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It is critical to be ready for a variety of scenarios as well as consequences before traveling with Turkish. Delays and flight reversals are included in these. The carrier has established the Turkish Airlines cancellation policy to help with such circumstances, particularly revocations. This is because cancellation might be required at any time. So, it is vital to review this policy ahead of time. Understanding the main norms can assist you in selecting the reversal method. Additionally, this policy helps when you are canceling your flights on the same day or amidst the pandemic.

Turkish Airlines Ticket Cancellation Rules

Turkish Airlines cancellations are available to travelers who comply with the policy’s rules. They can specify a series of conditions that should be fulfilled during revocations. The rules can also determine the various procedures for reversals, revocation costs, as well as money-back directions. Every rule’s aim is to provide the best possible service to the travelers. Furthermore, this policy can assist you in obtaining reimbursements as needed. 

According to the Turkish Airlines ticket cancellation rules, one can cancel one’s flight at least 1 hour before the departure time. Thus, from the booking date to this point, you will have plenty of time to cancel your tickets. Below are the other rules set by the policy:

  • Both international and domestic flights are covered in this policy. 
  • When you revoke your booking after 24 hours of the purchase, you will have to pay a fee. Only after all the necessary fees have been deducted, will you be eligible for a refund. 
  • A flyer’s ticket should be bought from the official channel. By fulfilling this, he/she will be entitled to cancel ticket on Turkish Airlines. 
  • For claims pertaining to a refund, you should have a refundable ticket. 
  • In extreme circumstances, a visitor may receive his/her money back on non-refundable tickets. 
  • Cancel your ticket and get a refund made 12 or more hours prior to domestic flights, 300 TL or 15.71 USD is deducted.

Turkish Airlines Award Ticket Cancellation Rules

An Award Ticket is a high price reservation purchased with the air carrier’s miles. Flyers can earn miles and utilize them to get complimentary or heavily discounted plane tickets. To reject the award reservation, a flyer can connect with the carrier straight on-call, as is put forth under the Turkish Airlines ticket cancellation rules. Furthermore, you can also go to the nearby airport to cancel your reservation. 

Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy for 24 hours

The carrier has the benefit of 24-hour reversals for free. This policy is for tourists who may not wish to continue their trip with the airline for multiple reasons. Turkish Airlines 24 hour cancellation policy allows you to cancel your ticket within 24 hours of booking. This feature can offer the ability to revoke a flight and receive a complete refund as well. In addition, it provides you with a risk-free time frame. This time frame will work in such a way that you are liable to pay any charges with respect to cancellation.

Please read the following terms and conditions to completely grasp the rules with respect to Turkish Airlines cancellation within 24 hours:

  • The 24-hour period begins when a passenger buys her/his plane ticket. 
  • When you cancel your reservation within these hours of purchasing, you will not have to pay any cancellation fee. 
  • Additionally, there should be at least a seven-day gap between the reservation time and the time of departure. 
  • This policy applies when you have booked your reservation via the main site, by visiting the airport, or by calling the customer service department. 
  • Under Turkish Airlines 24 hours cancellation policy, non-refundable tickets, as well as refundable tickets, are eligible for reversal.

Turkish Airlines COVID-19 Cancelation Policy

When it is safe to travel during the coronavirus pandemic, you can make reservations with Turkish. Given that traveling is not safe, under the Turkish Airlines cancellation policy for COVID, their reversal is also available. You will have to obey all the airline’s preventive measures. When you fail to comply with the safety standards, the operator too has the right to extend or suspend your plane ticket. 

To avoid the second scenario, a passenger should use a face mask in accordance with the Turkish Airline cancellation policy COVID-19. You may be required to give the coronavirus test reports to the operator as verification. You can study more or grasp the other COVID-19 security procedures by visiting the airline’s official website. Alternatively, passengers can contact the staff for further details about the Turkish Airlines cancellation coronavirus policy.

What are the Different Reasons for Turkish Airlines Cancellation?

The tourists may reverse their bookings in some cases. Several variables could be to blame. Due to professional or personal crises, a tourist may have to cancel a flight. Hence, recognizing the most common reasons for a flight reversal might aid you in such a scenario. 

In light of this, the Turkish Airline cancelation policy accounts for these reasons:

  • Identity theft
  • Military directives
  • Alterations in the travel location
  • Problems with visa
  • Medical issues
  • The demise of a family member
  • Overloaded baggage or carrying prohibited items
  • Unexpected gatherings

Aside from the broad reasons listed above, you will have the option of revoking your ticket due to any additional unforeseen circumstances. As per the policy, the carrier would normally demand to know the reason. 

Ways to Cancel Turkish Airlines Reservation

At times, because of some unexpected reasons, It can be required for the traveler cancel his/her reservation. Following the Turkish Airlines cancellation policy, you can do so with ease. The air carrier has offered a variety of options for this. Travelers may opt to cancel their plane tickets by calling the airline. Or else, by going to the airport personally, you can reverse your ticket. Furthermore, you can do so at any time by visiting the operator’s official website. 

Method 1: Turkish Airline Cancellation of Booking on Call

A flyer can use the offline method for a more traditional approach to revocation. This can include connecting with Turkish’s customer service department. One can communicate with the agents directly and solve the issues. Furthermore, according to the Turkish Airlines cancellation policy, a flyer can contact representatives from any location in the world. To connect with them. 

You will access the help desk by dialing the above-given number. When you get to the representative, tell her/him that you are calling regarding the cancellation. Also, give a reason for the same. Furthermore, you should supply the agent with accurate information that includes your full name, flight reservation code, etc. Post the representative verifies your identity, the cancellation process for your reservation will begin. On-call or by email, a flyer will receive a Turkish Airlines cancel flight message. 

Please Note: When it comes to the last-moment revocation, telephoning the carrier is usually the best option. Also, it can be a more valid way for canceling an international flight. 

Method 2: Heading to Airport for Turkish Airline Flight Cancellation 

For implementing the Turkish Airlines cancellation policy, you can go to the nearby airport. Here, a flyer has to visit the ticket office to start the reversal process. You can consult with a customer care representative to express your concern. 

You will be asked to submit the data regarding your existing flight. This data can include your reservation number as well as your entire name. The officials will then find your booking and commence the process. Furthermore, you will have to pay the fees when necessary. Eventually, the airline’s officials will inform you that the procedure is complete. This method also informs how can you cancel Turkish Airlines and get a refund. To get your money back, you can place a refund request with the officials.

Method 3: Turkish Airline Flight Cancellation Online

The online option includes revoking flights using the air operator’s main website. According to the cancellation policy of Turkish Airlines, when flying internationally or over long distances, it can be the most appropriate method. To proceed, you will have to visit the website. On the first page, you will have the Manage Booking feature. Add your details and revoke your booking with ease. 

The following is a step-by-step guide to Turkish Airlines ticket cancellation online:

  • To begin, open your choice of web browser and run the carrier’s official site “www.turkishairlines.com”. 
  • On the first page of the website, you can see the “Check-in”/”Manage Booking” feature. Select any one of these.
  • Now, you will have to type your “Ticket Number” or “Reservation Code” as well as “Passenger Surname” in a given space. 
  • By entering the information, you can click on the “>” button. 
  • You will have to choose the “Cancel My Reservation” option from the travel information that appears on the screen. 
  • Pay the reversal fees if enforced by the Turkish Airlines cancellation rules. 
  • In the end, you will be notified via the email address provided at the time of reservation. 

Turkish Airlines Cancellation Fee

In most cases, the airline can charge service fees when a visitor wishes to cancel her/his ticket. The Turkish Airlines flight cancellation fees may be influenced by a number of elements. These can be the type of ticket, reversal timing, time left between the departure and the revocation, location of the departure, etc. 

When you cancel your reservation within twenty-four hours of the actual purchase, you can avoid the revocation fees. It can also be reversed up to seven days prior to departure. 

According to the policy, here is a basic breakdown of the cancellation fee for Turkish Airlines:

  • In case a flyer fails to reverse the booking within 24 hours of the time period, then, she/he will have to pay some charges. 
  • Constrained fare travelers must pay $400 as Turkish Airlines ticket cancellation charges. 
  • Flexible-price ticket owners may not have to pay a reversal fee. 
  • The airline can take a fee of roughly 40% of the entire booking price when the flyer revokes a ticket within one to twelve hours of the planned reservation departure. 
  • In case a visitor reverses her/his flight twelve hours prior to the planned travel, she/he may have to pay 20% of the reservation value. 

Turkish Airlines Cancellation Fees for Canceling Award Bookings:

  • As per the Turkish Airlines flight cancellation fee guidelines, for an Award plane ticket, the fee for the national flight can be TRY 50. On a foreign reservation, you may have to pay around $25.
  • A passenger has to pay a no-show charge on regional flights of approximately $100. For the international booking, you may have to spend $50. 

Turkish Airlines Refund Policy

Turkish Airlines will issue a refund when the flight has been reversed. However, it is received by the passenger when the criteria of the Turkish Airlines flight canceled refund policy are met. The criteria can differ depending on the passenger’s travel class. When a customer cancels her or his flight within twenty-four/24 hours of purchase, the carrier may provide the entire money back with no additional cost charged. 

Take a glimpse at some of the other Turkish Airlines refund policy on canceled flights rules listed below:

  • In the event of revocation, the air operator can attempt to book a new reservation on the same trip. Nevertheless, when it is not possible, a flyer can get a complete refund. 
  • The money-back value can be verified and paid to the traveler’s wallet within twenty days when he/she has made a payment in cash, as per the Turkish Airlines cancellation policy. 
  • Accordingly, when a reservation has been made through a card, your refund procedure may take seven working days. 
  • Owing to the Turkish Air cancellation policy, when you are claiming a voucher, it can be available in the exact currency as when it was purchased. 
  • The ticket owner’s name may appear on the ticket voucher. Accordingly, it can be used by the owner.
  • Only when the tourist may expressly consent to a flight voucher, it can be provided. 

Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy For Award Ticket Refund:

  • The partner ticket, advance reservation, as well as premium ticket, can get money back for a nominal cost. 
  • Also, the miles that have been reimbursed to your wallet may have a similar expiration date as before. 
  • Taxes paid at the airport can be refunded in the same way. 

Please Note: In case the carrier provides a substitute booking with a similar landing time and you may decline, you may lose your refund. 

Turkish Airlines Flight Cancelled Refund Procedure

The visitors, having utilized the Turkish Airline cancellation feature, are eligible for money back. A request for a refund can be submitted via the online approach. One can obtain a refund for a reversed flight by going to the airline’s authorized website. There, you can insert your flight details by using the Manage Booking feature. By adding the information, one can easily claim the money back. 

The following are the steps for requesting your money back through the online approach:

  • Access the link “www.turkishairlines.com”.
  • You will be directed to the main page of the site. Now, you can hit on the “Manage Booking” feature. 
  • Enter your data in the appropriate blanks available. Details like your “Ticket Number” and “Passenger Surname” are to be mentioned. 
  • Once you have typed your information, click on the red-colored tab. 
  • Now, you can take your reversed flight and claim a refund, under the Turkish Air cancellation policy.
  • Abide by all the ongoing instructions on the display.

Please Note: One can seek a refund by calling the customer care service as well. Alternatively, one can personally visit the airport and ask for the money back. 

Turkish Airlines Cancelled Flights Policy

In certain circumstances, the airline can cancel a flyer’s reservation. There can be multiple reasons for doing so. Issues with the take-off plane could be one of these. In such instances, the Turkish Airlines reviews suggest that the air carrier cannot put the life of its flyers in harm. Hence, the cancellation of a flight can be the wisest alternative. 

The other possible interpretations for revocations in certain situations are given below:

  • At times, computer faults may arise.
  • Flights can be overbooked. Thus, you may not be able to go ahead with boarding.
  • There can be a technical problem that can lead to Turkish Airlines cancelled flights.
  • The reservation could be reversed due to environmental factors. Weather restrictions can be imposed on the plane’s destination. 
  • Booking can be revoked because of the COVID-19 guidelines.
  • Sometimes, it is possible that flights can be canceled due to security screening delays. 

Turkish Airlines Cancellation Compensation

This air carrier compensates the visitors for the inconveniences that the delays have caused them. Under the cancellation policy of Turkish Airlines, the visitors can be liable for reimbursement in case the booking is late for longer than three hours, following the intended departure time. 

Please see the following points for more information on the same: 

  • When you have reached your location more than three hours later, you are eligible to receive a $700 compensation. 
  • Given that you have refused to take the reimbursement, the carrier may provide you with an alternative trip on the same itinerary. 
  • One can reverse her/his booking and get complete compensation. It can be based on the Turkish Airlines cancellation policy for two to three hours of delay. 
  • The tourists scheduled to travel via a European port can be subject to an entire reimbursement. In such instances, the carrier may not be able to provide an adequate substitute. 
RangeCompensation per person($)
Over 3500 kilometers, non-internal European flightUpto 700 
Non-internal European reservation of 1500 to 3500 kilometersUpto $500 
Over 1500 kilometers inside European bookingUpto $500 
All planes of less than 1500 kilometersUpto $300

To Summarize,
Canceling the reservation can become a requirement for passengers. The Turkish Airlines cancellation policy is a complete feature that caters to the desires of a wide range of consumers around the world. This policy can help you in the flight reversal process as well as offers refunds and reimbursement. It can also provide maximum comfort in the kind of 24-hour availability feature. Hence, whenever the passengers wish to revoke their flights, they can do it with the help of this policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you cancel Turkish Airlines and get a refund?

According to the Turkish Airlines cancelation policy, a passenger can revoke his or her flight within 24/twenty-four hours. By doing this, you can get a complete refund. In addition, the passengers can get money back on refundable tickets after 24 hours. In such instances, the fee amount will be subtracted from the actual value of the ticket.

Are Turkish Airline flights cancelled?

Turkish Airlines reserves the right to reverse the traveler’s booking at any moment. In such cases, it is advisable to the travelers to check the status of their reservations before traveling to the airport. They can also call the client support center to inquire about the current situation before heading to the airport.

Turkish Airlines flight cancelled what to do?

A tourist’s reservation can be canceled by the air operator for a couple of reasons. Floods, rain, significant coverage of clouds, troubles with the runway, and other problems are some of these reasons. In these circumstances, you can immediately connect with the carrier. You can ask for compensation as well upon a canceled flight. Furthermore, you can request an alternative flight.

Does Turkish Airlines have a 24 hour cancellation policy?

There is a Turkish Airlines 24-hour cancellation policy that is easy to use. This policy can also work for every kind of ticket. The flyers who have revoked their reservation within 24 hours of purchasing, in such a case, will not have to pay any service fees. Additionally, in these circumstances, you can receive your entire refund.

On Turkish Airlines can I cancel my flight offline?

A flyer has the option to cancel Turkish Airlines reservations offline. All kinds of fares are eligible to use this method. As per the reversal policy, you can go straight to the airport and make the cancellations. Additionally, a flyer can call the airline to revoke the flight.

Are Turkish flights canceled today?

The flights of Turkish Airlines may or may not be canceled today. With accuracy, this can be said on checking the flight status. You can look for the same on the website of the airline. For quick response to this, you can also contact the airline on call.

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