Does Southwest Airlines have First Class Seating?

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When flying with Southwest, certain travelers would want to reserve the best class. Prior to doing so, they should be clear does Southwest have First Class. As of now, Southwest Airlines does not offer First-Class seats. But it can provide people with other options to book. These options can come with decent seating. These options can mainly include Business and Economy seats. The availability of these options can be checked for domestic as well as international flights. Features that are similar to First Class can be learned about. Thus, even when this class is not currently available, the best experiences can still be received.

Airline CallsignSouthwest Airlines
FoundedMarch 9, 1967; 56 years ago 
Fleet size802
HeadquartersDallas, Texas, U.S.
Working Hours24 Hours
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Does Southwest have First Class?

No. Southwest Airlines does not have such thing as first-class seats. Being a low-cost carrier, its main aim is to offer affordable travel. Hence, it does not provide Southwest Airlines First Class service. 

  • Only Economy seating is offered by this airline. 
  • The carrier does provide the Business Class option as well. 
  • All the available fares have the same legroom and the seats are 17 inches. 
  • The services offered will be the same for all the fares. 
  • These fares are made available at economical prices. 

Does Southwest Airlines Have First Class on International Flights?

The international flights operated under Southwest do not offer the First Class fare type. There will be no Southwest Airlines First Class seats irrespective of the duration of your flight or the destination. You must book the Economy seats if you wish to travel with this carrier internationally. However, all the basic amenities are provided to Economy passengers in order to make their journey comfortable. 

What Seating Options Does Southwest have Except for First Class?

Although this carrier does not make Southwest First Class available, it offers other seating types, each with its own benefits. Passengers can choose any option among these while making their reservations. 

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  • The fare choices include Anytime, Business Select, Wanna Get Away and Wanna Get Away Plus. 
  • Both Business Select and Anytime Fares are refundable. 
  • The Wanna Get Away fares are not refundable. 
  • There can be a slight difference in the fee for each option. 
  • All of these fares enable fliers to earn Rapid Reward Points. 
  • These points can be used for making future bookings. 
  • In case you wish to change or upgrade from one fare to the other, you will be able to do so for free. 
  • Usually, cancellation or change fees will not be charged on any of these options. 
  • These options will come with certain enjoyable features.
  • Even when First-Class won’t be given, Southwest Airlines reliability for good experiences is seen.

Does Southwest Airlines have Business or First Class?

The airline only has a fare type named “Business Select”. But it is not the traditional First Class Business Class Southwest Airlines seating position. Business Select is also a part of the Economy seating section and offers a few extra benefits to its ticket holders. 

Hence, although Business Select is the fare type with the most features, it is still an Economy Class option. Importantly, it does not amount to “First Class”. 

Does Southwest Business Select have First Class Benefits?

Business Select does not offer any benefits that are provided in the traditional First Class sections of a carrier like Southwest. This is because it is not the 1st Class Southwest fare type. However, it is to be noted that Business Select does have amenities that are not available to other fares offered by this carrier like Anytime or Wanna Get Away. 

Some of these additional benefits include: 

  • Fliers with Business Select reservations will be given priority in the boarding process. 
  • They will be able to board the flight in the A1- A15 group.
  • These passengers will also have priority in choosing the overhead bins.  
  • Priority for stand-by flights can also be enjoyed by these passengers. 
  • Complimentary drinks will be provided on international flights which are longer than 176 miles. 
  • Rapid Reward points can be earned by passengers after making these reservations. 
  • These reward points can be as many as 12 per dollar for each flight. 
  • The earned points can be retained for future use. 
  • Wi-Fi on Southwest flights can be expected.
  • Early Bird check-in facility will be provided, hence, passengers can avoid long delays. 
  • If you have this ticket, you can check in two bags for free as per the Baggage policy of Southwest
  • Same-day changes or cancellations can be made by these ticket holders. 
  • Full refunds can be obtained for the Southwest cancellations made. 

Note: Although this is not First Class, it is the most expensive out of all the economy seating options.

Is there a First Class on Southwest Airlines Domestic Flights? 

The Southwest First Class option is not provided on any domestic flight operated by this carrier. The available fare types remain the same for both domestic and international flights. Therefore, you can only choose from the three seating options available which does not include the First-Class section. The other fare types offer considerable benefits and are affordable as well. 

How to Upgrade to First Class on Southwest?

Passengers cannot essentially upgrade to this option as there is no Southwest 1st Class available. Nevertheless, you can still update the Business Select fare by connecting with the airline agents before the departure of the flight. 

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  • If there are seats available, you might be asked to pay a certain amount of fee. 
  • Afterward, your seat will be updated to Business Select. 
  • Similarly, such changes or upgrades can be made among the other seat types as well. 

Will there be Southwest First-Class in the Future?

As of now, the airline has not made any announcements regarding the introduction of the Southwest Airlines First Class seating option. If any such option is to be introduced, the airline will ensure to make an official announcement. Therefore, there is no first class on this carrier as of now. 

Southwest is a low-cost carrier. It lays its primary focus on providing Economy seating at affordable prices. Though it does not offer the Southwest First Class option, it makes sure that different features and services are made available via the existing seating options. Hence, a comfortable experience is still ensured.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Southwest have First Class?

No, Southwest does not have the First Class seating option.

Does Southwest offer First Class seating on international flights?

No, international flights from this carrier do not have First Class.

How to get First Class on Southwest?

There is no First Class fare type on Southwest. Hence, it cannot be booked.

How to upgrade to First Class on Southwest?

Passengers can only upgrade to Business Select and not to First Class on this airline.

Is Southwest Business Select the same as First Class?

No, the Southwest First Class is not the same as Business Select, which is an Economy fare.

How many fares does Southwest have?

Southwest has Anytime, Wanna Get Away, and Business Select fares.

How to get bigger seats on Southwest?

The seats of all fares on Southwest are of the same dimensions. Hence, any of these can be booked.

How do I get priority seating on Southwest without First Class?

Booking the Business Select seats can get you the benefit of priority boarding.

Why is there no First Class on Southwest?

As Southwest is a low-cost carrier, it only offers Economy seating and not First Class.

Does Southwest Airlines have a First Class section on domestic flights?

No, Southwest domestic flights do not have the First Class section.

Does Southwest Air have First Class on any flights right now?

Currently, no flight operated by this airline has the Southwest 1st class option.

How to get First Class on Southwest?

There is no First Class on Southwest, hence, it is not possible to get one.

Does Southwest Airlines Have First Class Seats?

No, Southwest doesn’t have first class seats.  Southwest Airlines has open seating.

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