Etihad Check-In Policy

Etihad Check In Policy

Etihad Airways offers a straightforward check-in process for your convenience. You can easily check in for Etihad Airways online and at the airport. However, if you are flying from Zayed International Airport, a home check-in option is also available. It’s important that you strictly follow check-in times, rules, and guidelines outlined in the Etihad check-in policy to ensure a smooth process. In this article, you will get to know the complete process of Etihad check-in that will help you have a hassle-free check-in experience.

What is Etihad Check-In Policy?

The Etihad check-in policy is a set of guidelines and procedures designed by Etihad Airways to streamline the check-in process for its passengers. This policy outlines various methods of check-in, such as online, airport, and home check-in. Also, It specifies the time frames within which you need to check in before your flights, along with the deadlines for closing the check-in counters. The policy also includes necessary travel documents and special requirements for certain groups of travelers like minors or if you are with special needs.


In this section, you will explore the key aspects of the Etihad check-in policy, highlighting the essential guidelines and procedures. This overview will provide a clear understanding of the check-in process for Etihad Airways:

  • If you are flying with both direct and connecting flights, checking in to Etihad flights is a must.
  • You can check in online with Etihad only if your official reservation has been made. 
  • In case you submit incorrect details during Etihad check-in, your booking can be canceled.
  • When flying with the Etihad partner airlines, it is suggested to check in at airport desks.
  • If you are unable to access online boarding passes for Etihad flights, visit the airport counters.
  • You must check in for your flight with Etihad 60 minutes before the scheduled departure. 
  • Additionally, you must be aware of the Etihad baggage allowance before check-in to avoid last-minute hassles.

Essential Travel Documents

Under this section, all the important travel documents required during the check-in process with Etihad Airways are given.

  • Identity Proof
  • Original and Valid Passport
  • Flight Ticket
  • Visa Documents 
  • Health certificates if needed.

International Check-In

According to the Etihad International flight check-in policy, you should follow the specific check-in times as per your destinations. Generally, if you are flying internationally with Etihad Airways then you must complete your check-in 60 minutes before departure. Additionally, for certain regions, you may need to provide visa documents, while in others, check-in for unaccompanied minors may not be permitted. However, you can consult with the airline’s representatives for detailed and specific information regarding check-in for Etihad international flights.

How to Check in for Etihad Airways?

Various methods are available for check-in with Etihad Airways, including online, airport check-in counters, and home check-in. You can choose the most convenient check-in methods that suit your travel needs with Etihad Airways. Each check-in method is discussed below:

Option 1: Check-in via Website

etihad check in online

If you prefer to manage your travel plans with your computer or other devices you can utilize the web check-in option for Etihad Airways. You can simply enter your booking details to start the check-in process for Etihad Airways. Follow the given steps to easily check in with Etihad Airways through its website:

  • Go to the Etihad Airways website.
  • On the homepage, find and click on the “Check In” tab.
  • Enter your “Booking Reference” and “Last Name” in the provided fields.
  • Click the blue “Check-In” button.
  • You’ll be taken to a new page where you can see your flight reservation.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed with the web check-in.
  • Once done, download your boarding pass.
  • Check your email for a confirmation mail from Etihad and verify all the details.

Options 2: Use the Etihad Mobile App

You can use the Etihad mobile app on your phone to have a seamless check-in experience. As per the Etihad check-in policy, this app allows you to check in, select a seat, and conveniently access your boarding pass. Additionally, you can also claim refunds if in case you have to cancel your Etihad flight using the app. 

You can follow the steps mentioned below to check in for Etihad Airways flights with the mobile app:

  • Download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Sign up if you’re a new user, or log in if you already have an account.
  • Find the Check-In section in the app.
  • Enter all necessary details, similar to the online check-in process.
  • Once checked in, wait for a notification from the airline.
  • Download your boarding pass as soon as it becomes available.

Option 3: At the Airport Counter

Etihad check in at airport

For personal assistance, you can visit Etihad’s check-in counters at the airport. It is ideal if you are traveling with special needs or excess baggage, or if you prefer face-to-face interaction with airline staff.

Follow the given steps to check-in for Etihad Airways at the airport:

  • Go to the Etihad check-in counter near your departure gate.
  • Talk to the check-in agents.
  • Show your ID and flight ticket.
  • Keep any other required documents ready.
  • Give your baggage to the agents for tagging.
  • Once tagged, you’ll be checked in.
  • Collect your boarding pass.
  • The agent will inform you about your boarding gate.

Option 4: Through self-service Kiosks

etihad kiosk check-in

Etihad’s self-service kiosks at the airport offer a quick check-in process. They are a great option if you are looking to avoid airport queues to check in for Etihad Airways. 

If you are checking in for Etihad flights using the self-service kiosks, follow the given steps:

  • Locate an Etihad self-service kiosk at the airport.
  • Indicate that you’re flying with Etihad.
  • Enter the required details as prompted on the screen.
  • Declare your baggage count and deposit them.
  • Tag your bags yourself.
  • After tagging, your boarding pass will be printed out.
  • Proceed to TSA screening next.

Option 5: Home check-in for Etihad

The Etihad Home Check-in facility offers a convenient way to start your journey if you are traveling from Zayed International Airport. It allows you to check in your luggage, choose seats, and receive your boarding pass and bag tags, all from the comfort of your home.

Key Points:

  • The Etihad home check-in option is only available for non-transit passengers at Zayed International Airport.
  • According to the Etihad check-in policy, all passengers, including infants and children, must be present during check-in.
  • You are required to book this service in advance through the Etihad official website.

What times do Etihad check-in counters open and close?

Etihad Airways offers different check-in timelines for online and offline methods. As mentioned in Etihad check-in policy, you should aim to check in at least 60 minutes before your flight’s departure. If you donot want to miss Etihad flight then you should be aware of the specific check-in times given below: 

At airports, check-in for Etihad Airways flights opens four hours before the scheduled departure time. 

  • The online check-in for your flights with Etihad starts 30 hours before the departure time.
  • As per the Emirates check-in policy, the check-in counters close 60 minutes before the flight’s departure if you are traveling in Economy Class.
  • According to the Emirates check-in policy, If you’re traveling in Business or First Class with Etihad Airways, the check-in counters close 45 minutes prior to your flight’s departure. 

How do I get my boarding pass for Etihad Airways?

Getting your boarding pass for Etihad Airways is simple. Once you have completed the check-in using any of the available methods you can easily get your boarding pass. If you opt for online or mobile app check-in, the boarding pass can be downloaded directly to your device. At the airport, after checking in at the counter or self-service kiosk, a printed boarding pass will be provided to you. It’s important to ensure that all details on the boarding pass are correct and match your official documents.


Etihad Airways’ check-in policy provides various methods like online, mobile apps, airport counters, self-service kiosks, and a unique home check-in option at Zayed International Airport. After understanding all the check-in methods and specific timelines mentioned in the Etihad check-in policy, you can choose any of the methods that suit your preference.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How early can I check-in for an Etihad flight?

You can check in for an Etihad flight as early as 30 hours before the scheduled departure time when using online check-in. For airport check-in, the counters open four hours before the flight’s scheduled departure.

How do you check in to Etihad Airways?

You can check in to Etihad Airways online through their website, and via the Etihad mobile app by simply providing your “booking reference” and “last name”. You can also check in for Etihad at the airport using kiosks or check-in counters.

How to check in to Etihad Airways online?

To check-in online with Etihad Airways, visit the official website and enter your booking reference and last name, follow the on-screen instructions, and then download your boarding pass.

What time does Etihad check-in open?

Etihad check-in counters at the airport open four hours before the scheduled departure of the flight. Online check-in is available 30 hours before the flight’s departure.

When can I check in online with Etihad Airways?

You can check in online with Etihad Airways starting from 30 hours up until one hour before the scheduled departure time for your flight.

How to check in on the Etihad app?

To check in using the Etihad app, download the app, log in or sign up if you’re a new user, find the “Check-In” section, enter all necessary details as prompted, and download your boarding pass once the process is complete.

Can I check in at the airport with Etihad?

Yes, you can check in at the airport with Etihad. Their check-in counters open four hours before the flight’s departure and offer personal assistance with your check-in process.

Why can’t I check in with Etihad online?

The Etihad online check-in opens 30 hours before the flight and closes 1 hour before the departure. So, if you want to check-in online for an Etihad flight then you must follow these time limits.

Do I need to print a boarding pass for Etihad?

While it’s not mandatory to print a boarding pass for Etihad if you have a digital version on your mobile device, it is advisable to have a printed copy as a backup.

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