Aer Lingus Unaccompanied Minor Policy


To make travel safer for Aer Lingus unaccompanied minors, the airline has determined this policy. It outlines the eligibility criterion for underage fliers, their booking options, and the services available to them. Further, the restrictions applicable are also explained as a part of this policy. 

What Guidelines are Applicable to Aer Lingus Unaccompanied Minor Policy? 

The Aer Lingus unaccompanied minor policy has given a set of regulations, upon compliance of which, travel will be facilitated:

  • Bookings for such passengers should only be made through official sources. 
  • They will only be allowed on direct flights. 
  • Your child must be at least 12 years of age to travel as an unaccompanied minor. 
  • Passengers below the age of 12 should travel with an adult of at least 16 years. 
  • The rules of the other operating airline will be applicable on partner flights. 
  • Entry requirements might differ based on the rules of the arrival countries. 
  • All the necessary details of the child must be submitted during reservation. 
  • Bookings for underage fliers can be made through third-party agencies as well. 
  • The parent or guardian must be present at the time of Aer Lingus check-in

Note: In case, there are any other conditions that are fare-specific, these will be informed to the parents at the time of reservation. 

What is the Aer Lingus International Unaccompanied Minor Policy for Connecting Flights? 

When an itinerary includes a stopover, certain special regulations might apply to the travel of unaccompanied minors Aer Lingus. These rules are mentioned here: 

  • Only children ranging between 2 years and 15 years of age will be allowed. 
  • Children cannot travel without the company of another passenger. 
  • This passenger can be an adult of 16 years of age/parent or a legal guardian. 
  • Note that the safety of the underage flier is the responsibility of this adult passenger. 
  • The same conditions apply to connecting flights involving partner airlines. 

Note: An adult passenger must stay with the child throughout the journey and should be seated close to them. 

Are there Country-Specific Regulations for Aer Lingus Unaccompanied Minors? 

The guidelines for the travel of underage fliers can differ based on the country or region they are flying to. Hence, you ought to check such regulations along with the general conditions. 


For flights involving Italy, the following regulations have to be kept in mind during the registration of underage passengers: 

  • When departing from Italy, only children of at least 14 years of age will be approved. 
  • Young passengers can be accompanied by an adult who is not a parent or guardian. 
  • Such an adult must be at least 18 years old. 
  • An official declaration should be submitted. 
  • This declaration, called “Dichiarazione di affido”, can be obtained at a police station. 
  • It is mandatory to present the passport of the child. 
  • The airline’s unaccompanied minor form should also be filled out.

Note: If any of these requirements are not met, the airline will deny the boarding of the child. 


The conditions that have to be adhered to for the acceptance of Aer Lingus unaccompanied minors when flying to and from Spain are as follows: 

  • Children must present a valid and official travel document when leaving Spain. 
  • Young passengers can fly with an ID card instead of a passport. 
  • The travel of these passengers must be approved by the: 
    • Parents of the child who have custody
    • Local police officers
    • Civil guard station
    • Local court authorities
    • Notary 
    • City hall 
  • Importantly, the birth certificate of the child must be presented. 
  • Parental permission will be required for minors traveling from an EU country to Spain. 


These rules are to be followed when flying to or from France: 

  • A letter from the local police is required for minors traveling with ID cards. 
  • No such letters are required when the minor is flying with a valid passport. 
  • All passengers below the age of 18 are considered minors in France. 


The Aer Lingus unaccompanied minor will be subject to the given rules when flying to and from Portugal: 

  • Children can only travel if there is someone in Portugal to receive them upon arrival. 
  • A notarized letter from the parent or a legal custodian is required. 
  • When the child is flying with one parent, a letter from the other parent is required. 
  • The letter must be stamped by the local police authorities. 
  • Kids without the notarized letter will be denied boarding. 

How to Book Tickets for Aer Lingus Unaccompanied Minors? 

Making a reservation for an unaccompanied minor Aer Lingus is a relatively easy process. This can be done either by visiting the official site of the carrier or by calling the airline agents.  

Method 1: Visiting the Official Site 

Through this method, reservations can be made online in a hassle-free manner. 

To use this method to correctly manage bookings on Aer Lingus, you can refer to the steps given here: 

  • Come to the website of “Aer Lingus”. 
  • Use the “Find Flights” option. 
  • Now, you will have to fill out the following details: 
    • Whether it is round-trip, multi-city, or one-way
    • The From and To destinations
    • Departure and Return dates 
  • In the “Passenger” section, you will have to select either “Young Adults” or “Children”.
  • Also, give the number of children who are set to travel. 
  • Once all the details are properly entered, tap “Search Flights”. 
  • All the available flights will now be visible. 
  • Select the flight best suitable for your Aer Lingus unaccompanied minor. 
  • Pay the necessary charges, if required by the carrier. 
  • When the reservation is made, you will get a confirmation mail to your official ID. 

This online method can also be used to make Aer Lingus flight changes to your reservation after the booking is confirmed. 

Method 2: Contacting the Airline Agents 

To connect with the airline authorities, you will have to use the region-specific contact details and then make an Aer Lingus unaccompanied minor reservation: 

Region Contact Number 
Italy +39 06 89 38 65 02
Luxembourg+35 23 42 08 09 055
Barbados +1 516 622 4222
France +33 18 69 95 728
Spain +34 918 362265
Ireland (01) 761 7834
Australia + 0061 2 8349 9876
Germany 49 69 94 51 89 915
The Netherlands +31 707 006 106
Switzerland +41 44 52 46 766
The United States of America (516) 622-4222
Portugal +351 21 3665399
The United Kingdom 0333 004 5000
  • Inform the agents about your requirement.
  • submit all the necessary documents to get approval for minor travel. 
  • The valid ID of the parent or the one making this reservation should also be submitted. 

What is the Aer Lingus Unaccompanied Minor Form? 

Passengers who wish to make a reservation for unaccompanied minor travel on this carrier must fill out the “Form of Indemnity”. This form can be found on the original site of this airline. 

  • Children will not be allowed to travel without the submission of this form. 
  • This form must be present with the young passengers throughout the journey. 
  • It should be signed by the parent or the guardian at the check-in desk. 
  • This signing of the form must be witnessed by the airline authorities. 
  • The Aer Lingus unaccompanied minors form should reveal the correct information. 
  • When signing the form, the parent or the guardian must provide their:
    • Driving license
    • Passport 
    • Any other valid proof of identity 

How Much is the Fee for Aer Lingus Unaccompanied Minor?

It is not explicitly mentioned by this airline whether or not fees are charged for the reservations of unaccompanied kids. However, you can confirm the same in 2 ways:

  • Check whether charges apply while making the booking.
  • Or, get in touch with this airline for the same.

Reaching Out to Aer Lingus via Social Media 

When making a reservation for an unaccompanied minor passenger, some queries might arise about their safety or other concerns. To get quick answers to such queries, you can talk to the carrier’s agents.


Overall, this policy makes it easier and safer for Aer Lingus unaccompanied minors to travel to different destinations. The various methods of booking make this feature accessible to the various required passengers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a 13 year old fly alone on Aer Lingus?

Yes, 13-year-old fliers can travel alone on this carrier.

Can a 14 year old fly alone with Aer Lingus?

This airline permits 14-year-old passengers to fly alone.

Who can fly solo on Aer Lingus flights?

Children between the age of 12 and 15 can travel solo on this carrier.

Does Aer Lingus offer services for unaccompanied minors travelling alone?

In general, no special services can be availed by unaccompanied underage passengers.

How much is the Aer Lingus unaccompanied minor fee?

No such specific fee is mentioned by the unaccompanied minor policy of this airline.

Does Aer Lingus allow unaccompanied minors?

Yes, minors can travel without any company.

Can a minor travel alone with Aer Lingus?

Yes, minors of 12-15 years of age can travel by themselves on this carrier.

How do I book the unaccompanied minors service on Aer Lingus?

Bookings for minors can be done using the official site of the operator.

How can I book Aer Lingus unaccompanied minor service online?

Go to the official page of the airline, enter your details under the “Find Flights” section, and find a suitable flight.

What should I submit for booking Aer Lingus unaccompanied minor service?

The form of indemnity along with the passenger’s ID or passport should be presented.

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