Southwest Unaccompanied Minor Policy

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The Southwest unaccompanied minor policy serves kids above 5 years to fly alone. Also referred to as UMs, unaccompanied minors can fly with government-verified documents. This policy requires certain charges prior to using the service. Additionally, it has rules for flying, pick-up, drop-off, etc., that are applicable in general or are sometimes location-specific.

Are there Southwest Airlines Rules for Unaccompanied Minors?

As per the rules to travel as a UM, the same-plane or non-stop flight services can be booked. Along with this, abide by the below-given rules:

airfleetrating-Southwest Airlines Rules and Limitations
  • More than 1 kid can fly alone on the same booking.
  • The adult buying this service should be one of these:
    • Parent
    • Guardian
    • A person authorized to act
  • As per the Southwest baggage policy, children can bring carry-ons/personal items.
  • Any instructions given by an attendant will have to be followed by the children.
  • An associated guardian/parent should be available on the call as required.

For Parents/Guardians:

Usually, to pick up the minor, a guardian, mother, father, or adult will have to conduct some procedures. The Southwest Airlines unaccompanied minor rules applicable in this case are provided here: 

  • Receive the UM at the arrival gate specified prior to the landing of the flight.
  • Timely arrival to ensure the following is suggested:
    • Visiting the airline’s ticket counter to get the gate pass
    • Clearing the security procedures
  • For pick up or drop off:
    • Wait for preboarding to be announced
    • Following this, the adult must prepare the kid to go for the aircraft.

What Limitations Apply to Southwest Unaccompanied Minors? 

Children flying solo can’t travel on direct or non-stop domestic bookings. Likewise, there are other limitations to know:

  • Those above 12 years of age can fly as YTs or Young Travelers on Southwest.
  • A UM cannot fly on a connecting/transit flight.
  • The Southwest Air unaccompanied minor policy limits the use of charging points by kids.
  • Officials will not constantly supervise them.
  • Usually, Southwest flight changes are not allowed when a minor is flying alone.
  • The actions of the child flying solo are not the responsibility of this airline.
  • This service isn’t available when reversals are speculated due to:
    • Weather issues
    • Problems with operations
  • For international places, the service does not work.

What are the Southwest Unaccompanied Minor Ages Served?

The Southwest UM policy serves minors flying alone between the age group of 5 to 11 years. There should be no person above 12 years flying with a kid to be considered a minor. 

Note: The kid should be mature enough to fly solo and be able to conduct the required travel procedures at airports

How to Book Unaccompanied Minor Flight on Southwest?

For booking unaccompanied minors Southwest service, this airline’s contact numbers, website, ticketing counters, etc., should be utilized.  

Method 1: Use Southwest’s Website

For the web-based reservation of a UM, the airline’s site has to be used in the specified manner:

  • On Southwest’s main page, tap on “Flight” at the top.
  • Choose “Book a Flight”.
  • Pick one among “Multi-city”, “Round Trip”, and “One-way”.
  • Choose between “Points” and “Dollars”.
  • Fill in “Depart” and “Depart Date”.
  • Select “Time of Day”.
  • Under “Passengers”, choose “Children Age 5-11”, and set a number.
  • Turn “Adults” to “0”.
  • Add the columns for “Arrive”, “Return Date”, and “Time of Day”.
  • Tap “Search” and reserve a flight.

Method 2: From Ticketing Counters at Airports

Passengers can come to the Southwest ticketing counters at airports. The carrier’s officials can be asked to book a ticket for a minor. After confirming the age of the kid, a flight under the unaccompanied minor service will be booked.

Method 3: Using the Airline’s Phone Number

Southwest unaccompanied minor phone numbers can be dialed to make bookings offline through the airline’s agents. Usually, these are toll-free but in some instances, costs may apply.

Country/LocationContact NumberPhone Number (En Español)
Costa Rica0-800-012-19160-800-012-1917
Dominican Republic1-800-751-90391-800-751-9038
The US1-800-435-97921-800-826-6667
Grand Cayman1-844-670-79141-844-670-7990
The Bahamas1-855-202-34031-855-202-3402

Can I Book Unaccompanied Minor Flights on Southwest with Rapid Rewards?

The Southwest Airlines unaccompanied minor policy allows reservations for kids using Rapid Rewards points. The phone number 1-800-445-5764 usually works 24/7 for bookings and related aspects.

Which Documents are Required for Unaccompanied Minors on Southwest?

A document to verify the age of a minor is required by this airline. Other documents can comprise the ones mentioned below:

  • Papers such as birth certification
  • Other documents certified by the government to validate the particulars

For Pick up/Drop off

The person coming to pick up and drop off an unaccompanied minor on Southwest Air will require the booking confirmation number. The other required documents can include these:

  • Photo identification cards/papers
  • Any location-specific documents

Note: In general, 45 minutes before take-off, you need to be ready to greet the UM. 

Other Information Needed:

For both an underaged kid and an associated adult(s), some information is needed to make a booking.

  • The name, birth date, and gender of your child are needed.
  • Submit the details including the following for the person to pick up and drop off the kid:
    • The relationship shared with the kid
    • Name
    • Area codes and phone numbers
    • His/her address
  • Also, provide the above-required details for an alternate individual in the location.

For the US Mainland and Hawaii:

When flying to/from Hawaii and the US mainland, parents on behalf of minors will have to ensure a specific form.

  • The Plants and Animals Declaration Form has to be completed before take-off when:
    • A kid is flying with plants.
    • Or, she/he is bringing animals.
  • This form will remain in the lanyard of the flying unaccompanied minor on Southwest.

What is the Southwest Unaccompanied Minor Form?

A form has to be presented by an adult to receive a gate pass for escorting a UM. This is called the unaccompanied minor form on Southwest Airlines.

  • This document has to be duly filled in prior to arriving at the airline’s airport counter.
  • The following information has to be provided in this form:
    • Particulars of the child
    • Details of the guardian or parent
    • Information of an alternate person present at the arrival/final location
    • The origin city’s details
  • You can download/print the form by Search Southwest Unaccompanied Minor Form on your browser.

What is the Southwest Unaccompanied Minor Fee?

This air operator requires a charge to let kids fly without any adult accompanying them. 

  • $50 is the Southwest unaccompanied minor cost for 1 kid for 1 way.
  • The charge remains $50 per way and child even under Rapid Rewards.
  • For round trips, the price is $100.

Note: The above-specified charges are not included in the airfares.

Refundability of Charges

In some instances, the charges paid to reserve bookings for lone minors are refundable, particularly when:

  • This airline revokes the trip and it is not rebooked.
  • The kid doesn’t travel, preceded by Southwest Airlines cancellations
  • After the booking, a person aged over 12 years is found flying with the child.

For Flight Disruptions:

Although it may be rare, disruptions may occur unplanned on flights that are carrying lone children. In this instance, a refund or reimbursement is generally given.

  • You will get an email from the carrier which confirms that the amount is refunded.
  • The refund/compensation can show up in at least 2 cycles of billing.

Seeking Refunds for Fees

A person is suggested to prefer the contact number 1-800-435-9792 to get the Southwest Airlines unaccompanied minor fees refunded. Additionally, the individual can make this request at the ticket counter of the carrier at the airport.

How to Prepare Unaccompanied Minors on Southwest Airlines for Travel?

Prior to your young one reaching the airport, the following can be ensured to prepare him/her for the travel:

  • Create a copy of the itinerary selected for the UM.
  • Keep food/meals for the flight.
  • Any electronic devices to be carried must be charged.
  • Get the application – Southwest Airlines – for monitoring the flight of your kid.

What is the Unaccompanied Minor Southwest Airport Arrival Time?

The boarding gate at the airport should be reached 45 minutes before take-off. Hence, to start the security, as well as check-in, process, Southwest Airlines unaccompanied minors should come a few hours prior.

How to Board a Flight as a Southwest Airline Unaccompanied Minor?

For a UM to board this airline’s flight, completing the check-in procedure is the initial thing to do.

  • Start by getting the baggage checked on Southwest.
  • Go ahead with the documentation procedure.
  • Make the payment of charges using a credit card.
  • Acquire the boarding pass.
  • Get a secure badge or lanyard.
  • Now, the adult dropping off the child at the gate can get his/her pass.
  • Present this document at the gate.

The process to Follow at the Departure Point:

Nearly 1 hour before take-off, when you are at the gate for departure, you have to check in for yourself. Here, inform the representative of the airline that you will be dropping off the kid. 

  • Obtain certain papers from the ticketing counter via this representative.
  • Check the papers and match them with the itinerary to be flown.
  • Also, tally the airport for destination and flight number.
  • Post-verification, submit these papers when asked.
  • Now, the unaccompanied minor form will be requested and added to the lanyard.
  • Ensure that the UM wears the lanyard throughout the flight.
  • An airline official will further escort the child for boarding the plane.
  • Then an attendant will take care of the remaining measures.
  • Meanwhile, the adult dropping off the kid will:
    • Remain at the gate until asked to leave.
    • Inform the adult responsible for pick-up about the flight’s take-off.

Is there Any Time for Southwest Unaccompanied Minor Pickup?

Based on the place of arrival, the time on Southwest for picking up unaccompanied minors can vary. Using the website of Southwest Airlines, the same can be identified.

  • In general, 45 minutes before take-off, you need to be ready to greet the UM. 
  • Within this duration, your check-in on Southwest Airlines has to be over.
  • When the security checkpoint doesn’t work, head to the Baggage Service Office for pick-up.

How are Southwest Unaccompanied Minors Released After Flights?

A uniformed official of this airline will escort the minor. He or she will be handed over to the individual designated to pick up the child.

  • This individual must be specified on the UM form.
  • She or he will have to present a photo ID to the official.
  • Otherwise, the kid will be released to an employee of this airline.
  • Or, when no guardian/parent is available, the carrier decides the suitable action.
  • Owing to this action, any costs incurred will be reimbursed by the associated adult.

Is a Pet Allowed with an Unaccompanied Minor on Southwest Airlines?

Minors can fly with animals in exceptional cases, post the acceptance of a form. But traveling with Southwest Airlines pets is not allowed otherwise.

Southwest UM policy for minors traveling solo defines the conditions to follow for both young ones and adults. It also mentions simple booking procedures. Given that flying is no longer required, the unaccompanied minor Southwest Airlines service can be simply withdrawn too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Southwest allow unaccompanied minors?

Yes, alone minors are allowed on the flights of this airline.

How to add unaccompanied minor Southwest?

While reserving a ticket via “Flight” on the airline’s website, choose the option to add a minor under “Passengers”.

How to book unaccompanied minor flight Southwest?

To reserve a flight for a UM, use “Book a Flight” in the “Flight” menu on the airline’s site.

How to book unaccompanied minor on Southwest on call?

Make a call to 1-800-435-9792 (USA) for booking a flight for a kid to fly solo.

Can I book unaccompanied minor online Southwest?

Yes, online bookings can be made for unaccompanied minors.

Can unaccompanied minors fly on Southwest?

UMs can fly all by themselves with this airline.

Does Southwest Airlines charge for unaccompanied minors?

A fee is to be paid to use this service for each way and per kid.

Does Southwest have unaccompanied minor policy?

Yes, this carrier provides the unaccompanied minor policy.

How much does Southwest charge for unaccompanied minors?

For 1 way and for a single minor, the charge for the UM service is $50.

How much is Southwest unaccompanied minor fee for round trips?

$100 is required for 1 child to fly a round trip alone.

Do unaccompanied minors board first on Southwest?

Preboarding is allowed for unaccompanied minors on this operator’s flights.

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