What Terminal is JetBlue at Logan Airport?

jetblue terminal logan airport

The American carrier, JetBlue is one of the major airlines operating via the Boston Logan Airport. Since the airport has more than one terminal and boasts a vast layout, you ought to know what terminal is JetBlue at Logan Airport. Having prior information about the airline’s official terminal will enable you to undertake the departure and arrival procedures easily. You can also pre-book the various facilities offered at this terminal ranging from TSA Pre-Check to parking amenities. Therefore, to steer clear of last-minute confusion, it is essential to have a good understanding of the airport and its terminals. 

Overview of JetBlue Terminal Logan Airport

Out of the four terminals – A, B, C, and E, the airline utilizes Terminal C as its main terminal for most of its short-haul operations. The Logan Airport JetBlue Terminal gets shifted to Terminal E in case of cross-border flights. More general details are given here: 

AirportBoston Logan International Airport
Airport LocationEast Boston and partially in Massachusetts, United States
Airport ForJetblue Airlines
Airport AddressEast Boston, MA 02128, USA
IATA Airport CodeBOS
CountryUnited States
Airport Phone Number(800) 235-6426
JetBlue arrival Terminal LoganTerminal C and Terminal E
Logan JetBlue Departure TerminalTerminal C
Opens At24 hours
Email AddressJetBlue@jetblue.com
JetBlue Official Websitehttps://www.jetblue.com/
Boston Logan Official Websitehttps://www.massport.com/logan-airport/ 

JetBlue Boston Terminal Map

The JetBlue Logan terminal map is designed to help passengers understand the operations of this carrier at the airport. Through this map, you will be able to know how to get to the JetBlue check-in centers, and luggage pick-up stations at Terminal C. You can also refer to this map to find your way to the various shopping centers and other retail stores in the terminal. 

The following is the official map of the JetBlue Terminal at Logan Airport, that is, Terminal C. 

What terminal is Jetblue Departures at Logan?

The official JetBlue Departure Terminal Logan Airport is given as Terminal C. Only in case of international departures, can this terminal change. Terminal C has various check-in points for the deposit of your baggage. After you successfully hand over your luggage, you will have to head to the TSA check for security screening. If you pass this screening, you will be given a boarding pass and this ends the pre-departure process. 

Logan Airport JetBlue Arrival Terminal

Except for international flights, all other flights under this carrier use Terminal C as the main JetBlue Arrival Terminal Logan Airport. The airport will help transfer the passengers from the arrival point to the baggage collection point. Upon arrival, if you find any of JetBlue’s baggage missing, you can immediately file a claim in the lost and found center while at the airport. 

JetBlue Terminal Logan for International Arrivals and Departures

The JetBlue Logan Terminal for international arrivals is Terminal E. The vast area of this terminal is suitable to handle a large inflow of passengers from around the world. This terminal makes available a list of services like restaurant access, pet relief areas, ATM banks, parking spots, and relaxation centers. Hence, internationally arriving passengers will have access to a number of amenities at this terminal. 

Generally, most of the international JetBlue flights depart from the main terminal, that is, Terminal C. Only in certain situations of overcrowding, can there be a transfer in the terminal. Any such adjustment made by the airport will be conveyed to the passengers well in advance of their departure. The pre-departure process remains the same for both domestic and international travel. 

JetBlue Lounge Boston Logan Airport

There is no JetBlue Lounge Boston Logan Airport Terminal as this carrier does not offer lounges of its own. However, if you have a priority pass, you might be able to get into other lounges open at this terminal. Otherwise, you will have to utilize the general waiting rooms if you wish to halt at this airport for a while. 

Cost of the Lounge at JetBlue Logan Terminal

As the Boston Logan JetBlue Terminal does not have a specific lounge for the carrier, no fee is to be paid for this service. If you wish to access any of the common lounges at Terminal C of BOS Airport, you will have to pay the charges as per their respective conditions. Otherwise, the waiting rooms can be accessed for free as well. 

Baggage Allowance at Logan JetBlue Terminal

An important step of the pre-departure procedure is the handing over of the luggage at the JetBlue Terminal at Logan Airport. For your bags to be accepted, they must meet the weight restriction as given separately for checked and carry-on items. 

  • 2 checked bags of 23 kgs each can be brought by the fliers. 
  • USD 35 for the 1st bag and 60 for the 2nd bag is charged according to the fare class. 
  • 1 personal item and 1 carry-on bag are allowed except for Blue Basic passengers. 

Note: The baggage fee can also change based on your end destination and flight itinerary, Check the baggage fee during reservation. 

JetBlue Terminal Boston Logan Airport for Check-In

As check-in is done before departure, the Boston Logan JetBlue Terminal C hosts the check-in centers for this carrier. These check-in stations will be located on the second level of the departure terminal. 

  • The terminal only offers general check-in and self-check kiosks. 
  • There is no curbside check-in made available. 
  • The Skycap service is also not offered at this terminal. 

TSA Pre-Check at JetBlue Terminal Boston Logan Airport

TSA pre-check facility will be made available at the JetBlue Logan Airport Terminal to all registered travelers. This service is useful when you are running out of time and wish to complete your security screening in an expedited manner. 

  • Terminal A of the airport is where you will have to register for this service. 
  • You can also book this facility by calling the TSA agents at 855-347-8371. 
  • The operating hours include  8:30 a.m. to 5:00. P.m. with a pause from 11:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m
  • If you cancel JetBlue flights, your TSA pre-check registration will also be revoked. 

JetBlue Logan Airport Phone Number

You can use the Boston Logan Airport JetBlue phone number to convey your issues and queries to the airport agents. You can also seek their guidance in various matters like JetBlue flight changes, seat upgrades, and refunds by connecting with the agents. 

Purpose of Connecting Contact Number 
General Queries 800 538 2583
JetBlue Vacations 1 844 528 2229
From Europe 08-082349058 
From North America 800 538 2583
From South America 01800-9-156761

Parking at JetBlue Terminal at Logan Airport

Passengers flying with this carrier at the BOS airport will have to park their vehicles at the Central Garage. This garage will be easily accessible from all the terminals including JetBlue Boston Logan Terminal C. The fee will be charged on an hourly basis as given below: 

Duration of UseFee Charged 
First Hour USD 8
1 hour – 2 hoursUSD 21
2 hours – 3 hoursUSD 26 
3 hours – 4 hoursUSD 30 
4 hours – 7 hoursUSD 34 
7 hours – 24 hoursUSD 38 
1 Day and 0-6 hoursUSD 57 
1 Day & 6-24 hoursUSD 76 
Every Additional Day USD 38 
0-6 hours on an additional day USD 19 

The JetBlue Terminal Logan Airport undertakes to ensure that the passengers have a smooth airport experience. The airport avoids overcrowding by assigning different terminals to international and domestic flights. Passengers will also be given the opportunity to connect with the terminal agents at any point in their journey. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What terminal is JetBlue at Boston Logan Airport?

JetBlue at logan terminals C and E are assigned at Logan Airport.

What is the Boston Logan JetBlue departure Terminal?

All the national and international JetBlue departures take place from Terminal C.

What terminal does JetBlue use at Boston Logan Airport?

JetBlue uses Terminal C at Boston Logan Airport.

What is the Boston Logan Airport Arrivals JetBlue Terminal?

Terminal C is used for domestic JetBlue arrivals and Terminal E for international arrivals.

How much is parking at Boston Logan Terminal Jetblue? 

The parking fee for this airline can range between USD 8 and 76.

Are there any JetBlue Boston Terminal restaurants?

Yes, restaurants can be accessed in JetBlue Boston Terminal C and E. 

What is the JetBlue Logan Airport Phone Number?

The JetBlue Logan Airport phone number is 1-800-235-6426.

Does JetBlue have a Lounge in Boston Airport?

Yes, Jetblue offers a lounge at Boston Airport (BOS) called the “Jetblue Mint Lounge.

What terminal is JetBlue at Logan Airport?

JetBlue Airways uses Terminal C at Logan Airport.

What terminal is Jetblue departures at Logan?

For departures, JetBlue Airways uses Terminal C at Logan Airport

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