WestJet Cancellation Policy

WestJet Cancellation Policy (1)

The WestJet cancellation policy is in place in case a passenger decides not to proceed with his or her journey. Even when a flyer has planned ahead of time before booking a flight, a trip may have to be revoked for a variety of reasons. These reasons can comprise the death of the flyer, major alterations in the trip, etc. By understanding these and several other circumstances, the flight cancellation policy assists the flyers to travel with WestJet as they prefer.

WestJet Flight Cancellation Rules

The policy can be described as a pack of rules that make flight reversals easier. It can determine whether or not the booking is suitable for cancellation. This pack can also lay out the major requirements that the travelers should meet for their requests to be fulfilled. Furthermore, the WestJet cancellation policy can assist the visitors in understanding the procedure to be followed as well as the numerous methods available to apply. 

In compliance with the criteria of rules, this policy can be applied to flights that are bought straight from the carrier via the main site. Or, when you have booked the tickets via the customer care department on-call or the ticket counter at the airport, you can use the policy. 

Other important rules that influence the policy are as follows:

  • Basic tickets may not be available for revocation after 24 hours, according to the Westjet cancel policy.
  • Beyond twenty-four hours, all cancellations can be liable to the fees as well as a rise in the government levies/ taxes. In addition, the reversal limitations may be applied to some special tickets. These limitations may be indicated when a passenger has booked her or his ticket.
  • Assuming that you may refuse to board the initial flight section of a planned round trip, the reservation can result in the next flight part being canceled. In this scenario, the price for the revoked flight portion can be lost. There may be no refund from the WestJet carrier. 
  • Only the remaining amount of a ticket can be eligible for reversal. 
  • The travelers who wish to reverse their bookings within two hours of the departure can be unable to do so. Based on the WestJet cancellation policy, they can reserve seats on another plane. 
  • When a flyer has booked a flight ticket from the trip operator, tour agency, or air carrier partner, she or he can directly contact them regarding the reversals. 

Caution: In case a flyer cancels her/his reservation, she/he may receive a refund. This will be in accordance with the terms and conditions of the actual ticket. 

WestJet Vacations Cancellation Policy

The Canadian airline provides vacation packages to its customers. These packages arrange for trip services like stay accommodation, bus transit, air transportation, tourism, activities, rented car, and other services. In such packages, there can be group bookings, family reservations, etc. At times, the cancellation of these packages may seem essential. Hence, the airline has made a WestJet vacations cancellation policy. When a flyer has a booking with a vacation or an airline holiday group, she/he should approach the agent of WestJet who has allocated this booking. 

There are certain rules in relation to this. These are mentioned below for a better understanding of the flyer:

Exclusion of Beaches, Grand Pineapple, and Sandals Resorts:

  • On holiday packages, the revocations should be made 25/twenty-five days or more prior to the departing date. Or else, before the initial hotel consultation on the land reservation, this can be done.
  • The WestJet 24 hour cancellation policy guides that sometimes, the reversals are made between 21 and 24 days from the departure or prior to the first lodging check on land arrangements. This may lead to a 50% deduction of the price paid. These rules may be for the business and premium packages. 
  • For luxury, as well as business groups, the revocation should be made fewer than twenty-one days before departing. Otherwise, this can be done prior to the first guest check on soil booking. In such instances, a passenger may have to bear a 100% loss of the sum paid. 
  • Owing to the WestJet vacations cancellations, you can connect with your trip agent to revoke your booking during working hours. 

For all Grand Pineapple, Beaches, and Sandals Resorts:

  • The cancellation should be made forty-five days or longer before you depart. Otherwise, from the initial stay check-in on territory arrangements, this should be done. 
  • For superior and business packages, the revocations can be made between 21 to 44 days before departing. It may result in a 50% forfeiture of the value paid.
  • When the business, as well as premium packages, has been canceled in less than twenty-one days prior to traveling, it can lead to a 100% deduction of the price given. 

Caution: The package’s worth may be returned in the WestJet dollar. It can also be applied for twenty-four months from the time of purchase. 

WestJet 24 hour Cancellation Policy

For the comfort of travelers, the WestJet 24 hour cancellation feature has been created. This feature of the policy may apply to every kind of ticket and category that is a part of the package. Under this arrangement, one can revoke the booking within twenty-four hours to prevent a reversal cost. Since the cost can be higher due to group bookings, this feature can be much needed.

According to the WestJet 24 hour cancellation policy, the complete cost of the package, or money paid, can be reimbursed. It can be refunded to the actual mode of payment. It may include any selection of seats, luggage fees, or refundable fees too. This refund, however, may not be received within 24 hours. The Calgary-based carrier will require a significant time period to process it.

WestJet Ticket Cancellation Amidst COVID-19

The coronavirus restrictions might have an impact on a traveler’s plans. They can also result in the reservation being canceled. The WestJet cancel policy for COVID-19 is formed to help travelers with healthcare problems after they book and to prevent such situations. For plane tickets that have been revoked, there may not be a fee. This is due to the continuing pandemic problems around the world. Under this provision, you can request a refund as well. 

Reasons to Cancel a Flight on WestJet

Sometimes, the visitors have no choice but to revoke their flight tickets. It can be induced by a number of factors. In any medical or business emergency, you can be influenced to reverse your reservation. Hence, knowing the most prevalent reasons for WestJet flight cancellations will help you. 

  • It can be probable that some technical faults may occur in the aircraft.
  • The visitor has health-related problems. 
  • Unpleasant situations may be experienced by a customer.
  • Sometimes, a person changes plans and does not want to continue the journey. 
  • At the last minute, baggage issues may arise.
  • A passenger may have to cancel a flight due to passport complications, traffic issues, and other similar reasons.

Westjet Flight Cancellation Methods

By following the WestJet cancellation policy, passengers can cancel their reservations in various ways. The air carrier situated in Calgary has specified three methods for revoking a booking. A flyer can revoke his or her booking with ease by calling the customer service center. In addition to the offline method, one can visit the airport personally and cancel the flight. Or else, when you wish to use the internet-based method, you can access the official site of the Canadian carrier. 

Method 1: Cancel a Flight on WestJet at the Airport

Under the WestJet cancellation policy, one of the simplest ways to reverse a booking is by visiting the airport. While using this method, you can reach the airline’s operator. This will be a face-to-face meeting. Hence, you can communicate your issue more effectively. 

A tourist would have to go to the reservation booth to cancel his or her plane ticket. You can engage with the authorities there to address your problem. You can request the basic revocations or else go for WestJet vacations cancellation. Further, he/she may check the eligibility of reversing the ticket. Additionally, you will have to give some necessary information like your full name, ticket number, reservation code, etc. 

Post providing the details, you will be asked for the fees if any. Following that, the process will be completed by the authorities. Later on, you will be informed about the successful completion of the procedure. 

Caution: At times, the ticket desk can be unavailable due to many reasons. Hence, it is advisable to arrive at the airport early for the benefit of a traveler. In case the desk is not available, you will have enough time to cancel your booking in other ways.

Method 2: Westjet Cancellation via Online

The visitors can seek their flight cancellations through the main website of the airline. It is one of the most basic of all the approaches. In the case of foreign reservations, the visitors can choose the online method, under the Westjet cancellation policy. 

To go ahead with this procedure, you can come to the official site of the carrier. There, you will have numerous options. You can select the Cancel a Booking feature and move further by following the displayed instructions. 

The steps to use the WestJet flight cancellation feature are as follows:

  • Open the Official website of Westjet.
  • Find the “Cancel a Booking” tab. 
  • Fill in the “Reservation Code” as well as “Last Name”. and hit on the “Search” button.
  • Now, make a selection and press on the flight that you wish to cancel. 
  • By choosing the reservation, confirm the cancellation of your scheduled ticket. Do so by hitting on the “Cancel Flight” tab. 
  • In the end, wait for the procedure to complete. You should now get the confirmation message of the cancellation through an email. 

Method 3: On WestJet Cancel a Flight by Calling

For some travelers, calling the air carrier to cancel the booking can be a better option in some circumstances. By using this way, the staff of the airline can personally speak to a traveler. In addition, you can request the ticket cancellation. This feature can be useful for revoking at the last moment.

By calling this number, you will be connected with the staff of the operator. On-call, you can request the reversal. You can be asked for the details of the reservation. You will have to provide your Last Name and Reservation Code. By giving the information, you will have to pay when required. Once you pay a service fee, the staff will proceed with the WestJet flight cancellation process. 

As soon as the procedure has been completed by the officials, you will get a confirmation email. 

Caution: When the trip is canceled, you can seek your money back. Or else, you can book a new reservation. 

WestJet Cancellation Fee

A tourist may have to pay the cancellation cost when she or he reverses the flight. These additional expenses can vary depending on the kind of ticket you booked as well as the request timing to revoke it.

  • A majority of the reservations can be reversed within twenty-four/24 hours after making them. The WestJet cancellation fee and pricing rules may apply when your plane ticket is scheduled to depart within the same hours. 
  • The reservation departing more than twenty-four hours after purchasing can be reversed free of cost. This is, again, possible within the initial twenty-four hours. 
  • Reversals that are done more than 24 hours later are subject to fees.
  • Beyond the risk-free period, there may be a reversal charge as well as any price difference that has to be paid. 
  • The reversal fees are assessed by each person and in every direction. This excludes the ticket revocation from and to Europe, where the fees are imposed for each transaction and for every person. 

These are some specifics of the service fee structure under the Westjet cancellation policy:

Fee for CancelingEconomy FlexBusinessEconomy Premium
Flight must be booked within 60 days
Flights connecting Canada as well as all locations (Excluding Europe)100 to 118 USD/CAD100-118 CAD100 to 118 USD/CAD100-118 CAD
Reservation between Europe and Canada165 EUR250 to 295 CAD138 GBP396 EUR336 GBP600-708 CAD165 EUR138 GBP250-295 CAD165 EUR250 to 295 CAD138 GBP
Canada wide flightNo cost100 to 118 CAD100 to 118 CAD100 to 118 CAD 
More than sixty days left until your plane leaves
Among all the places and Canada (Excluding Europe)25 to 30 USD/CAD100-118 CAD50 to 59 CAD/USD50 to 59 CAD/USD
Booking within CanadaNo cost100 to 118 CAD50-59 CAD50-59 CAD
Canadian-European Flights68 EUR56 GBP100 to 118 CAD396 EUR336 GBP600 to 708 CAD68 EUR56 GBP100-118 CAD68 EUR56 GBP100-118 CAD

Caution: Remember that the costs are usually imposed on the currency of the booking. However, they may also be assessed in terms of the money of the nation that you are visiting or departing from. The credit card conversion rates used will also be accounted for. 

WestJet Vacations Cancellation Fee

There can be numerous service costs for the vacations cancellation. The charges represent the minimum to the highest tax that may be due in certain instances. WestJet vacations cancellation can be processed without a charge within 24 hours after booking. 

Please read the below-given points regarding the vacation reversal fees:

  • Revocations made more than 25 days prior to the departure can be charged a $250 CAD per passenger. 
  • The reversal fee can be waived for holidays reserved with the round trip superior rates.
  • There may be cancellation costs charged by the hotels and other vendors. 
Optional FareBetween 21 to 24 days from the DepartureAt Least 25 days or more prior to DepartingFewer than 21 Days before Travel
Premium50% of the package price can be lostNo costNon-refundable
EconomyDeducted 50% of the package costPer traveler 250 CADNon-refundable

WestJet Refund Policy

When the cancellation gets over, the WestJet cancel refund policy makes it clear that an amount will get refunded. On the refundable tickets, one can normally request the money. In certain situations, non-refundable tickets may be qualified for a refund. 

Caution: On the main site, a flyer can check the time of booking. This will help in finding whether or not the ticket is refundable.

Now, go through the criteria of the WestJet cancellation refund policy to get complete knowledge:

  • The Canadian carrier cannot provide any money back on the basic tickets. 
  • When the flight is revoked longer than twenty-four hours after purchasing Superior, Exclusive, Business, as well as the Economy tickets, the amount can not be returned in the actual manner of the payment. The WestJet cancel flight refunds amount can be provided in the kind of a trip credit after deducting a service fee. 
  • Econoflex tickets that let you travel within Canada can be refunded in the form of future credits. There is also no fee to be subtracted. 
  • Additionally, when the traveler has Econoflex tickets and is traveling beyond North America, the refund can be given in the form of a travel credit. This will be done after subtracting the fees if any. 

How to Receive WestJet Cancel Flight Refund?

The passengers can receive their money returned by going to the airline’s official website. This can be one of the simplest methods for getting a refund, under the WestJet cancellation refund policy. Following this method, you have to sign in to your WestJet account. Then look up your reservation. Then add all the information asked for to claim the refund.  

  • The first step is to visit the link given below:
  • https://www.westjet.com/en-ca/contact/requests/covid-refund-form
  • By opening the link and scrolling down the page, you should get the form. 
  • You will have to enter your details asked in the form. These may include “Reservation Information”, “Required Information”, as well as “Account Information”. 
  • Once you have inserted your data in the required blanks, you can click on the “I’m Not a Robot” feature.
  • Next, you will have the option of “Submit”. Hit on it.
  • By pressing it, you can proceed with the WestJet cancel flight refunds method. Furthermore, you will have to follow all the steps mentioned on the display.
  • Post completing these steps, you should get the message of the submitted refund request. 

WestJet Flight Cancellation by Authorities

At times, the reservation is canceled by the airline though. In case, the authorities order a WestJet cancellation, there can be multiple reasons. Owing to bad weather, passengers’ flights can be revoked. Hence, it is possible that you won’t be able to fly. 

The following are some of the other possible causes for the action:

  • Issues with the pilots may arise.
  • For safety and security purposes, the ticket has to be canceled.
  • Due to the COVID-19 rules, you may not continue your journey.
  • Computer faults may occur from time to time.
  • Mechanical and technical problems may restrict the airline from continuing its operations.
  • Sometimes, air traffic can pose serious challenges.

Caution: When this cancellation policy is not followed, the airline based in Calgary may reserve the right to offer a substitute or revoke your flight. While traveling with it, it is even more important to comply with its other policies like the WestJet baggage policy. In case, no other option is available, the carrier may advise you to reverse your booking or comply with the policy. 

WestJet Flight Cancellation Compensation

In certain instances, passengers may experience issues with the canceled flight. When the air operator reverses or delays a reservation for any reason, the passenger can be liable for getting a reimbursement. Whether the situation is controllable or not on the part of the airline, you can be compensated. This compensation can be utilized to make up for any inconveniences or losses incurred by the passengers. 

Below are the points the tourist should know regarding reimbursement from the air carrier:

  1. When the airline has no control over the situation: 
  • The WestJet flight cancellation compensation can be offered to the customers when the booking has been delayed for three hours or longer. 
  • This Canadian airline may provide an upcoming accessible flight. That is reasonable, situated to your actual location, and moves within 48 hours of the delay. 
  • In case the booking has not been confirmed, the carrier may give a secured ticket operated by any other airline. Additionally, that airline has to depart from the airport where you are present for your actual location. 
  • While flying with one of the partner airlines, or reserving tickets with an agent like a trip site, a trip agent, the carrier may suggest that the customer contact them straight. This is because they will be in a good position to make the necessary arrangements for stays or alternative trip options. 
  1. Although not under WestJet control but necessary for safety:
  • For the safety of the visitors, the operator provides the closest applicable flight. It can leave within nine hours of the actual planned time, owing to the WestJet cancel policy. 
  • When the booking is not secured, the air operator may give a verified ticket. The flight may travel within forty-four hours of the initial time of departure. Or else, you may be offered a conveyance to a nearby airport and a secured trip by another airline. 
  • You may get similar travel plans as much as feasible. It may also not charge you any extra expenses in the instance of a higher service class. When you receive a lower class as compared to your actual flight, you will be given a refund of the remaining portion. 
  • In some circumstances, you have paid an extra charge for the services and you did not get on the alternative plane. At that time, you can be eligible for a refund. 
  • According to the WestJet cancellation policy, there are times when a flyer has been notified of a delay less than twelve hours before the scheduled time. He or she may have stayed two hours at the airport. Then the operator may give the flyer beverages as well as full rights to a mode of communication if possible. 
  • Given that delays may arise for a full night, you may be given certain stay accommodation facilities. 

In Brief,
The WestJet cancellation policy can help visitors who need to reverse their plans quickly. The operator located in Calgary will offer compensation, refunds, etc. These features are available to a visitor at any time. Additionally, this policy can provide you with multiple ways for revoking your plane tickets. Hence, you can employ the reversal method as per your comfort and avail of facilities to make your experience better.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to cancel a WestJet flight online?

A passenger can cancel her or his reservation by using the internet-based method. For WestJet flight cancellation, go to the main website of the air operator. On the front page of the site, click on the “Cancel My Flight” button. Furthermore, fill up the spaces with the necessary details, such as your last name and reservation code. To cancel a booking, select the reservation you wish to reverse. In the end, you may get a verification message on your email ID.

How to cancel WestJet flight offline?

To revoke your plane ticket offline, you should call the customer service center. Once a call has been picked up, you can share your query regarding the WestJet cancellations. Further, you will be asked to provide some information like your full name, ticket number, etc. Next, the agent may ask you for the fees if required. Then, the agent will process the operation. Finally, a message may be sent to your email address to confirm this cancellation.

How to cancel WestJet flight within 24 hours?

The carrier located in Calgary has provided different methods to cancel a flight within 24 hours. You can use the carrier’s main site to revoke your plane ticket. A flyer can call the customer service number to connect with an agent and ask for the revocations. Additionally, you can visit the airport for this.

Can I cancel my WestJet flight online?

According to the WestJet cancellation policy, a flyer can revoke his/her booking online. However, when it comes to reversal, there are specific guidelines that should be observed. These can be time-related, based on the type of the ticket, etc.

Can I cancel my Westjet flight within 24 hours?

Within twenty-four hours of booking, a traveler is able to cancel her/his flight. This can be permitted under the WestJet cancellation policy for 24 hours. This feature is available on the majority of non-refundable as well as refundable tickets. On the official site, one can check for more regulations.

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