Oakland International Airport

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Oakland International Airport is located in California in the United States and mainly serves the east bay area. It was opened more than 90 years ago and is one of the busiest airports in the world. It serves many destinations all over the world with both national and international flights. The services offered here are suitable for passengers coming from different parts of the world. 

More information about the airport structure, its operations, and the additional amenities offered here are disclosed in the following sections. 

What does the Oakland Airport Map Show?

This map shows the various routes through which the terminals of the airport can be reached. It shows the exact location of the different utility and service centers. Using this map, passengers can get to their designated location without any hassle. If you are unable to understand the Oakland Airport gate map, you can connect with the agents for more detailed guidance. 

Take a quick look at the map given below:

Image of Oakland Airport Terminal Map

What is the General Information About Oakland International Airport? 

Some simple details about the Oakland airport revealing its location, number of terminals, or coordinates are given here in the following table

Two terminals Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 Oakland International Airport 
Airport Type Public 
Operator Port of Oakland 
Serves San Francisco Bay Area 
Hub For FedEx Express 
Oakland Airport Code OAK 
Oakland Airport Terminals Two terminals
Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 
Oakland Airport Coordinates 37.7123° N, 122.2137° W
Oakland Airport Runways 12/3010R/28L10L/28R15/33
Oakland Airport Address 1 Airport Dr, Oakland, CA 94621, USA
Distance from the city About 9 miles from the city center 
Official Website https://www.oaklandairport.com/
Official Phone Number +1 510-563-3300

What is the Official Oakland Airport Code? 

The Oakland International Airport Code usually has 3 letters. The zip code generally has 5 numbers. Given below are such codes: 

WMO Code 72493 
Oakland Airport Zip Code 94621 

How Many Runways Are There At Oakland International Airport OAK? 

To facilitate the flying of different international carriers, the Oakland Airport International provides four runways. Their exact dimensions are revealed in the table below: 

Runway Dimensions Surface 
12/3010,520 ft or 3,206 meters Asphalt 
10R/28L6,213 ft or 1,894 meters Asphalt 
10L/28R5,458 ft or 1,664 meters Asphalt 
15/33 3,376 ft or 1,029 meters Asphalt 

How Many Oakland Airport Terminals are Currently Working? 

There are two Oakland international airport terminals that enable the take-off and arrival of all the flights operating via this airport. Both these terminals, together, consist of 32 gates. The two terminals are connected to each other near the post-security gate areas. Passengers can also use the terminals to get to their connecting flights. 

Oakland Airport Terminal 1 

The Oakland International airport terminal 1 has 18 gates. The airport is undertaking a project to improve the working conditions of the terminal in a more sustainable way through its environmental process review. Also, the major airlines operating from this concourse include Alaska, Delta, Hawaiian Southwest, Spirit, etc, among others. 

Oakland Airport Terminal 2 

Using a total of 14 gates, the Oakland international airport terminal 2 manages both domestic and international flights. The airport is looking to expand this terminal for easy accessibility to the fliers. Further, the variety of retail and dining services offered here makes it more comfortable for travelers to use this terminal. 

What are the Airlines Operating from the Oakland California Airport? 

The airlines at Oakland airport include interstate and inter-continental carriers that offer both direct and connecting flights. All these airlines fly from either of the two terminals via a certain designated boarding gate. However, if there is a change in this allotted terminal, it will be conveyed to the passengers before departure itself. 

Image of oakland airport international

What is the Southwest Oakland Airport Terminal? 

Terminal 2 is designated as the sole Oakland Airport Southwest terminal. From check-in to boarding, all its operations are managed here. Even if the flight is revoked, passengers will be accommodated in the terminal for a while. Assistance for any other queries can be sought from the airline staff or on-ground agents. 

Which is the Oakland Airport Spirit Terminal? 

The first terminal is allotted to undertake the functioning of these flights. This terminal occupies the western side of the airport. Ticking should be done at least an hour before the departure to avoid confusion at the last minute. The baggage collection point for arriving passengers is also located at this Spirit Airlines Oakland terminal. 

What is the Delta Terminal Oakland Airport? 

All main procedures of this carrier are supervised by the first terminal. This Delta terminal Oakland terminal provides self-kiosk services for the deposit of Delta baggage. However, if your luggage exceeds the limitations, you will be subjected to an overweight fee. Otherwise, you will have to leave behind the extra baggage at the terminal itself. 

What is the Frontier Terminal Oakland Airport? 

This airline is not assigned a particular terminal at the airport. But, if flights of this carrier are to arrive here, terminal 1 will usually be used as the Oakland Airport Frontier Terminal. Even under the situation of Frontier Flight cancellations, the same terminal will provide waiting rooms. Other forms of compensation can be requested at the check-in counter. 

What is the Allegiant Air Oakland Terminal? 

Terminal 1 is home to Allegiant flights. Since it has 18 gates, it is well-adjusted to handle the rush of both domestic and long-haul passengers. Further, this Allegiant Airlines Oakland Airport terminal provides services like nursing stations and free wifi, which benefit travelers. 

What is the Main Oakland Airport JetBlue Terminal? 

JetBlue Oakland terminal is the first concourse. The expansion projects conducted at this terminal will ensure that there will be no delays in the entire check-in process. This will also cut down the time of security screening. Hence, passengers will be able to enjoy a quicker and more well-ordered procedure at this terminal. 

Which is the Oakland Airport Volaris Terminal? 

This is another one of the airlines that uses Terminal 1 as its main concourse. The ticketing and security counters are located on the upper level of this terminal. The Volaris baggage inquiry area operates at the lower level of the concourse. Lounge access can also be availed at this Volaris Oakland Airport Terminal along with pet relief areas. 

What is the Oakland Airport Alaska Terminal? 

Only the first terminal is designated as this airline’s official terminal. This terminal is spacious and has an Escape lounge. Travelers can pre-book this lounge in advance. Also, if you are looking to easily get through the Alaska Airport check-in line, you can book the priority pass. This pass should be submitted to the official agents at the Alaska Airlines Oakland terminal. 

Which is the Official Oakland Airport American Airlines Terminal? 

For security, check-in, and baggage deposits of flights under American Airlines, the first terminal has to be accessed. Since many airlines use this terminal, the agents here undertake all the proceedings with utmost precision. However, if you happen to face any issue at this Oakland Airport American Airlines terminal, you can report it to the agents available at the check-in counters. 

What is the Oakland Airport Hawaiian Airlines Terminal? 

Terminal 1 is the primary Hawaiian Airlines Oakland terminal. Once you complete the check-in and the baggage deposit, you will have to wait for a while before the boarding gate opens. During this time, you will have the option to drop in on a few retail stores or restaurants present at the terminal. These include bookstores as well. 

What is the Iberia Airlines Oakland Terminal? 

Although this airport has not specially mentioned any terminal to be the Iberia Airlines Oakland terminal, these flights can sometimes operate here. In such cases, terminal 1 will be used. Passengers will once have to connect with the agents to know more details regarding check-in and Iberia baggage deposit. 

What are the Additional Services and Facilities Available at Oakland California Airport? 

Since check-in, security, and boarding can be a long process, Oakland Airport California tries to make it convenient for passengers by offering a few services. Some of these include: 

  • Dining
    • Oaklandish Coffee Collective 
    • Farley’s Cafe 
    • Peet’s Coffee 
    • Vino Volo 
    • Subway
    • Tay Ho 
    • Pyramid Brewing Co. 
    • Calavera
    • Oakland Draft House 
  • Shopping
    • OAK Tribune 
    • See’s Candies 
    • Duty-Free 
    • Bayfront News 
    • Sunglass Icon 
    • Newsstand 
    • TechZoom 
    • Sports Scene 
  • Other Services
    • Parking facilities 
    • Lactation Suites 
    • Escape Lounges 
    • OAK Lost and Found 
    • Ground Transportation 
    • Oakland Airport Free Wifi 

Is There Oakland Airport Parking Available? 

While the daily and economy parking offers long term parking options, the premier and hourly services are dedicated to short-term stays. The charges for parking at Oakland Airport can vary based on the option you choose: 

Image of OAK airport parking map

Oakland Airport Long Term Parking 

Long term parking Oakland Airport can be booked in advance. These spots will be available near both terminals. The fee charged is as follows: 

Daily Parking Fee: 

Duration Charges
0 to 1 hour USD 5 
1 to 2 hours USD 10 
2 to 24 hours USD 24 

Economy Parking Fee: 

Duration Fee Charged
Per each 24 hours USD 18 
EV Charging Free

To get to this parking lot, you can use the free shuttle services provided by the airport authorities. 

Oakland Airport Short-Term Parking 

The Oakland Airport short-term parking can be useful when you require to park your vehicle only for a few minutes, especially in case of a passenger dripping off. No prior reservations are needed for this type of parking. 

Hourly Parking: 

Duration Charges
Per 12 Minutes USD 1
Per Hour USD 5 
Per 24 hours USD 34 

Premier Parking: 

Duration Fee Charged 
Per 30 Minutes USD 4
Per 24 Hours USD 38

All of these charges include taxes. Hence, the tax will not be charged separately. 

How Long is the Oakland Airport Security Wait Time? 

Generally, the TSA screening process might begin about 2-3 hours before the departure of your flight. It can sometimes vary based on the flight itinerary. Also, the Oakland Airport TSA wait time can cost you around 15-20 minutes based on passenger volume. Last-minute check-in’s can take more time. Passengers using the TSA pre check option will be able to pass through security more quickly. 

Is There An Oakland Airport Lost and Found Department? 

This airport houses a lost and found department for searching the items misplaced by passengers. Based on where you have lost the item, you will have to head to the center allotted to the area. 

  • For items lost at the TSA Checkpoint, go to the department located near the baggage claim area of Terminal 1. 
  • This will be open between the hours of 8 am and 3 pm from Monday to Friday 
  • The second floor of Terminal One should be visited for items lost at the airport terminals. 
  • This center will be open between 9 am and 4: 30 pm from Monday to Thursday. 
  • The Oakland Airport lost and found phone number is (510) 563-3629

Where Do Oakland Airport Departures Take Place? 

Both terminals present at the airport provide the facilities for the take-off of the flight. In order to be eligible for departures Oakland Airport you will first have to complete all the required processes. Once everything is properly scrutinized, you will be given the boarding pass. The same procedure is to be followed for international flights as well. 

Where Do Oakland Airport Arrivals Take Place? 

Landing takes place at both the terminals of this airport. In case the arrivals at Oakland airport get delayed, passengers will be given the necessary information. Once you reach the airport, you will have to make your way to the baggage carousel area. Passenger pick-ups will also be facilitated at the arrival area. 

What are the Airports Near Oakland International Airport? 

There are quite a few airports located near OAK airport. Among these, the closest airport to Oakland CA is the San Francisco International Airport at a distance of 31 miles. A few other nearby airports include: 

  • Norman Y Mineta San Jose International Airport (36 miles) – SJC 
  • Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County Airport (75 miles) – STS
  • Sacramento International Airport (94 miles) – SMF 
  • Modesto City Co-Harry Sham Field (75 miles) – MOD 
  • Monterey Peninsula Airport (106 miles) – MRY 

The Oakland international airport, being one of the biggest in the world, enables its fliers to make use of the different facilities available here. Any query or question can be reported to the airline agents as and when necessary. Moreover, constant assistance will be offered to the passengers at all times during their stay at the airport. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What terminal is Southwest at Oakland Airport?

Terminal 2 is the official Oakland Airport Southwest terminal.

Which terminal is Southwest at Oakland Airport?

The second terminal is solely dedicated to the operations of Southwest flights and is named the Oakland Southwest terminal.

How many terminals does Oakland Airport have?

There are only 2 terminals at Oakland Airport.

What terminal is Contour Airlines in Oakland?

This airline does not have a specific terminal but can sometimes use Oakland Terminal 1.

What terminal is Hawaiian Airlines at Oakland?

Hawaiian Airlines terminal Oakland is the first terminal.

What terminal is JetBlue at Oakland Airport?

Boarding and take-off occur at the Oakland Airport JetBlue terminal, that is, terminal 1.

What terminal is Spirit Airlines at Oakland Airport?

The first terminal is indicated as the Spirit Airlines terminal Oakland Airport.

Where is Howard Terminal in Oakland?

The Howard terminal Oakland is proposed to be built in Jack London Square.

What terminal is Allegiant at Oakland?

Terminal 1 is assigned as the Allegiant Airlines Oakland terminal for all the proceedings.

What terminal is Frontier at Oakland Airport?

Oakland Airport Frontier terminal is the first one among the two terminals.

What terminal is Spirit at Oakland?

Terminal 1 is the primary Oakland Airport Spirit Airlines terminal.

How much is parking at Oakland Airport?

Parking by Oakland Airport can range between USD 1 and USD 38.

How to get from Oakland Airport to San Francisco?

You can use taxi services to travel from Oakland Airport to San Francisco.

How much is long-term parking at Oakland Airport?

Charges for Oakland Airport long term parking vary between USD 5 and USD 18.

What airlines fly into Oakland Airport?

Different carriers like Frontier, Southwest, JetBlue, Spirit, and Hawaiian fly into Oakland International Airport.

What time does TSA open at Oakland Airport?

TSA checks will usually open a few hours before the scheduled departure of your flight.

What terminal is Alaska Airlines at Oakland Airport?

Alaska Airlines terminal Oakland is the first terminal.

What terminal is American at Oakland Airport?

Terminal 1 is designated as the Oakland Airlines American Airlines terminal for check-in.

Which terminal is Delta at Oakland Airport?

The terminal known to be Delta Airlines Oakland terminal is the first one.

Which is the Volaris Terminal at Oakland Airport?

Volaris Terminal Oakland airport is Terminal 1.

How many terminals are in Oakland Airport?

There are 2 main Oakland International Airport terminals.

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