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There may be times due to some unforeseen situations when you need to amend or cancel your airline reservation. Lufthansa Airlines is always prepared to support and offer assistance in cases like this. The Lufthansa change flight policy streamlines the process of changing flights and outlines all the crucial considerations that a traveler should make when changing flights.

What are the guidelines for the Lufthansa Flight change policy? 

Lufthansa flight change policy grants various options to passengers looking to rebook/ change their flight if they are covered under the terms and conditions provided by the airlines. 

  • You can change the date of flight Lufthansa, time, destination, or stopovers in the path of the flight are the options available under the Lufthansa change flight. 
  • Rebooking or changing a  flight depends on the ticket fare type chosen by the passenger. 
  • Passengers who change their flight after the grace period must pay the change fee with the applicable flight route differences. 
  • Route alterations are subject to availability and the fare type of the itinerary. 

Can You do the Same Day Flight Change with Lufthansa Airlines?

The Lufthansa same day flight change service allows customers to modify their flight reservations on the day of the original trip up to an hour after the scheduled flight departure. 

  • The new changed flight must operate as per the original flight booking like the path and between the same airport points. 
  • A traveler cannot select an earlier flight change service if they have already checked in through online or offline methods. 
  • The passenger may have to pay the flight change fee, service charges, and fare differences. 
  • Same-day flight changes are subject to availability. 
  • The same-day change facility is not applicable on long routes or haul-haul flights. 

Can I Change My Flight Within 24 Hours of Booking the Reservation?

Lufthansa changing flight terms state a grace period in the first 24 hours. Passengers can benefit through this facility by making the desired alternations in the ticket. In addition to that- 

  • No flight change charges are implied on the passengers within 24 hours of booking the flight. 
  • The flight date must be later than 7 days to avail of this feature. 
  • The passenger must conclude the fare differences and travel route differences if required. 

Note: The airline also allows the passenger to cancel the flight within 24 hours of booking the flight if the flight day is 7 days later. 

How can I Change a flight on Lufthansa?

You can change flights from Lufthansa with the help of online and offline methods. Here are some of the ways discussed below-

airfleetrating-Lufthansa Change Flight Methods

Online/ Website

Change Lufthansa flight online via the website. You can modify your bookings efficiently and easily through the Lufthansa Manage Booking tab. Here are the steps you can follow:

  • Visit the official website
  • Click on the “My Booking” section. 
  • Enter the Booking code, the last name, and the first name of the passenger to access the booked flights. 
  • Click on “Flight change” and the portal will display the available options. 
  • Select a new flight for your reservation, and pay the additional fees, and the fare differences (Wherever applicable). 

At the Airport Counter

Make sure to reach the airport at least 2-3 hours before the flight time with the travel documents and follow these steps-

  • Reach the Lufthansa check-in counter and provide the booking reference code and the last name of the passenger. 
  • Request flight change and the type of Lufthansa change flight options like the date, time, or destination. 
  • The airline staff will check the availability and guide you through the required process. 
  • Submit the travel documents. 
  • Once the request is processed, pay the flight change fee and the fare differences of the journey if applicable. 

Via Mobile App

Download the Lufthansa mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. You can proceed with the Lufthansa flight change policy with the help of the following steps-

  • Log in to your account and choose the “My Bookings” option in the menu. 
  • Choose the desired flight if you wish to change and choose the type of change. 
  • The airline will offer new applicable options at the chosen date and time. 
  • Choose the one that suits you and pay the change fee and fare differences wherever applicable. 
  • The booking is confirmed and you can download the E-ticket generated upon booking reservation. 

Over the Phone,

Lufthansa airlines call executives can assist the passengers to make the desired changes in the flight. 

  • Connect with one of the customer executives appointed in your area. 
  • Convey the booking confirmation code or the ticket ID and the last name of the passenger to provide access to the booked flight. 
  • You can connect with the Service center on the given numbers as follows- 
CountryService Centre Contact NumberAvailability
USA+1 800-645-388024 hours daily
Canada+1 833-951-250324 hours daily

Live Chat

You can take the help of the Lufthansa web assistant to issue a flight change request. It is a 24/7 facility and covers a wide array of queries and services. To complete the request-

  • Skim through the website and choose the “Help and Contact” option. 
  • Type in your request for a flight change. 
  • Enter your booking reference number or your ticket PNR number to access the booked flights. 
  • Choose the desired flight and trip. 
  • Inform the chatbot about the type of flight changes like Lufthansa change flight Date, Time, Destination, and Stopovers. 
  • Once you confirm the changes, your request is forwarded to the designated department. 
  • Pay the flight change fee if applicable. 

Sharing Queries and Doubts over Social Media

You can connect with Lufthansa airlines to share your concerns regarding flight changes. You can also access the upcoming offers on social media portals to guide you through the desired process. 

Social Media PlatformLinks

What is the Flight Change Fee with Lufthansa Airlines?

Lufthansa flight change fee is based on the fare ticket type, class cabin, and the route of the flight. The flight change fee may include fare differences and route differences.

To know more about the fee, contact the Lufthansa Guest Agent Representative.

Note: The airline may levy fare differences and service charge fees even if the flight change fee is not applicable under the cabin class. 

Can I Apply for a Flight Change if I have Booked my flight with Miles Reward Points?

Lufthansa airlines allow you to make changes to a flight booked with Miles Reward points. Keep this in mind- 

  • You must cancel the present flight. The airline automatically redeposits the miles reward points to the profile. 
  • You can rebook a Lufthansa flight within the validity period of the reward ticket. 
  • You can contact the Service agent or complete the process under “My Bookings” on the website to make desired changes. 
  • The points from completely unused tickets can be used up to 1 year from the issue date. 

Changes Permitted- You can make date and time changes to the ticket bought with the Miles award points. Route changes are not permitted.

Change Fee for Tickets with Miles Points- The applicable changes for the flight is as follows-

  • The tickets are non-transferable. 
  • Some flight miles awards may allow free flight change, otherwise, the flight change fee is 58 USD per passenger per way. 

What is the Schedule Change Policy with Lufthansa Airlines?

Lufthansa schedule change policy allows passengers to issue a request for a refund in the following cases-

  • Involuntary Schedule Change 
  • OverBooking 

Involuntary Schedule Change 

Lufthansa airlines offer compensation if the schedule is on an involuntary basis. The compensation/refund is applicable if-

  • The schedule change Lufthansa flight is equal/more than 2 hours compared to the original departure/ arrival time. 
  • If the departure time has been forwarded to more than an hour. 

Schedule Change Compensation– The compensation depends on the standard refund rules as follows-

Ticket ConditionsCompensation
Fully Unused TicketA full refund equal to the ticket cost
Partially Used TicketRefunds are allocated as follows-Returned on a half-return basis according to single unused coupons


If the passenger is denied boarding due to overbooking from the airline side, the traveler are subjected to compensation based on the planned route and the new route allotted to the passenger. 

Flight DistanceCompensation
Up to 1,500 km268 USD approx.
Between 1,500 and 3,500 km428 USD approx.
More than 3,500 km642 USD approx. 

Overall, Lufthansa’s flight change policy is a customer-friendly approach that demonstrates its commitment to providing excellent service and support to its passengers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my Lufthansa flight for free?

Yes, the passengers can apply for flight change within the first 24 hours of booking the flight at no cost.

Can I change an already booked flight with Lufthansa?

Yes, you can apply for a flight change after flight booking online via “My Bookings”, mobile app, or other offline methods.

How much does it change to make alterations to the flight date?

The change date of flight Lufthansa costs between 150 USD to 300 USD. The airline may incur fare differences if required.

Can I change the flight time on my Lufthansa ticket?

You can change the flight time to an earlier or later schedule. However, such changes are subject to availability and may incur a Lufthansa change fee.

Can you change your destination when rebooking a flight through Lufthansa?

Lufthansa flight change policy allows passengers to make free changes in destination, travel class, and airport changes if the flight was canceled or disrupted from their end.

Can I change my flight on the day of my travel date?

You can make flight changes up to an hour before the scheduled flight departure. However, the change is subject to availability.

How can I change my Lufthansa flight?

You can apply for a flight change via first-hand sources like the website, over the phone, Lufthansa mobile app, or the ticket counter.

How many times can you rebook the Lufthansa flight?

You can rebook a flight multiple times. However, only the first rebooking is free, and post that it incurs rebooking fees and fare differences.

Can I change my flight after checking in at the airport?

No, the airline does not permit any modifications like change, rebooking, or cancellation post check in.

Can I postpone my Lufthansa Flight if I do not wish to use it now?

The airline offers a refund via cash deposit or miles credit to the passenger’s account valid up to a year after the original date of flight booking.

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