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Traveling with furry companions requires extra care which is facilitated by the Aer Lingus pet policy. Under this, passengers will be allowed to bring different kinds of animals on board. Further, it also offers different modes of animal transport at varying amounts of fees which are explained in this policy. 

What are the Guidelines of Aer Lingus Pet Transport Policy?

When flying with Aer Lingus pets, owners will be required to follow specific guidelines: 

  • Animals can only be added to bookings made directly with the airline. 
  • Generally, this airline accepts animals in the cargo not and not inside the cabin. 
  • Registrations for such specialty travel must be done in advance. 
  • Your companion must be at least 15 weeks or older to fly on this carrier. 
  • All live animals must be transported in appropriate crates. 
  • Birds can be allowed if permission is granted by the arrival country. 
  • The rules differ based on the arrival and departure destination. 
  • Only disabled passengers can carry service animals. 
  • They cannot be checked in without prior registration. 
  • Travelers flying with special companions must arrive at the airport well in advance. 
  • The approval for transport will be subject to space availability. 
  • On partner flights, the rules of the other airline should also be accounted for. 
  • Not all flights might accept their transportation. 
  • Approval for pet transport will only be granted when the required conditions are met. 

Note: Any updates about changes in the mentioned points will be shown on the official site. 

Are there Aer Lingus Cargo Pets Weight and Size Limits?

To facilitate Aer Lingus pet travel in the cargo, animals must be within the given weight and size restrictions. 

The dimensions for companions traveling to and from the US or Canada are as follows: 

  • A 200-series container must be carried. 
  • The maximum allowed size is:
    • (L) 27″ x (W) 20″ x (H) 19″ 
    • Or, (L) 68 cm x (W) 50 cm x (H) 48 cm
  • These are the required internal dimensions of the animal carrier. 

What are Aer Lingus Pet Carrier Requirements?

On Aer Lingus, flying with pets, there are certain requirements for the crate in which the animal is set to travel. Containers will only be accepted if these regulations are followed: 

  • The crate must be sturdy and stable. 
  • It should have enough breathing space and proper ventilation for the animal. 
  • The door must be properly secured and should not open during the journey. 
  • The mesh of Aer Lingus pet carriers should not have large or extra gaps. 
  • Crates should be designed so that the water pots can be accessed from outside. 
  • Containers made with wire mesh, fibreboard, or wicker will not be allowed. 
  • The carrier must be waterproof and leakproof. 

Is there an Aer Lingus International Policy?

This policy allows animals to travel internationally. The Aer Lingus international pet policy comes with different entry requirements. 

They further vary as per the policies of individual countries. 

Arrival Region Policy to be Followed 
EU countries or IrelandEU Travel Rules 
The United KingdomUK Animal Travel Scheme
Canada Government of Canada Entry Requirements
The United States of AmericaUS Department of Agriculture Entry Requirements

Special Conditions:

Some special conditions applicable to the Aer Lingus pet policy when traveling to or from EU countries are: 

  • When flying to Ireland from a non-EU country, 24-hour notice should be given to: 
    • Department of Agriculture
    • The Marine
    • Department of Food 
  • For travel within the EU member regions, complete compliance checks at the airport. 
  • These checks can be executed in arrival countries when not previously done in Ireland. 

Does Aer Lingus Allow Pets in Cabin? 

In most cases, this airline does not permit the transport of animals inside the cabin. But when it does, the following terms apply:

  • In-cabin pets are allowed if the country you are flying to has no restrictions on their transport.
  • When flying as a carry-on, they must be able to fit in the seat space provided. 
  • On Aer Lingus, pet in cabin must be prepared for travel in advance by the owner. 
  • Its health will be the responsibility of the owner. 
  • The weight and size requirements of the in-cabin crate depend on the type of aircraft. 
  • Other specific regulations will be informed at the time of travel. 

How to Book Aer Lingus Pet Travel? 

A special agent at IAG Cargo must be consulted for registering your companion for travel on this airline. 

  • Navigate to the official site of “IAG Pet Cargo”. 
  • Here, you will find the guidelines to book an agent for your animal. 
  • In case you are flying from a country other than the UK, scroll and fill out a form. 
  • This form contains details like: 
    • Country of Origin
    • Destination
    • Date of Departure
    • Personal details of the passenger
    • Details of the animal
    • Additional information 
  • Click on the “Submit” button and follow the directions as given on the site. 
  • For Aer Lingus pets traveling to the UK, the “Form of Indemnity” should be filled in. 
  • The agents of IAG will get back to you once you fill out these necessary forms. 

Contacting the Airlines For Queries: 

When you wish to first connect with an agent from Aer Lingus regarding the conditions of animal travel, call the “Reservations” offices. The contact numbers respective to different regions are: 

Region Contact Number
Ireland (01) 761 7834
The Netherlands +31 707 006 106
Portugal +351 21 3665399
Australia + 0061 2 8349 9876
The United States of America (516) 622-4222
France+33 18 69 95 728
The United Kingdom0333 004 5000
Switzerland +41 44 52 46 766
Barbados +1 516 622 4222
Italy +39 06 89 38 65 02
Luxembourg+35 23 42 08 09 055
Spain +34 918 362265

When you get in touch with the agents, you will have to:

  • Inform them that you wish to make an Aer Lingus pet travel reservation. 
  • Based on your destination, the agent will guide you on what to do. 
  • During this process, provide all the necessary details asked.  
  • Make sure to correctly follow the instructions given. 
  • Agents should be booked via IAG Cargo.
  • Queries about registrations can be referred to the airline agents directly. 

What are the Documents to be Submitted for Aer Lingus Pet Travel? 

Owners wishing to fly with Aer Lingus pets must present the following documents at the airport: 

  • Identity certification documents
  • General health certificate 
  • Vaccination proof 
  • Entry permit to the destination country 

When is Aer Lingus Pet Travel Cost Charged?  

Passengers may or may not incur Aer Lingus pet costs. This depends on the following: 

  • Type of animal
  • Destination region 
  • Time of request 
  • Method of registration
  • Availability of space 
  • Weight and size of the animal 

Can You Travel with Service Animals on Aer Lingus? 

Passengers with disabilities will be allowed to travel along with their assistance animals. The general conditions that apply to such Aer Lingus pets are mentioned below: 

  • These companions must remain with the owner at all times. 
  • They should be harnessed. 
  • The travel must be booked at least 24 hours before the flight’s take-off. 
  • Service companions can be seated on the lap of the owner. 
  • In Business class, seats cannot be occupied by your furry companions. 
  • They cannot occupy seats in the exit rows. 
  • Service beings should not be a hindrance on the flight or block any aisles. 
  • If they are able to fit in the allotted space, then extra charges have to be paid. 
  • These companions will be examined at the airport as well. 
  • They must be properly trained and sufficient proof of the same should be submitted.

Breeds of Service Animals Approved

The following breeds of service companions will only be allowed when they are properly muzzled: 

  • American Pit Bull Terrier
  • German Shepherd (Alsatian)
  • Japanese Akita
  • English Bull Terrier
  • Bull Mastiff
  • Doberman Pinscher

Region-Wise Documents for Service Animals

While flying with service pets, different regions can involve their own documents to approve their travel. These are given as follows:

For flights within Europe: 

To carry service animals on flights within Europe, the following special conditions must be taken into account by the owners: 

  • The animals must comply with the rules given by the International Guide Dog Federation. 
  • They must have a certifying identity card. 
  • Requests to travel with service animals must be made at least 48 hours in advance. 
  • Each passenger can only carry one companion for free except on connecting flights. 

When involving flights to and from North America: 

Some of the special regulations applicable under the Aer Lingus pet travel policy when flying to/from North America are: 

  • The US DOT Service Animal Air Transportation form must be filled out. 
  • On flights longer than 8 hours, the US DOT Service Animal Relief Attestation Form must be completed. 
  • On flights to and from Canada, submit the Service Animal Air Transportation Form. 
  • The required documents must be presented at the airport during Aer Lingus check-in
  • Each passenger can carry 2 such companions for free including connecting flights. 

Note: All of these mentioned forms can be availed at the official site of the carrier. 

How to Book a Spot For Aer Lingus Service Pets? 

In order to book a spot for your guide animal, you will have to contact the airline authorities, For this, you may use any of the following numbers: 

  • Ireland: (353) 1 761 7839
  • North America: (877) 351-6882

You can then request Aer Lingus pet transport after submitting all the required forms. These agents will take care of any queries or problems as well. 

Are there any Aer Lingus Pet Policy Restrictions? 

The Aer Lingus pet transport policy comprises 2 restrictions when planning to fly with your companion:

  • It does not allow passengers to transport certain kinds of companions.
    • Snub-nosed dogs
    • Dangerous breeds 
    • Unhygienic or ill animals 
  • Animals cannot be transported on the A321 airplane of this operator. 

Connecting with Aer Lingus on Social Media 

Be it queries regarding Aer Lingus pet carrier or the booking process, you can reach out to the agents via their social media handles. The official links are given below: 

Social Media Handle Official Link 

The Aer Lingus pet policy is simple yet detail-oriented. It enables passengers from all over to easily fly with their animals. The process of registration is also made quite clear by this policy. Hence, a quick read-through before making your reservation can prove to be helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Aer Lingus allow pets?

Yes, this airline allows its customers to travel with pets.

Is a minor allowed to travel with a pet in Aer Lingus?

This depends on the conditions given by the destination country.

Which pets can I travel with on Aer Lingus flights?

Passengers can travel with domestic dogs, cats, and service animals on this airline.

Are birds allowed to travel as pets on Aer Lingus?

Domestic birds, if accepted by the arrival country, can travel as pets.

What is Aer Lingus pet policy on accepting pets?

As per this policy, in general, animals can only travel as cargo and not inside the cabin.

Can dogs travel in the cabin with Aer Lingus?

Only service dogs can travel in the cabin along with the owner.

How much does Aer Lingus charge for traveling with a pet?

The exact amount of the Aer Lingus pet fee will be informed at the time of reservation.

What should be the minimum age for pets to travel in Aer Lingus?

To be able to fly, the animals must be at least 15 weeks or older.

Does Aer Lingus allow pets in the cabin?

No, this carrier does not allow animals in the cabin except for service pets.

How to book tickets for Aer Lingus pets?

You will have to contact the IAG Cargo services to book an agent for pet travel.

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