Is Southwest Airlines Safe?

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Headquartered in Dallas, Southwest Airlines is one of the most prominent low-cost carriers. The security measures and standards adopted by the airline make it a part of some safest airlines in the world. Southwest is a safe airline with a minimum fatalities record. According to the airline ratings website, Southwest Airlines has a 7/7 safety rating in 2023. Furthermore, it also holds certain accreditations from travel authorities like the FAA and IATA. However, it is important to be fully aware of how much is Southwest Airlines safe. This makes it essential to ponder over the carrier’s safety record. So, it is important to delve into the airline’s safety services and check whether it is the right choice or not. 

Airline CallsignSouthwest Airlines
FoundedMarch 9, 1967; 56 years ago 
Fleet size802
HeadquartersDallas, Texas, U.S.
Working Hours24 Hours
Official Website
Instagram Account

Is Southwest a Safe Airline?

Along with its multiple services, the carrier sincerely focuses on planning and adhering to Southwest Airlines’ safety protocols. However, like other airlines, Southwest too had some accidents, due to which there have been constant upgrades in the precautionary measures. 

Some of these include the following:

  • Trained pilots and expert staff help in efficient management during any incidents.
  • Airlines’ security reporting process helps in –
    • Informing the authorities about anything hampering the safety management.
    • Taking quick actions during emergencies
  • Carrier’s practical administration and engineering are checked for risk minimization.
  • Regular maintenance and practising of the emergency response plan take place.
  • Southwest public safety is ensured during all normal and emergency operations.
  • Quality checks at the SMSs are taken care of by the executive VP and the Airline’ Chief Operating Officer.

Is Southwest Safe and Certified?

The carrier holds the official certificate and passes through all the FAA Southwest Airlines Safety parameters. The certification and safety of the carrier is assured as it meets all the security standards set by the Federal Aviation Administration. 

  • The airline successfully managed strong southwest safety with no fatal crashes during the last decade.
  • It is not blacklisted by the EU or the United States.
  • There have been no serious flyer incidents for a long time.
  • Southwest successfully passed the safety audit set by the IATA.
  • Proper implementation of the COVID-19 protocols is an essential part of Southwest Safety Services. 
  • The airline abides by all the security measures that make a carrier safe to travel. 

How Safe is Southwest Airlines Fleet?

As the world’s largest Boeing Operator, Southwest supports around 800 aircraft. It operates the perfect fleets from the Boeing 737 family. The superior quality fleet and regular quality checks in these aircraft ensure passenger safety in all travels. 

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  • The classic fleet styles included the Boeing 737-300, designed specifically to meet the airline’s safety requirements.
    • The fleet has Strong Flight Control Systems for any emergencies
    • Updated Winglets help improve the airline’s efficiency. 
  • Boeing 737 Next Generation includes the more updated and secure Boeing 737-700.
    • Powerful and Efficient engines that make Boeing 737-700 Southwest safe. 
    • Improved wings and tail sections enhance safety operations.
    • Less Crash Rate helps avoid fatalities.
  • Southwest Airlines was the launch customer for the air fleet Boeing 737 MAX 7 and 8.
    • In March 2019, the fleet was banned due to some safety concerns. 
    • In 2020 the carrier considered Airbus A220 and replaced all 737-700 aircraft with Boeing MAX 7.  It has –
      • Emergency Descent Mode
      • Automatic Flight Control System
  • As of May 2023, around 184 Boeing 737 MAX 8 are operable.

Cleanliness and Hygiene – Is Southwest Safe to Fly?  

The airline’s safety is also defined by the cleanliness and hygiene on board. Besides, it is also one of the parameters affecting the carrier’s reliability. 

Hence, keeping in mind passenger safety, Southwest too has taken some strict actions to ensure a healthy environment. Some of these are mentioned hereunder –

  • Each surface on the aircraft is treated with electrostatic disinfectant and antimicrobial sprays.
  • All planes go through essential cleaning services every night.
  • HEPA filters in all airplanes help remove most airborne particles.
  • If needed, one can even be provided with a mask and sanitizers at the airport.
  • Passengers can also carry wipes or hand sanitizers on board for their safety. 
  • Flyers are advised to avoid travel in case of any Covid-19 symptoms. 

What is Southwest Airlines Safety Record?

Southwest holds a commendable safety record, As it received a 7/7 safety record. Southwest has met with eight accidents. Nevertheless, no severe fatalities were seen. These incidents happened due to unavoidable reasons like weather changes or engine failure. But the carrier managed to limit major harm. 

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  • The Southwest crew successfully managed to lessen the damage.
  • Authorities like the FAA certify the safety services of the airline.
  • The impressive Safety record makes it one of the world’s top safest airlines. 
  • Southwest has safely traveled to more than 100 destinations to date. 
  • The last accident happened in 2018 when the airline maintained its commendable safety record.
    • Only minor injuries 
    • zero deaths

Further, the airline is now working on making the Safety and Security Management Systems more effective. Hence, given the Southwest safety record, it is clear that along with multiple services, the airline also ensures passenger security.

What are Southwest Airlines Reviews?

Southwest has always been the best in safety. Given that, it also consistently receives positive feedback from most flyers. 

  • The airline never compromises with passengers’ health and safety onboard.
  • Mostly positive Southwest Reviews are seen on numerous platforms.
  • Equipment like wheelchairs is provided for passenger comfort, as per these reviews. 
  • They also report spacious legroom and in-flight entertainment facilities.

What are the Southwest Airlines Safety Ratings?

Southwest ensures safety during all domestic and international movements. Also, a seven-star Southwest Airlines Safety Rating helps prove the airline’s reliability and reputation at all times. 

  • The carrier outranks some major airlines with a 4/5 product rating,
  • It is one of the safest airlines in the world
  • Certain aspects leading to the best Southwest Airlines Rating include –
    • Secure Transition Flights
    • Reliable Services
    • Expert pilots and crew
  • It also facilitates the best food on board.
  • Cleanliness and Hygiene are of utmost priority.   

Is It Safe to Fly Southwest Airlines Internationally?

Flying with Southwest Airlines is suitable for all international movements. However, one must abide by certain rules and regulations to ensure safety during travel. 

  • Flyers are required to submit the correct contact information including:
    • Name, 
    • City, 
    • Phone number (primary and secondary), and
    • The email address
  • It is essential to verify the passport book before getting the boarding pass.
  • Baggage for international movements will only be checked 1 hour prior to the flight.
  • Pre-approved and low-risk travelers are only allowed under US Customs and Security Protection. 

Is Southwest Airlines Safe for Domestic Movements?

One can easily opt for Southwest Airlines during all domestic movements. You may require a security document for the same. 

  • Since certain security measures may restrict the boarding pass availability for some time, the document will assist you till you receive it.
  • It consists of all essential details including –
    • Name
    • Confirmation code
    • Flight information
  • The security documents will help in passing through the TSA pre-checks during such situations. 
  • Domestic flights with Southwest are secure as they offer standardized TSA methods and watch lists.

How Restricted Items Make Southwest Airlines Safe?

Southwest Airlines restraints certain items during all travels. It is mainly to ensure passenger safety and to avoid any kind of mishappenings during the journey. 

Some of the restricted items include – 

  • Sharp Objects like needles and syringes
  • Self Defence Sprays
  • Defective Lithium Batteries
  • Lighters with fuel

Other than these, Southwest Baggage allows items like E-cigarettes and lighters only in carry-ons. These items are, however, only allowed under some circumstances. 


The airline is working continuously to enhance the safety services and make travel safe for all. It focuses on bringing a secure environment for all travelers through its expert pilots and crew. Furthermore, other essential steps including quality checks and organized SMSs make it a reliable option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Southwest Airlines safe to fly in 2023?

Yes, Southwest is a Safe Airline. According to the, Southwest has a 7/7 safety rating in 2023.

Are Southwest planes safe?

Flights of this carrier use Boeing 737 Airfleet, thus ensuring Southwest’s safety and quality.

Is Boeing 737-700 Southwest safe?

Powerful engines with less crash rate make Boeing 737-700 aircraft safe.

How safe is flying Southwest?

Travel authorities like FAA and IATA certify that the airline offers a secure and safe space for all passengers.

How safe is Southwest?

Southwest safety record along with a 7/7 rating shows that the carrier is safe enough for all.

How safe is Southwest Airlines right now?

The airline is continuously bringing new safety policies and strategies, making it safe to travel at all times.

Is flying Southwest safe?

Yes, flying with Southwest is easily reliable.

Is it safe to fly on Southwest?

The minimum fatalities record makes it a safe airline.

Is it safe to fly with Southwest Airlines?

Yes, it is safe to fly with Southwest. Also, it is one of the top 20 safest airlines in the world.

Is Southwest a safe airline to fly?

Southwest’s commendable safety record assures passengers’ protection. This makes it a safe airline to fly.

Is Southwest Airlines a safe airline?

Southwest has the most organized Security and Safety Management Systems which confirms its credibility.

Is Southwest Airlines safe to fly?

Expert pilots and well-trained staff ensure the safety Southwest Airlines.

Is Southwest Las Vegas safe?

Yes, the carrier proffers good and secure flights to and from Vegas.

Is Southwest safe to fly on?

For all international and domestic travel, Southwest can be trusted.

Is Southwest Airlines safe to fly?

Southwest Airline reviews show that it is safe to fly.

Is Southwest Anaheim safe?

Southwest flights to Anaheim are usually preferred for passengers’ safety.

Is Southwest safe to fly?

Southwest is one of the safest carriers for all movements within and outside the United States.

Are Southwest Airlines planes safe?

Yes, aircraft by Southwest Airlines are secure during all long-haul flights.

How safe is it to fly on Southwest?

Systematic operations and Southwest reviews show that the airline is safe and trustworthy.

How safe is it to fly on Southwest Airlines?

Recent accident record show that the carrier is quite safe for all.

Is it safe to fly Southwest 2023?

The airlines maintained and revamp the safety solutions regularly. These systems make Southwest Airlines safe to fly in 2023.

Is it safe to travel on Southwest Airlines?

Yes, Southwest is a safe airline with the best security and hygiene services.

Is Southwest a safe airline in 2023?

Reviews of Southwest Airlines by top sites show that the airline is safe in 2023.

Is it safe to fly Southwest Airlines?

Yes, it is one of the safest carriers both domestically and internationally.

Is Southwest Airlines safe?

Yes, According to the Airline website, Southwest Airlines has a 7/7 safety rating in 2023.

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