COVID-19 Guidelines Air Travelers should Follow in the USA

Guidelines for COVID-19 for USA Travelers

In the USA, several guidelines for COVID-19 have been made for everyone. Along with the citizens of the US, air travelers are also suggested to follow them. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have shared the do’s and don’ts when a flight passenger is beginning to travel or has landed.

In addition, the COVID guidelines are also available for travelers who are in a lobby, near the gate, or inside a flight. Most guidelines revolve around practicing hygiene, maintaining social distancing, and using proper masks to stay safe against coronavirus. Reading ahead, let us go through the details of these guidelines by the CDC before flying into the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID Guidelines to Maintain before Traveling

The most important guideline to follow before you fly to the USA is to put on a mask every time you enter an airport. As per the CDC guidelines for novel coronavirus, passengers should carry masks at all times.

At airports like O’Hare International Airport (ORD Airport code), this precaution is mandatory to follow for preventing the further spread of coronavirus right before you travel. Hence, try not to make the mistake of leaving for this airport without wearing a mask. 

Apart from wearing masks, airports like ORD check a passenger’s negative COVID-19 test result three days before their departure. As per the WHO COVID testing guidelines, it will be helpful to get the test done before you plan to fly. Prior to flying via air, you can also get help from the airports’ help desk.

You can call them beforehand to know more about the necessary safety guidelines such as face coverings, keeping the airport premises clean, etc. Prior to traveling, it will also be helpful to get yourself vaccinated against coronavirus. The CDC guidelines for COVID vaccine should also be read to know more about the same. 

Guidelines for COVID-19 in a Lobby

Guidelines for COVID-19 in a Lobby

When you are in a US airport’s lobby, you should carry your personal hand sanitizers. Although most airports, such as the Denver International Airport (DEN Airport code), are equipped with hand sanitizers all along their premises, it is advised to have your own sanitizer handy. 

The new CDC Guidelines for COVID-19 or coronavirus suggest that if you touch any surfaces at its lobby premises, you should rapidly wipe your hands. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention further adds that you can use wet wipes to clean your hands if you don’t own a sanitizer. Carrying sanitizers and paper soaps is especially crucial for the elderly as they are more susceptible to infection.

Additionally, you should be very careful to wipe your hands after touching trays, armrests, or other surfaces. It is recommended that the passengers take measures on their own in the lobby even if the airports maintain their surfaces clean.

Coronavirus Guidelines to Follow at the Gate

When you arrive at any gate of a USA airport, you should be more careful against COVID-19. Make sure you scan your boarding pass by yourself. You can limit contact at the gate by scanning the QR Code which will help prevent coronavirus at airports.

Some US Airports have central self-scanning kiosks at their terminal, allowing travelers to monitor their boarding passes at the gate.

Other important CDC COVID guidelines suggest maintaining at least 1 meter of distance at the gates and immigration centers. This will help break the chain of coronavirus and reduce its further spreading. Some USA airports, such as George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH Airport code), keep a few meters distance of its passengers at their gates and at the queue for immigration.

At these airports, such guidelines are sincerely followed and they have shown to be very effective during these COVID-19 times.

COVID-19 Travel Guidelines while Boarding a Flight Amidst COVID-19

COVID-19 Travel Guidelines while Boarding a Flight Amidst COVID-19

While you are boarding a flight in the USA, as per the general COVID guidelines, you will be given a face shield and a protective gown to wear at the boarding gate. This will help you stay covered while boarding the flight. Some airports like Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW Airport code) also make sure that their passengers sanitize their hands thoroughly before entering the aircraft. 

It is also advised by the CDC Guidelines for COVID-19 that flyers should avoid any unnecessary movements while on the flight. Also, some guidelines even suggest that once the aircraft has landed in the parking lot, passengers should not hurry to disembark. Travelers should maintain the same level of hand cleanliness and practice social distancing.

COVID-19 Guidelines after Landing

Once you have landed at your desired destination, the COVID-19 travel guidelines should be continued practicing. The passenger has to keep practicing hygiene methods to stay safe from coronavirus after traveling. Stay indoors, get self-quarantined for 7 days following your trip, and be tested via a viral test 3-5 days post-landing.

If your test comes out to be negative, then do not rush outside too soon. Should your test be positive, isolate yourself to avoid infecting others. If you are not tested, then return home and isolate yourself for 10 days after landing.

Final Words

The guidelines for COVID-19 shown here will help you travel safely and ensure that you do not infect others around you. Instructions such as practicing hand hygiene sanitization, not touching any surfaces while at the airport, and wearing masks are approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They will help reduce the spread of COVID-19 among air travelers across the USA and the world.

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