Delta Terminal LAX Airport

Delta Terminal at LAX

The Los Angeles International Airport, known as LAX, is the largest in Los Angeles. It is a public airport with 9 terminals handling quite a large number of carriers. One of the busiest airports managed at this airport is Delta. If you wish to fly with this carrier, it is important that you know which is the main Delta Terminal LAX and where all the arrivals and departures take place. Further, it can be beneficial if you know how to get to the terminal and access the services provided. This will help in making your trip hassle-free. 

The exact details about the amenities provided at the terminal, the fee for parking, terminal maps, etc are highlighted further in the following sections. 

General Information about Delta Terminal LAX Airport 

The Los Angeles Airport is home to 9 terminals, namely, Terminals 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and B. Among these, the official LAX Delta Terminal is Terminal 3. This terminal takes over all the proceedings related to Delta flights. 

Additional information about the airport and the terminal is as follows: 

Official Website 
Airport Location Los Angeles, California, United States 
Airport Address 1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045, USA
Airport For Delta Airlines,
Alaska Airlines,
Polar Air Cargo
LAX Delta Terminal Terminal 3 

What Terminal is Delta in LAX? 

Delta Airlines uses Terminal 3 for handling its arrivals and departures at Los Angeles International Airport  To accommodate the passenger flow of Delta, it is assigned Terminal 3 at Los Angeles Airport. This Delta LAX Terminal has Gates 30-33. 

Delta LAX Terminal Map

The official map of the Delta Terminal at LAX shows how to navigate to this terminal by providing directions that are easy to understand. This map enables the passengers to get an overview of the outline and structure of the terminal. It also shows the location of the parking spots so that the arriving travelers do not face any confusion. Any queries regarding the map can be referred to the airport agents at the terminal. 

Delta Terminal LAX Airport Map

Delta Arrivals LAX Airport Terminal 

Domestic arrivals of the airline can take place at Terminal 3. However, all the international arrivals take place at Terminal B. In case there is any change or transfer in the Delta Terminal LAX Arrivals, passengers will be notified via announcements. Upon arriving, you can use the ground transportation options like the shuttle services to get to the baggage collection points. From here, you can navigate to the exit by following the airport signage. 

LAX Delta Departures 

Generally, domestic and international Delta LAX departures occur at Terminal 3. But, recently, Terminal 2 has also been undertaking departures related to this carrier. Hence, you must check your boarding pass to know the exact terminal for departures. Accordingly, you can follow the airport directions and continue with the pre-departure process like check-in and baggage deposit. 

How Do I Contact Delta Airlines at Lax Airport?

If you need to connect with the airline authorities for any reason while using the terminal for Delta at LAX, you can call them at the following numbers. You will have to mention the purpose of your call and give them all the required personal and flight details. 

Purpose for Calling Phone Number 
General Queries 800 221 1212
Hotels 866 202 1813 
Delta Vacations 1 800 800 1504 
Baggage 800 325 8224 
Refunds 800 847 0578 

LAX Delta Terminal Parking 

Passengers using the Delta Airlines LAX Terminal will have to use the Central Parking Garage to halt their vehicles. This garage offers different options that can be used by both arriving and departing travelers. 

Here are the various types of parking made available at this airport: 

  • Economy Parking 
  • Valet Parking 
  • Flyaway Parking 
  • Budget Parking 
  • EV Parking 
  • Premium Parking 

To access these spots, you will have to pay a certain fee which can vary as follows: 

Duration Economy Parking FeeValet Parking FeeFlyaway Parking FeeBudget Parking FeePremium Parking Fee 
First Hour USD 8 USD 2 USD 5 USD 11 
Extra half an hour USD 7 USD 9 
24 hours USD 35 USD 75 USD 6 USD 20 USD 70 

Flights from Delta Terminal LAX Airport 

The Delta International LAX Terminal undertakes several flights every day to locations in different countries. You can refer to the carrier’s official site to know all the regions covered by the carrier. Some of the most popular destinations are given in the following table: 

Destination Airport 
San Francisco San Francisco International Airport or SFO 
Las Vegas Harry Reid International Airport 
New York John F. Kennedy International Airport or JFK
Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport or ATL 
Denver DEN or Denver International Airport
Seattle Seattle-Tacoma International Airport or SEA
Dallas Dallas Fort Worth International Airport DFW 
Honolulu Daniel K. Inouye International Airport or HNL 
Oakland Oakland International Airport or OAK 
Austin Austin–Bergstrom International Airport or AUS 
Miami Miami International Airport or MIA 
Salt Lake City Salt Lake City International Airport or SLC 

Services Offered at Delta LAX Terminal 

The LAX Delta Airlines Terminal offers both basic and luxurious services to the passengers. Such facilities help improve the traveler experience and make them more accommodating to using the airport. The following are the major services offered at this terminal: 


Passengers can carry out the Delta check-in process at Terminal 3. Once you are done with the check-in procedure, you will be given the official boarding pass and hence, you can head to the boarding gate. 


Luggage will only be accepted at the terminal if it adheres to the Delta baggage allowance policy. As per this policy, you can carry 2 checked bags up to 23 kgs at USD 30 and 40 each. 

Flight Cancellation

This airline permits fliers to cancel their bookings before departure. For this, you will have to submit a Delta cancellation request by visiting the ticketing center at the terminal or by calling the airline agents at the numbers provided. 

Flight Change

Customers who wish to edit their flight details can go for the Delta light change option. You will have to submit your reservation details and pay a small amount of fee to modify your bookings. 

Security Screening

The security check at the airport can take about 5-10 minutes. During rush hours, the time can be extended to 15 minutes. It is a mandatory process that every passenger will have to complete. 

TSA Pre-Check

The terminal has a TSA precheck facility which can be helpful in reducing your wait time. Understanding how to add TSA Precheck to Delta tickets can make it easier for you to access this feature. 


Level 4 of Terminal 3 offers the Delta Sky Club lounge. You can book this lounge using miles or membership status. For individual membership, lounge access can cost you USD 695. Perks like free wifi, cuisines, beverages, and relaxation facilities can be enjoyed here. 

Rideshare Services

The arrivals terminal of Delta Airlines offers taxi and rideshare services to the fliers. You can book a taxi to any location within the city. The fare can be decided based on the distance of your location from the airport. 

Lost and Found

The Lost and Found department at this airport is under the supervision of the Airport Police Division. Based on the location of your lost item, you will be given a contact number to reach out to the agents. You can find these details on the official site of the carrier. 

For other basic amenities at this Delta LAX terminal, refer to the list below: 

  • Shopping Centers 
  • Car Rentals 
  • Ground Transportation 
  • Dining Areas
  • ATMs
  • Animal Relief Areas 

The Delta Terminal LAX Airport undertakes the responsibility of providing the best possible services to its fliers. It also ensures affordability by charging a minimal amount of fees. Immediate guidance is also provided in the way of on-ground agents and staff.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What terminal is Delta Airlines in at LAX?

Delta Airlines operates from Terminal 3 at Los Angeles International Airport.

What terminal is Delta at LAX Arrivals?

Most of the Delta Airlines arrivals take place at Terminal B.

What terminal is Delta at LAX departures?

For all departures of Delta Airlines, Terminal 3 of the LAX Airport is used.

Is there a lounge at Delta Airlines Los Angeles Terminal?

Yes, the Los Angeles Airport has the Delta Sky Club Lounge at the Delta Terminal.

Is there parking at the Delta Airlines Terminal in LAX?

The Central Terminal lot provides a parking facility for Delta passengers at LAX Airport.

How much is the parking fee at the Delta Airlines Terminal LAX?

The fee charged for parking at Los Angeles Airport can be between USD 9 and 70.

What are the services offered at the LAX Delta departure terminal?

Facilities like dining centers, shopping areas, check-in stations, baggage collection points, free wifi, etc are offered at the LAX Delta Terminal.

What is the terminal for international LAX Delta Arrivals?

Terminal B houses all the international arrivals related to Delta Airlines at LAX Airport. 

How to get to Delta LAX Terminal?

You can use ground transportation options provided within the LAX Airport to get to the Delta Terminal.

Can I walk to Delta Terminal at LAX?

You can use the shuttle services to get to the Delta Terminal at Los Angeles Airport.

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