Xiamen Airlines flight cancellation policy for 24 hours, the passengers should consider the kind of fare, rules, and time and then make their revocations. 

The following are certain rules of this Xiamen 24 hour cancellation policy: 

  • A flier needs to cancel his/her ticket only 24 hours after making the flight reservation.
  • Under this policy, when you revoke a booking at a given time, you will get the advantage of a cost-free reversal. 
  • This 24-hour Xiamen Airlines international cancellation policy is valid for all types of tickets at this airline including Business, Economy, First, etc. 

How to Cancel a Trip on Xiamen Airlines?

Xiamen Airlines provided various facilities for making plane ticket cancellations depending on the urgency of the traveler. If there is no time available, then you can contact the provider about your problem. Alternatively, when time is not an issue, you can use the website of this operator too, and proceed with the Xiamen Airline ticket cancellation procedure. Both options are reliable and can make your cancellations successful. You can choose your convenient approach according to your emergency and situations for making a revocation. 

Method 1: Cancel Xiamen ticket via Website 

In the modern world that all are currently inhabiting, everything can be done through the web. Therefore, the airline has provided an online method for making flight cancellations. The flexibility of this procedure can be used from anywhere around the globe. Hence, it makes the process easy for many passengers.

To start with this option, you will have to locate the website of this air provider first. Then the “My Trips” section will assist you further to cancel your flight with ease. 

The steps given below will walk you through the Xiamen Airlines flight cancellation procedure: 

  • Open the Xiamen Airlines website.
  • On the homepage, you have four options: Book Flight, Flight Status, My Trips, and Optional Services.
  • Click on the “My Trips” Option.
  • Enter the following details:
    • *Ticket/Order No.
    • *Last name/Surname
    • *First name/Given name
    • *Verification Code
  • And then click on the “Search” Button. 
  • Now, your booking list will be available on the screen. 
  • Select that you want to “Cancel” Booking. 
  • Pay the fees if required by the airline. Otherwise, you will receive a direct confirmation message for the successful revocation of your flight ticket. 

Note: While using the online method of the Xiamen Airlines flight cancellation policy, kindly keep some information handy. You may be asked to provide certain data like the flight ticket number, personal as well as, other necessary details by the official representatives of the air company.

Method 2: Using the Phone Number

The most reliable way to request a flight ticket cancellation from the carrier is to speak with its officials about it. This can be quite helpful when you decide to make a last-moment reversal. For using this way, you may be asked to pay the service fees, if any. Hence, before opting for this alternative for a cancellation, make sure of the charges applied. 

Note: Xiamen Airlines reviews state that this phoning or calling method for making flight cancellations is valid enough and trustworthy. This is due to the staff members personally assisting with each visitor’s issue and helping to solve them quickly.

To begin with this procedure, here are some of the phone numbers of major countries:

CountriesContact Number
Beijing86 10 58297114
Hong Kong852-28060577
Kuala Lumpur60-3-21668222
Vietnam84 28 3824 2067
Australia86 592 222 6666/1800995557
Europe31(0)20 7950868
New Yorknycoffice@xiamenair.com
Los Angeleslax@xiamenair.com

How much is the Xiamen Airlines Cancellation Fee?

On canceling a reservation, this air provider charges a set price or fee. The number of fees will be charged on almost all fare types on this carrier, as per the Xiamen Airlines international cancellation policy. These can consist of making a reservation with the First, Economy, Business Class, and others. While completing your reversal with this carrier, you will be informed of the charges as per your kind of fare and several other factors. 

To get the information about the revocation fees applied, you can read the following information: 

  • When a visitor revokes a flight ticket during the risk-free time, this air carrier won’t assess any reversal fee. This risk-free period applies one day after purchasing a ticket. 
  • On non-refundable tickets, the airline will charge a full amount of the flight fare as a part of the Xiamen Airlines cancellation fee. This can only be done when you do not undo your flight in the valid period provided by the air carrier. 

Some of the fee information associated with the cancellation process is given below according to the kind of ticket purchased: 

Fare typeCancellation in six hours or following departure Reversal made six hours before departure 
Economy class, Y5% of the ticket price No fee 
45% to 60% discount on Economy 50% of flight ticket 40% of the ticket price 
First and Business Class5% of the ticket amount No penalty 
10% to 40% discount on Economy 30% of the amount of ticket 20% of flight ticket

The refund policy of Xiamen Airlines specifies some regulations under which travelers may request their returns. By implementing these regulations, you can get to know when and how much refund you can receive.

Through the following details, the main regulations of the Xiamen Airlines cancellation policy for money back will be known:

  • The original method of payment is used to process the amount of refund for the reversal of your ticket. 
  • Xiamen Airlines provides a complete refund when you revoke a flight ticket due to military orders. 

What is the Option to Claim a Xiamen Refund? 

Almost all customers require refunds on making their cancellations. Considering this, the provider has established a specific criterion that must be met by the flyers. You can submit a request regarding your refund when all the criteria are met. In order to do so, first, visit the website of this airline. Enter all the requested information and immediately submit a request for your money back. 

Tip: You can verify on the website whether Xiamen Air baggage allowance is given with a refund or not. However, check only when you have booked a luggage allowance with this airline. 

The detailed steps of the Xiamen Refund are as mentioned below: 

  • A flyer must go to this operator’s website to start the procedure for receiving a refund. 
  • Once the flight has been properly canceled by adhering to the guidelines, you will be instantly sent to the refund status page. 
  • There, if you are qualified to get back your refund, then you can proceed further by hitting the option called “Refunds”. 
  • After hitting this option, a refund form will be displayed on the screen. Provide the information to the website as requested on the form.
  • Then submit that form to the provider for continuing the further procedure. 

Note: According to the Xiamen Airlines cancellation policy, before submitting the refund form, please examine all the mentioned information twice or thrice. This can be done to ensure all the information filled is correct to claim a refund on cancellation. 

Compensation for Xiamen Airlines Cancel Flight

When this operator cancels a booking and your travel plans are interfered with, you will be compensated. This compensation can be provided in the form of monetary benefits or other additional services. Also, this will only be offered when the reason for making your cancellation is under the carrier’s control. Otherwise, you will have to bear some losses. 

Go through the details added as follows to further learn about Xiamen Airlines cancel flight compensation:

  1. A flyer can seek compensation from Xiamen Airlines of up to €600. 
  2. The reimbursement can only be given when the air operator cancels a plane ticket in fewer than fourteen days before the expected take-off date of the flight. 
  3. When the provider claims compensation on a tourist’s behalf, he/she will be charged some penalty as a service fee. 
  4. In case of flight cancellation, Xiamen Airlines makes an effort to give you the next available flight at no extra cost. 

The journey of every customer is highly significant to Xiamen. Even if cancellations are a part of this journey, the airline does not refrain from providing the options for it. The Xiamen Airlines cancellation policy is a medium of fulfilling that requirement. Exceeding the expectations of customers, this carrier hopes to always remain flexible and sensitive to any such requirement in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to cancel trip on Xiamen Airlines?

In the event that you choose not to continue with the journey on this airline, you can opt for an online method for cancellation. You need to go to the website of this carrier to revoke your trip. According to the Xiamen Airlines cancellation policy, choose the “My Trips” section on the website. Input the details as asked in the given spaces. Now, select your reservation for revocation and click on the “Cancel” tab. This is how you can cancel your trip on this carrier.

How to get a refund cancel Xiamen Airlines?

A flyer can get a refund from Xiamen Airlines in two ways. Speaking of the first way, you can claim a return right after making a cancellation. This can be done with the help of the refund form provided by the operator on its website. Otherwise, you can also choose to call the provider for obtaining a refund. The officials on the call can claim your refund and notify you soon.

Is there a Xiamen Airline cancellation policy? 

The Xiamen Airlines cancelation policy is put in place to guide its passengers regarding how to initiate their revocations. It lays forth the prerequisites and terms for canceling a flight with ease. It also gives the details of fees and refunds associated with it. Therefore, being aware of this policy enables you to take advantage in various ways while revoking your plane ticket after your booking.

How much is the Xiamen Airline International cancellation fee?

With Xiamen Airlines, international flights may be allowed for making cancellation. With this, a fee can also be charged. The fees on cancellation can be decided based on the situation and the fare type. To know the exact amount of fees, the air carrier can guide you the best when you connect with it. You can obtain the contact details to connect with the carrier from its website.

What is the Xiamen Airline international cancellation policy?

The Xiamen Airlines international cancellation policy comes into effect when flight reversal is mandatory. You can cancel your plane ticket depending on some scenarios. To learn the scenarios, as well as guidelines of this International cancellation policy, you can call the air operator.

What happen if Xiamen Airlines cancelled my flight?

A passenger cannot complete his or her journey if Xiamen Airlines cancelled flight at the last moment. In this type of event, you will be provided with an alternate flight. Furthermore, if this does not appear appropriate to you, then you can ask for monetary compensation. Depending on the situation, you can get up to €600 of reimbursement. 

What is the Xiamen air refund policy?

Passengers must request a refund after the expiration date of the ticket within 30 calendar days.

What is the Xiamen airline cancellation policy?

Passengers can cancel any flight within 24 hours of booking and receive a full refund.

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