Is Southwest a Good Airline Domestically and Internationally? 

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When choosing to fly with the carrier, it is important that the passengers understand whether or not is Southwest a good airline. In terms of reliability, safety, comfort, and accessibility, passengers can have varying concerns. With respect to their concerns, this knowledge will enable them to make a conclusive analysis. Famous as a big low-cost carrier, Southwest offers affordable and convenient services to its fliers. While providing flights to both domestic and international destinations, this carrier puts in its best effort to make travel easily accessible. For this, the airline offers different types of services and amenities. It aims to meet the expected standards while providing them domestically and internationally.

Airline CallsignSouthwest Airlines
FoundedMarch 9, 1967; 56 years ago 
Fleet size802
HeadquartersDallas, Texas, U.S.
Working Hours24 Hours
Official Website
Instagram Account

Why is Southwest Airlines Good?

Combined with its wide network, Southwest Airlines flight reliability makes it a good option to fly with. Due to some other reasons too, most passengers choose to fly with this airline. A prominent reason is that this is one of the largest airlines with a wide passenger volume. This largely indicates the trust of people in its services. 

Why is Southwest good to fly can be understood through the following too:

  • It is a major low-cost carrier in the entire world. 
  • The carrier generally offers the cheapest flight deals to most destinations. 
  • It is especially suitable for domestic fliers since travel is made even more affordable. 
  • The aircraft are maintained well and thoroughly cleaned after each trip. 
  • All the health and medical protocols are efficiently followed by the carrier.  
  • It provides flights to about 121 destinations in the US. 
  • Moreover, it is known to be one of the most comfortable airlines to fly with. 
  • Passengers and their experience are given priority by this carrier. 
  • For any assistance, its agents tend to remain available as and when required. 

Is Southwest Good to Fly Internationally?

Southwest offers flights to international destinations like Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, etc. Outside the US, it covers itineraries in around 10 countries. To ensure a better experience for its international passengers, it provides different features, making it a preferable carrier. 

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The following points highlight to what extent is Southwest good for international fliers: 

  • If booked early, it gives cheap deals to most tropical destinations. 
  • The carrier maintains its affordable prices even on its international destinations. 
  • Various amenities are provided on long-haul flights of this airline. 
  • Food and dining services inside the flights are mandatorily offered. 
  • International passengers can have access to entertainment services onboard. 
  • Minors traveling alone on these flights will be constantly checked upon. 
  • Baggage deposit and transport will be undertaken with extra precautions on long-haul flights. 
  • The check-in and ticketing procedures are also systematically/timely completed. 

Is Southwest Airline Good and Cheap?

The most prominent feature of this US-based carrier is how affordable and economical it is. It offers flights with the cheapest possible deals to suit the price range of different passengers. The airline even makes international travel easily accessible. Hence, a positive impact is seen on Southwest’s reliability. 

  • Cheap bookings can be reserved in varying ways.
  • At times, bookings may be moderately priced. But reward points are offered for these.
  • This operator offers such points so that flights can be booked in the future. 
  • It does not charge any fee for Southwest cancellations and changes. 
  • Hence, modifications can be made for free, without adding to the overall costs.
  • Moreover, passengers will be refunded the amount of their ticket in case of cancellations. 
  • Along with minimizing the actual ticket price, the airline also saves the burden of additional charges. 

How Good is Southwest Airlines to Fly Domestically?

Domestically, this carrier flies to over 90 destinations within the different states of the US. It handles the largest customer base for domestic fliers in the United States. To offer the best possible short-haul flight experience, it has undertaken to facilitate different amenities. 

The following attributes help to understand is Southwest Airlines a good airline, mainly for short-haul flights: 

  • Domestic passengers can get access to Anytime, Get Away and Wanna Get Away fares. 
  • They can select and sit in any seat once they board the flight. 
  • If they wish to change or cancel their domestic flights, they do not have to pay extra. 
  • Passengers will be allowed to check in their first two bags for free. 
  • Boarding will be done systematically in groups named A, B, and C. 
  • Live TV and inflight messaging options will be made available on these flights. 
  • Complimentary drink service is generally offered. 

How Reliable is Southwest Airlines for Unaccompanied Minors?

When sending minors and young travelers to fly alone, this airline’s reliability comes to the surface. All children between the ages of 5 and 11 can travel alone with this airline. They are placed under constant surveillance for their safety. How good is Southwest Airlines is seen due to other reasons too.

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  • Southwest unaccompanied minors are cared for throughout the journey. 
  • From the beginning to the end of the journey, an agent remains with them.
  • Once the flight has taken off, the guardians will be informed of the same. 
  • When on board, the child can bring forward any request to the flight attendant. 
  • The minor will be made to wear the UM lanyard so that they are easily identified. 
  • Flight attendants will offer assistance to the children while wearing seatbelts. 
  • The children will be allowed to stay in contact with their parents or guardians. 
  • Gaming and other in-flight entertainment services will be made available to them. 

Is Southwest Good in Terms of In-Flight Facilities?

To keep the passengers on board out of travel boredom, Southwest provides a few in-flight amenities. These can include entertainment, dining, and gaming. Aside from being entertained, these facilities enable people to stay connected. It is interesting that in-flight messaging services are provided so that they can talk to their co-passengers from other seats.

  • Wi-Fi on Southwest is offered for free to passengers. 
  • They will be provided with a variety of dining options and different cuisines. 
  • You may also be allowed to pre-book your meal options. 
  • Personal TV screens will be made available on international flights. 
  • Fliers can play games and watch movies on their screens. 
  • The cabin crew will be available throughout the flight to assist you whenever required. 
  • First aid kits will be provided on board to treat minor injuries. 
  • Drinks will be served in-flight as requested and permitted. 

Is Southwest Airline a Good Airline for Flying with Pets?

Passengers who wish to bring their pets inside the cabin can conveniently do so. This is possible by utilizing the pet travel facility offered by Southwest. Domesticated animals will be allowed inside the flight under proper travel conditions. 

The following precautions indicate how reliable is Southwest Airlines right now for pet travel: 

  • For health and safety, the airline only allows pets that are vaccinated. 
  • Specific crate and cage requirements are mentioned so that no animal is inconvenienced. 
  • High-risk breeds of animals are restricted as per the IATA animal travel guidelines. 
  • Sufficient seat space will be provided to all passengers traveling with animals. 
  • All animals are made to go through security and x-ray screening before boarding the flight. 
  • The fare charged for pet travel is minimal and easily affordable. 
  • If you cancel your pet reservation, you can claim a refund. 
  • Each passenger will be allowed to bring one crate on board. 
  • Since limited animals are allowed, they are easily cared for, suggesting why is Southwest Airlines safe.
  • However, traveling with pets is feasible only on domestic flights.
  • The service is limited to international trips.

Are Southwest Airlines Good as per the IATA?

IATA or International Air Transport Association has certified Southwest. Hence, this is a positive remark about the reliability of the carrier. This authority makes sure that all the regulations are thoroughly followed, clarifying why is Southwest reliable and good. 

  • All the operations of this carrier are undertaken as per the rules given by the IATA
  • Southwest is given a 4-star rating when it comes to the quality of its flights. 
  • The IATA guidelines are implemented even in the case of pet travel. 
  • Any breach of these guidelines will be subject to a fine by this association. 
  • The airline ensures that even the health precautions given by IATA are followed. 

Is Southwest Good to Fly in Terms of Cleanliness?

Southwest Airlines makes it an essential requirement for all its flights to be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly. For this purpose, it uses microbial sprays, HEPA filters, and disinfectants. Such measures ensure Southwest Airlines flight reliability and prove to be especially beneficial for passengers flying with infants. 

  • Every corner of the aircraft is disinfected using electrostatic disinfectants. 
  • The anti-microbial coating is applied to all the surfaces of the plane. 
  • More than 6 hours are spent cleaning the aircraft every day.
  • Similar to hospitals, High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filters are used by the carrier. 
  • The air circulation system allows for fresh air every 2-3 minutes. 
  • Masks have to be worn by passengers when traveling to certain destinations.
  • Seats are properly cleaned after each trip. 
  • The airline also arranges for proper waste disposal facilities. 

Is Southwest a Good Airline According to Records?

Indeed, Southwest has always been ranked high and has been given a good rating. The passenger rating for this is also known to be above par. It is an airline with high significance in the US, based on the records. 

  • Southwest has always been ranked excellently when it comes to quality. 
  • It acquired a four-star rating out of five for its services.
  • IATA approval can be referred to understand is Southwest Airlines reliable and good. 
  • According to the records, passenger experience with the airline has always been satisfactory. 

Southwest, owing to its ranking and history, is preferred by most domestic passengers in the US. This airline not only makes its services good but also reliable. Further, the affordability of this airline is its best-known feature. Hence, passengers from most parts of the world can enjoy good flight experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Southwest a good airline?

Yes, Southwest is known to be one of the good airlines.

How reliable is Southwest Airlines?

Southwest is quite reliable and informs passengers of any changes immediately.

How to get good seats on Southwest?

Checking in 24 hours before the flight departure will help to get good seats on Southwest.

What is a good boarding position on Southwest?

B1 seems to be a good boarding position on this carrier.

Is Southwest Airlines reliable?

Yes, Southwest ensures reliability through well-managed and safe operations.

How good is Southwest Airlines?

This carrier is extremely good in terms of affordability, in-flight services, cleanliness, etc.

How reliable is Southwest Airlines right now?

Currently, Southwest reliability is notable. It can be seen through the airline’s timely services.

Is Southwest reliable for minors?

Yes, this airline is a reliable carrier for unaccompanied minors to fly.

Is Southwest good to fly?

For flying, Southwest is one of the best carriers with good ranks.

What is Southwest Airlines known for?

Southwest Airlines reliability is well known due to timely and secure operations.

Is Southwest a good airline in 2023?

Yes, this operator retains its significance as a good airline in 2023.

Is Southwest a reliable airline?

Yes, Southwest flight reliability can be trusted as it follows all the required aviation guidelines.

Is Southwest a good airline to fly?

This carrier offers various in-flight facilities. Hence, it is a good airline to fly with.

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