Is Aeromexico Safe? Analyzing Safety Records and Reviews

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Is Aeromexico Safe? Aeromexico is an incredibly safe Airline to travel with great customer feedback. Aeromexico airline is considered safe to fly to domestic and International destinations. Aeromexico has been awarded a 3-star rating for the safety and quality.

A thorough review of their safety management involves looking at aspects such as their fleet safety, strict maintenance practices, and measures taken in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Examining these essential elements gives us an insight into Aeromexico’s dedication to providing passengers with the highest standards of safety. Uncover the solutions that prove Aeromexico’s devotion to passenger welfare.

Airline CallsignAeromexico Airlines
Founded14 September 1934; 88 years ago
Fleet size106
HeadquartersTorre MAPFRE, Mexico City, Mexico
Working Hours24 Hours
Official Website
Instagram Account 

Why is Aeromexico a Safe Airline?

The comprehensive set of safety measures with the utmost priority placed on the well-being and security of its passengers makes Aeromexico a safe airline. These measures are carefully designed to create a safe environment throughout the entire travel experience, ensuring peace of mind for every individual on board.

  • Adherence to international safety standards set by ICAO.
  • Standards cover technical knowledge, skilled staff, record maintenance, inspections, and addressing safety issues.
  • Partnership with Delta Air Lines for shared best practices and knowledge exchange.
  • Collaboration enhances Aeromexico’s safety protocols.

How is Aeromexico Airlines Safety Record?

According to the airline rating website, Aeromexico has received a 7/7 Safety Rating. Aeromexico Airlines safety record is an essential and significant factor for passengers to consider when evaluating the overall safety and reliability of an airline. It is crucial to thoroughly assess and analyze the airline’s safety performance and track record to make informed decisions regarding air travel.

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  • Aeromexico operates 600+ certified aircraft, including Boeing, Embraer, and Airbus models.
  • Pilots receive regular training to stay updated.
  • Advanced navigation and communication systems ensure safety.
  • The airline follows international safety practices and undergoes inspections.
  • Adherence to regulations by national authorities and collaboration with international agencies.
  • Recognitions include an “Operator Safety Certificate” from ICAO and a “Diamond Award” from the Mexican Department of Tourism.

How Safe is the Aeromexico Airlines Fleet?

Aeromexico Airlines fleet consists of aircraft that suit its wide range of routes and services. The airline has carefully selected and invested in state-of-the-art planes to cater to the varied needs of its passengers. Currently, Aeromexico boasts a total fleet size of 134 meticulously maintained and technologically advanced aircraft. including

Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner:

The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner is a mid-sized, long range twin engine jet airliner developed by Boeing. It has been in service since 2014 and is the second variant of the 787 family.

  • it meets stringent FAA regulations.
  •  Features include improved cabin pressure.
  • Advanced avionics, and durable composite materials.

Boeing 737 MAX 8/9:

The planes feature advanced engines, improved aerodynamics, cutting-edge avionics systems, and other design innovations that reduce fuel consumption compared to their predecessors.

  • Updated flight deck design enhances pilot awareness.
  • Safety measures like stall prevention technology reduce control issues during turbulence icing.
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Embraer 190/195 Series Regional Jets:

The Embraer 190/195 Series Regional Jets are a family of twin-engine regional jets developed by the Brazilian aerospace manufacturer Embraer.

  • Equipped with two engines and fly-by-wire controls for safe operation.
  • Redundant systems.
  • Winglets improve fuel economy and reduce emissions.

Airbus A321neoLR And A320ceo/Neo Families:

Airbus A321neoLR and A320ceo/Neo families: popular commercial aircraft with efficient operation, fuel efficiency, and passenger comfort. A321neoLR seats up to 200 and flies 5,400 nm. A320ceo/Neo seats 160, and offers current and new engine options.

  • Advanced avionics improve navigation and response times.
  • Certified for extreme temperatures.
  • Collision avoidance systems ensure safety.

What are Aeromexico Airlines Reviews for Safety?

Aeromexico Airlines reviews for safety from customers have consistently praised Aeromexico for its attention to safety and security protocols. Additionally, independent aviation reviews have ranked Aeromexico highly for safety standards. All these factors make Aeromexico Airlines a leader among Mexican carriers when it comes to overall safety measures taken both on-board and off-plane during flights.

  • The safety record of Aeromexico Airlines is consistently high.
  • According to, it is rated 7/7 stars for safety.
  • Aeromexico received a 7/7 rating from Skytrax.
  • In terms of safety management system performance, Aeromexico ranked fourth globally.
  • Onboard safety measures are appreciated by passengers.
  • Among the measures are seat belt reminders, oxygen masks that are readily accessible, and attentive cabin crew.
  • Turbulence hazards are regularly announced.
  • Aeromexico’s airports implement thorough disinfection and check-in protocols.
  • Aeromexico’s high safety standards and TSA’s rigorous screening ensure secure flights.

Is Aeromexico Safe to Fly to the US?

Making flights safe for passengers, and adhering to strict regulations set by the FAA and DGAC makes Aeromexico Safe to fly to the US. The airline maintains its flights with a qualified crew, and operational control ensures a secure travel experience. Other reasons why Aeromexico is safe to fly to the US are:

  • The US imposes strict safety measures on Aeromexico and other airlines.
  • FAA and Mexico’s DGAC oversee Aeromexico’s operations.
  • Compliance with Part 121 of FAA regulations is required in US airspace.
  • Aeromexico follows ICAO standards for flights outside the US.
  • Aircraft undergo regular inspections for safety.
  • Airlines must have personnel trained in emergency preparedness, First Aid, and CPR.
  • The National Transportation Safety Board investigates incidents for prevention.
  • Screening of all passengers.

Is Aeromexico Safe to Fly Internationally?

Aeromexico follows all the regulations confirming its safety and operational management standards are up to par making Aeromexico safe to fly internationally. Aeromexico meets all regulatory standards set by both IATA and FAA for international journeys.

  • Aeromexico strictly adheres to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards of airworthiness and safety. 
  • All Aeromexico aircraft are maintained by experienced technicians and inspected regularly for any potential issues. 
  • The latest technology is used on all flights, ensuring that every flight is monitored closely from takeoff to landing. 
  • Aeromexico staff receive rigorous training before taking off with passengers, ensuring maximum safety at all times.

What are Aeromexico Airlines Safety Measures In-Flight?

The  Aeromexico Airlines Safety Measures In-Flight places importance on the safety and well-being of its passengers throughout their entire journey. The airline has implemented a comprehensive range of safety measures that are meticulously designed to provide a secure and protected travel experience. These measures encompass a variety of aspects, including:

  • Aeromexico provides pre-flight safety demonstrations for passengers.
  • The airline regularly checks its aircraft for safety and optimal conditions.
  • Aeromexico’s cabin crew undergoes rigorous training for emergencies, first aid, and passenger assistance.
  • The airline ensures necessary safety equipment is readily available on board.
  • Aeromexico maintains reliable communication systems for effective cockpit, cabin crew, and ground control communication.

Is Aeromexico Safe to Fly during COVID-19?

Aeromexico has implemented additional safety measures to protect passengers and prevent the spread of the virus hence making Aeromexico Safe to Fly during COVID-19. These measures align with international health guidelines and include:

  • Health screenings and temperature checks are conducted for passengers and employees.
  • Face masks are mandatory throughout the journey.
  • Sanitizing wipes are provided, and portable HEPA filters are used onboard.
  • Stringent security procedures, social distancing, and online check-in are implemented.
  • Electrostatic spraying technology is used onboard and at airport facilities.

Is Aeromexico Safe and Certified?

Aeromexico follows international standards and undergoes rigorous evaluations, including the IOSA audit making Aeromexico Safe and Certified. It has received certifications and recognition from reputable organizations, providing assurance of safe and certified air travel with Aeromexico.

  • Aeromexico received its fourth consecutive renewal of IOSA certification in 2015.
  • Aeromexico has a Category 1 rating from the FAA’s International Aviation Safety Assessment Program.
  • FAA reviews more than 50 countries annually to ensure compliance with aviation standards.
  • Aeromexico holds ISO 9001:2015 certification for quality management systems.
  • Aeromexico planes are certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), ensuring they meet stringent safety standards.

How Safe is Aeromexico Luggage Check?

Aeromexico maintains strict regulations regarding items that are restricted from being carried in-flight or aboard their aircraft, prioritizing the safety of both passengers and the aircraft itself. These measures are in place to mitigate potential risks and ensure a secure travel environment for everyone on board.

  • As per Aeromexico Baggage policy, Firearms, explosives, and sharp objects (knives, scissors) are prohibited on flights.
  • Flammable liquids or solids such as lighter fluid, matches, and paint thinners are not allowed.
  • Self-defense sprays (e.g., mace) and items containing dangerous substances or gases like tear gas or pepper spray are prohibited.
  • Radioactive materials are not permitted on flights.
  • Compressed gases, including oxygen tanks for medical use, are prohibited.
  • Corrosive substances such as acids and alkalis are not allowed on flights.


While Aeromexico has faced challenges regarding its safety rating and customer reviews, the airline is actively working towards addressing these concerns to make Aeromexico Safe. It is essential to consider the proactive measures taken by Aeromexico, such as fleet maintenance, partnerships with reputable airlines, and adherence to international safety standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Aeromexico safe to fly?

Yes, Aeromexico Airlines is safe to fly. with customer feedback.

Is Aeromexico certified for safety?

As a SkyTeam alliance member with high safety standards, Aeromexico holds certifications from Mexican authorities.

Is Aeromexico safe to fly with?

With demonstrations, well-maintained aircraft, trained cabin crew, safety equipment, and reliable communication systems, Aeromexico is safe to fly.

What are Aeromexico airline reviews?

Aeromexico receives mixed reviews, but overall it has a positive review in terms of safety.

What is Aeromexico airline safety rating?

Aeromexico has received a 7/7 rating by for safety.

What is Aeromexico safety history?

Aeromexico has not had any major incidents since its inception.

Is Aeromexico safe during COVID-19?

If you decide to fly during the pandemic, prioritize safety and health protocols based on guidelines, advisories, and your personal circumstances.

How to get information about Aeromexico’s safety measures?

Consult trusted sources for travel advisories and safety ratings, and check official announcements and the website regularly.

Are Aeromexico Airlines Safe?

Aeromexico has carefully selected and invested in state-of-the-art planes to cater to the varied needs of its passengers.

What is the Aeromexico safety record for International Flight?

Aeromexico meets all regulatory standards set by both IATA and FAA for international journeys.

Does Aeromexico face safety challenges?

As safety challenges can affect any airline, take into account ratings, fleet conditions, customer reviews, and proactive measures.

What is the Aeromexico and Delta Air Lines partnership?

In order to improve overall safety protocols, Aeromexico and Delta collaborate on safety practices.

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