Lufthansa Name Change Policy

Name Change Policy
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The name on the passengers’ official documents must match the name and details on the ticket booked on the flight. However, you can contact the Airlines under the Lufthansa Name change policy if you have made a mistake or legally changed your name. 

The Lufthansa name change caters to name corrections, legal name changes, and minor typo errors with the assistance of the Airline. 

What are the Terms and Conditions of the Lufthansa Airlines Name Change?

Lufthansa airlines lay down the following guidelines for the Lufthansa passengers name change terms for those who wish to apply for the name change policy. Make sure to read through the terms and conditions before applying for the name change/ correction. 

It is also important to keep in mind that the airline holds the right to withhold a passenger from boarding the aircraft if there are inconsistencies. 

Individual Booking 

Here are the Lufthansa name correction on ticket rules applicable to individual bookings on domestic and international flights operated by Lufthansa-

  • The airline does not charge a name change fee in the risk-free period called the grace period i.e. within 24 hours of booking or the next calendar day of the reservation. 
  • The airline permits only one name change per passenger on the ticket. 
  • The ticket is non-transferable and cannot be transferred to any other passenger. 
  • Only the entirely unused tickets are permissible for name change/correction. 
  • Passengers whose name on the ticket does not match the travel documents are not allowed to board the plane under the aviation rules. 
  • The airline undertakes major and minor name corrections/modifications based on the nature and reason for the change. 

Please note – Guidelines associated with name change are not applicable to Lufthansa flight change policy.

Group Bookings

The Lufthansa name change policy for group bookings is based on the Group contract-

  • The Airline permits name changes before the ticket is issued. 
  • No charges are applicable for a name change if the ticket is not issued. 
  • Name change requests made after the ticket is issued are allowed for a name change fee. 
  • The name change fee is charged per passenger name with error/s. 
  • Name changes/ corrections due to marriage are entitled to free name change even after tickets are issued. 


Here are some of the limitations to the Lufthansa Name Change Policy- 

  • Name change on a ticket purchased on the same day as the flight is not allowed. 
  • No changes other than those mentioned on the Lufthansa name change policy are admissible in the reservation/ PNR. 

What Kind of name change/ correction requests are permitted with Lufthansa Airlines?

Here are the types of changes eligible for change/ modification under the Lufthansa name correction policy. 

Under the legal name change, you can change the passenger name Lufthansa given the following circumstances. 

  • The airline allows passengers to change their name due to gender reassignment, divorce, marriage, legal reasons, and/ or new passport/ government ID issues. 
  • You can request to change if the legal name update proceedings have been completed between the booking date and the day of the flight travel day. 
  • All legal changes require updated and valid proof for the change to verify that the passenger traveling is the same as stated. 

Examples: Divorce certificate, Legal notice, Marriage certificate, and Decree absolute. 

Lufthansa Group Agency support completes the Lufthansa ticket name correction request. 

Misspelled Name 

Lufthansa airlines do not count every change as name corrections. Here are the modifications applicable under the Lufthansa airlines name change policy once per passenger-

  • Corrections of up to two letters in the first name, middle name, or last name are permissible. The correction is conducted in the GDS. 

Example: Brwon to Brown

  • You can also apply for the correction of nicknames. 
    • Example: Uschi to Ursula, Paco to Francisco
  • The Lufthansa Agency support allows the name correction of Lufthansa in inverted/ wrong sequences. 
    • Example: First/ Surname flipped like Peter/ William to William/ Peter or changes within the first, middle, or last name like Meier/ Peter Hans to Meier/ Hans Peter. 
  • Contact the Lufthansa support agency for name change/ correction requests for passengers who bought tickets in Brazil or India. 
  • Passengers can decide whether to travel with the wrong name on the ticker or issue a new ticket. 
  • If a passenger decides to travel with the original incorrect name on the ticket, carry SSR Docs (Special Service Request) 


  • Corrections of more than 2 letters in the first name, middle name, or last name are not admissible.

Exceptions include passengers’ first name/ surname inverted, nicknames, or legal name changes. 

  • Addition or removal of the middle name in the full name of the passenger. 
  • Addition or removal of the second family name if the passenger has not changed their name in marriage or divorce. 
  • One cannot change, delete or add titles like Mr, Mrs, or Ms or professional titles like Dr, or Prof. if there is a wrong or missing input. 
  • The ticket is non-transferable and another traveler can only travel when a new ticket is issued.
  • The original ticket is refunded if the new passenger boards a ticket instead of the earlier passenger. 

How to Request Lufthansa Airlines Name Correction on the Ticket?

Passengers can apply for a change name Lufthansa/ correction on a fare ticket within the stipulated window. 

  • Online/ Website 
  • At the airport counter 
  • Over the Phone 
  • Live Chat 

Request through Online/ Website

Passengers can apply for a name change on their existing reservation in the “Lufthansa Manage booking” section of the website. Here is how you can apply-

  • Enter the six-character booking reference code and the last name of the passenger to access the reservation in “Manage Booking”. 
  • Select the button “Name Change” to initiate Lufthansa change name on booking on the top right corner of the page. 
  • Read the instructions and request changes up to two letters in the first middle or last name. 
  • Make sure to note that the website only processes tickets booked directly with Lufthansa. 
  • Choose the errors in the name and enter the correct name. 
  • Make sure to tally the name with the travel documents. 
  • Submit the documents with the corrected name on the portal to process the request. 
  • Save the entered details. 
  • You will be directed to a checkout page. Based on the request, pay the Lufthansa name change fee. 
  • The passengers may have to pay the applicable fare differences, and other charges if applicable. 
  • The new ticket is subject to availability. The updated ticket received is in the same class cabin or lower cabin. 
  • You will receive a request confirmation on your registered mail or phone number. 

Change your Name At the Airport Counter,

The passengers can reach the airport early to apply Lufthansa name change on ticket requests and other requests regarding seat change/selection, food preferences, special requests, etc. 

Here is how you can contact the Airport to request a name change-

  • Reach the help/ assistance counter at the airport. 
  • Share your request for Lufthansa change passenger name on the ticket. 
  • Provide the booking ID, ticket/ PNR reference code, or flight number. 
  • Share the errors in the name and provide the correct name as mentioned in official documents. 
  • The agent will ask for the reason for the change. 
  • Mention the valid reasons whether it is adoption, marriage or divorce, misspelling, or a legal name change. 
  • Submit copies of documents like Marriage or divorce licenses, government-issued ID proofs, etc. 
  • Pay the Lufthansa name change cost and other charges like fare differences, class change, etc. 

Connect Over the Phone

If you have trouble completing the name change request through other methods, you can speak with one of the call executives of the Airline. Follow this way to request a Lufthansa ticket name change-

  • Choose the Lufthansa phone number available on the “Connect with us/ Help and Contact” page. 
  • Provide the booking confirmation code or the ticket number. 
  • Inform the agent about the misspelled characters in the name. 
  • Provide the correct name in the right order as in the official ID and travel documents. 
  • Pay the name change fee and the required fare differences. 
  • The Airline provides the name change confirmation on the registered phone number and mail. 

Ask from Live Chat

Passengers can contact the Live chat assistant ‘Elisa’ to clear their queries and apply for a request. Make sure to keep the booking confirmation code and ticket reference number ready (If required). 

Here is how you can contact Lufthansa’s live chat feature-

  • Navigate the website and choose the “Connect with us” option. 
  • Choose to contact the web chat assistant. 
  • You can either choose from the available options or type in your request. 
  • Type “Name change”. Provide the reservation PNR or the ticket code. 
  • Follow the on-screen instructions. Choose the right type of concern. 
  • Enter the new name in the dialog box available on the portal. 
  • Submit the request. Pay the name change fee and the applicable fare differences. 
  • You will receive a change name Lufthansa flight request confirmation on the registered mail or phone number. 

Post Queries and Doubts via Social Media

Lufthansa allows passengers to connect with the airline staff and the representatives through the social media handle provided on the website. You can ask doubts, regarding offers, suggestions, and tips with the staff members. 

Make sure to keep the booking information handy if you have doubts related to your reservation. 

You can contact Lufthansa airlines using social media to change name on flight ticket Lufthansa as follows-

Social Media PlatformLinks

What documents do I need to request Lufthansa Airlines Name change?

Lufthansa Airlines require passengers to submit the following documents to request a change of name on a Lufthansa ticket/ corrections-

  • Government-issued ID proof (Passport, Government License, or Voting Credentials)
  • Document for name change validation like marriage certificate, legal notice, Divorce certificate, 
  • Latest passport and VISA 
  • Fee receipt for the name change 

Note: Make sure to visit the website or contact the Airline representatives for additional documentation requirements. 

What is the Lufthansa Airlines Name Change fee?

You can request a name change or correction without issuing a new reservation. Here are the following guidelines that you must keep in mind-

  • Lufthansa name change fee applicable on flights operated under LH (220), OS (257), SN (082), or LX (724) documents. 
  • The passengers can either rebook a new flight with the correct name or apply for a free name change within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket. 
  • The name change fee may differ based on the type of change, route, cabin class service, and additional requests. 

Here is the overview of the name change fee – 

Type of BookingLufthansa Name Change Fee
Individual Booking 200 USD to 500 USD 
Group Booking 110 USD approximately 

The name change in the flight ticket can be difficult without the right guidance. Avoid any mistakes with the Lufthansa name change policy. The offline and online name change methods and 24/7 hotline provide an effective and effortless operation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the name on my Lufthansa ticket?

Yes, you can apply for a minor typo or a major name change or correction at the time of purchasing the ticket or after it. 

How much is the name change fee for Lufthansa?

Lufthansa airlines charge 100 USD to 500 USD for a name change based on the route, fare type, and destination on the itinerary.

Can I transfer my ticket to another person?

No, Lufthansa airlines specify that you cannot transfer your ticket to another person and a new ticket must be issued in his name.

Can I change my first and last name on the ticket?

You can change your first or last name up to two characters in the ticket or change inverted names in the itinerary.

Is it compulsory to enter my middle name on the ticket while traveling with Lufthansa?

The name on the flight ticket must be the same as it is on official documents. Hence, the first name, middle name, and last name must be entered correctly.

How can I change my name on the Lufthansa flight?

You can either apply online on the website, live chat or over the phone. You can also apply for a Lufthansa name change at the airport counter.

Can I change my name on the flight after the divorce?

You can apply for a name change under the legal name change proceedings if your first or last name is changed after the divorce.

Can I make changes to my middle name on the flight ticket?

Yes, the Lufthansa name change policy allows passengers to change their middle name up to two characters.

Do I have to change my name on the ticket after I have gotten married?

You may apply for a name change if your first name and last name have changed after marriage as the name must be the same as it appears in the official documents.

What are the name change fees on the day of booking the ticket?

The passengers can change name on ticket Lufthansa at no cost within the 24-hour grace period.

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